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Chapter 69: I Am Not A Merman (VI)

Ever since their interview, Flames’ and Waves’ reputation had skyrocketed and they quickly became the most popular and cutest animals in the world. Qin Yuan was long prepared for this. Two months ago, using them as models, he researched and developed dolphin themed merchandise. He produced computers, games, clothes, utensils, toys, ornaments, picture albums and so on, causing a trend in dolphin paraphernalia with certain items being collected extensively. 

Qin Yuan dedicated 25% of the earnings toward the dolphin’s protection and living in addition to outside contributions. Within only half a year, the two dolphins had become the richest animals in the world. The internet had specially created a huge harem including men and women of all ages along with their pets. They considered themselves concubines while Qin Yuan was the steady harem head. 

Qin Yuan rather calmly accepted the “Empress” identity. However, his assistant once accidentally heard him mutter, “The Empress should dominate the harem. These uppity concubines from all over the world dare to strive for favor…”

Qin Yuan did not spread information of Flames and Waves to earn money, but to protect them. Contrary to the population’s simple love toward them, scientists were interested in their condition after undergoing mutation. Once certain scientists become obsessed with something, they lose their morals. As such, the more famous the two dolphins became, the less likely they were to be persecuted.

Public will and opinion shall become the shield that protects them.

However, the development of events was considerably stranger than anyone could guess. Humanity could keep a bottomline and their morals in check only because they could not see any benefits in breaking it.

A year later, the research team with Dr. Cui as the head obtained astonishing research results. The hormones and cell tissues of the dolphin could mix with most organisms and an optimized mutation will occur. The most unbelievable result of this was that it could raise fertility rates.

This information was no doubt a very pleasing surprise for the humans who were facing a crisis in their birth rates.

“Absolutely not!” Ice flashed through Qin Yuan’s eyes as he spoke in an unyielding tone.

The research leader appointed by the government mentioned a breeding plan to have Flames crossbreed with other organisms to expand the dolphin population and offer them enough research material.

Allowing Flames to crossbreed with other organisms? Just thinking about it was intolerable for Qin Yuan.

“This concerns the future of humanity. You did not have the means to object, but you do have the rights to them, so the higher ups decided to give you a year’s worth of time to think about it. During this year, we can have Flames interact with some other organisms to try and cultivate some feelings.” The research leader’s tone was just as unyielding.

Qin Yuan’s face was dark as he glared coldly at the research leader, his eyes twitching violently without pause.

After a moment, he spoke heavily, “I understand.”

Qin Yuan understood that, even if the crisis with humanity’s population wasn’t brought up, the dolphin species must be continued. This means that they just might need to use some special methods to ensure it. He does not care about other organisms. Only with Flames would he not accept such a thing.

Qin Yuan went to the pool where Flames was lazing about, staring at the calm sea water as his mood plummeted into the negatives. A faint feeling of anger he could not eliminate burned in his heart.

“Bubbub~” Shang Ke emerged from the water, swishing over to Qin Yuan and cheerfully calling out to him.

Qin Yuan squat down, stagnant eyes looking at him and hiding a deep depression.

What’s wrong? Shang Ke sensed his downcast mood and immediately moved his head close, prompting him to rub it. He would feel better after rubbing it.

Qin Yuan’s heart softened and he gently rubbed his back. How should he tell Flames? He knows very clearly just how smart Flames was. Aside from his lack of humanoid figure, his IQ, emotional maturity and behavior were on the same level as a human.

After he mulled over it for a bit, he asked, “Flames, you are now an adult. Do you have anyone you’re particularly interested in?”

I do, you!

Shang Ke’s flipper pet the back of Qin Yuan’s leg.

Qin Yuan spoke again, “The dolphins are now almost extinct. If you and Waves want to have descendants, then I’m afraid you two can only mate with other races. As long as it’s a race you like, no matter the animal, I can help you find someone.”

Shang Ke felt the conversation was a bit strange, who wants to have descendants? And mating with other races? Who’s the one falling in love with who in such a heavy-taste cross-race affair? It won’t be him in any case. Plus, he was homosexual. Do you know what homosexual means? In English, it’s g-a-y, in dolphin language ♂.

Shang Ke glared at him and did not let him rub his head anymore, nor was he smiling anymore. He didn’t know how he was doing it, but his eyes were pointed up angrily. 

Qin Yuan knew that he was angry, seeing Flames’ taut face. He placated him, “Don’t be angry, I was just randomly asking.”

Shang Ke was not convinced that this was just random questioning. Although he didn’t explain it to him, he still overheard some information from the scattered conversations of the other patrons, carers and scientists. And then, a couple of days later, several aquatic mammals were sent to Waves and his’ living area. The creatures ranged from a beluga whale to beaked whale to dugong and so on.

Shang Ke finally understood. The humans were really giving him choices to choose a mating target! Has technology become so excellent? Dolphins can actually breed with females of other species?

Shang Ke looked at the valiant-sized mammals swimming in front of his, his expression utterly shocked.

Waves stayed near Shang Ke, curiously sizing up their new guests. Perhaps one of these could be this little guy’s future ‘consort’.

Shang Ke knew that humans were facing a birth rate problem; he also knew that the dolphin’s mutation gene might help them solve that problem. From the human’s point of view, they were doing nothing wrong; but from the dolphin’s point of view, it was rather miserable. However, this kind of situation was unavoidable no matter the world they lived in. Whoever is the strongest rules the weak. 

He came with the purpose of sacrificing his life, so he could calmly face death. He was indifferent to becoming humanity’s research material. However, trying to make him mate with other organisms? This was not something he would ever submit to!

“Do you think Flames will like them?” One research stood on shore and asked his partner while observing the activity in water.

“Dolphins feel strongly about free love, as long as it likes someone, even if it’s another race, they can mate.”

Who f*cking started that rumor! Shang Ke was thoroughly angered! He propped himself out of the water and sprayed both of their faces.

These two were stupidly smiling and saying, “It looks like Flames is very happy.”

What kind of eyes do you have? This is happy?! ψ(╰_╯)

Shang Ke started to debate the possibility of dying in an accident. At worst he would just be giving up the additional mission. If he continued to stay here, sooner or later, his integrity would be endangered. It was just that he was a bit unwilling to leave Qin Yuan. If the mating target was him, he would very willingly cross the racial boundary. 

The people online quickly received news on Flames ‘choosing a consort’. They were elated and began to enthusiastically discuss which race he would choose as his mating target in the end.

Which race? Just how heavy are the tastes of dolphins? Does no one feel that there’s something wrong with this?

Nowadays, only Qin Yuan knew that Flames was unwilling to participate in this, but he had no means to help at the time.

After a long period of time, Flames still did not show any interest in any of his ‘consort’ candidates, just as expected. The research leader decided to use artificial insemination, but he did not notify Qin Yuan and told the researchers to privately do the same.

Shang Ke was brought into a large tank in the research room. With him was a dugong.

Dugongs were often mistaken as “mermaids” by humans. Shang Ke thought to himself, could it be that his additional mission had something to do with it?

Staring at this white, fat and stupid looking dugong, he could not imagine what kind of hybrid a dolphin and dugong would bring into this world.

But now was not the time to think about that, a couple of researchers had appeared by him and one of them was holding a syringe. 

What is that? If you don’t explain, don’t you dare think about sticking that in him!

Shang Ke started to struggle and cry furiously.

Their faces were unwilling, but they still worked to hold him down and the syringe was stabbed into his body.

Watching with his own eyes that his integrity was about to be forfeited by these humans, Shang Ke couldn’t help but angrily shout in his mind: Qin Yuan, your Flames is about to be forced into prostitution by these people. Hurry up and get over here and save me you bastard!

He had just finished his internal screeching when Qin Yuan’s tall figure appeared at the laboratory entrance, satisfying his wishes.

He was spitting fire as he stomped over, grabbing the research leader by the collar, “Who allowed you to touch it!?”

“Calm down, we are just performing an experiment. We won’t harm it.” The research leader had never been held by the collar like this before and his face was a bit uneasy.

“Without my permission, no one can touch it.” Qin Yuan threw aside the research leader and hurried to Shang Ke’s side.

Shang Ke rubbed against his palm and felt his temperature rise like he was placed in a hot spring.

“Don’t be afraid, I will take you away from here right now.” Qin Yuan softly comforted him.

“Qin Yuan, artificial insemination technology these days is very advanced. You really have no reason to stop it.” The research leader spoke, “This experiment will not hurt Flames.”

Qin Yuan’s face was icy and he turned a death ear to the words.

From other people’s points of view, as long as it wasn’t a physical injury, then they don’t view it as harm. But to Flames who has its own intelligence and wisdom, are not their actions an act of humiliation towards it? Why wouldn’t they give it more time? Its race was able to continue surviving for two hundred years unchecked, despite experiencing that plague, implying that they have their own way of increasing their numbers. When so anxious for quick results, the end result might be nothing at all.

Despite the research leader trying to stop him, Qin Yuan held strong and brought Flames back to his own marine building.

Shang Ke did not know what those researchers injected into him as his consciousness was murky. It was not an aphrodisiac, because he did not feel any sexual desire rise in him. He just felt warm and unwell, like his blood was slowly coming to a boil.

Qin Yuan injected him with some other drugs and comforted him, “You will be fine very soon Flames, don’t be scared. I will stay by you.”

In the pool, Qin Yuan hugged Shang Ke and softly stroked his body.

Coldness and heat started to mingle in Shang Ke’s body. As he listened to Qin Yuan’s soft voice, he started to feel drowsy.

At that moment, Qin Yuan felt his hand heat up and subconsciously let go. When he looked at Flames again, he really resembled a fireball. The ashy blue body gradually became a dangerous red; the surrounding water beginning to boil and bubble alarmingly.

“Flames!” Qin Yuan watched on in helpless worry.

Shang Ke cried out in pain and curled up his body. White fog continuously rose and condensed into silk that started to twist around him in layers.

The water temperature grew higher and higher, preventing Qin Yuan from getting any closer. He could only stare blankly as Flames was wrapped up in layers of silver silk.

He didn’t know how long it lasted. The pool water no longer boiled and the fog gradually scattered. What appeared in front of Qin Yuan’s eyes was a large and white, oval-shaped cocoon… 

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