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Chapter 71: I Am Not A Merman (VIII)

Qin Yuan sat by the shore as he watched Flames play in the water with Waves, unable to rip gaze away.

Flames’ transformation did not affect his ability to move under the water. Like a mermaid, he swam gracefully and freely and it gnawed at Qin Yuan’s heart. In the end, he couldn’t restrain himself any further and gave into temptation, stripping and leaping into the water to join Flames’ playful figure. 

Flames turned his head around and opened up his arms, welcoming his arrival with a smile.

Just when they were about to embrace, Waves intercepted and blocked Qin Yuan from continuing through with the action, glaring at him as a predator would.

Qin Yuan ignored Waves’ attempt, grabbed Shang Ke’s hand, and kissed him over the top of the small dolphin. Waves angrily thrashed his head at being squeezed between the two. After doing his best to wriggle and writhe, he finally separated the two.

Qin Yuan’s expression was unpleasant, but Shang Ke was still full of smiles, his gaze gentle. His soft hair lightly drifted with the waves and he appeared as if out of a dream.

Qin Yuan felt deeply that a Flames in water was the most beautiful Flames. He wanted nothing more in his entire life than to do all he could to protect him. 

Shang Ke placated a Waves who was overtaken by jealousy, then while he wasn’t paying attention, snuck a kiss on Qin Yuan’s face as compensation for the kiss that was interrupted.

Qin Yuan’s heart lit with passion and he wished he could pull Flames over to love him thoroughly. But he wasn’t certain if Flames was willing to ‘mate’ with him. After all, kissing was just a way of expressing their friendliness to dolphins and did not necessarily mean he was treating him as a partner.

That night, Shang Ke was holding a dolphin-shaped pillow while sitting on the bed, very innocently staring at Qin Yuan who was clad only in a towel. He could tell from just looking at this near-naked state that he wanted to share a bed with him. But thinking about the racial different, Qin Yuan was also worried that he would scare him so he did not display his intentions too blatantly.

But Shang Ke had known him for so many lives. How could he be deceived by his stern and serious face? In order to defend the dignity of dolphins, Shang Ke felt that he should be more reserved. Patience gives great rewards. When he was unable to hold back anymore, he would take him down in one move.

Shang Ke buried his face into the soft pillow and praised himself for his quick-wit.

However, he underestimated Qin Yuan’s integrity as the man asked, “Flames, there’s a tub in my bathroom. Do you want to play with the water?”

Shang Ke: “……” Don’t think that dolphins are that easy to deceive! Playing with water so late at night, your drive is really strong!

However, as a pure white lotus, Shang Ke still agreed. He followed the big bad wolf into the bathroom, utterly defenseless.

Raising his hands, he allowed Qin Yuan to strip him, presenting himself under his painfully heated gaze. Although his body in this life was a bit thin, he was well proportioned and his skin was fair and soft. Even Shang Ke himself was about to emit bubbles of happiness from how beautiful he was.

Shang Ke plunged into the tub and cheerfully splashed around. Qin Yuan followed him in and helped him wash his hair and back very gently with the greatest possible consideration for his comfort.

Shang Ke laid on the edge of the tub, narrowing his eyes in pleasure as he allowed Qin Yuan to rub him all over. He thought to himself; is this guy really so upstanding, or will he lose control and do me on the spot?

While thinking of that, he suddenly felt the large hands roaming his body moving dishonestly, wavering between his chest and waist. A hot body stuck closely to his back, revealing his desire without any shame whatsoever.

With Flames, Qin Yuan did not feel any need to pretend. He only wished Flames could accept him, approve of him, and be his.

“Flames…” Qin Yuan’s lips nibbled on Shang Ke’s neck, his warm breath tickling his skin and giving rise to a faint tingling feeling.

Qin Yuan turned Shang Ke around and stepped between his thighs. He held his waist and kissed him smooth and deep.

Shang Ke was kissed until he lost all of his strength. He noted absently that a certain someone’s kissing technique was getting better and better with each life. Was this sort of skill accumulated and hereditary?

Mixed between heavy pants and starving tongues, Shang Ke could feel himself being steadily opened up by deft and desperate fingers. What reservation? What resisting temptation? It all turned into smoke by his lover’s passionate offense. 

Qin Yuan wanted to familiarise flames with such contact at first. But with each growing more intimate and heated, he lost himself in ecstasy. When Flames relaxed, he instinctively went for the back entrance and aggressively pushed into his depths… 

The physical strength of a dolphin was truly extraordinary Despite a full night of passion, he was back to full health after just two hours’ rest. On the other hand, Qin Yuan was still sleeping like a log. He didn’t know if it was because he overdid it or that he was properly satisfied. Either way, Shang Ke wiggled around on the bed for half a day and still wasn’t able to wake him up.

Nothing he could do about it. Shang Ke got up by himself, donned a random shirt, washed his face, then slid on a pair of slippers and quietly stepped out of the room.

Arriving at the kitchen, Shang Ke browsed the freezer and found several ingredients he could use. Some he had seen before, others he had not. He took out those he hadn’t seen before and started up the virtual cookbook, using it to check for directions before he began cooking.

Shang Ke, who was engrossed in his task, did not notice that Qin Yuan had quietly entered the kitchen and was watching at the door. He stared at the cute appearance of a busily working Shang Ke.

Shang Ke wore only an oversized shirt, revealing slender legs that still held traces of purple, most obvious and concentrated on the inner side of his thighs.

Qin Yuan’s gaze darken with lust and he slowly walked over to him, trapping his waist with his arms. He spoke huskily, “Good morning.”

Shang Ke was immersed in the joys of cooking and did not pay him any notice. He used his elbow to push at his stomach, hinting at him to go to the side and wait. Don’t bother him unless it was important.

Director Qin, who was ignored could only retreat as he was told and stand there obediently like a beautiful human statue.

Soon after, the fragrant smell of an expertly cooked meal filled his senses and Qin Yuan was flabbergasted to find the food cooked by Shang Ke to be unexpectedly beautiful. When he saw him using the cookbook, he had thought his interest was piqued and he just wanted to learn how humans cooked. The cookbook had directions, but Qin Yuan did not expect him to actually be able to understand them. But he was actually able to cook such wonderful food on his first try. This was truly beyond shocking!

Qin Yuan decided to spend two hours every day teaching him all kinds of general knowledge. Based on his ability to learn and emulate, his intelligence is not any lower than a normal human’s.

Shang Ke arranged the food on the table plate by plate, then waved Qin Yuan over to eat.

Qin Yuan was determined to finish the food, even if it turned out disgusting. Only, when he tried it, he found the food was actually very delicious. It was comparable to a master chef’s work.

Qin Yuan felt certain that he had struck gold. This dolphin, the second last of its kind, could not only cook expertly, but had slept with him!

Shang Ke maintained his human form for three days straight. During the day he stayed with Waves, while at night he slept with Qin Yuan. His life was very satisfying. After completing the main mission, the pressure on Shang Ke was lightened considerably. He planned to live well first, then think about the additional mission later.

However, Flames has been missing for several days, so how could the research institute people ignore it? They requested Qin Yuan to call back Flames as soon as possible, otherwise they would investigate his legal responsibilities.

They urgently wanted to research the genes of dolphins. With every single experiment on other animals, they obtained joyful results. They firmly believe that the crucial piece to solving humanity’s crisis can be found on dolphins. 

If Flames continues to be unavailable, then they would likely set their gaze onto Waves.

Qin Yuan did not hide it from Shang Ke, nor did he request anything from him. But Shang Ke knew that they had to address this problem sooner or later.

Very late that night, Shang Ke woke Qin Yuan up and pulled him out for a walk.

“Flames, where are you planning to go so late?” Qin Yuan asked.

Shang Ke did not reply, just diligently walking forward. Once they reached the electronic door, he had Qin Yuan unlock it.

After walking for a while, Qin Yuan realized where they were heading and asked in confusion, “The laboratory is ahead, why are you going there?”

The two of them entered the laboratory and the lamp instantly flickered on once it detected movement. Shang Ke walked next to the equipment and indicated Qin Yuan stand beside him.

Qin Yuan’s face was still puzzled as he walked over to him. His confusion lasted until Shang Ke extended his arm and picked up the blood drawing tools. He asked in surprise, “Are you trying to…?”

Shang Ke calmly stared at him, his intentions clear. He wanted Qin Yuan to extract samples from him.

The researchers wanted to figure out how to solve their fertility problems by experimenting with his genes. As long as there is enough material, the matter of Flames’ freedom wasn’t important anymore. At least, not in the short term. 

Qin Yuan clearly understood Flames’ intent and was deeply touched by his complete trust and sacrificial intentions. But how could he have the heart to do it?

“Qin Yuan…” In the quiet laboratory, a soft voice suddenly called out.

Qin Yuan’s heart shook and he spun around to stare at Shang Ke, “You… said my name?”

Shang Ke smiled and said it again, “Qin Yuan.”

Qin Yuan hugged him, surprise and happiness taking over his features as he spoke, “Say it again.”

“Qin Yuan.”

“Haha.” Qin Yuan felt that hearing his name being spoken by Flames was beyond pleasurable, like his soul was about to be stolen away. 

“Qin Yuan, let’s mate?”

Qin Yuan: “……” Isn’t the subject changing too fast?

“We waste a lot of experimental materials every night in the room.”

Shang Ke’s fluency with the human language was growing in leaps and bounds, but the main points that caught Qin Yuan’s attention were the words ‘mate’ and ‘experimental materials’.

He asked hesitantly, “Your so-called ‘experiment material’ is…” 


Qin Yuan: “……”

Shang Ke was very conscious about being the subject of an experiment. Ever since he turned into a human, he had been wondering if the additional mission might have something to do with the dolphin’s genes.

Rather than letting other people come do him, or let Waves be used as an experiment, it was better for him to take the initiative and offer his services.

Waves was different from him. Shang Ke has the thought processes of a human and would not become depressed due to conflicting feelings. Waves was more sensitive. If he was forced to do something he wasn’t willing to, then he might feel very unwell and could endanger his own life.

Sacrificing himself for Waves, that should satisfy the ‘heroic’ requirements.

Qin Yuan did not react at all. Shang Ke thought to himself; could it be that was too shocking?

He very sincerely looked at Qin Yuan and calmly spoke, “If you aren’t willing to…”

He had not even finished speaking when Qin Yuan suddenly switch off all the surveillance and lighting equipment, leaving behind only the weak image frame. He held Shang Ke and gently placed him on the experiment table.

“Flames, are you ready? I’m about to start the experiment…” Qin Yuan nibbled on his nape and spoke huskily.

In the dim light, two fiery bodies gradually overlapped with each other, responsibly and diligently ‘gathering’ material for experiment…

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