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Chapter 238: Back To That Key Moment ⑦

TL: Resonance


After Lu Xiufan left the capital, even the Queen was unable to contact him directly. He originally planned to stay in Linde town for a year and a half, but his vacation ended early in less than three months. The reason was that Her Majesty the Queen was publicly looking for the “missing” Prince in the media, and now the whole world probably knew that a certain Prince had abandoned his official duties and missed three months of work.


In view of the complicated situation in the capital, Lu Xiufan didn’t ask Shang Ke to go back with him. Although he was very reluctant to do so, they could only part for the time being.


“This is for you.” Before leaving, Lu Xiufan handed Shang Ke three cards, one was the Golden Card which enjoyed the special treatment of the bank, one was the fund card for the dividends of the Lu family’s industry, and the last one was the authorization card for all of Lu Xiufan’s real estate. All three cards were equipped with Shang Ke’s fingerprint password and had the same usage rights as Lu Xiufan’s.


“This fund card can also mobilize the network of all the industries under the Lu family, so if you encounter any trouble, you can ask them to help you solve it.” Lu Xiufan carefully instructed, his eyes full of worry and reluctance.


Shang Ke put the card away properly and then watched Lu Xiufan leave without saying a word of farewell.


After Lu Xiufan returned to the capital, the forces that had been in turmoil instantly became calm and peaceful. He was like a Ding Hai Shen Zhen[1], as long as he was there, no one dared to cause a wave.


A certain someone came back in a murderous rage, but didn’t see anyone who was causing trouble at all, which made his mood very bad. He was thinking about who he should vent his anger on when he suddenly received a secret message from his guards:【Sir, Second Young Master left Linde Town today and flew to Duri City】.


The guards privately called Shang Ke “second young master”. Lu Xiufan was born second in the family, so his “wife” would be second young master’s wife, or “second young master” for short.


The city of Duri was next to the capital Soya and is only a few hours’ drive away. It has the largest industrial zone and technology park in the country, and is home to many talented people from all walks of life. Lu Xiufan figured out Shang Ke’s purpose after a little thought. He had seen Shang Ke’s business plan before, and he guessed that Shang Ke must be planning to implement it now.


“I’ve only been away for three days, and he already can’t wait to fly away…” Lu Xiufan looked lonely. But when he thought about his reason for starting his business in Duri City, it was self-evident. It was obviously for the convenience of meeting him.


Lu Xiufan’s expression warmed, and his original upright sitting posture tilted 5° towards the seat.


A week later, the guards sent another message: 【Second young master is preparing to register a company. He has a few names pre-selected, and would like to ask for your opinion】.


Lu Xiufan replied: 【I’m okay with it, do as he says.】


Guard: 【Second young master’s company has been successfully registered and is called “Covenant” Technology Co. Ltd.】


 Lu Xiufan:【On the day of the opening, send 50 grand opening stands and a batch of lab equipment over.


Guard: 【Second young master said that fifty grand opening stands are too many, only two are needed.】


 Lu Xiufan raged: 【Who told you to tell him in advance, can’t you just send them on the day of the opening?!】


Guard: 【Actually… Second young master himself cracked the communication password.】


 Lu Xiufan: “…”


That’s why, it’s not a good thing if your lover is too smart… 


Lu Xiufan and Shang Ke kept in constant contact through the guards, and the constant communication between them seemed to make the distance between them insignificant and had a wonderful pleasure.


The daily communication relieved Lu Xiufan’s tyrannical and restless emotions, and he gradually settled down to deal with affairs, step by step resolving the hidden problems he had left behind as perfectly as possible.


While Lu Xiufan is playing “courteous” with various forces, Shang Ke is focused on developing his own business. The two cities were next to each other and are not far apart, but both of them have refrained from seeing each other.


Three months later, Shang Ke’s company was officially established. Although the initial scale was small, it was well-funded, well-equipped, full of talents, and started out high enough to make peer companies dumbfounded. However, Shang Ke kept a low profile and did not attract much attention from outsiders. It was not until their new technology swept the market at a fast pace, causing a huge uproar, that it finally received attention from all sides.


Lu Xiufan was prepared to help the company in case anything happens, but who knew that Shang Ke’s journey was so smooth that he was not given any opportunity to perform at all.


That’s why, it is not good to have a lover who is too competent… 


Half a year soon passed. As the hidden expert in technology, Shang Ke was only in charge of technology research and development, leaving the management of the company to other professionals. Except for important decisions, he would not appear in front of others.


While Shang Ke’s side is thriving, others are living a miserable life.


In the old house of the Yue family, Yue Xuan was sitting in front of the TV, watching the news with a blank expression. At this moment, a familiar figure suddenly flashed across the screen. His pupils contracted, and his originally wooden face gradually revealed a fierce expression. Then, he grabbed the cup on the table and threw it on the screen.


“Ah Xuan, what’s wrong?” Madam Chang, the mother of Yue Xuan, walked over quickly and asked nervously.


“I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you!” Yue Xuan grabbed Madam Chang by the neck, his eyes filled with madness and violence.


Mrs. Chang’s face turned blue and she struggled in pain.


The servants outside heard the noise and quickly rushed over to rescue her. Yue Xuan was very strong, and it took a lot of effort of several people to save Madam Chang.


“Cough cough…” Madam Chang covered her throat and coughed non-stop, her eyes tearfully staring at the frenzied Yue Xuan.


That year, she had set up Yue Ze to turn him into an emotionless covenantor, but now her child, under Lu Xiufan’s design, has become a psychotic lunatic. She hates Yue Ze, she hates Lu Xiufan, and she hates herself for not being cruel enough. If she had killed Yue Ze directly back then, she would not be in this situation.


However, it never occurred to her that if she hadn’t been too greedy and calculating, none of this tragedy would have happened.


Madam Chang’s eyes fell on the TV screen and saw the news about the exhibition, but he had missed the figure that flashed by just now. In her heart, Yue Ze was dead, while her child was still alive. It was because of this twisted pleasure that she could hold on until now, guarding her insane child and living in her own world… 


After the “death” of Yue Ze, the Yue family gradually declined. Offending Lu Xiufan was tantamount to offending the entire power and business circle. Unless they left the country, they would never be able to rise again.


A few years later, when they found out that the heir they had abandoned was still alive, he had already reached heights beyond their reach, and had become the man of the hour in the field of science and technology.


Beep! Lu Xiufan who was working late in the night suddenly received a message from the guard:【Sir, recently a suitor appeared near the second young master, standing downstairs singing love songs every night】.


What? Lu Xiufan’s eyes turn fierce:【When did this happen?】


【One week ago.】


【Why are you reporting only now?】


【I’m sorry, sir. At that time, we didn’t realize that man had an ulterior motive for second young master.】


【Did you find out who he was?】


【Jebral, 27 years old, young master of the Telema Group, handsome and dashing, full of talent and full of manly charm.】


Just telling me his identity was enough. Why add so many adjectives?


Lu Xiufan expression was cold and he continued messaging:【What did you say he was doing downstairs?】


【Singing love songs.】


 Very good!


 Lu Xiufan opened his communicator and quickly keyed a series of numbers, and a pleasant female voice soon came from the other side: “Hello, this is the XOX Reporting Center, how can I help you?”


“Someone is making noise and disturbing the residents in XX neighborhood, please send someone to deal with it immediately.”


“Noted, the information has been recorded. We will send someone to deal with it immediately. Thank you for your earnest report.” After the operator hung up, she found that the phone number was not from this city, but from the capital. She had thought it was a prank, but then she saw that the area code was of a royal number, she almost peed herself and immediately informed the leader.


Thirty minutes later, four or five police cars menacingly drove into the neighborhood Shang Ke lives in, clattered down a large group of heavily armed special police force, and a certain unfortunate guy who was singing a love song was taken away like a terrorist…


Shang Ke looked down at the window strangely, but didn’t care, and continued to edit his program.


After an unknown amount of time, the doorbell suddenly rang.


Shang Ke was currently thinking, and was completely unaware that the doorbell rang a few times and then disappeared. A figure pushed the door open and gently entered his room.




Shang Ke felt himself surrounded by a pair of strong arms, and a warm breath came immediately from the side of his ear.


“Ah Xiu?”


He was responded with a deep, passionate kiss. Lu Xiufan sat him on his lap, wrapped his arms around his waist, and gently nibbled on his lips.


Shang Ke backed away a little and asked, “What are you doing here?”


Lu Xiufan didn’t have a coat on, and his body still carried some cold ait, but his body temperature was hot.


“I missed you.” Also, I’m worried that you will be taken away by someone else. Lu Xiufan leaned his head against Shang Ke’s chest, quietly listening to the familiar sound of his heartbeat.


Shang Ke stroked his hair and suddenly asked, “Have you taken a shower?”


 Lu Xiufan paused and said, “No.”


“Just nice. I haven’t either.” Shang Ke invited sincerely, “Let’s shower together.”


“I’d love to!” Lu Xiufan picked him up in high spirits and rushed toward the bathroom excitedly.


“Tomorrow I have a break..”


“Just nice, I’m on a break too.”



Lu Xiufan has “disappeared” again, and although he has only been missing for three days, it has made the Queen very worried.


Recently, Lu Xiufan’s temper has improved, but he has become less and less concerned about his work. The Queen is beginning to consider whether she should punish him by deducting his salary or something.


However, before the Queen can take action, Lu Xiufan is already planning to “retire”… 


Three years later, Lu Xiufan stepped down from his heavy responsibilities. Retaining only his nobility title and honorary director position, he concentrated on living his life as a leisurely nobleman.


With the help of Lu Xiufan, the covenantor school planned by Shang Ke has its application approved and was successfully established. It enrolled covenantors from all over the country free of charge. At the initial stage, Shang Ke invested a lot of human and material resources in the school, but did not gain any profit. On one hand, many people respected his work, but on the other hand, they secretly laughed at him working so hard yet not receiving anything in return.


But as the first batch of covenantors graduated and joined Shang Ke’s company and factory, they finally proved their worth using actions.


The covenantors were undistracted and conscientious. When performing their duties, a few people were enough to complete a set of fast and effective work processes. Not only that, after they sign the contract, they will not be late for work or leave earlier than they are supposed to, they will not miss work without a reason, they will not change jobs, they will not reveal trade secrets, they will not be bribed, and they will strictly implement the contents of the contract. Unless the employer violates their basic rules of conduct, such as mistreating them, withholding their wages, or demanding illegal transactions outside of their duties first.


A few years later, after more than a thousand time of tedious experiments, a covenantor successfully developed a powerful evolutionary vaccine, which won an international award and caused a huge sensation in the world.


But an even bigger sensation was to come: The famous prince had chosen a covenantor as his companion. And as for the covenantor who had won the international award, after returning to his country, the covenantor gave this honor he had won to them as a wedding gift.


The wedding of Lu Xiufan and Shang Ke became an opportunity to change the status of the covenantors… 


As more and more covenantors enter the various fields in the workforce, the roles they play become greater and greater. When people started wanting to hire them, they found that the covenantors had become a hotly contested talents. Shang Ke’s school for covenantors, soon after, was authorized by the Queen to be the only authority institution qualified to assign covenantors.



[1] Ding Hai Shen Zhen (定海神针) – Ding Hai Shen Zhen can also be known as the Jingu Bang and is the weapon used by Monkey King in the story called Journey to the West. Before the Monkey King found it, it was stuck on the ocean floor. There are a few different explanations to the origin of this item but the most suitable explanation for this situation would be: According to the story, there was a water demon making havoc in the heavenly lake causing raging waves to form. The Queen of Heaven got angry, took out the Jade pin on her hair and stabbed it into the lake. This caused the raging waves/water to calm down. (taken from chapter 156)

定海神针 on its own reads ‘magic needle which calms the ocean’ and Lu Xiufan can be interpreted as the ‘needle’ that calms the ‘waves’ the people in the capital are trying to create.

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