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Chapter 244: Back To That Key Moment ⑧

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System, don’t come and make trouble in such a tense moment! Shang Ke gave the System a “speechless” symbol in his brain.


【Dear Host, starting your harem is a great job that would benefit mankind. Based on Host’s fertility, you can improve other outstanding men’s genes to the maximum and give birth to excellent offspring. If we go by the high efficiency birth rate of three per year, in 30 to 40 years, the top of the pyramid in every industry in the country will be occupied by Host’s offspring. Don’t host want to have a bright future with bountiful children and grandchildren?】


Shang Ke: Stop talking… 


【The System upholds the principle that everything revolves around the host and provides the most suitable development plan for the host. Please consider the System’s suggestions carefully and do not hang yourself on a crooked tree called Yonis.】


The System was like it had turned on the chatterbox mode, persistently trying to brainwash Shang Ke.


Shang Ke secretly thought: Did Yonis offended the System? Otherwise, why does it keep trying to cuckold him?


After enduring a while, Shang Ke finally could not stand it. Shang Ke asked in his brain: Is there a function to block the System?


【There is no such inhumane function!】


Fortunately, at this time, the armed forces arrived to support. Shang Ke waited for them to control the situation before he withdrew his spiritual barrier.


An officer came over with suppressed excitement and eagerness in his eyes and respectfully saluted Shang Ke: “Many thanks to guide Shang Ke for what happened today, I salute you on behalf of all the rescued soldiers and civilians.”


“You’re welcome.” Shang Ke smiled.


The officer had known about Shang Ke for a long time, but had never met him before. Now when they met for the first time, he was overwhelmed by the S-class guide’s power and skill. Among the hundreds of people present, only Shang Ke was able to use the spiritual barrier and control the whole situation with a wave of his hand. His skill can clearly be seen.


This scene was recorded by reporters and other onlookers in the distance, and instantly uploaded to the Internet. The general public may just be watching the fun, but other people who are a little knowledgeable are very clear about it. Even if there was an S-rank guide, the guide probably wouldn’t dare to use his spiritual power under that situation. Not only did Shang Ke use it, he also perfectly blocked the virus. Either he was already strong enough to be able to ignore the spirit virus, or he had developed a different kind of spiritual control technique. Either way, it was enough to attract the attention of all parties.


Finally, Shang Ke took Leo to a military vehicle and headed towards the hospital.


The story quickly made the headlines, and in just a few hours, online TV sites were scrambling to cover it. As of now, two children have been confirmed dead, more there were 70+ others who have been infected, other injured uncounted.


Shang Ke was invited by the hospital to help treat the injured, while Leo was protected by several police officers who stopped by to take statements. He was the only child in that training room who was not infected, and the reason for that was naturally of great interest to people.


There were a total of 75 infected people, of which 35 were children. Shang Ke worked with other guides to treat these people. There were only three S-rank guides present, among which Shang Ke was the most efficient. But what really amazed people was not his efficiency, but the fact that he could ignore the attribute limitation and treat all the sentinels.


This fact made many people’s jaws drop. Wasn’t Shang Ke a guide exclusively for dark sentinels? Why can he handle even the ordinary sentinels so well? This is completely unscientific okay?


“I suspect that Lord Shang Ke’s strength has advanced again!” A sentinel whispered to his companion.


“How is that possible? S-rank is already the highest rank, wouldn’t he advance to heaven if he advanced some more?”


“Who said S-rank is the highest rank? It’s just that no one has broken through to a higher rank in the past. Evolution has no limits, so maybe Lord Shang Ke has really broken through the limit.”


“That seems to make sense. Which means, Lord Shang Ke is now not only compatible to all Dark Sentinels, but to all Sentinels?”


“Oh, I’m going to apply to become Lord Shang Ke’s spouse!”


“Count me in!”


“And me!”



Shang Ke who was busy treating didn’t know that there was already a large group of thirsty sentinels ready to pursue him. He is a valuable “national property” and has the right to choose his own spouse and harem (?). As long as he is willing, he can choose different sentinels for a suitable relationship whenever he wants. The only restriction is that he cannot enter into a real marriage relationship. In other words, Shang Ke enjoys unlimited number of people, unlimited time, and can book legal appointments to date… (Shang Ke: Where are your principles?)


Yonis was on a military mission when he got the news. In order to get back as soon as possible, he forcefully changed from a prolonged battle into a surprise assault, spending only two hours to wipe out the enemy. The ferocity of his methods is enough to leave his enemies with a psychological shadow that can never be erased.


By the time Yonis was done with his task and arrived at the hospital as fast as he could, it was already noon the next day.


Led by the sergeant, he walked quickly into the hospital cafeteria, only to see the lover he had been missing so much talking and laughing with a man. That man was no other than Mitchell, the A-rank Dark Sentinel who was just as famous as him. He had not given up his pursuit for Shang Ke over the years and was Yonis’ most unwelcomed love rival.


Yonis’ appearance soon caused a commotion, and when Shang Ke saw him, he immediately greeted him with a smile and enthusiastically gave him a big hug.


Don’t think that a hug can offset the fact that someone is “dating” a wild man behind his back.


Yonis held Shang Ke’s waist in an absolutely domineering way, his aura spread wide. He stared at Mitchell who was not far away with a cold and arrogant expression, and silently offered one word: Scram!


Mitchell pretended not to see and said to Shang Ke: “You have been busy for one day and night, go back and have a good rest.”


“There’s no need for you to worry sir, I will naturally take care of what is mine.” Yonis took Shang Ke into his arms, leaving Mitchell with a cold and noble back. In front of his love rival, he always acted like a peacock with a high fighting spirit.


The two walked out of the cafeteria amidst the attention of the crowd. When they were out of Mitchell’s sight, only then did Yonis ask, “Keke, are you hurt? Where is Leo?”


“I’m fine, Leo has gone home. He’s protected by the police, don’t worry.” Shang Ke turned his head and studied the man beside him. Shang Ke hadn’t seen him for a few months. He seemed to be much darker than before, and looked like a tough guy made of iron. He probably rushed to the hospital right after coming back as he did not shower nor change his clothes. His body emitted a characteristic smell of sweat of a man, that was mixed with hormones and the smell of rock and soil… 


Before he came back, Yonis had already learned the general situation from various channels, and also knew that Shang Ke and Leo were fine. However, he kept thinking about them and can only be rest assured after seeing them with his own eyes. 


【Attention Host, towards the 3 o’clock direction!】 The System’s voice sounded in Shang Ke’s head just when they reached the parking lot.


He looked over there vigilantly, only to see a cool-looking sports car parked not far away, from the car came a young man wearing sunglasses.


 【Robin, 195cm, 88kg, 25 years old, the world’s most popular movie king, appearance grade A+, gentle and romantic, rich family, excellent in sex and high quality (and quantity of sperm). He can be called the best candidate for best partner. Dear Host, boldly take him on. Do not be soft and add him into the harem!】


Shang Ke: “…” He was fully on guard and prepared to meet the danger, but the System was only getting him to see a handsome man?


Yonis saw Shang Ke suddenly stop and was puzzled. Following Shang Ke’s line of sight to look over, he saw a man with two bodyguards passed by in front of him.


“You know him?” Yonis asked.


Shang Ke shook his head: “No, I just felt he looked a little familiar, as if I had seen him before.”


“Hmm, I also feel he looks familiar.” Yonis did not suspect him at all, he gave the person a casual glance and stopped paying attention.


He originally thought it was just a small episode, who knew that similar things happened one after another some time after that. Yonis was horrified to find that Shang Ke’s attention was often attracted by some irrelevant people, and these people were all good-looking and elegant.


Could it be that his Keke had grown tired of him and started secretly looking for a new spouse?


“Do you think your father is a little strange lately?” Shang Ke discussed a certain someone’s uncharacteristic behavior with his son privately.


“Like what?” Leo didn’t notice anything unusual. In fact, to him, his father always had the same expression from beginning to end, and would change magnificently only in front of his mother.


“For example, whenever a stranger approaches, he is on high alert and doesn’t move an inch. He is speaking less and will often stare at me with a strange look, and…” He is very persistent at night, never stopping until he is exhausted. Shang Ke was getting embarrassed to let the maids wash the sheets… 


Just when he said this, he felt a hot gaze on his back.


Shang Ke looked at his son and silently asked.


Leo nodded, indicating that yes, a certain someone was right behind him.


“It’s getting late.” The man’s low voice sounded above Shang Ke’s head, followed by a pair of large hands wrapping around him into an embrace.


Shang Ke held Leo’s hand and stated calmly, “I’m sleeping with Leo tonight.”


“Mother is sleeping with me tonight.” Leo loyally gave his support.


“Didn’t you want the latest model of Phantom?” Yonis said lightly, “I happen to know Phantom’s developer.”


Leo turned his head to Shang Ke and said with a straight face, “Good night mother. May you and father have a good dream.”


Shang Ke: What’s the use of having this kind of son?


Yonis, like a victor, carried Shang Ke away in his arms arrogantly and proudly.


That night, Shang Ke got ruthlessly done again, from the bathroom to the bedroom, and from the bedroom to the bathroom again…


【The System has too much psychological shadow and is currently in an uninteresting black screen state.】


It has been more than a month since the attack on the elementary school, but the aftermath has not dissipated. The hatred of the outside world for the anti-government union has reached a new level, and people started calling for a thorough clean up of this group of forces. However, there are many of them and they are widely distributed, hiding in various industries. To put an end to the problem forever, we have to solve it from the ideological point of view.


Other than deepening people’s fear and hatred for the anti-government union, the S-rank guide Shang Ke got the most attention from the incident. After several tests, his strength was finally confirmed to have broken through the S-rank, reaching the unique SS-rank with spiritual power compatible with all sentinels. The classification of sentinels and guides was modified because of him, adding a new upper limit to it.


For a while, Shang Ke was in the limelight and was known as the number one guide in the country, with countless suitors and admirers coming in droves.


Shang Ke ignored the outside noise and concentrated on organising information about the defense array at home and submitted a patent application to the World Patent Organization. This kind of formation uses spiritual power as kinetic energy and has a strict structure. It was like some kind of virtual machinery, which can play different roles depending on the operation mode. At present, Shang Ke has applied for a total of three kinds of formation diagrams, which can be carved on jade and wood. This kind of formation diagram carved with spiritual power was named “formation talisman” by him, and soon after, it became one of the most popular and sophisticated protective equipment in the country without any surprise.


Another person who changed was Leo. He originally planned to go through elementary school to college in a step-by-step manner. But the attack this time made him realize that danger was everywhere, and reminded him even more that his father would die when he was 18 years old.


In his last life, the death of his mother had caused his father to be alone for the rest of his life and the family to break into pieces. If his father died this time, what would become of his mother? The happiness in this life was not easy to come by, and Leo would never let the tragedy repeat itself. So he made a decision, which was to skip grades. He wanted to hurry improve himself, and to strive to have a strength strong enough to protect his family before he turned 18.

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