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Chapter 29: You Are My Faith (X)

Shang Ke did not intend to play the harp, but from the corner of his eyes, he saw Youri fidgeting with a harp and went over to take a look. He had chosen the musical instrument skill from the System, so everytime, he would be able to choose a different instrument to learn. There were all kinds of instruments in the System, so many, in fact, that he wouldn’t be able to count them all. In theory, as long as he had enough energy for it, he could learn pretty much all the instruments.

At present time, he had previously chosen the piano, flute and violin (chosen after the second world). He still had not had contact with instruments from other worlds. The harp of this world was a bit different from the one in his memory; it was like a bent silver moon, inlaid with three elaborate magic crystals that were bright like stars and stringed with seven golden metallic strands.

To inlay such precious magic crystals in an instrument, probably only those nobility born people like Youri could obtain them.

Shang Ke tried playing a couple tones, and the magic crystals formed a boundary and immediately fluctuated, seemingly giving the music an amplifying effect, passing on the sound farther.

He was a bit interested now, aspects of music started to assemble in his mind. His fingers moved and started to play by improvising.

Melodious and sweet music poured out like running water, gradually turning into the Milky Way, slowly flowing out into the night sky.

Shang Ke did not notice that with his playing, the devil qi that polluted everyone’s body all started to be pulled into his body bit by bit. This was also the reason why everyone had suddenly felt relaxed.

Everyone walked out one by one from the tents, quietly gazing at the man that was concentrated on playing. They carefully listened with all of their attention as their jittery mood gradually eased and what was left behind was only peace.

Shang Ke’s surrounding assembled a large amount of devil qi and converged into a great black whirlpool under the darkening sky. But the music also contained a large amount of faith which tangled with the devil qi. Shang Ke’s place turned into the darkest yet brightest place.

Only with light, can darkness condense.

Only with darkness, can light shine.

“Shang Ke!” Tylor was the first one to notice the abnormality.

He could only see that Shang Ke’s eyes were half closed and his face was completely pale. His lips were a captivating red shade colored like blood as the wispy strands of devil qi slowly twined around his fingertips like ribbons. The music condensed by the power of faith once again shone like stars in the darkness.

The devil qi gradually spread to Shang Ke’s eyes, and like mass of dark flames, it churned. A drop of black tear slid from the corner of his eyes, leaving trails of dark tears on his jade-white face which immediately turned into a mass of black fog and vanished into the starry sky.

He drew darkness into his own body while he left the light for others.

“Shang Ke, stop!” Kaiser shouted once more.

Shang Ke’s body was almost completely covered by the devil qi.

Only now did everyone notice the abnormality, they saw the devil qi around Shang Ke starting to bubble and they all subconsciously took a step back.

“Devil qi invasion!” A person murmured softly, disgust and fear in his eyes.

“Catch him and see if he can still be saved!” Someone else shouted eagerly.

A few quickly went for Shang Ke, but Tylor and Kaiser both stood guard in front of Shang Ke.

“No one can touch him!” Tylor coldly said.

“Your Highness Tylor, he’s already invaded by the devil qi, if we don’t treat him, then he will turn into a devil apostle!”

Kaiser raged, “Even if you all turn into devil apostles, he would not!”

This group of bastards, they don’t even have a clue  that they were the ones being invaded by the devil qi and now wanted to harm the one that saved them.

“Kaiser, we know he is your friend, but since he has been invaded by the devil qi, we can’t just ignore it.” Someone else requested, “Can you guys please hurry and move aside? Perhaps he can still be saved.”

“That’s right, you can’t neglect other people’s safety for your friend.” Many people agreed with the person’s words, and echoed it.

“Neglect other people’s safety? Did you guys not notice that you guys were being invaded by the devil qi?” Kaiser couldn’t restrain his towering rage, “If it wasn’t for Shang Ke, the ones that needed treatment would be you guys!”

“What do you mean?” Everyone’s face was doubtful.

“Shang Ke used music to draw the devil qi out from your body into his own body.”

“Ha, are you making a joke?” Most of the people showed that they did not believe it and only scoffed, “Who would help others to absorb the devil qi themselves? Isn’t that just courting death?”

“Kaiser, do you really have to make such an absurd lie to help your friend? Look at the concentration of devil qi on his body, it’s clearly because his willpower is too weak or his faith isn’t firm enough for him to end up like this.”

“Willpower too weak? Faith not firm?” Kaiser laughed from anger, “Do you think someone who has a weak willpower and faith would be able to play such music filled with the power of faith?”

Everyone paused, the harp’s tune was still playing into their ears, melodious and pure, it was exactly like how Kaiser said, it contained a huge amount of faith.

What… was going on here?

Tylor did not pay attention to everyone else and crouched by Shang Ke’s side, quietly speaking, “Shang Ke, it’s enough. Stop.”

He placed his hand on Shang Ke’s back and immediately felt a bone chilling coldness intruding into his body from his fingertips, causing almost entirely of his arm to go numb.

Only now did Tylor know precisely how much devil qi Shang Ke absorbed for everyone. He had just barely touched him and it turned into an terrifying essence that attacked him.

He was simply unable to imagine just how Shang Ke was able to bear such dense devil qi. Exactly what was the origin of his faith?

“Daddy.” Just at this moment, a young and tender voice interrupted Tylor’s thoughts.

Tylor raised his head and saw Pupu reaching out to touch Shang Ke.

“Wait-” Tylor didn’t even get to finish speaking when Pupu had already grabbed Shang Ke’s sleeve. Soon after, he saw the devil qi in the area she touched suddenly dissipate and quickly retreat. In a very short time, the devil qi on Shang Ke’s body disappeared without a trace and the harp’s sound stopped.

Tylor looked at Pupu, flabbergasted. He knew that this little girl had a very pure power of faith, but he didn’t expect this power to be powerful enough to be able to fight against the humongous amount of devil qi on Shang Ke’s body. He once again looked back at Shang Ke, this pair of father and daughter really is… unbelievable.

With the harp’s melody stopping, the light from the power of faith gradually vanished and the devil qi began to disperse. The people who were endlessly arguing with Kaiser suddenly felt their body go cold, feeling the traces of devil qi that started to invade their body. In a moment, everyone felt as if they fell from a place full of warm sunshine into a cold glacier.

Such a huge difference in such a short time made everyone almost puke out blood.

This time when they looked at Shang Ke, they no longer held any disgust or contempt and their eyes were currently filled with shock and disbelief.

Just now, was this person really helping them absorb the devil qi invading them?

“Shang Ke, how are you?” Tylor supported Shang Ke, his eyes fixed on the weakened man.

“I’m fine.” Shang Ke gave Tylor a rather tired smile and then looked at Pupu and rubbed her head, gently expressing, “Thank you Pupu.”

Pupu completely did not know what he was thanking her for, but being praised, she was very happy. She threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly.

In fact, Shang Ke did not plan to help everyone absorb the devil qi. But when the music started, he could feel the large amounts of devil qi move toward him and blend into his body. The only thing that could ease the devil qi invasion was the harp’s music. So he could only continue to play, because if he stopped, there was a large chance that he would be thoroughly swallowed by the invading devil qi.

Fortunately Pupu helped sever the devil qi from him just in time, giving him a breather to escape quickly.

So his devil qi absorbing constitution could draw support from another object and become an area skill! He has to say, this pitfall world had danger everywhere. He just wanted to play some music but in the process, almost played himself to death. Shang Ke had enough!

Shang Ke looked at the harp in his hand and decided that he would not touch another instrument before he left this world.

He returned the harp back to Youri, who was using an awed and worshipping gaze to stare at him, “Shang Ke, no, Senior Osari, you must accept my knee (kneel).”

Shang Ke: “……”

Shang Ke took a look around him and discovered that everyone’s gazes were pretty much the same as Youri’s.

Just as everyone was about to come over to ask, he turned to Tylor and said, “Tylor, lend me your shoulder for a moment.”

Less than a second after the moment he said that, he fainted into Tylor’s wide embrace.

Tylor gently held the frail Shang Ke, his gaze gentle but also pained.

“How is he?” Kaiser hurriedly moved closer and asked in concern.

“He’s likely going to be weak again for a long time.” Tylor’s expression dimmed.

Kaiser’s nose felt sour and he scolded in a soft voice, “Idiot!”

“I will take him back to rest and leave the rest to you.” Tylor carried Shang Ke and Pupu together, heading to their tent.

Kaiser watched the man’s leaving figure with a complicated glance.

Through Shang Ke’s music baptism, although everyone still felt a bit unwell, it was not the stifling feeling from before that could choke people.

They also gradually became aware just what kind of burden Shang Ke had dealt with, absorbing the huge amount of devil qi. An average person would feel incomparable suffering with only a bit of devil qi invading their body, but he alone bore with several people’s devil qi. This kind of perseverance and courage really made people admire him.

And they were criticizing him before for having weak willpower and small  faith. But now that they properly thought about it, the ones that were truly weak were them. They feared the devil qi and did everything in their abilities to hide their weak point. Meanwhile, Shang Ke let them see a whole new way to fight—using their own body as a battlefield and to use their own willpower as a weapon to courageously advance and fight the devil qi.

They only knew how to strictly protect their heart, they had never thought about fighting directly head on before.

However, just how many people in this world could rely only on their willpower and win against the demons in their heart? Perhaps only those with a generous heart and firm faith could accomplish this.

Everyone looked towards the tent Shang Ke was resting in; they were overwhelmed by emotions for a moment, and could hardly hold themselves together.

After experiencing this event, Shang Ke pretty much became the most important and prized one to protect in the group. Because of him, the journey into the abyss of the marsh became much more relaxed, at least no one needed to worry about being invaded by the devil qi and going crazy from it.

But as they got closer and closer to the interior, the devil qi also became stronger. Everyone saw large numbers of dead bodies, and not long after, they had also met the misfortune of getting lost.

After they wandered around in the depths for four to five days, they finally met another group.

But the situation of this group was not very good. They had around thirty people and their expressions were all dispirited. They were also all injured. When they saw Shang Ke’s group, they were on the edge of directly going for the kill.

Compared to this group, Tylor’s group of people were completely different in their mental state. Although they were also a bit tired, they were not in much dread or nervous wrecks.

Shang Ke looked at them one by one, most of the people in the group were already invaded by the devil qi. There were a couple among them that had already turned into low level apostles.

Just while he was observing this group of people, he suddenly heard someone shout in alarm, “It’s a King level apostle! There’s a King level apostle in their group!”

Shang Ke followed the voice and noticed that the speaker’s finger was pointing at him.

Uh, he’s been found out?

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