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Chapter 58: A+A (VI)

If he had known earlier that feeding this guy would turn him into a beast in heat, then Shang Ke would never have fed him a single bite!

Can an alpha mark another alpha as they would omegas? According to what Shang Ke knew, they could not. Even if they were to have been marked, an alpha could erase it with their own power.

In that case, what was Rhine trying to do? Did he just have nothing better to do after eating his fill? Was he probing his strength? But this method of probing was just way too … personal. It was basically the same as flirting! (Rhine: I am flirting…) 

Furthermore, this one act of ‘flirting’ caught a whole group of people! All the omega pheromones from outside flowed in like a tidal wave of desire, thoroughly weakening Shang Ke. If it wasn’t for Rhine holding him against the counter, he probably would’ve long escaped like a runaway brumby to go find his own happiness!

From Rhine’s appearance, he also seemed to be influenced, his desire standing high. But, could he not poke his waist?! If he was his man, Shang Ke would not care if he was the one that did the pushing or the one being pushed down—but Rhine wasn’t his man!

Shang Ke forced himself to calm the churning desire within his body before gathering his power and suddenly turning, his arm swiping across at Rhine.

Rhine took half a step back and gripped Shang Ke’s wrist, facing him. Drops of sweat slid down Shang Ke’s forehead but his jet-black eyes showed his calmness and will to fight. However the faint blush on his cheeks and his eye catching lips were like snow plum flowers blooming and couldn’t help but give people the desire to pluck them. 

Rhine’s eyes darkened as he strengthened his grip and pulled Shang Ke to him. But Shang Ke didn’t move, instead, bending his elbow to strike at Rhine’s chest. The impact forced Rhine’s body to twist, an opportunity which Shang Ke took to break free of his embrace. 

Rhine’s face flashed with surprise as he reached out again. 

Shang Ke nimbly dodged and fought in a roundabout manner. The two battled from the kitchen to the living room, their forces clashing as their scents permeated the air, causing such disturbance outside that everyone was speechless with anger. They all cursed in rage: Holy sh*t, what kind of tempting fight is this!

Shang Ke relied on his ingenious martial arts to fight to a standstill against Rhine under the condition where he was physically too weak.

Rhine’s muscles were taunt. Although he wasn’t wearing much of an expression, his fiery gaze was about to burn through Shang Ke.

Shang Ke stepped on the sofa in preparation to leap away, but Rhine suddenly moved and gave knife-hand hit the joint of his leg. Shang Ke cried out in pain and fell onto the sofa, followed by Rhine trapping him down.

Shang Ke’s chest huffed from his exertion, while his eyes were shining brightly from the intense exercise. 

Rhine gazed down at the man below him with eyes of unconcealed desire, his taunt body displayed his preparation to attack like a beast waiting for their prey to let down their guard. A powerful pheromone covered Shang Ke again, invading his body like it wanted to take his everything. It was like an electric current that swept the two away. 

Shang Ke grit his teeth and spat out a line with much difficulty under such pressure: “Sir, you win.”

Rhine’s eyes flickered and his pheromone acted like tentacles as they slid past his legs to explore within his body, it goes without saying what he was trying to do.

Shang Ke’s back felt numb and a feeling of panic grew in his heart, he shouted, “Rhine, what are you trying to do?”

“Your skills are pretty good, far better than I anticipated. However,” Rhine’s tone dipped, “you are not my opponent.”


“The strong have absolute control over the weak, therefore you are unable to refuse me.” Rhine’s eyes shone with determination and desire.

“What do you mean?”

“It means,” Rhine’s fingers gently grazed his neck, “I have enough ability to mark you.” The scent of this man was really too wonderful, he was somewhat unable to stop himself.

“Mark an alpha?” Shang Ke was thoroughly enraged, “Are you actually freaking kidding me?”

“What to try it?”

“No!” Shang Ke refused resolutely without any hesitation, “I already have someone I like. Please have mercy!”

“That omega?” Rhine softly spoke, “You better forget him as soon as possible, otherwise, I cannot guarantee that I will be such a gentleman in the future.”

Gentleman? Do you have no shame?!

Why didn’t he notice beforehand that this guy was a rogue decked in a uniform?

“Let go of me.” Shang Ke struggled forcefully.

Rhine ‘kindly’ did as requested and stood.

Shang Ke turned, got up, then retreated to the side, “It’s rather late now, please go back Sir.”

Rhine organized his clothes and headed for the entrance. When he got there, he stopped and once more turned around to address Shang Ke, “I had originally estimated a year for your recovery, but I underestimated your strength. In six months’ time, you will receive a transfer order from me.”

Shang Ke remained silent as he considered going somewhere else to complete his mission.

“You don’t have the option to refuse.” Rhine seem to have seen through him as he added, “Unless you are stronger than I am.”

“I will become strong!” Shang Ke said with determination. 

“Then I will wait and see.” He would have this man when he was at his strongest.

Rhine’s mood was very joyful now that he had found a target he wanted to conquer. As for their identities as alphas, it was not a barrier to him at all. 

After Rhine left, the room was still full of his scent and Shang Ke was left in a moody state. This world believed that the strong has control of the weak, it was a matter of fact to them. Especially those born as alphas, who have strength that cannot be swayed.

Shang Ke rejoiced that he was an alpha, otherwise, trying to go against his instincts would have wasted a lot of energy. At least with the way he was now, he has the room to rebel.

But this was really bad, he has to find “him” as quickly as possible, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to safeguard his chastity. If he really can’t find him, then he will fully concentrate on completing his mission. After ten years, he would return to the system space and once again try to find “him” in another world.

In the months following, Shang Ke saw not hide nor hair of Rhine. However, Ryan had been very diligent in seeing him everyday, taking care of his well being very carefully. Those who knew them had pretty much taken them as a couple already.

Shang Ke tactfully rejected him but nothing changed at all. So after a little while, Shang Ke didn’t bother with it anymore. If he wasn’t going to listen, then what was the point?

He lived each day simply, using more than half of his time to train. He not only practiced real combat training, but he also learned the tactics and the art of war, operating system principles, repair skills and how to use and control his pheromone.

The rest of his free time was spent browsing the internet for information and searching for every single person the system mentioned. He gathered information from everywhere, but he still did not find the person he wanted until he obtained the information of his “rival in love” Zeka. He finally felt a glimmer of hope.

There was a mole on Zeka’s palm, except it was on the left hand.

Zeka had been recruited into Rhine’s corps earlier due to his exceptional performances. Shang Ke moped, he didn’t expect that he would also be in Rhine’s corps, it looks like he has to accept that guy’s transfer order.

Six months later, Rhine’s transfer order arrived as scheduled. The low key Shang Ke immediately took the scene again.

Rhine’s 45th Legion was also known as the strongest unit in the entire empire. All those who enter are all the cream of the crop. As the one who had performed such outstanding service in Via City, being recruited into the 45th Legion was to be expected.

However, it was unknown who had spread around the news that he was seriously injured and that his strength had taken a major dip, and it immediately drew a lot of controversy. 

There was no way anyone could dismiss Filmore’s contribution, but the 45th Legion usually selected only the most talented individuals. If one was not strong enough, then even if they were the marshal’s son, it was still impossible to get in. Filmore’s performance in school speaks for itself, although it was not bad to the extreme, it was not something particularly worthy of comment. Only his performance on the battlefield was remarkable. Now that the public learned of his decrease in strength, was he still qualified to become a member of the 45th Legion?

Very soon, someone publicized Shang Ke’s hospital treatment report and the masses finally discovered that his injury was grave to the point that he may very possibly be forced to retire from the military early on. Even if he persevered with rehabilitation, he could only recover 60% of his original strength. This was no doubt a large blow to a powerful alpha. No wonder Filmore, who should have been transferred at full-throttle speed, would reject all invitations and remained lowkey. 

Many people felt pity for him, but even more questioned the transfer order.

On the day of reporting to the 45th Legion, what greeted Shang Ke was the scrutinizing gaze of strangers. 

Shang Ke felt no fear as he stood ramrod straight and announced his name and rank with an equally strong voice. Disregarding his actual strength, this kind of confidence and air already made many people admire him.

Rhine did not have him show his strength, rather, he directly placed him into the special reserve division. The members of the special division may not have the greatest strength, but they held special skills. Even if they were reserved soldiers, they were all one-in-a-hundred talents.

Noone present dared question Rhine about his decision, but they were not so polite towards Shang Ke.

The 45th Legion were currently in their rest and reorganization period so they were stationed at the capital for daily training with one rest day a week. It would be two months before they left to defend the southeast frontier. As such, the soldiers were all beyond bored and were eager to give Shang Ke a lesson.

Shang Ke’s attention wasn’t on them at all, rather, it was on Zeka who had also joined the reserve division.

Their first formal meeting was on the report day, the one that led him to their dormitory was Zeka.

Zeka had blond hair and peach blossom eyes. He did not at all look like a soldier, but rather held the air of an artist. The pheromone of his body was like a blooming water lily in a lake.

Shang Ke noticed that, although he was an alpha, he did not reject the scent of other alphas. Different from the instinct of omegas, his scent was tolerant by nature.

“Filmore, you changed a lot.” Zeka leaned against the doorway as he smiled and watched Shang Ke arrange his room.

“You haven’t changed though.” He was as lovely as the photographs online, a rotten peach blossom that had provoked who knows how many people. Shang Ke felt a bit depressed, if he was his man, it would be hard to break his habits.

“I heard that you and Ryan are very close nowadays?”

Shang Ke glanced at him, “Yes, he has been very kind to me.”

That one glance caused Zeka’s heart to stir. He couldn’t help but walk closer to Shang Ke and his eyes narrowed. That’s it, this man’s scent had changed! He no longer emitted the sharp and muddy smell from before, rather, it had become gentle and fresh while also carrying a hint of sweetness. If he wasn’t certain he was an alpha, Zeka would have thought he was an omega.

“Oh? You guys went to bed together?” Zeka idly asked.

“It has nothing to do with you!” Shang Ke bit back sharply.

“Heh, don’t get angry.” Zeka placated him as he would a kitten and faintly smiled, “I was just a bit curious. He’s been sticking around you all day now and you can still restrain yourself? It’s not a physical problem is it?”

As he spoke, his eyes drifted somewhat pointedly towards his lower body.

Shang Ke placed one foot on the bed with his arms crossed against his chest as he raised his chin at Zeka, “Whether I have a problem or not, wouldn’t you only know after trying?” If this guy was his man, watch how he’ll deal with him. 

Zeka clearly had not foreseen that Shang Ke would say something like that and was stunned for a moment before immediately asking back with interest, “You want to go to bed with me?”

His gaze swept over Shang Ke’s body and he couldn’t deny that he was a very pretty man. Not only that, but the scent of his body was very sweet. He was also an alpha, no matter the build, power or endurance, it was all wonderful. Going to bed with this kind of man seemed to be quite the challenge.

Zeka was somewhat interested now.

“Then, we’ll try?” He placed a hand on the bed to support himself as he got closer to Shang Ke’s neck and smelled him. At the same time, he released his pheromone. The reason why few alphas ever got together was that, besides their inability to have children together, their pheromones consistently rejected each other.

But Shang Ke was a special case, ever since he become Filmore, the scent of his body had changed. Not only was it attractive to omegas and betas, it was also accepting of alphas.

Trying out right after you said it? Do you still have any integrity left?

Shang Ke sensed that Zeka’s pheromones was intruding into his body and was about to strike back when he glimpse the mole on his left palm and he paused.

That pause allowed Zeka to go into him. Shang Ke endured the strange feeling in his body and let Zeka near. As he sensed his scent, he did not dislike it, but there was always the feeling that something was missing. But one point was confirmed, the pheromone of an alpha would not make him go into heat.

After Zeka tasted the beauty of Shang Ke’s pheromone, he had wanted to go in a little deeper when a stronger pheromone swept away everything else and entered Shang Ke’s body, expelling Zeka entirely.

Zeka couldn’t help but take a step back as a stab of pain made itself known to his head and the urge to vomit.

The stronger the pheromone, the greater the rejection between alphas.

“Second Lieutenant Zeka, due to disrespect towards your superior, your three month vacation is cancelled.” Rhine’s cold voice came from the entrance.

Zeka and Shang Ke saluted him at once.

Under Rhine’s gaze that was as oppressive as a sharp sword, Zeka reacted. Filmore was now a Lieutenant, so his rank was higher than his. His actions just then were disrespectful to a superior.

Zeka looked at Shang Ke with regret, then straightforwardly left his dorm.

Rhine entered and closed the door to the dorm with a large “bang!”.

Shang Ke’s heart trembled, for some reason, he felt that something bad was going to happen.

The possessiveness of an alpha was very powerful. There was no way they would allow something of theirs to be coveted by others. Shang Ke provoked one omega, and now an alpha. Would the next one to appear be a beta?

Rhine felt desperate to let him know just who was going to be his man, and who was going to be his leader from hereafter!

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    Oooh! Oooh! I know! His lover transmigrated into two different bodies this time!

  57. Wannaseegoodthings says:

    Shang ke be like:
    “Where’s my man?”
    “Are you my man?”
    “I ain’t seeing no mole on your hand, you ain’t my man, NEXT”

  58. Ljo says:

    Fuck this r*pist male lead, fuck off, what’s so attractive about this scum, why do quick transmigrators like r*pists so much

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