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Chapter 57: A+A (V)

The maglev car entered the capital’s number one military school through a private channel and Rhine took Shang Ke directly to the dorm for those who were taking special advanced studies. All the floors in this dorm were independent. Very few people would disturb the people living here, so the environment was quiet and secluded, suitable for recuperating.

“I already greeted the headmaster so you’re free to settle in for now. Afterwards, there will be a specialist to explain the award of honor arrangements and process.” Rhine entered the living room. His large stature made the rather spacious living room appear somewhat narrow.

Shang Ke was not considered short, but he lacked the kind of presence Rhine had that compresses the very air around him and dominates any room he enters.

“Thank you.” Shang Ke put down his backpack and sized up the area. A room, a living room plus kitchen, it was all clean and neat with all the home equipment needed. He nodded, this new residence was satisfying enough.

After he finished checking the bedroom, Shang Ke almost ran head on into as he turned around. He stood at the doorway, posture perfectly straight, the presence that could only come from him as an alpha permeated the air around him, and seem to carry a faint sweet smell. 

If Shang Ke was an alpha born and raised in this world, he would definitely have noticed something wasn’t right with the situation. The scent of alphas naturally drove off each other. Alphas have an innate and intense sense of competition and territorial awareness. When an alpha shows clear enmity toward another alpha, they would emit a pheromone that would cause the other’s hackles to rise. This kind of pheromone for alphas was like a provocative scent type biological weapon. Even if they couldn’t smell it, spiritually, they would receive some brutal feeling of being trampled on. As such, very rarely would feelings of love sprout between a pair of alphas.

On the other hand, the scent of an alpha held a fatal appeal toward omegas, and the pheromone the omegas emit during their heat also has a fatal enticement for alphas. It was enough for most alphas to completely lose control of their senses.

Shang Ke never experienced the draw of an omega, so he didn’t know, but Rhine was different. Ever since he saved Shang Ke, he noticed that he did not reject his scent at all. Standing by him gave him a feeling of being in a sea of flowers, the air carried a sweet scent of blooming gardenias and honey.

An omega’s scent was like an aphrodisiac, it could arouse a person’s pure and crazy desire. Shang Ke’s scent on the other hand, made him feel at ease and cozy. Rhine found that he liked this kind of natural intimacy, as opposed to the physiologically controlled lust brought on by differences in gender.

“Brigadier General Lancelot, thank you for all the trouble you’ve gone through today. My place has already been set up. Delaying you for so long, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” Shang Ke hinted, attempting to see him out.

Rhine looked at him for a moment then nodded, “It is getting late, rest well. On the day of the award ceremony, I will be there.”

After sending off Rhine, Shang Ke was about to eat when his communication device suddenly went off. He took a look at the caller and rolled his eyes when he saw it was his cheap old man.

After he picked up the call, the angrily rebuke from Kanwen came through: 【Didn’t I say I would come get you? Why did you leave by yourself first?】

Shang Ke innocently said, “Sorry, Brigadier General Lancelot personally came to get me today to consult with me about the award ceremony. I had no way of refusing.”

Silence transmitted from the other side for a while when he spoke again, it was with a cough and in a much more mild tone: 【Brigadier General Lancelot is highly respected, you would naturally prioritize him. Okay, you handled it very well this time, just remember to notify me first next time.】

“Yes father. I’ll bear that in mind.” Shang Ke chatted joyfully and finally calmed him down.

Kanwen was actually pretty good toward Filmore, at least before the Via City incident, he granted whatever he asked for. However, he was also an individual who only cared about benefits. If something does not achieve his expectations, then he will immediately decrease the amount of emotion and substance invested.

Kanwen severed his relationship with the original Filmore who had been put on trial for deserting. Even though he knew of his wretched state of poverty later on, Kanwen did not help at all. If it weren’t for his mother helping in the dark, he likely wouldn’t have lived to thirty-five.

Three days later, Shang Ke’s award ceremony was held at his college. All the students of the school participated in the ceremony, alongside an additional dozen senior military officers and the Via City representative.

Shang Ke wore a brand new military uniform and stood straight, glowing with health and vigor. His entire being shone like a sun. He had only walked on stage and already roused screams from the crowd. When Rhine who was conferring the awards appeared, it drove the ceremony to a new climax. 

Rhine walked and stopped in front of Shang Ke, he first saluted then pinned the medal of honor carefully onto his chest.

The two stood face to face, both perfectly straight postured, both outstanding. For a moment, countless eyes were glued to the scene.

The ceremony went very smoothly. As the ‘hero’ being awarded, Shang Ke became the first student to have been promoted to Lieutenant from Second Lieutenant right after he graduated. He received the pursuit and admiration of countless men and women.

Following that came a series of interview invitations but they were all rejected by Shang Ke.

Most of the outside world still was unaware that Shang Ke had been seriously injured in that battle and would likely never regain his former level of strength. Even Shang Ke himself was not sure if he’d be able to remain in the army, or be forced to resign. All the people who were unaware of this were confused when he did not accept the military’s offer of a transfer and chose to stay in school to take advanced studies. 

“Huu.” Shang Ke spent some time after that in training and trying to rehabilitate himself. When he finally left the training room looking as if he had just been in a sauna. His entire body was soaked in sweat and even faintly steaming.

When he walked to his room, he realized immediately that someone was waiting for him there. They were around twenty with a favorable appearance and a pair of dark blue eyes like limpid autumn waters, overall a very charming individual. 

Shang Ke quickly recognized him. This man was the omega Filmore once adored—Ryan. When he saw Shang Ke, a blush quickly rose on his cheeks. 

Shang Ke just finished training so he was full of vigor and emitted a strong alpha scent that rushed at Ryan like a heatwave. His heart couldn’t help but speed up and his legs weakened, his breathing becoming a bit hurried.

Shang Ke who was not conscious of this at all looked at him strangely, “Ryan, do you need something from me?”

Ryan worked hard to calm himself down and gave the small gift box he had in his hands to Shang Ke, “I came to congratulate you, Lieutenant Filmore.”

“Thank you.” Shang Ke accepted the box and unlocked his room, he asked offhandedly, “Would you like to come in for a while?”

Ryan once again blushed and his heart thumped.

Shang Ke did not know that alphas and omegas should keep a safe distance from each other unless both sides have a favorable impression of each other and wish to establish a relationship as lovers. Otherwise, they would usually not stay in the same room alone with each other. But in Shang Ke’s eyes, male omegas were not different from other men. Inviting someone into your house for a moment was just a courtesy. 

Ryan wavered at the entrance, he knows that Filmore likes him, but he has not decided whether or not he should accept his courtship. Compared to Zeka, Filmore’s identity was clearly subpar, but he was currently the hero everyone was paying attention to. His future was full of promise and staying with him seemed to be a pretty good choice… 

Just when he decided to step into the room, a cold voice rang from behind him. “This does not look to be a place where omegas belong.”

Ryan turned back and saw that it was actually Rhine, he turned white with fear. He quickly saluted, “Brigadier General Lancelot, apologies for my impulsiveness, I will leave right now.”

He hung his head and ran like his life depended on it.

Shang Ke let Rhine into the room and spoke inquisitively, “He seems to be very scared of you,”

Rhine snorted unconcernedly. 

Alphas have an absolute control over omegas. This made omegas deferential to alphas, and at the same time, fearful of them. Especially when facing powerful alphas, some timid omegas were unable to continue normal interactions.

“I just finished training so I’m sweating all over. I’ll go take a bath first, I’ll trouble Brigadier General Lancelot to wait here for a moment.” Shang Ke gave Rhine a cup of water and then went to his room. He did not realize that his attitude toward him was rather casual, as if they had been familiar for a long time.

“Of course.”

Rhine stared at Shang Ke’s leaving figure and felt a bit irritated. 

That omega just now was the one he liked? Besides looking a bit prettier than the average, he was no different from any other omega. If he hadn’t come by today, then would Shang Ke have established a relationship with that omega?

Thinking to this point, a murderous light, that he was entirely unaware of, surged through his otherwise tranquil eyes.

“Brigadier General Lancelot, may I ask why you came looking for me today?” Shang Ke finished washing up and put on light-colored, casual clothing. His entire persona appeared very refreshed and relaxed. 

Rhine’s line of sight paused on his wet hair and full lips for a few seconds, then he spoke, “I looked through your training data, and you are recovering well. However, it is still going to take some time if you want to return to the battlefield.”

He understood Shang Ke’s condition in intricate detail, so he knew that every time he went through rehabilitation training, it was a great physical burden on him. Yet even with that, he could not attain the proper results. According to this speed of progress, even three years wouldn’t be enough for him to make the standards of a junior officer.

“I know.” Shang Ke’s expression was very calm. He had long since calculated the years and speed of recovery and had planned appropriately. He did not need to return to peak condition, he only needed to be slightly above the average level. That was because he had one more card up his sleeve: he could still supplement himself with Intermediate Martial Arts. 

The way of fighting in this world was mainly power and teamwork reliant. It was simple and direct without many patterns to it. Shang Ke’s offensive strategy was far more crafty and tricky compared to that. He was able to grab ahold of his opponent’s weakest point, attack his blind point, and defeat them when they least expect it. 

“If you can complete the rehabilitation program in one year, then I will recruit you into my unit.” Even if his physical ability did not reach the standard, he would still break the rules and place this man by his side. 

“I shall not disappoint our great Brigadier General.” Shang Ke smiled. As the ‘main character’ of this world, Rhine was to become a general who wins every battle in the future. He could definitely and quickly accumulate military accomplishments staying with him. 

Rhine nodded and stood up, “It’s time for lunch, want to eat together?” Although it was a question, his tone made it unquestionable.

“If Sir doesn’t mind, would you like to eat here?” With Shang Ke’s current reputation, going out meant being watched on all sides by strangers. With Rhine tagging along, he wouldn’t even know if they were going out to eat or for people to make gossip. 

“Hm.” Rhine sat down again and relaxed.

Shang Ke’s cooking was at Great Master level. No matter which world it was, he was able to make delicious dishes that would fit the tastes of the masses.

Most of the food of this world was replaced by nutrient fluids, only nobility and some high-class restaurants would have a specialized chef. The benefits of nutrient fluids are that they are convenient, quick, hygienic and efficient. But the three essential factors of food, being color, appearance and fragrance, have all been abandoned. It was somewhat of a pity.

After Shang Ke’s picture of roasting bug leg has been spread online, many people showed a lot of interest in this kind of thriller food and were even brave enough to try. The result was that they found the flavor to be actually pretty good! The pitiful variants still did not know that they would become a globally popular dark cuisine soon. 

The hot and steaming food were placed on the table and Rhine, who had never been particularly mindful of food, ate himself to the point of bursting for the first time.

Shang Ke then whipped up a bowl of sweet and sour soup to aid digestion, feeding him until he was perfectly content and bearing a face of laziness. 

Rhine sat on the sofa, looking toward the kitchen where Shang Ke was organizing the dishes. The sweet scent lingered in his nose and he suddenly felt stuffy. 

The thought had just arisen when the pheromone in his body immediately spread out and forcefully intruded into Shang Ke’s territory. 

Shang Ke paused. He felt like his body was being restricted by something that immediately turned into a warm flow that attempted to enter his body. He subconsciously struck back, refusing it entrance.

Two competitive and yet attracting pheromones collided with each other, tangling and fighting with neither one giving way. The intense scent of alphas passed through the room and quickly spread out. The neighboring alpha and beta were all affected. The nearby omega, being fundamentally unable to resist this kind of powerful pheromone, started to fall into their heats then and there in moments. 

The lustful pheromone of an omega quickly blended into Shang Ke and Rhine’s scent. 

Shang Ke, who had never experienced the enticement of an omega’s pheromone, was defeated in moments. His physiological attraction caused his breathing to speed up and his body temperature to increase. 

Soon, he was drowned by Rhine’s pheromone. It was like a beast that obtained victory as it insolently swept through his body.

Shang Ke’s hands were propped up on the table, his body trembled as sweat soaked his clothes. His fair skin became even more translucent and his eye electric with desire. 

He didn’t know when Rhine made his way behind him. The burning hot breath sprayed onto his nape and the intense oppressive feeling made Shang Ke stand a bit unsteadily. A pair of powerful arms held him from behind, and when their skin touched, both of their hearts jumped.

Rhine never experienced such an intense desire before. The man in his arms held a fatal appeal to him. It’s not that he had never met omegas in their heat before, but he never met one who would drive him out of control like this. Now however, it was another alpha who stirred his desire to a point that surpassed reason.

Shang Ke felt that the situation was bad and tried to resist, yet found his presence being completely suppressed by the man. Rhine stuck very close, although he didn’t do anything else, Shang Ke felt that he was already being intruded at all points.

Holy shit! This fucking world is one where you can rape just using scent! 

Shang Ke’s mind was crashing.

ShangKe.exe has encountered a minor functioning issue.

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