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Chapter 142: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (IX)


“What’s wrong?” Tomo saw Yao’s strange expression and asked.


“No-nothing.” Yao seamlessly hid his trembling fingers behind him. His contact with him just now greatly alarmed him. There was a frightening power within this human’s body like a barrier that was hard to see through. He had only probed it a bit and was almost devoured in return.


Ivan’s eyes dimmed as he looked toward Yao. He has some misgivings about Yao’s action just now.


Yao felt a bit apprehensive being stared by him and left after stammering out some superficial words. Tomo also announced his leave following him out.


“What happened?” Ivan frowned, suspicion filling him.


Shang Ke did not answer. After the aura of the Spring of Life was leaked, he had expected people to come check it out. He just had not expected it to be so fast.


Seems like the location of the phantom jade can’t be hidden for much longer.


The following days, there would be half-elves wandering nearby Ivan’s tent. Tomo was also very diligent, but it was mainly to ask about the oxygen spirit seal. Something like that that can immediately seal a specter had long caused a small scale sensation.


Ivan also did not hide it, he directly gave the last seal along with the way to make them. Tomo took as if it was a precious treasure and did not appear again for days. Even a brainless person can tell he went to find alchemists to try to make it. But unfortunately he had underestimated the difficulty in creating the seal and used up a lot of rare material without being able to make a single one.


But that was not something Shang Ke was worried about. Rather, as five days, then six days passed, Ivan’s antidote was never sent over.


Shang Ke arrived at the pharmacy and found the doctor that had checked Ivan at the time and explained his purpose for coming.


“Uh, I’m sorry, it still hasn’t been completed.”


Shang Ke frowned, “It’s been so long, why hasn’t it been made yet?”


“We are missing a couple herbs.” The doctor’s eyes were a bit shifty.


“What are you missing? I’ll go find them.” Shang Ke’s eyes turned cold, he had already faintly guessed what was going on.


The doctor turned away and mumbled out a couple names.


Shang Ke stared at him for a long time then left without a word.


He was still a distance away from the tent when Shang Ke felt a great deal of elements hitting him. His face immediately changed as he ran quickly to where the originated from.


Outside of Ivan’s tent, five half-elves were releasing magic. Rays of green light were forming a mirror like boundary.


With the strengthening of the elements, a cry of pain came from within the tent. Anger welled up in Shang Ke and he attempted to rush into the tent but was stopped by a large hand.


“You can’t go over there.” Tomo’s voice sounded by his ear.


“Let me go.” Shang Ke coldly spoke.


The phantom jade is within his body.” Tomo tried to persuade him, “As an elf yourself, you should desire the unsealing of the spring more than us.”


“Have you ever asked about what Ivan wanted?”


“I believe that he is willing to sacrifice his life for the greater good of the country.” Tomo righteously replied.


“So you guys didn’t even ask and just decided to do it?” Shang Ke knew what was going to happen after the discovery of the phantom jade. Ivan would be facing a difficult choice, but he didn’t expect that these people didn’t even give him the opportunity to choose.


Tomo fell silent, then explained, “We tracked down Ivan’s identity and traced him back to a hundred years ago and discovered that within the puppets the specters controlled, there was a warrior that had a connection with Ivan’s family. He was part of the main culprits that destroyed the elves all those years ago. Not long after that, that warrior died by the spectre’s hands which is also the year Ivan was born. We estimate that the phantom jade was originally sealed within that human’s body, but due to unknown reasons, it was secretly transferred onto Ivan’s body which caused the specteres to lose its whereabouts. All these years, not only us, but even the specters were looking for its location. To prevent them from thwarting us, we have to undo the seal as fast as possible.”


Shang Ke continued to stare ahead and indifferently spoke, “You guys can’t undo the seal by doing this.”


“What?” Tomo’s question didn’t need to be answered by him as cries of alarm immediately followed. The condensed element boundary suddenly shattered, causing an outflow of air and sending all five half-elves to the ground.


Shang Ke shook off Tomo’s hand and quickly entered the chaotic flow. The originally violent elements immediately quieted down in succession as he went closer like children follow their parents. By the time his figure disappeared into the tent, everything had already returned to normal. Only the ground still contained the traces of the broken boundary as well as the groaning half-elves that witnessed everything.


The surrounding people all showed shocked expressions. They didn’t expect that this seemingly harmless elf was actually so strong.


“What happened?” Tomo walked to Yao and asked in confusion.


Yao’s face was deathly pale. “The seal on the phantom jade is too strong. I’m afraid even if we gathered all the elves it would still be very difficult to break.”


Tomo’s face paled as well. “Then what should we do? Once information that the phantom jade has been found is transmitted to the specters, then the alliance will suffer an all out attack from them.”


Yao fell silent, then spoke up. “There is only one way at the moment.”




“Killing Ivan.”


Within the tent, Ivan leaned against the bed weakly. Blood flowed over his face as it seeped out of his left eye. His clothes were soaked in sweat.


Hearing the footsteps, Ivan immediately turned around, his eyes terrifying like beasts. But once he saw who it was, he gradually relaxed.


Shang Ke strided quickly to him and supported him.


Ivan leaned against his shoulders and asked quietly, “The phantom jade is in my body?”


“Mhm.” Shang Ke raised his hand and gently placed it over his left eye, “Right here.”


“When did you notice?”


“The first time we made love.”


Ivan’s face immediately broke down at the reply. He wanted to show a fierce side, but he couldn’t help but think back to that gentle night.


He tightly held Shang Ke’s waist, burying his head into his neck. If it were him from before, he would have made a choice without hesitation. But now that he has Shang Ke, learned of companionship, death because something he was unwilling to face.


He did not blame the alliance for being so decisive, he just didn’t want to leave this elf.


Shang Ke sensed his downcast mood and quietly comforted him, “It doesn’t matter, I will find a way that will make us all happy.”


For the phantom jade to be able to seal the Spring of Life, it showed just how strong it was. And with Ivan as it’s medium, his own constitution was very strong making him an exceptional man among men. If those half-elves outside want to remove the seal they can only kill Ivan. otherwise, as long as Ivan is alive, then his own power will continue to fuel the seal.


Ivan supplied it for over thirty years. If it were some other average person, their power would have long been used up and ended up dead. If he didn’t have the phantom jade within him, Ivan would become the strongest man on the continent, no questions ask instead of the current him, an alchemist that could be killed at any moment.


“There might not be time left.” Ivan’s muffle voice came from his neck, “There are definitely spies in the alliance that belong to the specters. In two or three days, they will immediately know about it.”


Shang Ke remained silent, then suddenly asked, him. “Ivan, do you trust me?”


“Of course.” He will not hesitate even if this elf wanted him to die.


“Okay then.” Shang Ke smiled bright, “Let’s run away together?”


He didn’t know if it was because they felt guilt or have misgivings, but Tomo and the others did not try to talk to Ivan. Instead, they kept people around the tent to monitor him.


That night, Shang Ke and Ivan quietly left the camp with the help of illusion magic.


Halfway there, they unexpectedly ran into the patrolling Cassia and the others.


Cassia pointed her finger at Ivan and said with disbelief, “Shang Ke, the phantom jade is within him. How can you neglect the future of the elves and run away with him?”


Shang Ke calmly replied, “It’s my business.”


“It’s not just your business, it’s something that has to do with the entire race!” Cassia resentfully yelled at Ivan, “Ivan, I had thought you were an upstanding man, I never expected you to be such a coward!”


Ivan stared back at her expressionlessly without any emotion within his eyes.


Shang Ke pulled on his hand and gently smiled, “Let’s go.”


Ivan nodded.


Cassia looked at their intertwined hands, trembling as she asked, “Shang Ke, you-you guys are…?


“It is as you think.” Shang Ke did not want to continue this pointless conversation. The magic on his body flickers and they immediately disappeared from their sight.


Before they disappeared, they heard Cassia shout, “Shang Ke, you’re an elf. Why do you want to be together with such an ugly man?!”


“What’s wrong?” Shang Ke held Ivan’s hand as they walked through the forest. The dark figures of the trees swayed gently in the wind. Flashes of light blinked in the distance, giving the night a more lively air.


Ivan’s depressed voice echoed in the quiet night, “Keke, why are you together with me? Is it because… I was your first man?”


Shang Ke was speechless, “Why would you think that?”


“Aside from that,” Ivan murmured out, “I couldn’t think of any other reason.”


“There is actually a really simple answer.”


Ivan immediately waited expectantly.


“Because you are very talented, making love with you is very pleasurable.”


Ivan: “……” Although he felt that there was something wrong about this answer, he felt a bit proud of himself… 


The two of them unconsciously arrived at the hinterland of the elves, which is also where Teldrassil and the Spring of Life used to be.


“Ivan, let’s make love?” Shang Ke turned around to Ivan. his green eyes were like a lake in the night, clear and bright.


While Ivan was shocked at the sudden proposal, Shang Ke had already had his arms around his neck and raised his lips up to meet his.


How could Ivan reject such an attractive invitation? He pulled him close and also responded passionately… 


At the moment, the camp was in chaos due to their departure. A couple squads of people on horses also started to pursue them with the trail Cassia offered.


“He actually ran away, what a damn coward!”


“He is really too selfish, he doesn’t think about the big picture at all.”


“You don’t even need to take him alive, just kill him once you find him.”




A group of strong soldiers and mages ferociously set out into the forest with resentment and anger in their hearts.


The light was dusky in the forest and the plants were dense. Besides the half-elves who had night vision, all the other people could only advance with the help of magic light.


As everyone was searching all over the place, a faint green glow suddenly came from the center of the forest and illuminated the night. At the same time, all the half-elves all felt a burst of excitement, as if they were being summoned, the elements within their bodies all began to bubble forward excitedly.


“What is going on?” A human soldier asked.


“It’s over there.” Yao immediately rushed toward the source of the light.


The others also assembled over there quickly.


Once they brushed away the plants, the scene that appeared before their eyes was something that couldn’t help but take Yao’s breath away.


“This is great, they’re right behind…” The voices following behind him also immediately cut short.


The chaotic sounds brought by them all gradually faded into silence.


Within the light were two men sitting on the ground. The black haired elf was on top with the human on the bottom, their clothing were loose and hanging low, covering the waist.


Ivan’s hands held the elf by the sides, his eyes full of love as he stared at him.


Shang Ke sat on his waist, his long black hair covered half of his skin, showing his delicate side profile that held his gentle love for the other. While he pulled on Ivan’s jacket with one hand, his other hand was raised up, his palk right over Ivan’s left eye, flickering pale green lights. The lively elements moved between the two.


Everyone finally understood what was going on seeing this scene. Shang Ke was trying to remove the seal. They were not running away, they were just using this way to respond to other people’s suspicions. 


Ivan’s face twisted because of the face. The scar on his left eye once again extended from the stimulation of the elements, spreading out and twisting like worms. It quickly spread all over his face. Large amounts of blood started to seep from his left eye while half of his face was thoroughly red. His golden eye gradually turned into a bloody red, flickering with a bewitching light. Despite the unbearable pain, Ivan’s gaze remained firm, staring at Shang Ke in front of him from beginning to end. His eyes were full of determined trust and affection.


Under the acute pain, his desire stirred restlessly due to the power and surged even more violently. His lower body was hard as a pillar and remained erect within Shang Ke’s body.


The walls within tightened due to the heat and hit the deepest parts within him. Shang Ke’s breath hitched as a blush appeared on his face. A layer of fog overtook his half lidded eyes. Beautiful and enchanting, he was seduced all who looked at him.

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