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Chapter 252: Back To That Key Moment ⑨

TL: Resonance

    在系统的监督下, 尚可这段时间还真的抵住了春梦的诱惑,乖乖做一只清心寡欲的精灵。这却把伊维郁闷得不行, 在梦里千呼万呼都唤不来自己的爱人,欲求不满地度过了好几个孤枕难眠的日日夜夜, 眼中的幽怨都快化成海了。最大的成果就是制作了上百颗氧灵珠以及为若干武器附魔。

Under the supervision of the system, Shang Ke really resisted the temptation of having sex in the dreams during this period of time, and obediently be a pure elf free of desires. However, this suffocated Ivan to no end. He called his lover a thousand times in his dream but his lover never came. He spent several sleepless and lonely days and nights with unsatisfied desires, and the grievance in his eyes can almost form a sea. The biggest result was the production of hundreds of oxygen beads and the enchantment of several weapons.

    夜幕下的翡瑟森林,清冷幽暗, 寂静无声,如同一条沉睡的黑龙。黑暗中, 一支由四、五十人组成的小队,悄无声息地在林中穿过,个个身手敏捷,行步如飞。

At night, Fayser Forest was cold, dark and silent like a sleeping black dragon. In the darkness, a small group of 40-50 people silently pass through the forest. All of them were agile and were walking like flying.

    外围的联盟守卫并没有发现这群不速之客,任由他们越过防御圈, 直奔圣地中心而去。

The alliance guards outside did not notice the group of uninvited guests, allowing them to cross the defense circle and head straight to the center of the holy land.

    吃过几次暗亏后,器鬼族终于被惹毛了,决定派人过来狙杀伊维, 顺便探探圣地的虚实。他们不久前刚刚得知神木精灵苏醒了, 这件事是否会对他们造成威胁,还需要亲自验证一下。

After suffering from several losses, the specters were finally pissed off and decided to send someone over to kill Ivan and also ascertain the situation in the Holy Land. They had just learned that Teldrassil’s spirit elf had awakened, and they needed to verify for themselves whether this matter would pose a threat to them.


Outside the Alliance’s camp, several guards patrolled while talking in whispers, occasionally looking at the sky and calculating the time to change shifts.


At this moment, a dazzling light suddenly appeared in the depths of the Fayser Forest. Like a silver sun, it instantly turned the dark night into day time. The light swept out in a circle, bringing an invigorating aura of nature.


Everyone in the camp was shocked awake, and after a moment of dumbfoundedness, they finally reacted to the fact that the magic circle had been touched by an outsider!


Enemy attack!


Many people in the alliance have already experimented with the effects of the magic circle. People without elven blood simply could not pass through. If you try to forcefully break through, you will definitely cause the rebound of the magic circle just like just now, activating the protective circle.


A series of ear-splitting warning sounds rang out in the camp. The Alliance soldiers quickly assembled in full gear and ran to the center of the holy land from different directions.


A team of mixed-blood elves took the lead in checking out the situation, while others could only keep a look out outside the magic circle for the time being. If the magic circle is not opened, none of them can enter.


At this moment, a nameless fire lighted in everyone’s heart. They were actually completely unaware when the enemy had sneaked into their central area, it was a great embarrassment.


In fact, the Alliance army also arranged protective arrays in their respective areas. However, the territory is too wide and maintaining the arrays requires a large number of spirit stones. It wasn’t like the magic circle set up by Shang Ke which directly uses Teldrassil and the Spring of Life as the core. Shang Ke’s magic circle takes from nature and uses nature, the energy source never ending. The protective array used by the Alliance is mainly to confuse the enemy and create obstacles.


After waiting for a long time, there was no movement from the magic circle and no one came out. The crowd started feeling anxious. They tried to break through the magic circle, but they actually passed through without any problem?


A few generals looked at each other and their expressions were a little ugly. Could it be that the magic circle has already been destroyed by the enemy? They didn’t dare delay anymore. They ordered all soldiers to be alert, then led the team into the magic circle.


Along the way, other than feeling that the trees inside were more lush than outside, the vines were more dense than outside, and the aura was more abundant than outside, they didn’t find any other abnormality.


“Yah!” At this moment, someone in the team suddenly let out a low cry. Everyone turned around in unison while aiming their weapons at the soldier who made the sound.


“What are you shouting for?” An officer-like man glared at him fiercely.


The soldier’s face was pale and his arm moved upward as if it had a seizure: “Sir, above, above.”


The people looked up one after another in the direction of his finger. Above their heads was an expanse of intertwining branches and vines. A human figure could faintly be seen hanging up there. The figure’s face couldn’t be seen clearly and it was unknown whether the person was dead or alive. It was swaying in the cold night wind and looked very strange.


“Go up and take a look.” The officer ordered a few soldiers.


The soldiers immediately leaped up like apes and monkeys. In a moment, they put the figure on the tree onto the ground.


The officer stepped forward to take a closer look, and his face then showed an astonished expression. The figure on the ground was actually a specter, and it was a specter that has already been sealed. There is no doubt that the specters are powerful. Their ability to control metal and immortality is enough to make them a nightmare for everyone.


However, such a powerful spectre was soundlessly sealed here by someone.


A man’s figure immediately came to the officer’s mind. If it was him, it didn’t seem to be that surprising. The person he had thought of was naturally Ivan. Although Ivan was low profile and aloof, he who awakened the dragon bloodline definitely has strength that place him amongst the top powerhouses. Also, only his oxygen spirit technique has the power to directly seal the specters.


Thinking of this, the officer no longer hesitated. He asked a few soldiers to carry this spectre out while he took the others to proceed further in.


“Sir, another sealed spectre was found.”


“There’s one here too!”


“There are two here!”


“Oh my god, what happened to these goddamn specters?”


The soldiers found sealed specters one after another in various corners of the forest, and the position they were sealed in were very strange. Some were bundled up like dumplings, some were covered in juice, some were stuck upside down in the mud, and some were caught in the crevice of rocks.


Several officers’ faces became wonderful. Such a strange “death” state was definitely not Ivan’s handiwork, at least not entirely.


But within the magic circle, in addition to Ivan and the mixed-blood elves, the only ones left were… 


In the midst of the confusion, a group of mixed-blood elves came from the other side and said to a few officers, “There are five more over there.”


At the edge of the magic circle core, five specters were lying on the ground as if they were dead, and several mixed-blood elves were surrounding them, kicking them with their feet every now and then.


“What’s going on here?” A Dwarf general finally couldn’t bear it any longer and asked the question everyone wanted to ask.


They came in fully armed and ready to fight, only to find the enemy already lying flat on the ground, just waiting for them to “collect” the corpse.


“It is the mother tree blessing us.” The Great Elder looked ahead with a fervent light in his eyes. The other mixed-blood elves also had reverent looks.


Someone on the other hand couldn’t help but just their mouth off: “Is your mother tree that powerful?” Naturally, the result was that he attracted countless murderous gazes, and a few mixed-blood elves had even revealed their weapons.


“Get lost!” The guy with the bad mouth was quickly kicked aside by his own officer, “Sorry, this guy is not very smart, please do not mind him.” Questioning someone’s faith in their territory, if you want to explode on the spot, don’t drag your allies down with you okay?


The Great Elder glared at him with an unkind face, then closed his eyes and continued to pray silently.


The core’s magic circle was still in a defensive state and was not open to the outside. Even the mixed-blood elves can not step in. Hence, all the people gathered outside the magic circle and watched Teldrassil at the center of the holy land.


At this moment, the magic circle’s barrier rippled like the lake water. Then, a black shadow was seen ejected out and landing heavily on the ground, followed by a second and a third… Like popcorns, 20-30 black shadows were ejected in succession, followed by miserable howls.


Huh? Living people?


Swish, swish, swish. Countless sharp weapons were simultaneously pointed at them and surrounded them.


“45 invaders.” An ethereal voice suddenly sounded in the air, “11 specters and 34 humans.”


“Mother Tree, is that you?” The Great Elder shouted excitedly.


“No trespassing to the elves’ holy land; those who violate this rule will not be easily forgiven.”


“The glory of the elves cannot be desecrated.” The Great Elder bowed his head respectfully, “We will follow Mother Tree’s will  and will not let any intruder encroach our land.”


“I believe in you.” The voice continued, “And friends of the Alliance, thank you for all you have done for the elves.”


“No, there is no need to be polite.” A few officers felt inexplicably shy. The pleasant, melodious voice slowly flowed in their ears like a musical note, making people want to lie down, change to a comfortable position, and lazily listen and savor.


This is the legendary Teldrassil’s elf spirit? It’s so damn captivating! Just the voice alone sounds so wonderful. No wonder the specters were stopped by him. Metal transmit sounds okay! If this kind of magical sound passes through their metal bodies, they have to shake their legs while singing funeral songs.


If Shang Ke knew what’s in their mind, he wouldn’t even know where to start retorting. The reason why he was able to settle the specters so smoothly was because: First, they were few in number. Second, because they occupied this land. And finally, there was also the powerful Ivan’s support. Settling 10+ specters was just a matter of minutes. As for the dozens of human traitors, they basically came to send their heads to the elves and helped them accumulate experience in battle.


In their heyday, the elves lived a comfortable life and did not fight with anyone, thus lacking combat awareness. That’s why their base was so easily broken through by others and they were killed indiscriminately. This lesson can be said to be tragic, so tragic that they were almost extinct.


The specters failed to completely wipe out the elves. Now the seeds have sprouted, the mother tree has gained true consciousness, and the elves have left behind a pure bloodline. The natural enemies of the specters are about to awaken, and they will no longer be given the chance to set foot into the elven land again.


The sneak attack by the specters ended with all of them being annihilated. The first attack by the elven mother tree showed the alliance his great power. The natural restraint of the elves on the specters gave everyone confidence in the future battle with the specters.


【Body condensation has reached 100%, Host can choose to materialize.】


Shang Ke closed his eyes. He felt his bones being generated in his body, his blood flowing, and his skin gradually becoming warm. Majestic life force filled his whole body and his hair slid across his cheeks, letting him feel a soft touch. The night breeze brushed past his body and his toes touched the cool spring water, creating layers of ripples.


Shang Ke stepped over the water and landed lightly on the shore. He was naked, and his white skin showed a charming jade color under the moonlight. His pointed ears peeked out from the tips of his hair, and his green eyes were like precious gems, clear and bright. If you put a pair of wings on him, he can ascend straight to heaven!


【Dear Host, the Perfect Image Pack provided by the system is additionally equipped with various feather effects, do you need the system to help you activate them?】


No, need!


Shang Ke refused decisively.


【The feather is very beautiful and fairy-like, is Host really not going to think about it?】


No need to think about it at all!




What is the meaning of your disappointed tone?


Shang Ke lifted his arm to grab a robe to put on. With a physical body, he finally doesn’t have to fight against spring dreams anymore.



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