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Chapter 262: This Life—The Beginning (III)

TL: Resonance

    尚可开始寻思赚钱而且是赚大钱的办法。他出事前刚刚毕业没多久, 工资加上这些年打零工赚的钱,一共才二十几万积蓄。这还多亏尉勋帮他支付了所有医疗费, 否则他如今肯定负债累累了。

Shang Ke began to think about ways to make money, and it was ways to make a lot of money. Before the accident, he had just graduated for a short while. His salary plus the money earned from odd jobs over the years was a savings of only a total of around 200k+ (30k~ dollars). This is also thanks to Wei Xun for helping him pay all the medical bills, otherwise he must now be in debt.

    二十几万对于其他刚刚步入社会的青年而言或许已经很不错了,但对比某人的家世和财力, 尚可这种土根就差太多了,简直和路边的杂草没什么两样。他并不是妄自菲薄, 而是爱人如此高大上,自己也不能太寒碜。

For other young people just entering society, 200k+ may already have been very good, but compared to someone’s family and financial resources, Shang Ke’s meagre savings was just too incomparable. He was simply no different from roadside weeds. He wasn’t trying to belittle himself, but his lover is so high up, he can not be too shabby.

    这一世, 他学的是机械电子工程,所以想要赚钱的话,最好从这方面下手,贸然涉足其他行业容易引起别人的怀疑。

In this life, he studied mechanical and electronic engineering. So if he wanted to make money, it is best to start in this area. Rashly getting involved in other industries is easy to cause the suspicion of others.

    技术行业一般两级分化,高收入往往与新技术挂钩, 而尚可最不缺的就是新技术。他经历过的好几个世界,技术水平都比这个世界要先进,只是考虑到能源、金属材料等因素的差异, 需要重新计算和调适, 但核心原理却是共通的。

The technology industry is generally divided into two levels, high income is often linked to new technology, and Shang Ke is the least short of new technology. He has experienced several worlds in which levels of technology are more advanced than this world. But taking into account the differences in energy, metal materials and other factors, he would need to recalculate and adjust, but the core principles are applicable.


After thinking about it again and again, Shang Ke decided to make the “home robot” as his first technical project of research and development. There are already many smart robots today, but this kind of “smart” is far from the true level of “smart” in Shang Ke’s opinion. They can only execute simple commands. Commands such autonomous garbage cleaning, fine food processing, visitor record, express delivery, renovation and transport, danger warning, health diagnosis and so on are still unavailable or still not efficient yet. What Shang Ke wants to do is make improvements and innovate based on the existing technology, so that smart robots become as popular as the computer as a good companion at home.


But with his current financial situation, he is obviously unable to build a company. Hence, he plans to focus on design innovation, and then apply for a patent, and then find a partner. He could come up with tens of similar technologies easily, but a robotics project should be enough for collaborative development.


Shang Ke couldn’t help but think that if he succeeded in applying for 50 technological patents, would he be able to get a certain summoned beast named “Wei Xun”? If fifty didn’t work, what about a hundred?


Ding. His phone received a text message. When he clicked it open to look, it was from Wei Xun.


Wei Xun: 【Come out for a meal, Bao Rui Hotel 808.】


This bossy tone which sounds like someone should come and go at his call. He did not even ask whether the other person had time now. Shang Ke threw his phone on the sofa, picked up the pillow and smashed it ruthlessly a few times, then got up to change his clothes.


When walking out of the house, Shang Ke suddenly had a thought and sent a message back to Wei Xun: 【I want to eat the roast duck from Rice Farmhouse, do you want to go together?】


After sending the message, Shang Ke walked out of the door full of energy, called a cab and went straight to Rice Farmhouse.


When he was halfway there, his phone received a new message: 【Okay.】


The corners of Shang Ke’s mouth rose, and his curved eyes shone with a pleasant light.


The bodyguard was a little suspicious that he was escorting a fake Master Xun. What is the status of Master Xun? He is the prince of the capital’s top family. He made a reservation for a luxurious meal and lowered himself to invite someone for a meal. However, not only did the other party fail to answer to the appointment, but also attempted to use a roast duck to hook Master Xun over! Moreover, Rice Farmhouse was nearly forty kilometers away from the Baorui Hotel where they were at. If there are no traffic jams, it would usually take half an hour to reach.


However, Master Xun actually gave up his luxurious meal and did not hesitate despite the long distance to attend the appointment at the outskirt. It was unbelievable!


It was the first time the bodyguard had met a guy who provoked Master Xun so much, and also the first time he had seen Master Xun being so submissive to a person.


Rice Farmhouse is a restaurant serving dishes made with the most simple ingredient, and roast duck is one of their specialties. Shang Ke booked a private room and opened the window to see a emerald green bamboo forest as well as vegetable gardens and farmland in the distance.


There is no hustle and bustle of the city here, the air is fresh, peaceful and quiet.


Shang Ke sat lazily by the window, enjoying the scenery outside while leisurely sipping tea. This was the scene that Wei Xun saw when he walked into the room.


“You’re here.” Shang Ke put down his cup of tea, got up to welcome him, greeted him and seated him, then picked up the teapot and poured him a cup of hot tea.


Wei Xun studied the surroundings. Although it couldn’t be considered top grade, it had some special features.


“What would you like to eat?” Shang Ke sat down beside him and handed him the menu.


“You order it.” Wei Xun’s eyes fell on Shang Ke, untraceably looking him through.


“Then I’ll just order whatever I like.” Shang Ke wasn’t modest. He skillfully ordered seven to eight dishes while facing the waiter.


Wei Xun’s eyes darkened slightly, and his expression could not help but relaxed. Many people, even if they deliberately wanted to behave naturally, will reveal a flaw in certain details. But this person in front of him was different, he really… didn’t take himself as a person.


“Do you want to drink?” Shang Ke said, “Authentic rice wine is sold here. Perhaps it’s not as high-class as red wine, but it also has its unique flavour.”


“Okay.” Wei Xun did not object.


Shang Ke gave him an “OK” gesture and asked the waiter to add another pot of wine.


When the food was ready, the two of them started to eat happily.


Wei Xun always practiced the good habit of eating without speaking, eating in a silent and methodical manner. Shang Ke had plenty to talk about, but someone’s expression was as cold as air-dried shit, which not only made it hard to talk, but also affected his appetite.


Shang Ke picked up the chopsticks and silently gave him a piece of tofu. This hot and sour tofu is also one of the specialties of the Rice Farmhouse. The white tofu looks fragrant and tender, but tastes very… sour.


The last time he entertained Wei Xun at home, Shang Ke could tell that this guy was not too used to eating spicy food


Sure enough, when Wei Xun unpreparedly put the piece of tofu into his mouth, the expression on his face cracked for a moment.


Shang Ke casually handed him the teacup filled with wine, the latter drank it all in one go, and then… 


“I’m going to go to the washroom.” Wei Xun suddenly stood up and walked out of the room with quick steps.


Shang Ke successfully made a pile of air-dried shit into a pile of fresh shit.


Five to six minutes later, Wei Xun returned to the room and his face had returned back to normal. However, when he looked at Shang Ke, there were a few hints of danger in his eyes. He admitted that he had some good feelings for this guy, but not to the point where he could let him tease him.


“I have things to do, that’s all for today.” Wei Xun drew out his card and prepared to pay the bill.


“I’ve already paid.” Shang Ke stood up and smiled at Wei Xun, “Can you let me take a ride?”


“No.” Wei Xun turned around and left.


“Hey, don’t be like that.” Shang Ke hurriedly chased after him, “Seeing that I treated you another meal, give me a ride.”


“Call your own car.” Wei Xun walked straight to his parking spot.


“I’m calling your car.” Shang Ke ran ahead of him and obediently got in through the car door the bodyguard had opened.


Wei Xun stopped in his tracks and stared at him grimly.


“Come on up!” Shang Ke patted the empty seat beside him, smiling harmlessly.


The bodyguard looked at him in fright. He carefully studied Master Xun’s face, then asked in a whisper, “Master Xun, do you need me to pull him out?”


“No need.” Wei Xun got in the car and sat stiffly beside Shang Ke, and the space became extra cramped all of a sudden.


The car started, and the bodyguard focused on driving without looking away.


There was no conversation along the way and the atmosphere was stiff to the extreme.


But Shang Ke’s expression looked normal, not caring about the “I’m not happy, and will not let you feel happy” dark aura emanating from someone’s body.


The bodyguard drove the car to the neighborhood where Shang Ke lives, and then got out to open the door for him.


“The meal today didn’t seem that enjoyable, how about I treat you to a good meal next time?” Shang Ke looked at the man beside him.


“I’m very busy.” Not accepting the appointment.


Although his expression was terrible, Shang Ke did not feel any emotion of disgust from him. If it were anyone else, they probably would have really been subdued by this ghostly look.


“Then we’ll make an appointment when you’re not busy.” Shang Ke smiled at him and turned to get out of the car.


Wei Xun looked at his distancing back and his expression became more and more gloomy. He actually left just like that? No apology, no gesture of goodwill, and no smoothening of hair[1] for him!


Wei Xun’s expression froze. What the hell is “smoothening of hair”?


“Master Xun, where do you plan to go next?” The bodyguard asked.


“Hotel.” Wei Xun had his own house in the downtown area, but he rarely goes back. In general,  the people living in the high-class residential area are basically the dignitaries in the capital, their relationships are inextricably linked and would often meet. For a person like him who has facial-blindness, socializing is a very troublesome thing. Instead of buying another house, it is better to live directly in a hotel. In any case, his hotels are spread all over the country and he can stay anywhere.


A faint scent of rose lingered in the nose. That is the scent left by Shang Ke. Wei Xun frowned. He recalled the scene of the two of them eating, and a mysterious feeling rose in his heart. There was a feeling of anger for being teased and the joy of being close. Several conflicting emotions mixed together, leaving Wei Xun unsure of how to handle them. But there is no denying that he likes the feeling of being with him.


It’s just that after this time, he probably… wouldn’t be as close to himself as he was before right?


Thinking about this, Wei Xun couldn’t help but feel annoyed. At this moment, his fingers seemed to have touched something. Lowering his head to look, he realised that there was a small gift box around the size of a ring box on the car seat that is beautifully packaged.


Wei Xun took the gift up and opened to see. After seeing, his frown relaxed and a faint smile even appeared on his face.


In the gift box, there was a piece of cake in the shape of a chicken, the chicken stood up with its head held high, it’s tail standing tall and had a heroic look. It’s bulging belly was engraved with a golden word “friend”. Its eyes were unusually sharp and it’s expression unusually solemn.


For a moment, Wei Xun saw it as Shang Ke, and then couldn’t help but laugh. His originally depressed mood cheered up all of a sudden.


The bodyguard frighteningly caught a glimpse of Wei Xun’s smile, his hand shook and almost drove the car to the sidewalk. Mother fucking hell, his smiling look is even scarier than when he isn’t smiling!


‘Friend’?” Wei Xun’s brows straightened and he muttered, “Do you wish to be my ‘Ji[2]’ friend?” (Shang Ke: Correct answer【Finger heart】…)


Wei Xun picked the chicken up and looked at it quietly for a long time before putting it in his mouth and slowly tasting it. A sweet aroma filled his nose and made his whole body relax…


[1] Referring to how the cat’s fur will puff up when it is agitated or angry, and smoothening the fur calms it down. 

[2] Chicken(鸡) is pronounced as Ji in chinese which sounds like 基(Ji) for gay. 

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