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Chapter 219: Death Cycle (XVII)


“What are you doing? Why did you kill Xiao Cheng!” A mercenary growled angrily at Di Kui, the “Xiao Cheng” he was talking about was the zombie whose head was just shot off by Di Kui.


Di Kui stood in front of Shang Ke with a steely look, his golden eyes shining with chilling indifference.


The mercenary’s body couldn’t stop trembling, and his legs stiffened, unable to move for a moment. He looked at Di Kui in fear, mentally shocked at how powerful he was. The zombies outside were shrieking madly, yet the atmosphere inside the house was at a freezing point.


While quickly wrapping up his wounds, Shang Ke explained to the mercenary, “This isn’t Xiao Cheng, it’s a zombie in disguise.”


Shang Ke’s voice pulled the mercenary out of his fear, and then came the uncontrollable anger.


His eyes were red as he shouted at Shang Ke, “You’ve smashed his head to pieces, and it’s not up to you to decide whether he’s real or not!” Xiao Cheng was his brother, one moment he was happy that he was back, the next moment he saw him dead in front of his eyes, this fact made him lose his mind, he didn’t care about the zombies outside the house, he raised his pistol and shot at Di Kui.


“No!” Bai Mu and the others’ voices rang out at the same time, but there were so many zombies that there was no time to stop him.


As soon as Shang Ke saw his move, he knew it was going to be bad. Even though Di Kui had acted very harmless for this period of time, it didn’t change the fact that he was a dangerous species that kills without blinking an eye.


The reality was just as Shang Kui had expected. When the mercenary raised his hand, his body was pierced by Di Kui. But in an instant, Di kui returned to Shang Ke’s side, and the mercenary was still in the raising of the gun position, not even feeling the pain. When he did, his consciousness also disappeared.


“Iron Mask!” Another of the mercenary’s companions had an incredulous look on his face when he saw this, “Are you crazy? Why did you kill my companion!”


If you say you killed “Xiao Cheng” because he was a zombie, what about “Iron Mask”?


Everyone around started casting hostile and guarded gaze towards Di Kui.


“Stop it, the zombies are about to rush in!” Bai Mu shouted at the crowd, reminding them that now was not the time for an internal conflict.


Shang Ke’s blood made the zombies go even crazier, attacking the mercenaries with no regard for their lives. Several mercenaries had already been killed.


Although Zuo Xian and Bai Mu were strong, they could not perform their best because they were limited by space. The zombies had surrounded the small building, and more zombies were gathering this way incessantly. Zuo Xian rushed out several times to try to lure away some of the zombies, but to no avail.


The roars of the zombies rose and fell, and the smell of blood, sweat and rotting corpses mixed together, stimulating everyone’s nerves.


Di Kui also seemed to be affected, with a low roar in his throat, his sharp nails quickly extended, flashing with a cold light.


“He… is turning into a zombie!” A mercenary pointed at Di Kui Kui and shouted in fear.


Everyone was shocked and looked back, and indeed saw that Di Kui Kui had revealed the features of a zombie.


Bai Mu and a few other higher level ability users immediately realized: he wasn’t “turning into a zombie”, he was a zombie!


“Everybody run!” Bai Mu immediately made a decision, now with internal and external problems, he couldn’t care less about the mission, it was more important to stay alive.


Seeing that everyone is ready to risk breaking out of the siege, Shang Ke understands that the matter is already irreversible, Di Kui’s identity is exposed, and he can’t stay in the mercenary group anymore. So before leaving, let him do something for them.


Shang Ke pulled the irritable Di Kui, “Take me outside.” Di Kui hugged him and disappeared.


Di Kui hugged him and disappeared from the small building.


Everyone was relieved and surprised at the same time. Shang Ke was obviously a normal human, why was he able to order about such a powerful zombie?


Then, to their amazement, the zombies originally blocking the small building began to disperse, swarming in the other direction instead. In just a few moments, only a few dozens of zombies were left in the neighborhood.


“Did they draw the zombies away?” The zombies that even Zuo Xian failed to lure away were actually lured away by them?


“Impossible, right? Why did they do that?” Wasn’t he a zombie? Why did he help them?


“Fuck, I’m scared to death. Don’t tell me I have been hanging out with a zombie all these days?”


“I didn’t suspect him at all.”


“Me neither.”


“They were introduced to us by Boss Huo, who would have suspected…”


As soon as this was said, all of them looked at Zuo Xian in unison, trying to get answers from him.


But Zuo Xian ignored them and just stared at the sky in a daze. The crowd followed his line of sight and saw a strange black vortex appear in mid-air at some point.


“The spacial zombie has appeared, be careful!” After a reminder from Zuo Xian, he dashed off towards that side.


On the other side, after Shang Ke and Di Kui left the small building, the zombies immediately followed the scent of blood to catch up.


In the middle of the road, Di Kui suddenly stopped, his pupils slightly contracted, then fiercely swung a fist in front, only to hear a muffled sound. A shadow suddenly flew out of the air, and then suddenly disappeared. The entire process took less than a second, and Shang Ke did not even see the shadow’s face clearly.


Immediately after, Huo Xuan’s figure appeared in Shang Ke’s line of sight.


“Shang Ke.” Before Huo Xuan could approach, a black vortex appeared in the sky, and the light around it quickly dimmed, as if a giant beast was devouring everything around it.


After a short while, Di Kui, Shang Ke, and Huo Xuan, along with Zuo Xian and the mercenaries in the small building, were all engulfed by the deep darkness. Along with it, there was a faint fragrance.


Shang Ke was secretly frightened. The zombie had unleashed its spatial abilities again. Although this ability did not affect him, Huo Xuan and Di Kui would probably fall into an illusion, and once their spirit power was in turmoil, it would in turn affect him.


Just as he was thinking, his brain suddenly felt dizzy, and countless chaotic images circulated and interlaced. At the same time, his body began to heat up, and a flame sprang up in his abdomen. It can be surmised that the space owned by the general zombie is itself a special reproduction tool, with an aphrodisiac effect that can encourage creatures to mate.


But with Huo Xuan and Di Kui’s strength, the most it could do was to create illusions. They would be able to escape from the illusion very quickly, even if they think they have spent a long time.


However, Shang Kui underestimated his seductive power to Di Kui. The illusion could not affect him, but his desire was like a volcanic torrent, erupting in a raging torrent. What’s worse, the images in his head were all picked up by Shang Ke through his spirit power. The scenes of the R18 action movie was really … unbearable to watch!


Shang Ke was floating in and out of reality and illusion, and the sensation of his body being invaded was so real that he couldn’t ignore the waves of painful pleasure, even if his consciousness wasn’t quite clear.


“Shang Ke!”


A loud shout came from the darkness, and then a silver light shot towards Di Kui’s head, but in the end it only shot into a cloud of air.


“Di Kui, I’ll kill you!”


After Huo Xuan got out of the illusion, he immediately came to look for Shang Ke, but he saw a scene that made him extremely angry. Shang Ke was pressed down on the ground by Di Kui, his legs were held up by him, and his lower body was tightly bonded, enduring violent violations over and over again.


Seeing the person he likes being violated by a zombie, Huo Xuan could no longer keep his cool. The sword lights flowed around his body, cutting out a silvery white stream of light in the darkness.


Di Kui was also very irritable, he and Keke were doing well, but there was an obtrusive guy who came out to make trouble. This guy’s strength was still very high, and he couldn’t be killed with just a slap.


The streaks of sword light weaved together around them. Di Kui had to withdraw from Keke’s body, and then rushed toward Huo Xuan in a murderous rage. The two of them were fighting in the dark space, and the rapid turmoil of spirit powertook Shang Ke out of the charming illusion and into the battlefield of lights and shadows.


He “saw” that Di Kui and Huo Xuan were fighting to a standstill, and wanted to kill each other without mercy.


Shang Ke shouted to stop them, but they continued to fight as if they hadn’t heard him.


Bastard Di Kui, that’s a piece of your soul. If you kill it, you’ll likely turn into a disabled man.


And also Huo Xuan, as a piece of the main soul, was it not enough that you developed your own personality, now you even want to kill the main piece?


Shang Ke saw them fighting more and more fiercely, and only one thought came to his mind, that is, we cannot let them continue to kill themselves. As long as their souls remained intact, they would be able to meet again and again and stay together.


Shang Ke approached them step by step, the sharp blades of Qi formed cuts all over his body.


Di Kui noticed Shang Ke’s miserable state first and immediately stopped, turning back to him and allowing Huo Xuan’s flying blade to pierce through his body.


“Let go of Shang Ke!” Huo Xuan chased after him, trying to snatch Shang Ke out of his hands.


Di Kui raised his hand to block Huo Xuan’s attack, a pair of golden eyes flickering with a fierce bloody light.


Huo Xuan suddenly felt himself suffocate, as if he was being torn apart. The pain was unbearable.


“You, must die!” Huo Xuan spat out these words in a stiff tone, killing intent filled his eyes, and countless sword lights flew out from his body, gathering into two torrents, swiftly and fiercely stabbing at Di Kui’s back.


Di Kui held Shang Ke which led him to being in Huo Xuan’s domain and unable to avoid the attack for the moment. But he was not afraid, this attack was not life threatening to him.


At this moment, however, Shang Ke, who was in his arms, suddenly sprang up and hugged him tightly, exposing most of his body to the sword light.


Di Kui and Huo Xuan stared with wide eyes at the same time, dumbfounded as countless blades pierced into his body. Blood, flesh and bones showered, staining half of Di Kui’s face red.


Huo Xuan’s entire body froze. When he attacked, he deliberately avoided Shang Ke, and with Di Kui’s protection, it was impossible for the blades to hurt him. But he used his own body to block in front of Di Kui, blocking most of the attacks for him. Why? Why was Shang Ke trying to protect a zombie?


Di Kui tore open his own coat, carefully wrapped the broken Shang Ke inside, and gently placed it on the ground. He then noticed that on Shang Ke’s right chest, there was a flaming flower slowly blooming in blood, and in the next instant, it suddenly shattered, turning into petals and scattering in the air.


Shang Ke’s pupils, with the scattering of the petals, were gradually dispersed until they completely lost their brilliance.


Di Kui and Huo Xuan felt a sense of dread at the same time, as if their souls were empty, a great fear swept over them…


When the dark space disappeared and light returned to the surroundings, as far as the eye could see, there were broken limbs of zombies everywhere. A small building not far away had become a ruin, and all the mercenaries fainted on the ground and were seriously injured. They were not bewitched by the dark space, but almost lost their lives under the impact of Di Kui and Huo Xuan’s power.


Zuo Xian crawled up from all the broken arms and limbs, slowly raised his head, and a familiar figure appeared in his hazy vision.


He was standing nearly naked in the setting sun, his body drenched in blood, and he seemed to be holding a person in his hands.


At his feet, there was a broken corpse, and when he looked at it, he saw that it was actually the zombie king, Di Kui.


Huo Xuan had killed the zombie king? Happy surprise flashed in Zuo Xian’s eyes, and he was about to walk over, but the figure in front of him disappeared.


“Huo Xuan, where are you going?” Zuo Xian shouted into the air. The surrounding was quiet, except for the sound of the wind, there was no response… 

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