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Chapter 218: Death Cycle (XVI)


The first operation of the Shadowmoon Mercenary Group did not go well, and only half of them returned alive the next day. Even with experts like Huo Xuan and Zuo Xian, they were unable to kill the general-level zombie with spatial abilities, mainly because someone revealed their whereabouts in the middle of the operation, which triggered a zombie riot and led to the failure of the operation.


Everyone returned wounded. Shang Ke and two other members who had stayed behind during the operation helped prepare food and water and treat the wounded.


“Fuck! That group of trash! I really wish I could throw in a bomb and destroy their nest.” A mercenary raved as he smashed a fist down on the table.


“It just had to be a spatial zombie of all things. In his domain, a bomb is useless.”


“Zuo Xian.” Bai Mu turned to him, “Even you can’t find that zombie?”


With a gloomy face, Zuo Xian shook his head. At the same time, he was confused. Why did he not see Huo Xuan the whole time? He should be nearby.


Bai Mu solemnly continued, “Our present situation isn’t hopeful. We have to find that general-level zombie, otherwise, even if we do kill all the other zombies it would be useless.”


A spatial zombie didn’t have strong offense skills, but the problem was that no one was able to pull him out of the numerous cracks in space. What was even more troublesome was that if he chose to abandon the city and run away, the mission would be a complete failure.


Shang Ke walked to Huo Xuan’s side with the medicine box in his hand, a question in his eyes: The strongest man on earth actually couldn’t even handle a general-level zombie?


Huo Xuan returned his look with calmness, then held his arm out in front of him.


Shang Ke looked at it. Although it was bloodstained, there wasn’t even a scratch. Shang Ke gave him a sidelong glance, took out a syringe, and prepared to give him a tetanus shot, but the needle couldn’t pierce through his skin and was bent right over.


Shang Ke: Is it really okay to have such thick skin?


Huo Xuan seemed to realize something, shook the muscles in his arm. Then leaned in and whispered, “Try again.”


Shang Ke was speechless: You even withdrew your sword body defense, do you like injections that much?!


 Huo Xuan certainly didn’t like needles, but as long as a certain someone was happy about it he would do it.


Shang Ke decided it was better not to waste medicine on him, picked up the medical box, and walked towards another wounded man.


The mercenaries had fought all night, and were physically exhausted. So after a discussion, they went to rest.


Huo Xuan secretly sent a message to Zuo Xian using his original identity, asking him to inform the mercenaries to take cover for a while until he found the general-level zombie.


“I’m going to be away for a while, so make sure to be careful” Huo Xuan purposely left a message for Shang Ke, and hurriedly left without alerting the others.


Shang Ke wasn’t worried about his safety, he just felt that his attitude towards himself was a bit odd. He didn’t ask about the events of that night, but with his memory, he might remember something.


After the night shift, Shang Ke went back to his room and flopped down on his bed.


Half asleep and half awake, he felt a weight on his body followed by his lips and breath being taken away. Two large hands slid on his skin, and the cold touch made him shiver.


Shang Ke attempted to open his eyes to see what was going on, but his body was unable to move. The man moved his body as he pleased until he finally went into him… the dull pain of the intrusion and following moving movements caused some scattered fragments of memory to appear in Shang Ke’s mind.


No, it’s not his memory, but… Huo Xuan’s?


He remembered. That night when the two of them had fallen into a dark space after coming out of the gymnasium, Shang Ke originally thought that he had been bewitched by the aroma, causing him to lose his memory. But in fact, it was Huo Xuan who was bewitched.


Shang Ke himself has no supernatural powers, but he is immune to them. As a rule, he should not be trapped by supernormal abilities. Now that he thought about it, what trapped him was not the zombie’s spatial abilities, but the power of Huo Xuan’s spirit piece. Huo Xuan took his illusions and forcibly integrated them into his memories. As a result, it was rebounded by his soul quench spirit piece, causing him to lose his memory.


The reason why Shang Ke was so sure was because of the guy who was going wild on him at the moment.


As the restraints on his body faded away, Shang Ke opened his eyes to see a shameless zombie king. His body was pushed to the limit, and his desire was pushed to the depths again and again.


Reality and falsity were clearly distinguished at this moment.


Shang Kui embraced Di Kui, took the initiative to respond and dropped all worries he had. He passionately entwined with him. Their sweat and blood mingled as they released their primal desire… 


After the hot event, Shang Kui lay comfortably in Di Kui’s arms, his fingers roaming back and forth on his chest.


Di Kui’s dark world piece can give Shang Ke power. Huo Xuan’s bright boundary piece can hurt his soul quench piece.


It was not difficult to kill Di Kui, as long as he used his own soul quence to break the dark world piece in his body, he would lose his ability to resurrect. A few months ago, Shang Kui might not have had a chance, but now, Di Kui was defenseless against him.


Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it.


As for Huo Xuan, Shang Ke was a bit torn. He seemed to think that they had sex in the dark space, and that’s why he said he will take responsibility. But there was no denying that Huo Xuan carried the same presence as Di Kui and had an iconic mole on his hand. The memories he forcibly fused with him even had some information from their past lives.


In other words, Huo Xuan was probably also his lover, or rather, a part of his lover.


Shang Ke remembered that before entering reincarnation, in order to change their destinies, Chen Xiao and Shou Mo had each separated their souls and merged into the reincarnation lamp. If Shang Ke’s guess was correct, Huo Xuan should be a piece that had broken off of Chen Xiao’s soul in his body. This was the only way to explain why he could have a response to both of them at the same time.


In this case, was it possible that the mole on the palm of his hand in each lifetime was a piece of Chen Xiao’s soul? That was why when he didn’t see a mole on their palm, he didn’t dare to affirm their identities.


But how could a wisp of a soul have an independent personality? Even if it is really reincarnated, being split from the main body should cause great damage to his intelligence.


Could it be… he suspiciously looked at Di Kui beside him, this guy was the piece of the soul? Is he actually having sex with a mole?


“Hungry?” When Di Kui saw that Shang Ke was staring at him, he asked subconsciously.


Every time they finished, Shang Ke would feed him milk. So he thought he should feed Shang Ke something too.


“No, I’m not hungry.” Shang Ke casually took out a milk bottle from the box beside the bed and habitually handed it to Di Kui.


Di Kui held the bottle and looked at him as he drank the milk.


Shang Ke: This unweaned look, as expected, he’s his man’s… mole? So why did he give up the main soul and choose to fall in love with a mole?


However, Shang Ke then denied this suspicion. Although his mind was a bit out there, he was now sure that this guy was his man and that Huo Xuan was the ‘mole’!


Shang Ke glanced at the zombie king in disgust: As the main soul, a mole actually occupied the real body and took over! Aren’t you embarrassed?!


Di Kui who was drinking milk: “?”


Now that he has confirmed his identity, the next step was to think about how to complete the mission. He felt that there was something unusual about this mission, but he couldn’t figure out the key to it.


In fact, he already had a plan to “be killed” in mind, but he just kept putting it off. He didn’t want to kill Di Kui, nor did he want to be killed by Huo Xuan. He can calmly face death, but his lover who has no memory of their previous lives has to experience the separation of life and death repeatedly. His soul was split in two, and the pain that he would suffer would also be split in two.


Perhaps, it seems good to live like this forever. He and Di Kui are both immortal, and can live for a long time. However, while dreams are nice, reality was cruel. There was still a Huo Xuan in this world. He and Di Kui will never share their beloved with others, even if this person was a piece of themselves. Not only them, but Shang Ke himself couldn’t accept it. He only wanted a complete lover, not two broken and mutually hostile dopplegangers.


Shang Ke buried his head in his pillow, intending to be a shrinking turtle to procrastinate for as long as he could.


“I say,” Shang Ke stretched out his hand to poke Di Kui’s forehead, “don’t always make me worry, at least think about how to get your ‘mole’ back! You simply look terrible without it!”


Di Kui, who has finished his milk and was biting the nipple of it: “?”


Shang Ke who had just cleared up the thoughts plaguing him, felt much more relaxed. He had to find an opportunity to talk with Huo Xuan later, he can’t let this misunderstanding continue. Although he was a bit sorry—he honestly did quite like this ‘mole. It’s charm value was far higher than the main body—but feelings cannot be divided into two parts, people need to know how to choose at times.


Huo Xuan left for three days without a word.


On the fourth day, Huo Xuan still had not yet returned, but the small building where the mercenaries were hiding was discovered by the zombies first. The building was a single-family villa with a wall. Although the wall wasn’t high, a plant called “prison vine” grows around it, which can hide the scent of humans and avoid detection by zombies.


Everyone had been well hidden, but on the afternoon of the fourth day, a mercenary who had been missing for several days suddenly made his way back, attracting hundreds of malevolent zombies.


Because of this unforeseen event, everyone had no choice but to fight the zombies head-on early.


“Why didn’t that guy run farther if he was going to run?” Someone complained quietly.


“Come on, we were going to fight anyway. I was long tired of waiting.” A mercenary raised his hand sharply and stabbed a walker’s head through the window with his knife.


 The battle officially began.


Shang Ke stayed in the hall to help the mercenary who had survived the deadly attack with treatment, injecting him with antibodies along the way.


His body was injured and ragged, almost nothing was intact, as if he had been tortured. It was hard for Shang Ke to imagine that he had made it back alive, and after five days.


At that moment, Shang Ke’s expression changed slightly, and he became acutely aware that the mercenary in front of him had no pulse. Despite the fact that he acted like a normal person, Shang Ke was sure that he was a zombie, and an advanced zombie that was good at camouflage.


Without moving a muscle, Shang Ke said calmly, “I don’t have enough medicine on hand, wait a moment, I’ll go get some more.”


As soon as he was about to get up, his wrist was tightly grabbed by the mercenary. His sharp nails pierced his skin, and blood flowed down his fingers. The mercenary, who had a rigid expression, immediately showed an excited look when he smelled the blood, and opened his mouth to bite into Shang Ke’s arm.


But before he could bite, his head flew out and hit the wall with a muffled crack, splitting apart like a watermelon.


 “What happened?” The commotion here attracted the attention of others, and when they saw the mercenary’s miserable condition, they all looked at the person who did it with suspicion. The mysterious expert who joined the mercenary group together with Shang Ke – Wang Kui (alias of Di Kui).

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