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Chapter 268: This Life—The Beginning (IX)

TL: Resonance

    尚可(单方面)和尉勋进入冷战阶段, 而且冷得无懈可击。他只花了半天时间,就将小楼的安保系统和密码全部修改, 顺便还升了一下级,即使有钥匙也进不来。当初尚可为什么如此干脆地同意入住, 就是看中了这里严密的安保系统。

Shang Ke (one-sidedly) and Wei Xun entered a cold war, and it was a very cold one. It only took him half a day to change all the security systems and passwords of the building, and he even upgraded the system. Even with a key, one could not get in. The reason why Shang Ke agreed to move in so simply back then is because of the tight security system here.

    当尉勋第一次被高科技挡在门外时,心中别提有多憋屈, 同时也意识到以后再也不能愉快地闯空门。

When Wei Xun was blocked by the great technology for the first time, one could imagine how frustrated he had felt. At the same time, he also realized that he can no longer happily break in in the future.

    虽然两人是合作关系,但尚可主要负责技术, 前期建设他没必要参与。

Although the two are in partnership, Shang Ke is mainly responsible for the technological aspect. The first stage of construction had no need for him to participate.


“Mr. Shang, the ingredients you ordered have arrived.” The voice of the security guard came from the communicator.


The courtyard door opened, and the delivery man walked through the small garden familiarly. He placed the ingredients at the door and left.

    不过一会, 尚可从屋子里走出来,将门口的东西搬进去。

A moment later, Shang Ke came out of the house and carried the things at the door in.

    一个高大的身影靠在窗帘后的阴影中,默不作声地望着尚可的身影消失在门内。自从那日之后, 尚可已经连续十几天对他避而不见了。不接电话, 不回短信,除了公事上的交流,再也没有其他联系。一个人躲在家里搞研究,生活所需全靠网购。每天放风的时间,总是和他外出的时间同步。

A tall figure leaned in the shadow behind the curtain, silently watching Shang Ke’s figure disappear behind the door. Ever since that day, Shang Ke has been avoiding him for more than ten days in a row. He did not answer his phone nor reply to his messages. Other than communicating regarding their work, they had no other contacts. He stays at home alone to do research, and all his daily needs rely on online shopping. The time Shang Ke left the house is always the same as the time he went out.


“I heard that your family has arranged another blind date for you?” In the room, a phoenix-eyed man sat gracefully on the sofa and said to Wei Xun with a smile, “The other party seems to be the daughter from the Wang family?”


“Yeah.” Wei Xun walked over to the sofa and sat down, picked up the red wine on the coffee table and poured himself half a glass.


“I’ve met that Miss Wang before. She’s pretty and plays the piano well. She has a good personality too, so she’s a good match for you.”


“Since when did you change your job to become a matchmaker?” Wei Xun’s brows didn’t even move as he tasted the wine.


Ji Mingzhe extended his hand: “I didn’t have a choice. I was asked by your mother to convince you to spend some time with Miss Wang.”


Wei Xun could not remember what that Miss Wang looked like at all. Except for Shang Ke, everyone else’s face looked as indistinguishable as unshaped dough to him, and this best friend he had known for more than ten years was no exception.


Wei Xun’s facial blindness is not natural, but an aftereffect of an accident, which is why he had to leave the army. It’s just that he did not reveal too many flaws usually, so apart from his personal doctor and a few personal bodyguards, even his parents don’t know the inside story.


When Ji Mingzhe saw that he was unmoved, he continued: “Wei Xun, none of us are people who believe in the so-called true love. There is nothing wrong with choosing a woman you are comfortable with to marry at the right age. You’re 34 this year, how long do you plan to delay?”


True love. Indeed, Wei Xun does not believe in it. However, he has already found a person he wants to drag to the bed all the time. The moment the thought came to his mind, the person’s tantalizing appearance under his body immediately came to mind, and his eyes unconsciously darkened a little.


At this moment, the phone in his pocket rang. After picking it up and listening to it for a while, Wei Xun got up and said, “Come on, let’s go see someone with me.”


Ji Mingzhe followed him out in confusion.


Shang Ke had just finished throwing away the garbage when he turned around and saw a familiar figure blocking the doorway of his house.


Wei Xun? Didn’t he drive out? When did he come back?


Shang Ke subconsciously looked towards the parking pad of his house but did not see his car.


“I came back in my friend’s car.” As if reading his mind, Wei Xun explained.


Shang Ke: … He actually had this trick, he had been careless.


“Wei Xun, this is?” Ji Mingzhe looked at Shang Ke curiously, and was quite amazed at his outstanding appearance.


“He is the developer of the robot, Shang Ke.” Wei Xun introduced, “Keke, this is one of the investors of the science park, Ji Mingzhe.”


“Hello.” Shang Ke shook his hand politely.


“It’s almost mealtime, is it convenient for you to invite us to your house for a meal?” Wei Xun purposely brought Ji Mingzhe here because he was sure that Shang Ke would not refuse him in front of outsiders.


As expected, Shang Ke agreed.


Wei Xun leaned forward and seemingly unintentionally put his hand on his waist.


Ji Mingzhe inadvertently caught a glimpse. Although he felt it was strange in his heart, he did not think too deeply about it. He was just surprised that Wei Xun was being so intimate with an outsider.


They had a sumptuous lunch, causing Ji Mingzhe to be full of praise and was very envious of Wei Xun who could come here every day for a meal. However, he did not know that a certain person has not eaten Shang Ke’s food for a long time and was lucky to get what he wanted thanks to him.


Once lunch is over, Ji Mingzhe’s use is gone. Taking the opportunity when Shang Ke was making tea, Wei Xun “sent” him out unceremoniously.


When he walked into the kitchen, Wei Xun quietly came behind Shang Ke, hugged his waist and whispered in his ear, “Have you had enough?”


Shang Ke movement paused, then he continued to fill up the teapot.


“I’ll allow you to have a tantrum once in a while, but don’t overdo it.” Wei Xun gently nibbled on his ear.


“Wei Xun.” Shang Ke turned to face him, “Do you want a trustworthy partner, or an obedient bed partner?”


“I want both.” Wei Xun replied without hesitation.


Shang Ke gritted his teeth, “One cannot be too greedy.”


“I have the capital to be greedy, don’t I?”


Shang Ke: I want to slap this arrogant face so badly.


“How about this…”


Wei Xun lowered his head and blocked the words he was about to say.


“Keke.” Wei Xun said hoarsely while licking and fondling his tongue, “Don’t lock me out again, or I’ll do you so hard that you won’t be able to get out of bed for at least three days every time I catch you in the future.”




Not waiting for Shang Ke to get angry, Wei Xun had already pinned him down on the glass door of the kitchen ……


Outside the window, Ji Mingzhe stared in disbelief at the two people who were tangling in the kitchen and could not help but take a few steps back.


He had just been inexplicably pushed out by Wei Xun. He originally wanted to go around to the kitchen to say goodbye to Shang Ke but ended up seeing such a frightening scene. Wei Xun made use of his advantages body build to hold Shang Ke firmly in place. Wei Xun had a leg between his legs and two hands on his body. Shang Ke’s shirt was crudely ripped open, revealing a large area of skin. Shang Ke’s struggle was useless under the powerful strength of Wei Xun, and his red cheeks made his already handsome appearance even more gorgeous. His eyebrows exuded an inexplicable charm.


Ji Mingzhe only felt that his mouth was dry and did not dare to look any further. He hurriedly rushed out from the garden. After he left, a figure came out from behind a tree and silently watched in the direction of the small building…


Shang Ke forgave Wei Xun once again. As long as the thought of him suffering for himself for a thousand lifetimes of loneliness and the pain of parting because of life and death, he was not able to ruthlessly alienate from him. It is just that in this life, he was too difficult to communicate with. The moment there is a disagreement, Wei Xun would start doing him, as if he hadn’t made love in several lifetimes.


After considering it again and again, Shang Ke decided to make a deal with him. They could only do it at most once a week. When doing so, he must wear a condom; He is not allowed to exceed three hours during work time, and sex can be done only at home; If there are any important things, he must discuss with him first and not make decisions on his own.


After reading it, Wei Xun changed once to “five times”, three hours to “five hours”, and the place of sex from “only at home” to “any secluded place”. The place of sex was changed from “only at home” to “any hidden place”. As for the last point, there was no objection.


Shang Ke said: “I have already given in, but you are still aggressive and do not give me any breathing room at all. Wei Xun, do you want us to get along like friends, or do you want me to treat you like an enemy with resentment?”


Wei Xun was silent for a long time, and finally, although he did not say anything, he stopped insisting on his own opinion.


The two of them reached a consensus and started to maintain harmonious relationship of tacit understanding but a lovers’ relationship in secret. Despite the small breakthrough, Wei Xun still kept a close eye on him, mainly to guard against Qi Chen. Ever since that call, Qi Chen never met with Shang Ke again, only calling occasionally. However, Wei Xun dares not let down his guard, because it is too easy to cross the line the with Qi Chen and Shang Ke’s relationship.


A few months later, Shang Ke’s patent successfully passed the application. The science park also completed its planning and construction was in full swing. At the same time, the core program of Chu Hao was debugged, and the first pet robot was officially born. In fact, Chu Hao was more of a comprehensive all-rounder robot, with comprehensive functions and superior intelligence. By doing adjustments using this as the basis, robots with other functions could be quickly developed.


Everything seemed to be going very well. However, just when Wei Xun left the country to attend the Chamber of Commerce, something happened to Shang Ke.


When he woke up from his sleep, he found himself lying in a hot and humid alley with an unpleasant stench in the air. The alley was very narrow, and the sunlight from outside could not reach in.


For a moment, Shang Ke almost thought he had transmigrated again. He climbed up with the support of the wall and his whole body felt sore, as if he had suffered multiple collisions. Lifting his shirt, he saw several bruises of varying shades on his skin as expected.


His memory gradually returned, and Shang Ke remembered that before he passed out, he was on a plane to Lincheng. Because he received an invitation to a technology expo, he set off with his bodyguard. He thought this invitation was sent to him by Wei Xun, and the plane was a pre-booked first class, so he did not suspect anything. By the time he realized that something was wrong, it was too late.


It was obvious that this was a premeditated plan that was specifically aimed at him. The bodyguard was the key. He was a security officer under Wei Xun’s company, and only he was able to approach him without being suspected. And the only person who could direct him was probably Wei Xun’s… family.


Based on this line of thought, speculation, the Wei family’s people may have long discovered his relationship with Wei Xun but had kept quiet about it until after the development of his Chu Hao was completed. They started making a move only after he provided the coding for the core. As long as they have the core code, even without him, the other technicians can still research a lot of results.


Shang Ke’s face was expressionless as he stumbled out of the alley. After adapting to the blinding sunlight, he finally saw everything before him clearly. The streets were mostly populated by foreigners with dark skin and prominent features. The houses around are dilapidated, the streets are cluttered with stalls of all kinds, the sound of yelling and cursing is incessant, and the hot air makes people feel incomparably suffocated.


One had to say that the dog was all bark but no bite. The other side did not even show their faces and just disposed him, the hidden danger. The person left him in a foreign country which was poor and backward and did not speak the same language. Even if he were killed, it had nothing to do with them, and he could not testify even if he survived. The other side just needs to use his documents to make people think that he left the country on his own.


Shang Ke stood alone in an unknown street, penniless and isolated.


However, in this desperate situation, he smiled.

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  1. Tokyo Goul says:

    Okay I will give my opinion, it’s not truly ML’s fault for being a scum. Now this may backfire on me but you got too understand that love makes people go crazy. Sometimes too the point that they may end up like a yandere (possible). So I agree you must need consent because you can’t rape someone without there word at all but if you saw your lover die, so many times. I’m surprised that he is mental stable he would have gone crazy or hurt somone maybe even left himself too die. I feel bad for the ML for he is fighting and trying not too lock Keke up in a cage. Because he would actually do it given the chance but he loves him too much to do that.
    Some are right but understand from his view point let’s now hate him at the last second for love is powerful and one can lose there way. We can hate how he goes about it but feeling pity and how it’s turning out for him. You can only hope that he does not lose his away as a scum for he may lose Keke.

    Thank you for Translating this story.
    I feel like the author wanted too say something but in there own way.

    • Shane says:

      Have you even read the past chapters? He said he wanted an obedient bed partner. Hah. If that’s what you consider “love for multiple lifetimes”, we may have to reconstruct that disturbing viewpoint.

      Sure, let’s say he’s suffered so much all throughout, but it doesn’t lessen the fact or justify that He. Is. A. Rapist. If the author made his character a rapist for some plot, then I got to say that’s poorly written.

      He has only been showing his feeling of lust and domination to Keke. It’s not love. Wake up.

      • Blubb says:

        I think his problem is that ML as he has said “doesn’t believe in love” and he has a personality which is usually not disturbed by emotion. Plus his environment doesn’t seem to be the loving kind as well. Him being a sex maniac may be the only way he knows how to express his feelings.
        Moreover he currently (probably) doesn’t think that Keke is in love with him and all his thoughts are on how to monopolize Keke and somehow keep him by his side. So he’s eventually taking the ‘if not the heart take the body’-approach to get closer and bind Keke to him.

        I agree with Tokyo Goul that it’s already amazing that he didn’t go total crazy and that his need of keeping Keke by his side at all costs are understandable. And now he has those dream which are probably some kind of memories from the past lives. But they aren’t clear and only leaving him even more insecure and desperate and it might even be confusing.
        He’s always been scummy and rapey and absolutely no role model. If you ever meet someone like him in rl- run. ( btw that goes for a lot of MLs from the BL genre)

        But he does love Keke and since Keke loves him back let them be. Keke is currently trying to train him and I believe that the ML will change for the better as soon as he can gain more security and understanding of emotions.

        The ‘wanting to have an obedient bedpartner’ should also not be taken as seriously. He meant that but he also wants a good relationship. He’s always had his head filled with sperm so of course he would like to have harmonious sex whenever he wants to but I don’t believe he meant it like Keke’s only use should be his personal hole.

        It’s a very obsessive love and Keke himself said that both of them are not normal. But they’re happy together so what.

        IF the ML won’t change until the end then I will be disappointed but for now let’s see how it turns out.

        • Shane says:

          I agree with waiting until the end of the arc to see how it all plays out. BUT. A plot that’s written like:

          ML suffers for multiple lifetimes. His repressed emotions turn violent as he rapes his lover multiple times even as his lover tells him to stop.

          Okay, so he also has a bad environment and strict parents, yet a full grown adult- who’s a working business man with successful feats AND who is always socially exposed- can’t figure out how unlawful, disgusting, inhumane, and repulsive rape is? He is a fully grown man with a functioning brain. If this is how we justify rape, then I’m not about to be part of this shady business.

          All in all, it doesn’t diminish the fact that it’s poor characterization, especially for readers who were expecting ✨character development✨ and not ✨character undevelopment✨

          The arc is not finished yet, but a good story shows you good characters with a full character arc showing signs of progression with their setbacks and overcoming said setbacks. It is especially noted for main characters like this ML!

        • Tokyo Goul says:

          Thank you, and like I said before I knew this may backfire but I hope he will change for the best. I know the story is already over but it was amazing even if the ML was a scum. I loved every second of this story I don’t truly side with the ML with everything he has done. I hope every can have a nice future and be happy that you don’t have there story because that would be sad and miserable for anyone too do that. I look at a view point so cherish what you have is what I’m getting from this story. Be happy with your loved ones.

    • Tanyingzhan says:

      i have a feeling that wei xun actually isn’t the real one, maybe he’s the mole who only ever lived with keke through the main body’s memories, which lead to him repressing his desires and feelings, and all of that just burst open. he’s obsessive cuz he doesn’t want the original body to have keke, i mean it has happended b4 in the ghost assistant arc, right?

    • kira says:

      Just pointing out that “love” is the excuse of every domestic/marital rapist ever. And also that it’s illegal in all but 36 countries in the world.

      … But well China’s one of those 36… So I guess it’s ok.

    • drenlith says:

      Uhm, locking him up because of his fragility and fear of losing him sounds like poor excuse to act like the tyrannical scum that he is.
      He’s never shown him the ounce of respect he deserves, hates his competency and independence and that he’s not a complete cripple without him, ML.
      He’s always chosen to give up everything around him including himself once MC passes away, including people MC cared for, people like Pupu or Waves. He doesn’t try to give love only possess love. He’s self centered not only in a way in their relationship but on a whole. I hate how he treats MC all the time like a lump of flesh to fuck when he’s saying something or wants to be taken seriously. Instead of holding someone like that dearly to you especially after all the losses, he’s ready stomp around MC’s bottom line any time.
      MC has his own share of blame to carry for indulging him like that. It’s unhealthy to say the least, and people who also excusing that, y’all need help and some Jesus in your lives.

    • eunicealexcyb653f07949 says:

      If there is someone who has the right to become crazy and unhinged, it’s Shang Ke. It’s him who remembers every death, every torture, every painful part of his missions. And yet, he still has to tolerate this scum ML?

  2. Applepie2334 says:

    ML you are still scum. Love is about trust and needs independence for personal growth.

  3. Tattletail says:

    My dao of hitting the 404 wall has increased once again

  4. Shane says:

    I’m confused. Am I missing some bigger plot here? Is the ML’s rapist personality some type of obscure plot that has yet to be unraveled in this arc? I don’t even think he has other feelings for Keke besides lust. Is he really the ML we’ve had all throughout the novel?

    • Liar says:

      Yeah, I’m super confused too. I really don’t like this rapist personality of his. It’s extremely disturbing and it makes me very uncomfortable

    • Killgori says:

      I swear! After going through such consistent arcs, this is where the author has left us off to. Pretty nice to leave it that generations of love finally made the ML only capable of lust?! Honestly so dissapointed and disgusted.
      Thanks for the Chapter though translators. You are doing some hard work.

      • Pearlofthemoon says:

        I have been an avid follower of the novel, trying to figure out the many nuances that the author has brought to the forefront. Many transmigration novels have rushed endings that made little sense. However, the ML in this series had changed and I dont like it. Non-con is a serious offense….
        Is this the real ML? Since the MLs soul is scattered between the world’s, one part controlling the “lamp” and one that exists in the worlds without memory. It was explained that the reason they had to reincarnated was something along the lines of proving their their love transcended the physical, spiritual and psychological.
        I think that the ML in this arc is not fully “there”. The pieces that still operate the “lamp” have the memories of their past, have the emotional sympathy, and the love accumulated over lifetimes, and the ML in this arc is the soul piece that is scummy, irrational, possessive and oppressive. Characteristics that are “negative” in which was the only way for the MLs soul to travel to different worlds. Two sides of the same coin, to be exact.
        I hope this is the case, as I definitely want to see the ML I had been rooting for this entire time.

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    At the same time though, he has said and done some unforgivable shit so I look forward to the upcoming chapters where he has to suffer because of his terrible, cowardly decisions. What just happened is entirely Wei Xun’s fault.

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    The flashes of memories.

    If that isn’t enough evidence to support that there is a possibility that Qi Chen is the real male lead and Wei Xun is just there to stir up trouble.

    Although some of the male leads from the previous arcs have a bad start with Shang Ke, none of them were this scummy.

    I don’t like Wei Xun, please let it be Qi Chen. The author can’t be this cruel to suddenly write a scummy male lead.

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      I just want to deceive my self that something happened and this ML is——
      This is hopeless. I just want to punch him, if this continues I would just want the fragment of his soul. The mole one, I cried so much for that dude. Imma dissect you and pull your soul out and replace it you fcker.

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