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Chapter 102: Becoming Your God (V)

A few days later, the group made it to the capital of the Yi Empire called Cannes City. The capital was located halfway up the mountain. The capital was magnificent and tiered. Around the mountain, there were roads winding around the capital. The capital was made of a massive slab of marble. On both sides of the road, there were shops and countless vendors yelling out their prices. There was also a never-ending flow of merchants who negotiated the prices. There were luxurious carriages in various shapes all around. They were all bouncing along to the prosperous air. 

Since Yitamo was an important character of the selection ceremony, he immediately excused himself once they entered the city. However, Neil stayed behind and volunteered to be their guide. He arranged accommodations for everybody and took them on a tour so they could get familiar with their surroundings. 

Since the Shu Clan arrived later than others, the rooms in the taverns and inns were all full. If it weren’t for Neil, they may have had to camp on the outskirts of the city, To this humble group of farmers, the city’s splendor shocked them and they all marveled at it. It was fortunate that the masks covered these country bumpkins’ expressions of awe. Instead, they were able to create a mysterious aura. 

Their eyes were attracted to a wide range of tinkling goods. They wanted to buy all of them, but they were soon brought back to cruel reality by the expensive prices. This made them lose their interest in the beauty of Cannes City. They were frugal in terms of spending so they rejected any luxury items that weren’t worth the money. 

This didn’t mean that they lived in poverty. Instead, their standard of living was higher than the average minor-league aristocrat. However, the difference between them was that the Shu Clan had created everything with their own hands. 

As they marveled at the capital’s luxuries, many people were also attracted to them as a result of their rare delicate clothing and their unique ornaments. 

“Eh? Isn’t this the War Temple?” The Shu clansman happened upon a majestic temple with Neil acting as their guide. Each side of the entrance was decorated with two male lions. The main wall of the structure rose up to at least a dozen meters and was gilded with bronze. There were also dozens of massive stone columns with several guards patrolling back and forth in front of them.

Upon seeing this, the Shu clansmen were reminded about their God Uno’s hideous and decrepit temple. Even after several repairs, it couldn’t be compared to the War temple. This was the difference between being refugees and being royalty. 

The Shu clansmen made a resolution to rebuild God Uno’s temple. They all had colorful outfits, but their God Uno still lived in a simple cold temple despite giving them all he had. The group realized that God Uno taught them all the skills he knew, but never asked them to rebuild his temple in return. Majestic temples symbolized the status and dignity a god had. Many worshippers chose to go hungry rather than neglect their god. 

The Shu clansmen were pious towards their god, but their frugal behaviors shaped their abilities in building the temple. They only realized their shortcomings when they saw the War Temple. They all reaped the benefits of God Uno’s blessings, but they didn’t give him equal offerings in return. Any other god might have long abandoned them. 

Their God Uno was a benevolent god, one that only appeared every millennium or so. His generous and magnanimous nature made them feel ashamed of their own behaviors. (Shang Ke: Don’t associate me with the ‘Nice Guy Card.’ This will make it hard for me to find a spouse.)[1]

The main hall of the War Temple was open to the public, so believers could come to worship the War God at any time. The Shu clansmen entered the temple one after the other to tour the place and learn more about it. 

Neil didn’t enter the temple, but leaned against the stone lion instead as he waited for them to come back out. He was the Love God, so he didn’t want to overstep his boundaries by entering another God’s domain. 

As soon as they entered the main hall, Shang Ke felt a familiar sensation. 

He removed himself from his statue. He noticed a statue of a god seven meters high on top of a stone pedestal in front of the temple’s main hall. The statue had on exquisite-looking armor. His impressive figure was covered by a splendid cape that appeared to be swaying in the wind. His sword was pointed straight down from his body. His two hands were clasped around the handle. A helmet donned his head. He had a cold expression on his face. His eyes held fierceness in them as if he held disdain for the world. 

Despite not being worshippers of the War God, they all shivered seeing his majesticness. 

They bowed down out of respect before they quietly exited the temple. Upon their exits, they collectively let out sighs of relief. His powerfulness made him worthy of being the War God who lasted through a thousand years. 

Their own God Uno wasn’t lacking in any departments either. The Shu clansman felt that the War God couldn’t compare to their own god in terms of personality and real-life skills. 

A little after they left, the statue in the War Temple shone with faint golden light. The statue stared at the Shu clansmen exiting the temple with an agglomeration of golden flames in its cold eyes. 

After they visited the marketplace, the Shu clansmen and Neil made their way back to their lodging. They had rented several homes since this was cheaper than hotel rooms. 

The massive selection ceremony for the imperial concubine would take place in three days. Thus, the group had time to rest as well as congregate and collect themselves. 

Once night fell, the Shu Clansmen quickly became entrapped in their dreams. 

Shang Ke floated out from the wooden carving. He hovered with his legs crossed above the garden. He enjoyed the scenic views of the night and thought back to the familiar feelings he had in the War Temple. 

He wanted to take a closer look, but he felt suppressed by the War God that he didn’t even dare to raise his head. The amount of power that they had was not at the same level as he was unable to even resist the other. 

Based on the original storyline, the War God had to be sleeping as of now. It was only when Tima became princess and the Shu clansmen moved near the capital while accumulating many followers that the Evil God became more powerful. Once he became a God, the Yi Empire was in such utter turmoil that they woke up the War God from his slumber to suppress the Evil God. 

The Evil God during that time hadn’t been powerful enough to be the War God’s opponent. That was the same for him as well. Therefore, it was better for him not to disturb the War God for now. He would rather not be exterminated the second they met. 

As he was thinking about these facts, he felt his body turn heavy before he fell from the sky without any warnings. He felt as if he was nailed to the ground. He was unable to move at all. 

The abhorrent aura felt familiar. This aura had arrogance and oppression as well. Hopefully, it wasn’t the person he was thinking of. 

Shang Ke lay on the ground with his limbs splayed out around him. He stared in shock at the person who was gradually forming in the sky. A helmet donned his head, while his entire body was covered with black armor. A transparent black cloak waved around behind him like rolling smoke. A pair of chilly eyes held arrogance as they looked down at him. 

It was really War God Saya! How was he here? What happened to him waking up after a dozen years? Is it acceptable for the plot to be changed unexpectedly? 

“Unos.” A chilly voice sounded near his ear, “Why did you come to Cannes City?”

Even though he was firmly pressed to the ground, Shang Ke had no fear and calmly replied, “My worshippers came here.” 

Saya had no expression on his face as he ordered, “Take your worshippers and leave the Imperial Yi Clan’s territory!” 

He was telling him to leave the moment the moment they met! 

“Why are you driving me away?” Shang Ke revealed his refusal to comply with Saya’s commands. 

“I don’t allow slaughter and curses to happen on the Imperial Yi territory.” Saya’s tone remained firm. 

“Where do you see slaughter and cursing? Don’t just blame others. Cannes City is so peaceful that it couldn’t be any more peaceful!” 

Saya, “….”

Shang Ke continued to fight for his rights, “I was the one who was defeated by you. I still had the courage to come over here. Why can’t you have the courage to let me stay?” 

Saya, “….”

“Back then, you killed off my worshippers. Thereby, you forced me to suffer by my lonesome and impoverished self in a dilapidated temple for over a thousand years. Now that I got the chance to see the light of day again, must you get rid of me? At least, can you give me the opportunity to turn over a new leaf?” .”

Was it possible for the Evil God to turn over a new leaf? Saya had a doubtful expression on his face. Was there something wrong with his eyes? He kept having a feeling that something was off. 

“Since you haven’t spoken, I’ll take that as an agreement.” 

Saya leisurely pounced and landed near Shang Ke. He wanted to pull the mask off, but the mask was stuck to Shang Ke’s face. Therefore, Shang Ke was dragged along with the tugs. 

Saya’s hand was large enough to almost completely cover the mask. Shang Ke was dangling in the air and rocking from side to side like the spirit of a hangman. 

Saya felt some itchiness on the palm of his hand, so he loosened his grip. However, he used his powers to fix Shang Ke in one place. 

It was at that moment that he noticed some weird changes happening to the mask. 

Shang Ke made a face, ‘(≧︿≦).’

The features of the mask were all scrunched up. 

Says grasped the edges of the mask and tugged downwards. It was as if he was attempting to restore the mask to its original appearance. 

Shang Ke made a face, ‘(°ˊДˋ°).’

Saya gave his nose a pinch. 

Shang Ke made a face, “(〒◇〒).” 

Saya, “….”

The mask was so interesting that the War God himself couldn’t stop himself from fiddling with it. 

“Lord Saya, haven’t you played around enough?” It was right at this moment that a faint voice could be heard nearby. 

Neil crossed his arms across his chest. He had a strange expression on his face. 

Was this man before him who was playing around with his mask the same dignified and solemn War God who seldom spoke or smiled? 

“He wasn’t like this before.” Saya suddenly spoke, “He wasn’t like this a thousand years ago.” 

“Oh? You guys knew each other?” Little Mask actually survived for more than a thousand years? 

“We’ve dealt with each other before.” Saya underemphasized their relationship.

Shang Ke pouted, ‘(▔ヘ▔).’ It was true that all they did was ‘deal with each other.’ They dealt with each other in a grueling battle. 

“Is that so?” Neil glanced at him before glancing at Shang Ke who was trapped midair. He then spoke, “If the grudge isn’t that big, then can Lord Saya be magnanimous and release him?” 

Was the grudge against Saya for exterminating his clan considered a big one? 

Shang Ke sized up Saya, ‘→_→.’

Saya was silent for a while before he finally released Shang Ke from his prison. 

Shang Ke had obtained his freedom and wanted to rush towards Neil’s side. He only partially made it to his goal before he was pulled back into Saya’s arms.

What more do you want? 

Shang Ke glowered at him before he made a stupefied face, ‘(⊙△⊙)!’

He noticed a mole on the palm of Saya’s hand! 

He glanced over and discovered that the other hand had a mole as well. 

He had a question for this world of gods. Did they all have moles on their palms? 

Shang Ke hid his face with his hands as he was unable to accept reality. 

Saya removed Shang Ke’s hands from his face so he was unable to hide his face. 

Shang Ke’s shocked expression quickly turned back into a sinister expression. It was as if Buddha’s teachings were filling his mind, turning his mood into a calmer one. 

The expression on Saya’s face sunk. He felt unhappy that he hadn’t seen the changes in Shang Ke’s expressions. 

Shang Ke, “….”

That’s enough! Isn’t it just a mask that likes to exercise its freedom of expression? Is it necessary to keep playing around with it?


[1]A play on the “Nice Guy” card, when someone is friendzoned.

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