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Chapter 1: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You (I)

“I curse you to never have a peaceful death!”

It was because of a woman’s curse that Shang Ke was hit by a car, turning into a human vegetable.

Shang Ke had truly been accused wrongly, and died as a result! He had always lived a clean and honest life, and never cheated on anyone’s feelings, alright? The reason why he had been cursed was all because of that b*stard Qi Chen.

Qi Chen was his childhood friend, and the very model of a playboy. From the time when they were children until now, he had been in enough relationships for the number of his ex-girlfriends to be able to wind around China. In actuality, everything had nothing to do with Shang Ke. He could only blame that b*stard for always using the same reason when breaking up with his girlfriends: I actually like men, and Shang Ke is the man I like.

Like your sister! On the nth day that he was unjustly implicated, that b*stard had even been driving around in a race car with that beauty he just dumped! Qi Chen was happy and unfettered, but the women who were dumped by him had concentrated all of their hated onto him!

If heaven ever gave him the chance, he must kill that b*stard!

He was really given a chance, and although this cursed to die system or whatever it was sounded like a fraud, whether it turned out good or bad this was still a chance for things to become better, right?

The system would have him transmigrate into different worlds and experience the “thrill” of a hero.

When he first heard about it, it had sounded quite classy. But in fact, the purpose was to have him go and die, and he must【Die Heroically. Die Bravely. Die Dramatically】.

Every time that he died, he would be able to obtain a corresponding reward and ability. They were mainly comprised of attributes like constitution, memory, spiritual power, beauty, life expectancy, talents, and other similar attributes. Among those were talents such as martial arts, cooking, drawing, carving, playing musical instruments, acting, and computer skills, among others. These talents would need to be practiced so that he could fully grasp them. After completing all of the missions, he would be able to return to his original world. And, the skills that he obtained from the missions could be brought back with him.

When he heard this explanation, Shang Ke felt somewhat comforted. He could gain rewards after he invested into it, so death had its own worth.

【There are two doctrines for the missions. 】

【1. You may not commit suicide. 2. You may not have a good end.】

Shang Ke: “……” Is this really not a fraudulent system?

System also added【If you experience three near-death experiences in the same world, but still do not die, then the aforementioned two clauses would become invalid, and host can freely live your life as you please in the world.】

Dying once wasn’t enough, so he had to die three times? Even if he could freely live his life, he did not plan on dying three times in the same world!

【If you fail to complete the mission, then the number of missions shall be raised. For every single failure, two more will be added.】

It was just dying two more times, so he could still accept this point. There were rewards to obtain in the end anyway. In order to return in full health, he would stake it all!

【For Host to adapt as quickly as possible, the System will release “A mission that can be 100% completed even just by sitting” as your first world bonus.】

“A mission that can reach 100% completion, even just by sitting?” Shang Ke didn’t expect that the System would be so generous.

【At the same time, a “Perfect Expression Pack (Permanent)” will be given as a present along with an automatic 50% pain reduction (Limited to First World) to help Host smoothly complete the mission.】

Having 50% pain reduction, there couldn’t be anything more wonderful! With that, there was nothing he needed to fear, other than death.

But what is the “Perfect Expression Pack”?

【Perfect Expression Pack: No matter how much pain the Host is in, or how twisted, haggard, ugly, irritated, or hysterical you are…it would all appear as the legendary 360 degree perfect expression. This allows the Host to possess otherworldly beauty, and be beautiful to the end, and to the core.】

Shang Ke: “……” The f*ck is this?

After he finished listening to the System Explanation, Shang Ke entered his first world in high spirits, ready to battle.

The System said that the first world’s mission could reach 100% completion, along with a 50% pain reduction. So, Shang Ke thought that this mission would not be too difficult.

However, the System was just f*cking playing with him!

If he wasn’t seeing things wrongly, then the place he currently at was—Interrogation. Torture. Scene!

Metal walls surrounded him on all sides, and he was seated in a chair. His neck, waist, and four limbs were restrained by some kind of strange cuffs, and they were f*cking high tech.

At this moment, the System started transmitting him this world’s basic information.

During the year 3100, the Dragon Fang Empire became controlled by Cruise. He started to implement a mighty and constricting policy, turning the entire country into a cold-blooded machine. The lives and views of the masses were constantly being monitored, and if they expressed any objections, then they would be placed under suspicion, or maybe even erased.

In order to overthrow Cruise, General Utrecht suffered in silence for fifteen years while cultivating talents in secret. One by one, he inserted them into the Empire’s regime and hierarchy, establishing an indestructible rebellion network and collaboration group, and was waiting for the opportunity to counterattack in one move.

However, before General Utrecht could finish his preparations, he became a target that the military had their eyes on. To save his other rebels, he decisively chose to kill himself so that he would not accidentally leak any of their information under the Empire’s cruel torture.

After General Utrecht died, Cruise’s internal military group underwent a great cleansing. It caused the rebellion to lose many of their people, but the main power was still preserved. However, the ruler started to become even more strict in monitoring every area.

The main character of this world was General Ravel. Under the layers of monitoring, he had cautiously organized and prepared for the final fight.

However, five days before they were going to leap into action, a mishap occurred.

General Utrecht’s son, Cage, had originally been sent in secret to the remote Taima Planet to live in incognito. Not long ago, he had snuck out of Taima Planet, and hadn’t even entered Dragon Fang Planet for two days before he was caught by Cruise’s men.

According to the original storyline, after Cage was caught, he had blurted out the names of many rebels before they had even used torture on him. Although they had all changed their identities, Cruise tracked them down through image identification, and almost uprooted the power that General Utrecht had established. Countless rebels were sacrificed in this upheaval. Other casualties were even more impossible to calculate, with a bloody massacre continuing for an entire three months. More than ten years of effort were destroyed by a single man, and Ravel was also forced to leave the core of their authority.

All of this, was just because of Cage’s confession.

It took ten years for Ravel to regroup and overthrow Cruise’s dark regime. Cage did not die in Cruise’s hands, but rather was found by Ravel in the slum housing, and then dragged in front of all the rebel’s graves before being publicly beheaded.

Shang Ke’s current identity was this unlucky “Cage” kid. He had just been caught and imprisoned in the capital army’s basement, prepared to be tortured at any moment.

And his mission was: Do not confess, even in the face of death.

As expected of the “mission that can reach 100% completion, even just by sitting,” wasn’t he sitting right now? Plus, the System had not given him any information to confess, so no matter how cruel Cruise’s men tortured him, it was impossible for him to confess.

Shang Ke could already see the tragic experience he was about to undergo. Thankfully, the System had given him a 50% pain reduction. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t be able to continue acting.

Right at this moment, a middle-aged man’s voice entered the room. “So, Young Master Cage, have you thought it over? Are you going to confess or not?”

Of course he won’t confess! Shang Ke was expressionless.

The voice asked again, “As long as you confess, we can guarantee you a rich life afterwards. Didn’t you come back to Dragon Fang Planet because Taima Planet was too poor?”

So he came back because of that? He really had been courting death. If only he had waited another week. Then, as the founder of the rebellion’s son, there would be plenty of glory for him to enjoy. He would also be able to obtain the respect of countless people, becoming a great and powerful second generation.

But unfortunately, he just had to have such great timing to sell out all of the rebels, right when the rebellion was about to occur.

He supposed that it was because Taima Planet’s information was too behind, so Cage had not known this side’s circumstances at all, and rashly ran over.

“Cage, you’re only twenty-two this year, right?” The middle-aged man continued to encourage, “Such a good age, wouldn’t it be a pity if you just died like this?”

“Have you finished speaking rubbish?” Shang Ke coldly responded, with his slightly raised eyebrow giving him a somewhat arrogant air. His former cowering appearance turned lively in a second, causing the observers outside to be stunned. He had obviously been scared to death just now, so how did he suddenly become so strong-willed?

System gave him a 50% pain reduction, and Shang Ke felt that he was capable of enduring the remaining 50%.

As long as he could persevere for 72 hours, that would satisfy him.

The other clearly did not plan to waste time. Seeing that he wasn’t going to confess, his tone became grim, “Since it turned out like this, then don’t blame us for being impolite. Boar, inject him with the sensitizer.”

Sensitizer? What is that thing?

“You should know what a sensitizer is right?”

He was completely clueless, and there was no need to explain it to him, thank you.

But the other still conscientiously explained, “After injecting you with the sensitizer, all of your senses will be upgraded tenfolds. Even if you were lightly patted, you would feel pain as if you were smashed by a heavy object.”

This type of anti-society thing, just why would you make it?! No wonder everyone wants to overthrow you all, you guys deserve it!

A noise sounded from the side, immediately followed by a machine arm extending from the chair. It exposed a syringe that was aimed towards Shang Ke’s neck, and was inserted into him.

Shang Ke felt an ice-cold liquid flow through his vein and enter his body. Just a few seconds later, he felt his spirit shake. His sense of hearing, smell, touch, and sight all became very sharp. He could almost hear all of the observers’ breathing outside the room where he was imprisoned.

“We’ll first let you experience ten times the pain,” the middle-aged man’s voice carried some cruelty.

What, it was just ten times the pain? He could reduce his pain by 50%…wait! Ten times the pain? Let him calculate…calculate. If ten times the pain was reduced by 50%, the remaining 50%…f*ck, it’s still higher than normal by five times!!!

Shang Ke was about to kneel! Could the System be any more fraudulent?

He was completely duped by the System’s so-called “mission that can reach 100% completion, even just by sitting” and “50% pain reduction!”

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