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Chapter 2: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You (II)

Within a bright and spacious room, a man around thirty years of age stood with his back facing the window, remaining silent.

He was 192 centimeters (6’2) tall, and stood with his back ramrod straight, with a pair of ice-blue eyes that concealed the sharpness of a spear. His long brown hair hung to his waist, and he wore a perfectly cut suit that outlined his physique with great detail. Sunlight traveled through a french window to illuminate his body, as if it was trying to cover him in a layer of gold.

Gabriel looked at this man with reverence and admiration in his eyes as he urged the man, “Sire Ravel, please evacuate as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be too late.”

Ravel raised his eyes to look back towards him. “Why did Cage suddenly come to Dragon Fang Planet?”

Gabriel’s eyes were hesitant, mumbling a bit before he replied, “I am not too clear on the matter either. But, I always heard Cage complain about how Taima Planet’s technology was too outdated and that the environment was nasty, and so he really wanted to return to Dragon Fang Planet.”

“So he came back?” Ravel stared at Gabriel, not missing even a trace of the changes in his expression.

Gabriel felt a bit intimidated by his stare, and couldn’t help but lower his head.

Ravel asked again, “What kind of person is he?”

Gabriel’s expression became even more hesitant, seemingly thinking about whether or not he should reply honestly.

Seeing his appearance, Ravel expressed, “Although you are only General Utrecht’s adopted son, your identity is not any different from Cage’s, so there is no need to worry.”

Gabriel clenched his teeth, and said, “Cage’s nature is a bit unreasonable. He also usually just idles about. He likes to bully the weak, but is afraid of going against the strong, so his reputation isn’t very good in Taima Planet.”

Ravel looked down as he sank into his thoughts, no longer questioning Gabriel.

Gabriel watched him for a moment, before once more reminding him, “Sire Ravel, I hope that you will be able to finish your preparations to evacuate today. Cage…Cage likely won’t be able to last even a day.”

Ravel waved his hand and told him, “I know how things stand. You can leave first.”

Gabriel still wanted to say something, but was unable to utter a single word when he was swept with those ice-cold eyes. He could only helplessly withdraw from the room.

At this moment, Ravel’s Deputy General Kahn walked in and handed him some information. His expression was solemn as he asked, “General, what should we do next? Should we send some men to go to Cage and…”

Kahn did a “kill” action.

“The military is relaxed on the outside but strict inside. There aren’t any chances to do so,” Ravel stated while browsing through the information.

“Then what should we do?” The reason why Cruise’s regime was able to rule for so many years was because they controlled the planet’s most advanced intellectual database, as well as an enormous machine corps. The rebellion took more than ten years to infiltrate into the internal layer of technology. Now, they only needed two more days before they would be able to obtain control of the intellectual database and machine corps. Although it was just two hours, that was enough to change the situation.

Success was just in sight, yet it was thrown into disarray by Cage. He just had to be Utrecht’s son. If the General, down in his grave, knew that the plan was destroyed by his son’s hands, he would likely acutely grieve and lament it.

“Should we prepare to withdraw from here?”

“No.” Ravel sharply said, “So long as we have any kind of movement, they would immediately become suspicious. Rather than giving ourselves away in panic, why not compose ourselves and obtain victory? It is only with the optimum time to clash with them that we would perhaps have a chance to survive.”

Although he was almost certain that they would be able to transform their previous failure to a success this time, his face did not reveal any anxiety.

This kind of calm appearance also soothed Kahn’s mind.

He sighed, “We can only hope that Young Master will be able to persevere for two days.”

Ravel faintly said, “You’re very clear about what the military does. Even if it was me, I’m afraid that I could only chose to kill myself in the end.”

Kahn revealed a helpless expression.

Ravel spoke again, “Keep an eye on Gabriel, and have him wait in the mansion and not leave. Since he and Cage have already stepped into this muddy water, then no matter what their status may be, they cannot think to get through unscathed.

There was still 60 hours before the rebels would be able to obtain the rights to control the intellectual database. Right now, in the military’s underground prisoner room, a few slowly moving virtual screens appeared before Shang Ke’s eyes. All sorts of people’s profiles were displayed on them.

“Cage, take a good look. Is there anyone you recognize?” Charlton, the one in charge of interrogating him, asked. “As long as you can identify one, then we will satisfy one of your requests. For example, maybe enjoying some delicious food, or having a cup of tea.”

From the time that Shang Ke had been caught until now, more than ten hours had already passed. Water dripped. His body and spirit were extremely beaten down. However, Shang Ke held onto his belief that if he died earlier then he would get relief earlier. So, he only expressed disdain toward their bait.

However, he was really hungry…

Charlton wasn’t in a rush either. He had displayed those profiles, not only for Cage to have an easier time identifying anyone, but also so that they could read his brain waves and pulse. Usually, when someone saw a person who they recognized, their mind would show some kind of fluctuation. So long as it appeared, their instruments would be able to catch it. Furthermore, with the sensitizer, the prisoner’s perception would be several times higher than normal, and so the fluctuation would also be clearer.

However, more than ten minutes had passed and the profiles had already cycled through many times, yet Shang Ke’s expression and mood did not expose any abnormalities. It was as if he simply did not know any of those people.

Shang Ke voiced that he truly didn’t know a single one of them.

The System was sneaky to the extreme. Although he knew the world’s basic information, any information related to people was marked out with a cross. He couldn’t even recognize the name or appearance of the main character.

However, he still knew how to make the best of his situation despite suffering. While he looked at the profiles, he would inwardly comment on everyone’s attractiveness rating.

Charlton saw that he was staring at someone a bit more and asked, “You’ve seen him before?”

Shang Ke answered, “He looks pretty good.”

Charlton: “……”

Following that, the same situation happened a few more times. Among them, one time occurred with Charlton’s profile. Shang Ke looked at it for several seconds, staring at it so much that Charlton’s face was a bit stiff. His heart was saying, this guy wasn’t trying to drag him down with him to suffer together, right?

A few of the people in charge of interrogation beside him glanced at him meaningfully, and asked, “Cage, is there a problem with this man?”

“There are a lot of problems,” Shang Ke seriously replied.

Your mom, he really was planning to drag him down to suffer together? Charlton viciously stared at Shang Ke in the prisoner room. So long as he dared to say something to slander him, he would give him a taste of how being pricked by the electric needle tastes.

Shang Ke continued, “This person is the cleanest and most honest looking one among all of the ones I’ve seen.”

Pft! All of the interrogation people couldn’t help but laugh. Of course, all but Charlton. He said with a cold face, “Cage, you dare to have the mood to play a joke now?”

There was nothing he could do about it. Since waiting for time to pass was really hard to bear, Shang Ke could only use this method to pass time by. And, perhaps once they became unhappy, they would send someone to kill him and let him return.

The interrogators began to slightly admire the boy. He was still able to remain calm, even in this kind of situation. He appeared to have already finished his preparations to meet death. They had seen numerous people undergoing interrogation, and were able to see the prisoners through with a look, and tell whether they were truly calm, or just faking it.

However, that composure didn’t matter, since the true show was about to begin.

Charlton decided to give up on the time consuming psychological warfare, and directly use torture. He wanted to see just how strong-willed this guy was.

Just how strong-willed Shang Ke was, even he himself didn’t know. But, when the electric current passed through his body, his only thought was that he wanted to immediately die.

Because Shang Ke’s sensitivity had been heightened, it caused him to feel extreme pain while he remained completely conscious. The interrogator had reduced the voltage, but to him, who had never experienced such pain, it was a horrible torment.

【Perfect Expression Pack automatically unlocking, confirm binding.】 The System’s voice sounded within Shang Ke’s mind.

He was currently tied to the chair, his body slightly trembling. He was supposed to be cutting a very sorry figure, but they saw his eyes half-lidded, with his eyelashes trembling as he bit his lip. His short, platinum blonde hair caused electricity to flicker around his head, and his hair to rise. The bright blue light illuminating his skin gave off an ethereal appearance, and gave a rather indistinct sense of beauty.

Damn it! Shang Ke couldn’t help but cuss. Couldn’t it give him something more practical? Even if his expression underwent a major change, he didn’t care!

When the interrogators all saw this scene, a single thought went through all of their minds simultaneously: This guy is really pretty! The electric current brought out all of his hidden beauty…

Dozen of seconds later, the electric shock was cut off. Shang Ke stopped shuddering, but all he could feel was weakness engulfing his entire body. His complexion was white like snow, and traces of burns were visible on his skin. His veins had contracted to create a net-like design, appearing like a tattoo. But, what was strange was that his face was completely free of any injuries.

“Cage, how do you feel?” Charlton coldly smiled and asked.

How did he feel? He had a feeling of desire, to either become immortal or to die. Shang Ke glanced at the middle of the wall. This glance carried some charm, shocking the people on the other side of the wall, and causing their heartbeats to speed up.

This evildoer! If he wasn’t Utrecht’s son, then they would definitely be able to obtain endless benefits by taking him home.

How could Shang Ke know of these guys’ dirty minds, much less that he had already evoked their twisted desire.

Not even giving Shang Ke time to breathe, a machine arm once again extended from the back of the chair. It roughly pulled apart Shang Ke’s clothes, exposing the wide expanse of skin of his chest.

What were they planning to do this time? Shang Ke’s alarmed and angered expression once again delighted the interrogators.

Charlton told the other interrogators, “I propose that we request all of the executive officers to observe this interrogation, and allow them to take note of his lack of expression while undergoing interrogation.”

His proposal obtained most of their favor. They reported to their superior for only a few seconds before the proposal went through.

Soon after, hundreds of executive officers connected to the video in succession, in order to watch the interrogation progress.

Ravel did not expect that he would be able to see General Utrecht’s son under such circumstances. He looked to be in his early twenties, and he had a pretty and delicate appearance. His body seemed frail, and his exhaustion was shown between his brows, but his eyes were spirited.

When he thought back to Gabriel’s evaluation of him, after taking a look at the person himself, Ravel felt that Gabriel’s words were not very reliable.

He sat upright on his chair, his two hands folded together as he silently watched the boy in the screen, his eyes showing nothing.

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