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Chapter 275: New Life


【My Darling Keke, welcome back to the System Space.】


Shang Ke was distracted for a moment and spent five seconds to calm himself and organize him memories. After that, he finally processed what the System had called him. First it was “Host”, then “Dear Host” and finally “Darling Keke”. The way he was being addressed was becoming more and more intimate.


【My Darling Keke, you have completed all the cursed reincarnations. From now on, you will enjoy normal reincarnations.】


“What do you mean by normal reincarnations?”


【It means that you will not be limited by curses or missions. You can freely live and complete your dream life.】


Shang Ke’s eyes lit up, feeling that his hard times are finally over and he will be rewarded. He sighed loudly to express his pleasure.


【My Darling Keke, would you like to reincarnate now, or would you like to play in the System Space for a few years? The System will offer you all sorts of amusements for your pleasure~~】


Shang Ke carefully thought it over and made up his mind, “Then I’ll stay and play for a few years.”


He had long knew that the System was a piece of Chen Xiao’s soul. It was because of this fragment of his soul that he and Chen Xiao had a chance to change their fates, despite their many meetings and separations. As a part of his lover, Shang Ke will naturally love it as well.


【Okay ( ^_^ )~~】


Shang Ke stayed in the System Space for three years, playing with the fragment everyday either by fighting monsters or learning skills. Time passed quickly.


When he returned to the cycle of reincarnation, Shang Ke finally understood what the System meant by a “normal reincarnation”.


Everything started anew, he once again became a newborn baby, just starting his life. The only thing that was different was that he still had his previous memories.


While lying in the infant room, Shang Ke boredly asked the System mentally, “Can I choose to seal my memories?”


【You can, would you like the omnipotent System to seal Darling Keke’s memories?】


“…No, no need. I was just asking out of curiosity.”


【Okay, if Keke needs it, you can summon the System at any time. The System guarantees to settle any memory worries for KeKe painlessly.】


Shang Ke: Are you role playing as a surgeon? Even going as far to say painlessly… 


Taking advantage of his abundant free time, Shang Ke started to gather information from the System on the basic situation of this world. This was a beautiful ability-user planet. They had many natural resources, developed technology and ability-users that make up one percent of the world’s total population. Every ability-user awakens something different, and most of them were non-battle types. Most of them were life or technology abilities that can be used in every field of study.


Abilities were usually awakened within three months of being born, so in that period of time, newborn babies would be left in a special infant room that can detect the awakening of any abilities.


Shang Ke was current two months old and there was no sign of him awakening any ability. But he did not care, this world did not discriminate against ordinary people, anyone can still shine without an ability.


The infant room would have new infants being sent in everyday, while there were also many infants who have stayed their three months and were taken home by their parents.


Shang Ke lived his life drinking, pooping, sleeping and what he thought the most of was whether or not his man had been born yet. If he has, where was he born at, how did he look like and was he still so scummy?


He had just so happened to look away and saw a new infant being placed carefully in the transparent infant case next to him. That infant had pink skin and his face was tightly wrinkled together like he had suffered greatly. Sparse strands of brown baby hair was on his head and he looked ugly as hell.


Shang Ke’s eyes widen. Wasn’t this motherfucker his man that he was thinking about day and night?


After being reincarnated so many times, Shang Ke noticed that the most broken ability he had gained was the “knowing his man with one look”. Even if he was a pure infant without any dirt, he can still see through him to the scummy aura clinging to his soul.


Hey darling. First time meeting you, hello.


Shang Ke cheerfully waved his hand to his neighbor.


The baby next door only opened his eyes, then went right back to sleep.


Shang Ke turned over to look better at him. He carefully sized up his man’s stature. Short arms and legs, thin and wrinkly, his sleeping posture was also terrible and an offense to mankind. Shang Ke pointed at him, babbling in his baby talk: “Listen here kid, you better eat well. If you grow up and still look like this, I will not accept you.”


Baby male lead: “……”


Shang Ke’s everyday routine changed from drinking, pooping and sleeping to include teasing his husband next door. This guy ate a lot and grew very fast. It only took a dozen days for his skin to grow out of the pink into a pale pink. He looked very healthy and tender. Half a month after that, he had awakened an A-level ability, it was said to be the rare intellect and battle-type dual ability.

TL Note: The husband is actually a combination of husband and the gong for top. 老公(lao gong) + 攻 (gong) = 老攻 


Compared to him, Shang Ke was far more lowkey. Besides looking cute and being loved by all, he never awakened an ability. After waiting his full three months, he had no choice but to leave with his own parents.


Before leaving, Shang Ke remembered his name, Shang Que.

TL Note: Shàng vs Shāng


Since they were in the same city, they will have a chance to meet again. Shang Ke did not worry.


He carefreely lived until six years old, in which his parents sent him to kindergarten. To him who has the memories of an adult, kindergarten was truly a bit dull. But he was good at finding all the happy points of life, so he silently gave himself the “Volunteer” title and helped look after other children when his teacher was over-rurned by other children.


After a few weeks of that, Shang Ke’s class had become the most harmonious and friendly class in the entire kindergarten.


He had thought his life would continue that way, but who knew that next semester his class would welcome a new student.


“Hello everyone, my name is Shang Que.”


Shang Ke looked up at the stage where the new short-haired student stood and thought to himself: Fate is truly a wonderful thing.


Shang Que’s arrival had sent Shang Ke’s life spiraling through chance. The reason was simple, just as Shang Ke had recognized him with one look back when they were infants, Shang Que had also done the same the first day he came to kindergarten. He would follow him everyday like a bodyguard.


At one point, Shang Ke had been crouching in the corner and watching without much attention to a boy playing with a water gun. Perhaps it was because his gaze was too dazed, it make Shang Que mistakenly believe that he really liked the water gun the other boy had. So he fiercely walked over then and stole the water gun then pushed it into his arms. Then he stood in front of his like a small wall, preventing the other boy from snatching it back.


The boy who had suddenly had his beloved toy being snatched from his looked shocked for a moment, then immediately burst into tears. The teacher immediately rushed over and while comforting him, also criticized Shang Que for his action.


Shang Que gave a disdainful stare at the boy who hadn’t even tried to fight back for the toy and had immediately cried for the teacher to help him. He coldly gave his comment, “Childish.”


Shang Ke: There seems to be something wrong with his man’s three views… 


“Let’s not play with a brat like that in the future.”


Shang Ke: They probably never wanted to play with you in the first place… 


While eating, Shang Que would always stick to Shang Ke. The food was usually some meat, vegetable and a bowl of warm soup.


Shang Ke had just eaten his cabbage and cucumber when a pair of chopsticks suddenly came over and snatched his chicken roll, and cabbage and cucumbers were placed in it’s spot.


Shang Ke turned his head over.


Shang Que considerately spoke, “I will give you all of my cabbage and cucumber, I will help you eat the chicken roll you don’t like.”


Shang Ke: This kid doesn’t know that some people like to leave their favorite things at the end to eat… 


He probably thought Shang Ke’s expression was too “unfulfilled and unhappy”, so Shang Que also stole the cabbage and cucumbers of another child’s tray and placed it into Shang Ke’s.


Shang Ke: “……”


That child did not like eating vegetables, but for someone to randomly take something from his bowl, his small temper immediately exploded. From a small argument, it developed into a full fledged fight that finally turned into an entire cafeteria war.


Shang Ke watched the chaotic cafeteria and had the faint feeling that, his harmonious and friendly class image was about to be gone forever.


The all-round education of his husband must be done from childhood! Shang Ke, the dutiful volunteer decided to teach him by words and example, to transform him into a beautiful and virtue responsible man.


Shang Ke’s carrot and stick method and various skills were naturally overwhelming toward a child who hasn’t even grown all his teeth. Shang Que’s learning speed was far superior to the average child with his intellect and battle-type dual abilities. With Shang Ke’s teachings, he quickly mattered various subjects. After witnessing Shang Ke’s omnipotence, the proud and arrogant Shang Que was both convinced by him and liked him.


The two’s relationship progressed day by day, no matter whether it was studying, gaming, eating or eating, they did everything together. What Shang Que did not want to say, Shang Ke would say it for him; what Shang Ke did not like to do, Shang Que would help him to do. They understood each other well without speaking.


The two happily went through a year of kindergarten. They thought they would be together for elementary after that, but Shang Que had no choice but to move because of his father’s work changing.


The day before they parted, Shang Que hid in Shang Ke’s house’s bathroom and cried his heart out. It was as if he was planning to cry himself to death in his bathroom. Based on his personality, he had probably never cried so hard before.


Shang Ke leaned against the door and quietly spoke, “Don’t cry anymore, come out. I have something I want to give you.”


The crying sound gradually ceased and a few seconds later, Shang Que left the bathroom. Although he was determined to act as if he didn’t just go through a crying fest, his red eyes betrayed him.


Shang Ke took out two necklaces from a box, “These are lockets I made myself, we each get one.”


The lockets would come together into a leaf shape while their names were carved on the back. Shang Ke gave the one with his name on it to Shang Que.


“Take care of it, don’t lose it.” Shang Ke helped hang it around his neck.


Shang Que also picked up the other one and hung it around Shang Ke’s neck.


“I will write letters to you.”


“Mm, I will write back too.”


After a reluctant parting, Shang Que left with his parents. He had thought he would be able to raise the other up this lifetime, but it looks like his plans can’t keep up with the changes of life.


The next time they met again, it was ten years later. The two of them had just so happened to meet by applying to the same university. 


These past few years, Shang Ke was always mindful of any news of Shang Que. The two of them had contact at first, but when Shang Que went abroad, they had lost contact.


Shang Ke mulled over if he should use his hacking skills to find Shang Que’s abroad address and see if he can get into the same college as him.


However, before he had the chance to go through with that plan, Shang Que had found him first.


When Shang Ke saw the bright young man smiling and walking to him on campus, he had a premonition that this time, they will not be separated again… 

SnowTime: Yes, I translate the last chapter of the series before all the other chapters were done. Problem?

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