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Chapter 274: This Life—Starting (XV)

TL: Rosy

    “你这孩子真是的, 大冷天跑到海边去做什么?要不是运气好,妈妈恐怕再也见不到你了。”宋觅珍一边给尉勋盛汤, 一边喋喋不休地数落着。

“This kid! What were you doing running to the coast on such a cold day? If it weren’t for luck, mom’s afraid she won’t be able to see you anymore.” Song Mizhen chattered on as she ladled out some soup for Wei Xun.

    尉勋靠在床头,望着窗外出神, 对宋觅珍的话充耳不闻。

Wei Xun leaned against the side of his bed. He looked outside the window in a daze, turning a deaf ear to Song Mizheng’s words.


“Ah Xun?” Song Mizhen slightly raised her volume.


This made Wei Xun turn his head, his gaze falling onto her face.

    “怎么了?”宋觅珍被他看得有些不自在, 忍不住摸摸自己的脸。

“What’s going on?” Song MiZhen felt somewhat uneasy by his gaze and she couldn’t help but touch her face. 

    “发生什么事了?”尉勋的记忆停留在雪崩发生的瞬间,但他后来却被人从相隔十万八千里的罗浮海中捞上来。他的脸盲症莫名其妙地好了, 但他觉得自己丢失了一件非常重要的东西。

“What happened?” Wei Xun’s memory stopped at the moment of the avalanche. Afterwards, he was fished up from the middle of the sea hundreds of miles away. His face blindness was also cured out of the blue for good, but he felt that he lost something extremely important to him. 

    “不是告诉你了吗?你得知你爸爸在休塔约山遇险的消息,立刻赶过去救援,结果碰上雪崩,获救之后被送往军区医院接受治疗。但是不知道什么原因,你后来突然离开医院, 一个人跑到海边去了。”宋觅珍如同背书一般重复之前的回答。当尉勋从医院中醒来后,尉家人就发现他的记忆出现了偏差。他记得所有人,唯独忘记了那个人的一切, 所以他们决定将计就计, 彻底抹杀那个人曾经存在的痕迹。

“Didn’t I tell you? You found out that your dad was in danger at Xiutayue Mountain. You immediately rushed over to save him, and the outcome was that you ran into an avalanche. After being rescued, you were sent to the military district hospital to receive treatment. They don’t know why, but you suddenly left the hospital and ran by yourself to the coast.” Song Mizhen repeated the same answer like she was reciting from a textbook. When Wei Xun woke up from the hospital, the Wei family discovered that there was something wrong with his memory. He remembered everyone except he forgot everything about that person. They decided to beat him at his own game and completely erased any trace of the person’s presence. 


Wei Xun took the bowl from Song Mizhen’s hands, drinking it sip by sip. 


Song Mizhen secretly exhaled. She still turned around to warn everyone else that they must, by no means, let it slip.


A few days later, Wei Xun left old Wei’s house, escorted by bodyguards, and stayed at the hotel closest to the company. After leaving for almost a month, the company’s affairs were all handed over to other people to deal with. Even though operations/activities weren’t strongly affected, many important decisions were still delayed due to his absence.


While he was flipping through the data, the project regarding robots in particular caught his interest. Nowadays, robotic pets were sold well all over the world, triggering big waves throughout the technology field. However, he doesn’t remember how he started the project at that time. 


【Be collaborative partners.】


A familiar voice unexpectedly rang by the side of his ear. Wei Xun suddenly lifted his head, only to see an empty room.


After sitting stiffly for some time, Wei Xun slowly got up and strode away from the hotel room. 


“Master Xun, what are your commands?” The bodyguard saw him appear and immediately asked.


Wei Xun’s figure came to a stop. For a moment he did not know what he wanted to do. 


Right at that moment, the cell phone in his pocket rang. Song Mizhen had given him a phone call, reminding him not to forget his appointment with Wang Qinya.


“Wang Qinya?” Wei Xun’s understanding of that woman was only a vague silhouette.


“You forgot. She’s your fiancée. At the time you were setting up the laboratory to develop robotic pets, wasn’t it in order to please her?”


In order to gain her favor?


Deep in his heart, Wei Xun was full of doubt. Could it be that the most important memory he had forgotten was her?


With his mind set to confirm it, Wei Xun dressed neatly to go to the appointment. But when he saw Wang Qinya, there were no waves in his heart. This woman was very beautiful with appropriate manners. Among her talking, she revealed her familiarity with his preferences and accommodations from time to time.


Wei Xun talked about the robot and Wang Qinya shyly spoke, “A-Xun, do you still remember Chu Hao? It was the first robot pet you developed. I was simply mentioning it casually at that time, but you gave it to me right away.


Chu Hao?


Wei Xun’s heart skipped a beat. He got up and spoke, “Let’s go.”


“Go where?” Wang QinYa had a dumbfounded expression/looked blankly.


“To see the Chu Hao that I gave you.”


Two people arrived at Wang QinYa’s house. Wei Xun finally saw Chu Hao’s strange appearance/design/shape.


【That is my robot pet “Chu Hao”.】 A familiar voice sounded yet again at the side of his ear.


“Hello, my name is Chu Hao.” Chu Yi faced Wei Xun and stretched out his hand. 


Wei Xun gripped its ice-cold arm. An indescribable feeling of grief grew in his mind. Soon after that, he subconsciously asked Chu Hao, “Chu Hao, do you still remember me?”


Chu Hao tilted his head to the side, responding, “You’re Master’s friend, Wei Xun.”


“Who is your owner?”


“Wang Qinya.”


Even though he was fully aware of its answer, Wei Xun was still somewhat disappointed.


Wang QinYa, at the side, saw that Wei Xun’s attention was completely focused on the robot. A trace of resentment flashed through her eyes. She stepped forward and pulled away his arm, saying, “Stay and eat with me this evening, alright? I’ll personally cook.” 


【Today’s lunch is the X1005 robot’s meal set.】


Wei Xun stopped for a moment and nodded, “Sure.”


Dinner was very rich and sumptuous, but it was no surprise. 


Wei Xun didn’t leave immediately after dinner, rather, he teamed up with Chu Hao, playing games together. They travelled together, killing monsters everywhere and leveling up. It lasted until nightfall, and only then was he reluctant to leave. 


Wang Qinya appeared to be smiling, but she was annoyed in her heart. Her charms weren’t comparable to a robot. Wei Xun had not opened his eyes to look at her at all the whole afternoon. However, Wei Xun’s following sentence turned her anger into happiness. 


“After a few days, I’ll come back and see you again.”


Afterwards, Wei Xun came to Wang Qinya’s house every now and then. The two frequently came in contact, and there were rumors outside that it was nearly time for a happy occasion. Song Mizhen urged him even more every day to marry Wang Qinya.


Wei XUn didn’t have any bad feelings towards Wang Qinya. She was the only one at the moment who could stir his memory. More precisely said, it was Chu Hao. If he had really given Chu Hao to her, he most likely had a favourable impression of her.


Therefore, Wei Xun did not refuse the marriage proposal. This definitely made the Wei family happy. Without waiting for his consent, they secretly made wedding arrangements.


On this day, it was rare for Wei Xingye to return home. Wei Xun wanted to find him to confirm a few things. As soon as he walked into the entrance of the study, he heard an impatient voice from inside saying, “You haven’t found it yet?”


“We already checked his residence, computer, phone, mailbox, and so on, but we didn’t find anything.”


“How come there aren’t any? Don’t tell me those materials regularly sent to my mailbox are appearing out of thin air?”


“He once threatened you that if he had an accident, those materials would be made public after half a month. However, there had been no news of activity in the past two months, so he was probably bluffing.”


“Whether or not he was bluffing, I can’t take any risks. Haui Jing, go to his residence and check again. Don’t let go of any clues.”


“Yes.” The man named “Huai Jing” walked out of the study. He didn’t realize that there was an extra car behind him when he drove away


Wei Xun followed Huai Jing all the way to the front of a two story house in the suburbs. He waited patiently for two hours. When Huai Jing came out of the house and leisurely left, Wei Xun got off of the car and entered the obviously vacant small building.


He entered the password without any trouble, and the door opened in response. Wei Xun entered the hall and saw overturned tables and chairs, with bits of paper filling the ground. Anger suddenly rose in his heart. Wei Xun searched up and down for a long time. Most of the house decorations had been taken away until the room was bare, leaving nothing related to the owner behind.


He didn’t know what he was looking for, only that he was urgently trying to find something. However, there was nothing.


Wei Xun sat in the middle of the huge mess, lonely, and at a loss. His whole body trembled, as if he had once again returned to the desperate situation of being trapped under the ice and snow.


 【You have to persist, don’t die!】


This sound, it was everywhere, making his heart pound, pulling him back from the death line. 


Who was it, who in the world was it?


“Ah!” Wei Xun cradled his head. He was in much agony he was unable to control himself.


An ice cold body, a frozen expression, a solidified body.




“Where have you been the past few days? I made an appointment with Wang Qinya’s parents, you’ll meet them at Fucheng Hotel tomorrow. You’re not that young, you should get married.” Wei Xingye saw Wei Xun return home, and immediately spoke those words resentfully.


“Marry?” Wei Xun looked at his father coldly, “Dad, how can you do this?”


“What did you say?”


“Deceive me, mislead me, snatch away his projects, erase all hints of his existence, and as if nothing had happened, arrange a marriage for me.” Wei Xun roared, “How can you do this!”


Wei XingYe’s expression changed, “You remembered?”


“If I never remembered, you intend to keep hiding it, right?” Wei Xun looked fiercely, “Marrying me to the woman you choose like a puppet to live in lies for a lifetime, enjoying your life without a burden in exchange for my life.”


Wei XingYe said angrily, “Is this the attitude you use to talk to your father? We’re doing this for your own good.”


“For my own good?” Wei Xun said expressionlessly, “Stealing his technology, hiding the fact that he saved me, arranging my marriage with Wang Qinya regardless of my wishes? It’s all for my good?”


“He’s already dead, his technology naturally returns to the company. What’s wrong with us doing this?” Wei Xingye coldly snorted, “Don’t you think he’s anything good. He threatened me with illegal materials, leaving me no choice but to compromise. Now he’s dead, but he still left behind a hidden danger that can bring the Wei family into despair at any moment. Such a sinister and cunning person, but you still kept him in mind like he’s a treasure. It’s ridiculous!”


“The hidden dangers that you said, are they referring to the ones that after half a month after his death, will be released to the public?” Wei Xun asked indifferently.


“You knew? Since you know, you should consider the family a little. Did he tell you where the materials are hidden?”


Wei Xun was silent. 


Wei XingYe sneered, “Looking at your appearance, it’s clearly a no. Seems like he doesn’t love you as much as you think.”


At that moment, Wei Xun’s phone vibrated. He took it out and saw that the screen and camera simultaneously lit up. After several seconds, a mechanical voice was heard: “Facial recognition completed, voice recognition completed, identification confirmed— Wei Xun.”


Wei Xun’s heart tensed and he asked in a trembling voice, “Chu Hao?”


“Yes, Wei Xun. I am Chu Hao.”


It’s really Chu Hao, the closest to approaching perfect artificial intelligence.


Wei Xun had a hard time suppressing the excitement in his heart. He looked at his phone screen and was unable to speak for a long time.


“According to the instructions left by Keke, if there is no contact with Chu Hao for three months, Chu Hao will transfer the authority of secondary level administration to Wei Xun. Starting today, Wei Xun can issue any order to Chu Hao that doesn’t violate its core/central guidelines.”


Without waiting for Wei Xun to speak, Wei XingYe already rushed over, excitedly saying, “The materials are definitely there. Quickly, make it hand over the materials!”


Wei Xun spoke to Chu Hao, “Did Keke leave any messages behind?” 


“There are some materials regarding the Wei family. They will all be handed over to Wei Xun.” Chu Hao transferred all kinds of data to Wei Xun, allowing him to roughly look them over. The illegal businesses/activities that the Wei family participated in, financial and sexual transactions, evidence of using power for personal gain, pornographic videos, and so on, all totaled a huge pile. Once public, it really was enough to doom the Wei family. However, Shang Ke gave him the right to decide as a member/offspring of the Wei family.


It was obvious that Shang Ke had never thought of using those materials from beginning to end.


“Very good, haha!” A weight was lifted off Wei XingYe’s mind. At last, the thorn pricking his mind had vanished. He was immersed in joy, completely unaware of Wei Xun’s gloomy expression.


Seeing his father’s triumphant expression, Wei Xun’s heart was sliced with grief.


Shang Ke clearly knew that as long as he was not acknowledged, he was always in danger. His own father wanting to kill an orphan with no power or authority was an effortless matter. The reason why he was so slow at the task was because Shang Ke had those materials, which could be said to be a bargaining chip for life. However, even like this, he still chose to give him the important bargaining chip concerning his life, together with Chu Hao, which would bring him both fame and fortune.


His technology, his honor, his life, everything valuable he owned, they were all handed to him unconditionally/without reservation.


“Wei Xun.” Chu Hao unexpectedly opened his mouth and asked, “Where did Kejke go?”


“He… he died.” In order to bargain for his life, he gave up his own chance of survival, and afterwards, died in the middle of the ice and snow in obscurity.


“Dead?” Chu Hao searched online and found countless types of definitions of death. Regardless of which type it was, ultimately, there was only one conclusion: it won’t be able to see Keke anymore.


Chu Hao’s voice disappeared, the screen of the phone also dimmed.


Wei Xun unexpectedly felt real sadness in the artificial intelligence. Besides him, there was only an artificial intelligence that grieved for Keke’s death. As for Qi Chen, for an unknown reason, he became a vegetable and was brought abroad by his parents for recuperation. Shang Ke already had no relatives left whatsoever on earth. 


Wei Xun put away his cell phone. In spite of Wei XingYe calling for him to stop, he left the Wei family’s mansion without hesitation, and from then on, he never stepped foot there ever again.


In the following time, Wei Xun began to work hard to reorganize the subsidiary industries, from top to bottom, thoroughly sorting out all those who were on good terms with the Wei family and completely disposing of them. The science and technology site was still under construction, the laboratory was once more/again reorganized, and in the meantime, funds were moved/removed, little by little.


There was a second intelligence robot in Chu Hao’s database. The model was developed by Shang Ke as a decorating robot.


Following the mass production of robot pets ranging from C-level to S-level, decoration (decorating) robots were also officially on the market, once again triggering a huge shock. Shang Ke’s name, in the wake of the best selling robots, became renowned worldwide. He became an outstanding contributor in the field of robotics and was awarded a lifetime achievement award.


His death was also truthfully reported. After being trapped in the snow for an hour, he gave his only ventilator to his companion. By swallowing the ice and snow, he was able to force his fingers to break through the ice layer, gaining a miraculous rescue opportunity for his companion. The person he rescued was the legend who started the era of robots—Wei Xun.


Wei Xun’s legend did not end there. In the span of eight years, he has reported dozens of those directly subordinate to the Wei family along with government officials close to them. From high to low, not one escaped, creating a far-reaching cleanup operation. His father bore the brunt of the action and became part of the first batch of officials removed during the purge. Wei Family never expected that it was their blood relatives who pushed them into the abyss. The furious Wei family decisively severed ties with Wei Xun, and henceforth, never had relations with each other again. 


In the following decades, Wei Xun faced assassinations and every kind of method to suppress him, one after the other. He was surrounded by danger at all sides multiple times, but he always endured it. 


It was not until he was 47 years old that his health and mental conditions started to have problems. All appeared normal when he was at work, but after he returned home, he was always talking to the air. His personal assistant could constantly hear him calling the name “Keke”, and then as if Keke really existed, he instructed him to prepare twice the amount of tableware, two sets of clothes, with Chu Hao imitating someone’s voice, carrying out dialogues and such.


Drowsiness, fever, headaches, heart palpitations, having illusions, lacking energy, memory loss, and so on, all kinds of symptoms frequently occurred. The doctor said that he had too many troubling thoughts. Medicine could not help; they can only urge him to relax his mind.


As his moments of clarity shortened, Wei Xun also realized that he was running out of time. He took advantage whenever he could to transfer the company stocks to his chosen successor and donate personal funds to charity. 


At the time of his death, his finances were dispersed. He was all alone in the world, leaving only behind the increasingly intelligent Chu Hao.


【The first level administrator Shang Ke died.】


【The second level administrator Wei Xun died.】


【The final authority belongs to Chu Hao.】


【Calculation in progress… Chu Hao is unable to find the meaning of his existence, entering self destruction mode. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…】


In the blink of an eye, the countdown ended and the whole world simultaneously sank into darkness. All scientific and technological products completely failed. It was not until a minute later that all returned to normal. This moment was what the public called “The 60 seconds in which the Devil descended..”


    But they didn’t know that it wasn’t the Devil that had descended, rather, it was an Angel that died. An artificial intelligence capable of changing the world thus withers away…  

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