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Chapter 19: My Heart Beats For You (X)

The doctor and nurses quickly returned to their senses, preparing to send Shang Ke into the emergency treatment room. However, they suddenly heard him say, “Jian Chenfeng, Jian Chenfeng, don’t forget, I sighed a heart donation agreement. If, if I don’t live this time, you must transplant my heart to Jian Xin.”

Shang Ke turned his head in Jian Chenfeng’s direction, but Jian Chenfeng was not there. The surrounding people understood, Shang Ke’s eyes were already blind.

Jian Chenfeng gripped the other man’s hand, his eyes turning red, his voice hoarse as he spoke, “Yumo, you already lived through a brain tumor operation, and this time will be fine too! Don’t give up, I am still waiting for you so we can return home together.”

At the side, Jian Xin’s mind immediately went blank after hearing Shang Ke’s words. What? Heart donation agreement? Jiang Yumo was transplanting his heart to her?

God, just how much had he paid for her? No wonder her older brother had treated him so favorably, and Donglin wished to move aside for him. For her, he didn’t even want his life anymore. She had harshly criticized him in the past, but now, it had all turned into endless guilt and stirring emotions.

Jian Xin could only feel her heart begin to hurt as her breathing quickened and her complexion paled. She was like a stranded fish. The sounds around her all turned chaotic and she gradually lost consciousness…

Shang Ke and Jian Xin were sent to different emergency rooms.

Jian Chenfeng worriedly kept watch outside of the emergency room. When he learned the course of events from Jiang Donglin, he didn’t even think and ruthlessly punched him in the face.

Jiang Donglin did not resist and took the first, his entire person falling onto the ground, dazed.

Jian Chenfeng’s face was frighteningly dark and he glared at him furiously. He did not say another word before leaning against the wall, motionlessly waiting.

People from both the Jiang and Jian Family’s rushed to the hospital after receiving the news.

Jian Chenfeng did not have the energy to deal with their questions. A continuous fear caused his entire body to freeze, as if he was waiting in torment for the Death God’s decision.

At this moment, a doctor walked out from Shang Ke’s emergency room and met at their hopeful and expectation gazes, heavily saying, “The patient’s injuries are very severe, and the chance for recovery is very low. Even if his life is saved, he will only be able to lay on the bed, paralyzed. No matter what, we will do our best to treat him. However, just now the patient requested to cease treatment.”

“What? Cease treatment?” Mother Jiang could not believe it and questioned, “Why?”

Jian Chenfeng didn’t even need to guess to know what that guy was planning. He wanted to leave his heart for Jian Xin!

Even at this time, his heart still only had Jian Xin!

Jian Chenfeng endured his anger and spoke unyieldingly, “Don’t listen to him, and continue to treat him! Paralysis is fine, and disability is also fine. The important part is for him to live!”

The doctor looked at Jian Chenfeng, seriously confirming, “Young Master Jian, are you sure?”

Jian Xin was also in emergency treatment. Her heart had received a significant shock and was on the brink of a crisis. Jian Chenfeng’s decision might cause neither one to be able to be saved. If he chose to give up on Jiang Yumo, then at least Jian Xin would have a greater chance to survive, and it would be a permanent recovery.

Jian Chenfeng was just about to reply when he saw a nurse rush out and shout to the doctor, “Doctor Huang, the patient is refusing to cooperate and won’t last much longer.”

Jian Chenfeng rushed to the entrance and shouted inside, “Jiang Yumo, listen to me, live! My younger sister’s life isn’t your responsibility!”

I’m sorry, Jian Chenfeng.

This time, he was really giving up.

Shang Ke used his hazy consciousness to slowly close his eyes. Everything in his surroundings seem to gradually go far away…

Luckily, he had not accepted Jian Chenfeng’s feelings. If they didn’t have anything in the first place, then he shouldn’t be too sad when he loses him.

Shang Ke’s final treatment did not work and he died, and his heart was immediately transplanted to Jian Xin.

The organ transplant operation was very successful, and no dangerous rejection appeared. After her recovery period, she was able to leave the hospital with a clean bill of health.

Jiang Family had only found out that their son had signed a heart donation agreement during his operation, and although they did not protest against it, they were unable to obtain peace with their son’s death. Especially Jiang Donglin, it was unlikely that he would be able to break free from the guilt of indirectly killing his younger brother in his life.

“Jian Xin, I came to take you home since you’ve been discharged from the hospital.” Jian Chenfeng entered the sickroom, his face like water as he looked at the girl standing by the window.

A month ago, he had said the same thing to Yumo. However, he never had the chance to take the other man back with him.

Jian Xin turned back, a faint trace of grief in her eyes.

She silently followed her older brother out of the sickroom, not speaking until they were in the car, “Brother, you hate me, don’t you?”

“You are my younger sister. I do not hate you,” Jian Chenfeng faced ahead, his tone dull as he continued, “but, I will never forgive you.”

Jian Xin, you lost someone who was willing to use his life in order to love you. And I lost someone who I was willing to use my entire lifetime to love….

【Congratulations to Host for completing additional mission 1.】

【You have completed one main mission and one additional mission in this world, may Host please receive your reward. Constitution +2 (+1), Memory +5 (+2), Spiritual Power +10 (+5), Beauty +10 (+2), Life Span +1 (+1). You can learn one additional skill.】

Shang Ke was still immersed in his melancholy. The taste of parting between the living and deceased was really unpleasant. Although he didn’t actually die, the people in the mission world don’t know that and truly with their feelings, feeling sad for his death. This caused Shang Ke to feel rather upset.

【Host’s deaths are not senseless, for every time that you sacrifice your life, you can save another’s. If you still feel guilty, then you can pay with the same feelings. The worlds that Host experiences all truly exist, so diligently live every life as you desire, and don’t leave behind regrets. 】

Shang Ke understood and said, “You’re right, with this kind of chance to experience different lives, what can I be unhappy about? I’ve decided. I will give my all to complete all three missions, and then stay in that world and enjoy my life. The longer one lives, the more one learns. I should not give up so easily on life.”

【Choose the skill you wish to learn.】The system revealed the skills one by one.

Shang Ke noticed that the magic and martial arts he wanted to learn the most were still gray, but “dancing” and “weaving” were now available.

Weaving? Shang Ke was a bit curious and decided to choose this skill.

Regarding the Musical Instruments skill he had chose before, he could choose another one or two instrument to learn. His Cooking skill could also continue to be trained.

Ten years later, Shang Ke walked out from the Hundred Training Space. His entire body was filled with a scholarly aura, and a single smile would melt countless girls hearts.

Just as he was about to enter the next world, Shang Ke suddenly remembered a question, asking, “System, the Ravel and Jian Chenfeng who I met in the other two worlds, are they the same person?”

System:【Please figure it out yourself.】

“I think they are!”

【There is no reward even if you guess correctly.】

Shang Ke: (#‵ ′)凸

The high and mighty, cold System could really break people’s hearts.

Shang Ke’s consciousness blurred, and he was sent to the next world by the System.

When he opened his eyes, the sight before him caused his entire person to feel that the situation was bad!

TL Note: This extra is not in the original raws, deleted by the author because it no longer fits what happens later down the line. Take it with a grain of salt ~

Extra: Jian Chenfeng

The Jian Family and Jiang Family often did business together. Jiang Family’s oldest son, Jiang Donglin, treated people gently and with courtesy, and he had a very refined nature. Meanwhile, the second son Jiang Yumo was the model of a dandy, ignorant and incompetent. As such, when Jian Chenfeng found out that Jiang Yumo was pursuing his younger sister, he had a lot of enmity towards him.

Afterwards, when Father Jiang asked his father to do him a favor and let Jiang Yumo intern at Jian Family’s company, he decided to properly examine this man.

The first time they met at the company, he did not give the other any face and created trouble for him. He had thought that the young master wouldn’t be able to endure his anger and walk out, but he had unexpectedly accepted his arrangements calmly, and didn’t even say one line back.

Rumors outside said that he was arrogant and despotic, but from the looks of it, they could not be trusted. Jian Chenfeng thus slightly changed his opinion of Jiang Yumo.

He had Secretary Cui secretly take note of his every action to see how his character was.

However, after just a day, Secretary Cui already had a good opinion of the young man. He felt that Jiang Yumo was completely different from the rumors, and told him, “His temper is good, he adapts fast, and his communication skills are pretty good.”

What surprised him even more was that Jiang Yumo’s ability to make coffee was very good. After drinking the coffee made by him, he spoke without any hesitation, “My coffee will be made by him in the future.”

The next day, Secretary Cui discovered other shining points of Jiang Yumo. His memory was strong, his cooking skills were exquisite, and he was good at communicating and adapting.

Jian Chenfeng felt that it was a novelty, so he had Jiang Yumo bring him a lunchbox, and as expected, he was not disappointed. The first lunchbox was enough to shake him.

Jian Chenfeng had no choice but to admit that the reason why he changed his attitude towards the other man was completely because of those delicious and gorgeous lunchboxes.

It was only after truly interacting with Jiang Yumo that he discovered that the other was a very good man. He was very cheerful and polite, and being together with him would always cheer someone up.

However, the way he pursued his younger sister was just too normal, and he merely sent her a rose every day. Jian Chenfeng couldn’t help but think to himself, was it because Jiang Yumo had been too active in pursuing her and scared her that he began to use such a method?

Jian Chenfeng did not know why he chose to do so, and did not bother to warn him. Even when he discovered that his younger sister was becoming closer to Jiang Donglin, he just stood out of the way and observed.

The first time that Jian Chenfeng noticed his feelings was when he had gone to Jiang Yumo’s home on a whim. He had accidentally discovered that Jiang Yumo’s body had many bruises in varying stages of recovery, and it was clear that it had been like this for a while.

For some unknown reason, he had felt angry and dragged the other man to the sofa to look further, pressing down on him and pulling his clothes open. Seeing Jiang Yumo lying there with his clothing messy and in such close proximity to him, their skin touching and rubbing, had caused a reaction that he was hard-pressed to control.

In that moment, he had panicked a bit and ran away.

During the following days, his mind had been full of Jiang Yumo’s figure, and he gradually became aware of the type of feelings he held towards him. But Jiang Yumo was a man, and the one he liked was his younger sister. He hesitated on whether he should hide these feelings, and let it remain a secret forever.

When he finally made his decision, he did not spend too much time dwelling on it.

When he found out that Jiang Yumo was a member of the extreme sports club, Jian Chenfeng finally understood where his injuries had came from. With regard to his participation, he was rather angry, so when he obtained the information that he was playing with a jet ski at the beach, he didn’t even think it through before going.

Jian Chenfeng disliked noisy environments, but his main reason for going to the beach was to supervise Jiang Yumo. He was worried that the other would play too much.

However, when he saw the figure that was piloting a jet ski and recklessly rushing through the waves, his heart had thoroughly fell for him.

His brashness, his confidence, his smile, his brightness…every detail of his everything was like a magnet that attracted his gaze.

At that time, he decided. He wanted this man no matter what. It was fine that they were the same gender, it was fine that he liked someone else, he would think of his own method to make the other fall for him.

After that event, he had invited him to a meal, while he thought about how to pursue this man so he would fall for him as well.

However, after a short trip to the bathroom, everything changed.

He had met up with Yumo’s older brother, Jiang Donglin, who had came with Jian Xin to eat in the same restaurant. The two were worried about Jian Xin, and both went to the bathroom to check the situation. Just as they walked over, they saw Yumo supporting Jian Xin, who was breathing hard against the wall outside of the bathrooms.

Jian Xin had a heart disease and could not take stimulation. When Jiang Donglin saw this scene, he immediately rushed up to push Yumo aside.

Yumo wasn’t standing stably and fell backward, the back of his head hitting the wall. Back then, no one could have expected that this single collision would be so serious. Jian Xin’s situation was quickly stabilized, but Yumo fainted.

They only found out after they had sent him to the hospital that Yumo had contracted a brain tumor. When they found out, Jian Chenfeng was in extreme shock and fear.

Jiang Donglin blamed himself, and Jian Chenfeng also felt really resentful towards him, but he did not say much.

What he paid attention to was how Yumo already knew he had contracted a brain tumor, and yet he had not only hid it from his family, but he also recklessly participated in extreme sports without a care for his life.

But the first thing he asked when he woke up was “Is Jian Xin okay?”

He almost lost his life, yet he still had the energy to worry about others?

“She’s fine, you should worry about yourself first.” Jian Chenfeng couldn’t endure it and asked him, “Why do you still participate in those dangerous extreme sports if you are fully aware of your state?”

“I cannot give up my hobby just became I am ill,” Jiang Yumo had self-righteously replied.

But Jian Chenfeng had a vague feeling that this wasn’t his true reason.

Then he heard from Jian Xin’s doctor that someone had matched her heart type and had signed a heart donation agreement, and that person was Jiang Yumo.

Jian Chenfeng couldn’t believe that Yumo was willing to donate his heart for his younger sister. It was only then that he understood why Yumo had chosen to hide his condition, and participated in extreme sports without regard for his life. He had never planned to be treated, and he wanted to use his life in exchange for Jian Xin’s!

While Jian Chenfeng’s shock couldn’t increase any further, and he was both angry and distressed, he also couldn’t restrain the jealousy in his heart. Yumo had allowed Jian Xin to misunderstand him, insulting his feelings and helping her and Jiang Donglin while he willingly and silently paid the price.

Just how stupid was he?

Jian Chenfeng forcefully took him to his home and restricted him to his side, putting his everything into taking care of the other man. He would not allow him to do anything to injure himself.

No matter what happened after, living together with him had satisfied his heart.

He told him, “Your life belongs to me.” He believed that one day Yumo would accept him.

When he kissed him, Jian Chenfeng was sure that this was the man who he wanted to guard for his entire life as his lover. No matter how hard the future becomes, as long as he was by his side, he would gladly endure it.

Jian Chenfeng’s effort was not for naught, and Yumo smoothly endured to the day of the operation. Before the operation, he had asked him, “When your operation is over, can we try being together?”

He had answered, “We can talk about it after the operation is successful.”

He didn’t directly refuse him, filling Jian Chenfeng’s heart with expectation. When the operation was successful, he was so happy that he had almost shouted “Hallelujah.”

He had thought that the two of them could finally start.

Jian Chenfeng had ordered an entire house of roses in order to escort Yumo out of the hospital.

He had already planned it out. They would first go to Yumo’s parents house to eat, before returning to his house where he would confess among the roses, and they would officially start their life together.

He was very impatient for it. He had never thought that he would have such a difficult to endure day.

However,when he was just about to welcome happiness, fate played a great joke on him.

He watched with his own eyes as Yumo rushed out into the street to protect Jian Xin, both them sent flying by the truck.

Yumo was seriously injured while Jian Xin only had a few scrapes, it was clear just how tightly he had protected her.

And at that moment, the first thing he asked about was still Jian Xin.

Jian Xin silently sobbed in Yumo’s embrace. She was probably also moved by Yumo’s sacrifice.

The medical personnel hurriedly rushed over, yet Yumo did not forget to remind him to give his heart to Jian Xin, even while lying on the stretcher.

This idiot! Jian Xin had never loved him, so why was he willing to do so much for her?

His entire body was covered in blood, he was blind, and even his consciousness was hazy, but all he worried about from beginning to end was Jian Xin.

Jian Chenfeng was bitter and spiteful, and for the first time hate arose in his heart against his younger sister, someone who he had doted on since childhood.

When the two were sent into emergency rooms, Jian Chenfeng once again experienced fear.

What pained his heart even more was that Yumo had given up first, asking the doctor to transplant his heart into his younger sister.

Jian Chenfeng could not longer tolerate it, and he rushed to the entrance of the emergency room to shout, “Jiang Yumo, listen to me, live! My younger sister’s life isn’t your responsibility!”

I beg of you, please live! Don’t give up so easily, don’t just leave like this without regrets.

He didn’t care if Yumo was disabled or not, he just wanted him to live!

Even if he chose to be together with Jian Xin, he didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything anymore!

However, Yumo still left. He gave his heart to Jian Xin and left without a worry.

Jian Xin’s heart transplant operation was very successful, but Jian Chenfeng did not feel happy at all.

She obtained Yumo’s heart, while he had nothing.

He did not hide his feelings for Yumo, and Jian Xin also did not continue to stay together with Jiang Donglin.

The day when they left the hospital, she asked him, “Brother, you hate me, don’t you?”

He replied, “You are my younger sister. I do not hate you, but, I will never forgive you.”

She and Jiang Donglin were both the indirect murderers of Yumo.

They caused him to forever lose the man who he was willing to use his entire lifetime to love.

Jian Chenfeng wearily returned home, facing the already withered roses in the house and softly speaking four words, “Yumo, I love you.”

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