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Chapter 18: My Heart Beats For You (IX)

Jian Chenfeng saw Jiang Yumo’s desolate expression and wondered if he was being too forceful. However, if he didn’t force it, then this guy may never understand, and would be even less likely to accept his feelings.

“Yumo.” Jian Chenfeng took away the cup in his hand and leaned over to land a kiss on his lips. When he felt the other man shrink back, he immediately held the back of his head and overbearingly deepened the kiss. He didn’t release him until the other couldn’t breathe.

Jian Chenfeng looked at his misty eyes and said in a low voice, “Let me take care of you, let me love you properly.”

Stop using this kind of gentleness to entice him! If he couldn’t hold back and agreed, then what would he do?!

Shang Ke took a pillow from behind him and stuffed it between him and Jian Chenfeng, blocking off anything that could possibly lead him astray.

Jian Chenfeng also didn’t force it too much, getting up and asking, “Your parents are coming to pick you up when you leave the hospital tomorrow, right?

“Hm.” Shang Ke hugged the pillow and nodded his head.

“I will go back with you first tomorrow and have a meal, and then I’ll take you home, back to our home.” Jian Chenfeng’s tone did not allow for any questions.

“I’m fine now, so I don’t need to live with you anymore.”

“I will give you two choices. The first one is that tomorrow we will come out of the closet, and then you will go home with me. The second is to first go home with me, and then wait for a better time to come out of the closet.”

Shang Ke spoke angrily, “This is a choice? There is nothing to choose, okay?”

“How is there not a choice? You can choose when to come out of the closet.”

“……” Hehe, you are indeed fair and reasonable.

Jian Chenfeng had something to do that night, and so he didn’t stay at the hospital. Shang Ke amused himself by lying on the bed and watching tv.

At this moment, his door was suddenly pushed open, and Jian Xin walked in.

“Jian Xin?” Shang Ke said in surprise, “Why are you here?”

He turned over and got up, planning on supporting her.

Jian Xin retreated a step, her eyes swollen and red as she looked at him ask asked, “Did you say something to Donglin?”

“Eh?” Shang Ke did not understand.

“He doesn’t want me anymore. He said he wanted to yield me to you.” Jian Xin held her face and wept.

“Hey, don’t cry.” Shang Ke comforted her, “My older brother really loves you. He wouldn’t not want you.”

Jian Xin raised her head, anger in her eyes. “Jiang Yumo, just what is so good about you? Why are my older brother and Donglin both favoring you?”

“Their feelings toward you aren’t any lesser.” Shang Ke continued, “Everyone is very concerned about you.”

“Concern?” Jian Xin sneered, “My older brother spends more time with you than me, and Donglin also gave up me for you. Is this called concern? You had a brain tumor before, so it was natural that they would care about you, but now that your operation was already a success, why do you still snatch away things that are mine?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t expect to hurt you.”

“You didn’t expect? You’re Jiang Family’s Second Young Master, just when have you ever thought about how other people felt?” Jian Xin continued furiously, “Jiang Yumo, listen well, I will never like a hypocritical and lowly person like you! No matter what kind of lies you make up, don’t ever think you can separate me and Donglin.”

With that said, Jian Xin turned and left the room.

Shang Ke was worried that something may happen to her and followed behind. As for her words, Shang Ke did not care about them. In this world, only someone who he truly cared about would be able to hurt him.

The two people turned the corner, and just so happened to see Jiang Donglin, who was bringing something for Shang Ke.

The moment he saw Jian Xin and Jiang Yumo, he returned to the elevator and closed the elevator door.

“Donglin!” Jian Xin rushed over, pressing the elevator button nonstop, but was unable to prevent it from going down.

Shang Ke sincerely wanted to kneel to his Big Bro Jiang. Why do you have to be so unreasonable when courting someone? Why can’t you come and let us all have a nice talk, instead of choosing to play a “you chase I hide” policy?

At this moment, Shang Ke saw Jian Xin rush into the safe passage, and immediately chased after her.

Jian Xin had just went down when she saw a familiar car driving past.

As she chased, she shouted, “Donglin! Donglin!”

“Jian Xin, stop chasing, it’s dangerous!” Jian Xin’s speed was astonishingly fast, and Shang Ke did not have time to stop her.

Watching her run out of the hospital and into the street, Shang Ke had a faint strange feeling that the time for the completion of his additional mission was imminent.

Jiang Donglin seem to have seen Jian Xin in his rearview mirror and quickly pressed down on the brakes, stopping the car at the curb.

He opened the car door, about to turn back to find Jian Xin, when he saw a truck behind her, rushing quickly at her.

“Jian Xin!” Jiang Donglin and Shang Ke both shouted at the same time.

However, Jiang Donglin had only taken a step when Shang Ke threw himself forward without hesitation, holding Jian Xin.

He heard a “bang” and Shang Ke felt his body soar and rise. Before they landed, he subconsciously protected Jian Xin, taking the brunt of the hit.

Jian Chenfeng had finished up work quickly, and was planning to stay in the hospital with Yumo that night. But when he hurried over, he was met with a nightmarish scene.

He saw with his own eyes as Yumo and his younger sister were hit by a truck and sent flying, rolling a long way on the ground before finally hitting a fence.

In that moment, Jian Chenfeng felt as if his heart was about to stop.

Shang Ke suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood, dyeing Jian Xin’s hair and clothes red.

Jian Xin was shocked entirely blank, her entire body stiffly contracted in Shang Ke’s embrace, and her throat dry and speechless. She looked at Jiang Yumo’s bloody appearance and her line of sight gradually blurred, tears starting to pour uncontrollably.

Jian Xin always felt as though Jiang Yumo was just a frivolous second generation, and that he had no good point besides his face. She had always felt annoyed beyond belief at his pursuit. However, she didn’t expect that this man would disregard his life and rush up to protect her. Even Jiang Donglin had hesitated for a bit, but he did it without a second thought.

“Jian Xin, are you…alright?” Shang Ke weakly asked.

He was now covered in blood, his arm snapped and his right foot at an unnatural twisted angle, unable to move.

Seriously injured like this, could he even ask if she was alright?!

She had been protected in Yumo’s embrace, so she had only received a couple of scrapes. Meanwhile, he had taken almost all of the collision for her. This kind of feeling, this kind of sacrifice, caused Jian Xin to be unable to bear it, and she cried wordlessly.

“Yumo! Jian Xin!”

Jian Chenfeng and Jiang Donglin rushed over to the two, both of their expressions terrified.

“Brother, I’m fine. Hurry, hurry and save Jiang Yumo,” Jian Xin said between her sobs.

Jian Chenfeng reached out, planning to help Jian Xin off of Shang Ke’s body, but who knew that Shang Ke would throw up a mouthful of blood the moment he was moved.

“Don’t move for now.” Shang Ke lay on the ground, weakly saying, “Let the medical personnel come and handle it.”

Jian Chenfeng retracted his hand, his red eyes staring at Shang Ke.

Blood flowed from the right half of his forehead into his eye, almost dyeing half of his face red. His narrowed eyes were just as gentle as before, and the corner of his lips was slightly raised, revealing a faintly smiling expression that carried a difficult to describe charm.

Jian Chenfeng didn’t understand how he was still able to smile, as if, regardless of his life or death, he could calmly face any situation with this kind of optimism and tranquility. It made him breathless, but also made him feel unwell.

Could it be that, in this world, there was nothing for him to linger for?

At this moment, a doctor and nurse had rushed over from the hospital. After emergency treatment, they lifted Shang Ke and Jian Xin onto stretchers.

“His vertebra is broken, and there are numerous fractures all over his body…His situation is critical, we need to begin immediately!”

“Eh, what’s this?”

Shang Ke’s jacket had been pulled open, revealing a chest covered in blood. But what they saw dyed in blood on his right chest was a faintly blooming flower. It was like a blazing flame, splendid and dazzling, causing the surrounding people to all gasp in surprise.

Jian Chenfeng’s breathing stopped, his heart contracting as something in the depths of his soul was stirred.

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