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Chapter 271: This Life—The Beginning (XII)

TL: Rosy

    尉勋回国之后, 并没有立刻去找尚可,而是直奔父亲尉兴业所在的J省。

Wei Xun didn’t immediately look for Shang Ke after returning to China. Insteadm he went straight to his father, Wei Xingye, who was at J Province.

    刚一见面, 尉勋还没开口,尉兴业已经指着他的鼻子骂起来:“你还有脸来见我, 滚滚滚,和那个小白脸有多远滚多远?”

Just as they saw each other, Wei Xun hadn’t opened his mouth yet, but Wei Xingye immediately pointed at his nose and cursed, “You still have the face to come see me? Scram! Scram as far as you’ve gone with that gigolo!”

    尉勋知道尚可和他父亲见过面, 只是不清楚他们具体谈了些什么,不过看他现在的模样, 应该是在尚可那里吃了亏。

Wei Xun knew that Shang Ke had met his father, but he didn’t exactly know what they talked about. However, looking at his current expression, Shang Ke must’ve made him suffer.

    尚可竟然让他父亲吃了亏?他父亲当年参加过数十场战争,杀人从不手软,虽然和平之后,脾气稍有收敛,但也不是什么遵纪守法的良民, 否则也不会干出随便把一个无辜的人扔到国外自生自灭的龌龊事了。

Shang Ke actually made his father suffer? His father had participated in dozens of wars in the past, and he never thought twice about killing. Although his temper was somewhat curbed after peace, he wasn’t some law-abiding citizen, otherwise he would not just do a dirty thing like casually throwing an innocent person abroad to survive. 

    在这一点上,尉勋似乎也深受影响,做事我行我素, 只是我行我素前, 很少会留下把柄。尚可之所以能够找到那么多非法材料当作自己的筹码,也是因为尉兴业在位多年,关系错综复杂,牵连甚广,顺藤摸瓜之下,才整理出一份相对完整的档案。

At this point, Wei Xun also seemed to be deeply affected. He did things his way, but before he went his way, he left very little blackmail material behind. The reason why Shang Ke was able to find so many illegal materials as his bargaining chip was because Wei Xingye had been in power for many years. He had many complicated relationships, and the implications were numerous. By following the clues, he was able to compile a relatively complete file.


“Father, I came to tell you today that the sweet potato (illegitimate child) you sent to E country, I’ve already taken care of him for you.


Wei Xingye was dumbfounded, then immediately flipped out, “What did you do with him?”


“I’ve done what you’ve done to Shang Ke.” Wei Xun replied indifferently. “Rest assured. He’s an adult. He won’t die abroad because he’s penniless and unable to speak the language. You saw that Shang Ke also returned safe and sound, right?”


Wei Xingye’s eyes burned with rage. He pointed at Wei Xun, unable to speak.


“If you dare to touch my people next time, I don’t mind continuing to clean up the family for you.” Wei Xun turned and walked to the doorway, then paused again. “By the way, just a sentence to remind you, my mother seemed to have noticed.”


Wei Xingye’s expression froze. He picked up a finely carved pen holder on the table and ruthlessly smashed it towards the closed door.


Those two threatened him after the other. Those motherfuckers really work together well!


Shang Ke never thought that Wei Xingye would really compromise in that way. People in dirty organizations like to speak leaving ways out to themselves. Who knows what ideas he has in his heart? The reason why he chose to lay his cards on the table with him was not to finish him with a single strike, rather, he doesn’t want to harm the innocent. He wouldn’t dare rashily to harm him.


With this buffer period, he was able to concentrate on doing his own things.


Shang Ke had just ran home in the morning. When he looked up, he saw a tall figure standing by the doorway, staring at him steadily with a pair of dark pupils.


Shang Ke walked over without saying a word. He opened the door and allowed him to follow behind.


When they entered the living room, Shang Ke turned around, about to speak, when he was suddenly hugged.


He thought that a certain someone would come give him a truthful love confession, or maybe a deep self-criticism, but he didn’t say anything. He simply bound him tightly with two strong arms. His beating heart and warm breath gently tugged his heartstrings.


Shang Ke raised his hand, but ultimately he still held back, and didn’t return his hug.


“Let’s talk.” Shang Ke pushed away at his stomach.


Wei Xun didn’t resist and casually retreated. He thought in his mind that no matter how Keke beats and scolds him, he will accept. But if he wants to leave him, then he has no choice but to use the trick that the legendary chaste woman was most afraid of, “entanglement”.


“I met your father.” Shang ke said.


Wei Xun was immediately alert as he waited for the rest.


“The incident this time time, it caused a lot of damage to my body and mind.” Shang Ke said serenely, “Therefore, I asked him to raise $5 million worth of physical damage, mental damage, as well as hush money.”


Wei Xun: Are… are you sure you aren’t earnestly joking?


“In the end he said he has no money.”


Wei Xun: …Earnestly joking?


“I just said that the son has to pay the father’s debt, so he should provide his son as collateral.”


Wei Xun: …Joking?


“So he readily mortgaged you to me.” Shang Ke looked at him without regret. “I really didn’t expect that you’re really worth $5 million in your father’s mind.”


Wei Xun: “…”


“Wei Xun.” Shang Ke stood up and folded his arms around his chest with condescension. “From now on, I will be your boss.”


This arrogant look appeared somewhat familiar. After thinking carefully, Wei Xun realized that it seemed to appear on his face often. The raised eyebrows, the half-narrowed eyes, the pursed lips, the slightly raised chin were all deeply imitated, but without the overbearing strength, he suddenly looks like a cute tsundere.


He had imagined all kinds of possibilities before he came, but he still underestimated Keke’s vision and tolerance. Not only did he not blame his carelessness, but he also took his father’s responsibility with him, and at the same time, fought for buffer time and practical benefits using his own ability. If it were someone else who suffered such persecution, they would either carelessly report to the police or escape, putting safety before principles. Only, he actually dared to discuss conditions with his father, and what’s even more odd, he actually succeeded!


Wei Xun suddenly found that he hadn’t been offering Shang Ke any assistance besides taking advantage of him.


“He really mortgaged me to you?” Wei Xun asked softly.


“Of course.” Shang Ke said with certainty, “If you don’t believe it, you can go ask yourself.”


“I believe it.” Wei Xun sat upright, and said with a solemn face, “Then my boss, how would you like me to serve you?.”


That’s it? Shang Ke shot a quick glance at him and stuck out one finger, “First of all, I will make my laboratory independent. I will develop and master the core of this technology myself.”


“Alright.” In fact, Wei Xun intended to redistribute the shares so Shang Ke will become the largest controlling shareholder.


“Second, besides the question of principle, everything else should be based on my opinion.”


Wei Xun nodded his head, “No problem.”


Mhm, this boy is worth teaching.


Relying on the shame Wei Xun has for him, Shang Ke continued to raise requests, “Third, without my permission, you cannot enter my room as you please. You can’t just… force me if we get into an argument.” These little matters regarding everyday harmony must be clarified. Last time, the basic rules were invalidated. Only now are they going to make the agreement official.


“…” Wei Xun hesitated for three seconds before answering with five words, “I will try my best.”


The man was so frank with all the requirements before that, but was slow to reply when it came to this issue. Someone’s inherent character is truly incorrigible.


“Then let’s take these three for now, if we need more we can get them another day.” Generally speaking, Shang Ke was still rather satisfied. He still has to die heroically later, so it’s better to live freely and recklessly rather than cautiously.


“I’m very happy, Keke.”




“You chose me as your ‘spoil of war’.” Wei Xu slowly stood up, using his two meter height to sincerely express, “I will definitely carry out my obligations as a ‘spoil of war’. I will serve you wholeheartedly.”


Serve him wholeheartedly? Shang Ke almost believed it.


Facts prove that he did not obtain a spoil of war, rather, he obtained a personal bodyguard who tried very hard to make his presence known and an extra mouth that needed to be fed.


Wei Xun took the opportunity to move into his small house. He woke up earlier and slept later than him every day. He took company work home and guarded him by his side practically the whole day. But he seldom disturbed his work and kept his promises, no longer forcing him, but continued his usual bad habit of intimacy.


Although he never said it, Shang Ke could probably guess that he was worried his father would attack him again. 


Wei Xun heard the sound of footsteps and turned to look at the stairway. Shang Ke, wearing a nightgown, turned a corner and directly entered the kitchen. Not long afterwards, the sound of boiling water and cooking can be heard from the kitchen. 


Recently, Wei Xun developed the habit of secretly observing Shang Ke. It turned out that even communication with language, every look in his eyes, every smile, and every action silently conveyed a wealth of information.


When happy, he would take the initiative to hug him; when thinking, he would unconsciously play with his fingers; when sleepy, his whole body would become weak; when angry, there were more methods, cooking dark cuisine, carving carrots into monsters, ordering many strange plant seeds online, or playing a one-sided battle game with Chu Hao.


With a person like this, the feeling of being free and happy to play about really wasn’t bad.


At this moment, Shang Ke walked out of the kitchen, holding an iPad in his hand. He pointed to the two pictures on the screen and asked, “These are the two models of my newly designed pet robot. Which version do you like?”


Aren’t you cooking? Why did you suddenly run out to ask a question about how the model’s external looks?


Wei Xun looked at the screen and chose the one on the left.


“This version? Ok.” After getting an answer, Shang Ke happily floated into the kitchen again.


After half an hour, he brought a lunch set to the table, unwrapped his apron, and solemnly announced, “Today’s lunch is the robot No. XI005’s meal set.”


They only saw the two robot sculptures arranged on top of the plates. The robot’s body can be broken up like toy building blocks. Each layer is loaded with different dishes. The top layer is rice, and the colors were arranged from bottom to top, from dark to light, with distinct layers, spread out in the shape of a tower, both a pleasure to the eyes and a novelty.


This is another one of Shang Ke’s characteristics. He often incorporates technical research into life, and brimming with strange and wonderful ideas everywhere. 


After living with Shang Ke for around 10 days, Wei Xun felt that the days he had lived before were simply so “shameful” that he couldn’t bear to look straight at it… 


Shang Ke sat on a chair in the middle of the afre, playing games on his phone while waiting for Wei Xun.

    “尚可?”一个声音突然从不远处传来,抬头望去,只见几名年轻男女朝他走来。为首一人尚  可见过,是曾经在他家吃过一顿饭的纪明哲。

“Shang Ke?” A voice suddenly came not far away. He looked up, only to see several famous young men and women approach him. Shang Ke could clearly see the person leading them, Ji Mingzhe, who previously ate a meal in his restaurant.


The bodyguards hidden in the crowd quietly gathered, standing in positions where they could strike at any moment. 


Shang Ke wore a casual outfit, but he was still extremely charming and his temperament was outstanding. Even though he was a man, he could not help but be breathtaking. It’s no wonder that Wei Xun fell for him. He really has that quality that made everyone’s heart race.


“Hello, Mr. Ji.” Shang Ke reached out and shook his hand.


“What are you doing here? Wei Xun isn’t here with you?” Ji Mingzhe asked.


“He still has something to deal with. He’ll come over in a bit.”


“Mingzhe, who’s this handsome guy?” A girl by Ji Mingzhe sized Shang Ke up with great interest.


“Ah, Let me introduce you.” Ji Mingzhe introduced several people. Shang Ke noticed one of their names, Wang Qinya, who was originally the target of Wei Xun’s blind date, a pianist who had returned from studying abroad.


Wang Qinya also apparently heard Shang Ke’s name before, and her gaze at him was somewhat hard to predict.


Ji Mingzhe secretly patted his forehead. He wondered why he had forgotten Wang Qinya was also there. Although the two weren’t acquainted, it’s hard to guarantee that there will be no conflicts in the future. After all, one was not only the same-sex lover that Wei Xun was seeing, but the other was the prospective daughter-in-law that the Wei family likes.


“You’ll get the chance to come and play with him next time. We’ll leave first.” Ji Mingzhe waved his hand to leave.


Wang Qinya opened her mouth and responded, “It’s hard to meet him. Let’s wait until Wei Xun comes over and let’s ask him if he wants to play golf together.”


“Yeah, let’s wait.” Another girl, Xiao Tian, echoed.


Ji Mingzhe had no choice but to wait.


The group of people started chatting with each other, although it was mainly Xiao Tian chatting with Shang Ke. She seems to be very interested in Shang Ke.


Not long afterwards, Wei Xun strode in from the opposite side. The model-like body combined with the murderous air trained in the special forces camp, mixed into a dangerous and unique charm. Countless people around him stared at him, and subconsciously got out of the way.


Ji Mingzhe and the others smiled and stepped forward, about to greet him. Nevertheless, Wei Xun ignored them and directly walked past them to Shang Ke’s side.


“You finished?” Shang Ke asked.


“Yeah.” Wei Xun held his waist out of habit.


Ji Mingzhe ws speechless. Do you have to show off so obviously? They’re all watching!


“Wei Xun.” Wang Qinya stepped forward, and said with a smile, “I heard you went abroad a while ago. Why didn’t you tell me when you returned home?”


Wei Xun turned his head, and his eyes stopped on her face for a moment. Why did he have to tell an irrelevant woman when he returned home?”


The look in Wei Xun’s eyes made Wang Qinya feel like she was showering her affection on an uninterested party.


“Wei Xun, we’re going to play golf, do you want to go?” Ji Mingzhe quickly issued an invitation to break the embarrassment in time.


Wei Xun looked towards Shang Ke, using his eyes to ask for his opinion.


Shang Ke whispered,”I still have unfinished experiments. If you want to go, then go, there’s no need to look after me.”


Wei Xun raised his head and said to everyone, “We still have unfinished experiments, we’ll make an appointment next time.”


What’s going on with that look of being a working horse (asking for permission) for Shang Ke? You’re not for real are you? Ji Mingzhe couldn’t help but feel some fear.


Wei Xun didn’t make any more stops, and not long afterwards, he left with Shang Ke.


Some people said with disgust, “Master Xun really is Master Xun. He thinks it’s beneath him to deal with people like us.”


“What nonsense are you talking about? Wei Xun is not a person who likes noise and excitement.” Ji Mingzhe took a quick look at Wang Qinya and saw that there was no change in expression on her face. Only then did he breathe a little sigh of relief.


But in fact, Wang Qinya was angry. She went on several dates with Wei Xun and the family elders approved of their relationship. Many in their circle regarded them as a couple, but Wei Xun didn’t save her any face at all. He left without even saying hello in front of so many people.


“Mingzhe, I’m not feeling well, so I won’t go today.” Wang Qinya said to Ji Mingzhen with an apologetic smile. Then she called her driver, got into the car, and left.


On the way home, Shang Ke glanced at the man next to him from time to time.


“What are you looking at?” Wei Xun asked.


“I was a little skeptical before. Do you not recognize people very well?” Shang Ke asked.


Wei Xun pursed his mouth, looked ahead, and did not answer.


Shang Ke took out his phone and shook it before his eyes. “Even if you don’t say it, I can still look it up.”


Wei Xun already had first hand experience of Shang Ke’s computer skills some time ago. Naturally he knew he had the ability.


After a moment of silence, he finally uttered two words, “Face blind.”


“To what extent?”


“I can’t see them clearly or recognize them.”


A hint of surprise flashed through Shang Ke’s eyes. Then he stretched his head in front of him and patted his own face. “So I’ve always been a faceless person in your eyes?”


Wei Xun gazed at him deeply, his face clearly reflected in his bright pupils.


“So how did you end up falling for me?” Who would fall in love at first sight with someone without a face, and still be as passionate as if he had taken aphrodisiacs? Could it be that his charm was so strong that people were unable to stop themselves and fall for him just by looking at his “beautiful figure” ?


A smile flashed through Wei Xun’s eyes, but his face did not show it. He only replied with two words, “Intuition.”


“Intuition?” Shang Ke asked incredulously, “What if I am unbearable to look at, so ugly that even ghosts would wail and wolves would howl?”


“Didn’t Chu Hao say a sentence?”


“What sentence?”


“I’m ugly but I’m gentle.” Wei Xun gave him a faint glance. “I like your gentleness.”


Shang Ke, “Do you usually recognize me by this type of invisible “gentle” thing?”


“Your gentleness is not invisible at all.” Wei Xun earnestly described, “It’s like an angel’s wings, always fanning across before my eyes, fanning your plumage to fill the sky. It’s hard to think about not paying attention.”


Shang Ke: Your eyes must’ve come with some kind of weird special effect.


Recalling the time they’ve known each other, Wei Xun apparently never recognized him wrong. Did he really recognize him only by his “intuition”?


Shang Ke was immediately moved. He pondered in his heart whether or not he should let go of some restrictions?

Wei Xun saw him contemplating, and quietly wound his arm around the side of his waist and pulled him towards his embrace. Soft, with little resistance, Wei Xun also wound his other arm up. Wrapping both hands around him, he took the opportunity to lean his chin against his shoulder.


Shang Ke only felt his body sinking. Someone used the majority of his weight to press him under. After bearing it for a while, Shang Ke did not refuse his intimacy. 


A certain someone tasted the sweetness and began to push his luck. His lips and tongue swept over his earlobes and neck, intentionally or otherwise, and his breath gradually became disordered. During the days of abstinence, Wei Xun had to endure very hard every day. Now that he had, with great difficulty, the chance to get intimate, how could he let it go?


Wei Xun buried his head on Shang Ke’s neck. His hot tongue ran across his throat, moving upwards a bit.


“Don’t…” Shang Ke finally couldn’t take it anymore. His body retreated backwards, away from the two powerful arms firmly pinning him down.


“Keke…” Wei Xun sucked on his two soft bits, enthusiastically taking him in deeply.


Shang Ke’s whole body was squeezed into the corner, his body pressed up together against Wei Xun’s body. He could feel the hardness on his legs, separated by the pants rubbing him fondly in the dark. His body suddenly slipped downwards, but Shang Ke’s leg was propped up by Wei Xun’s arm. The black glass isolated them all around, and in the dim light, the two bodies fondled and kissed, entangled around each other, filling the room with an erotic smell. Their fusion, simply put, carried a hint of restrained passion. This time, Wei Xun tried his best to control his strength, patiently maintaining the rhythm, allowing Shang Ke to slowly get used to his huge size, until he was completely tolerant.


The car was still moving slowly. The driver and bodyguard sitting in front both had the same expression as a dog, only, they couldn’t express it too blatantly.


“How long do you plan on winding/going around this road?” The bodyguard in the front seat asked the brother besides him with a blank face.


The driver also replied with a blank face, “Depending on Master Xun’s endurance.”


“What if we run out of oil?”


The driver checked the meter dial, calculated, and said, “It can still be driven 300 more kilometers, I think it should be enough.”


How long can the car sex last? Even if Master Xun was exceptionally gifted, it should take at most two hours.


However, when they drove the car home, the gasoline was all used up.

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