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Chapter 162: Back To That Key Moment ③


Shang Ke led the soldiers to the countryside for real-time combat training that would last a month. Before they left, he made many desserts and delicious sauces to help Rhine get by this lonely month.


Rhine stayed in the empty mansion, eating desserts dipped in jam with a grave expression and distant eyes. Those not in the know-how would have thought he was thinking about some important matters of the country when he was just actually moody because he missed a certain someone.


In his memories, Filmore and him were always acting together. No matter if it was combat on the border or a special mission. Most of his time now was spent in the capital while Filmore still needed to lead the soldiers out once in a while.


Although they were not separated for long, every time they were, he would always feel flustered and wished he could tie the man to his side. But due to his desire to trust and respect the other, Rhine did not act on his own and move Filmore to a civilian post. Besides, he would rather fight together with him on a battlefield than to be here with a group of morally grey schemers.


Without his lover by his side, Rhine’s eyes turned into sweepers that viewed everyone as corpses. Those who were stared at by him, all felt their hair stand on their ends, like their life would soon cease to be.


I really want to just massacre them all… A greatly bored Rhine sat within the command room full of immaculately dressed senior military officers as dangerous thoughts flickered through his mind.


Everyone in the command room all shivered. They would recently all feel a chill, they really wondered why… 


Rhine refused a couple invitations from officers after the meeting and had his adjutant send him straight home.


The car was halfway home when a figure suddenly rushed out from the sidewalk. The adjutant immediately slammed his foot down on the brake and felt a slight collision followed by the cries and toppling of that person. 


“Go take a look.” Rhine ordered.


The adjutant obeyed and made his way to that person, who he discovered to be a young omega. He bent down to help him up and asked, “How are you? Did you get hurt?”


That omega raised his head, revealing a familiar face. He was that cousin of Filmore that came to ask for his father’s release, Tylo.


“So it’s you? Why did you suddenly rush out? Is someone chasing you? Did you get hurt anywhere?” The adjutant asked several questions.


Tylo held his waist as pain colored his face. But his eyes would occasionally shift to the person in the backseat. 


“I think I injured my waist.” Tylo tearfully looked at the adjutant.


“Please wait a moment.” The adjutant got back up to report to Rhine and ask how he should handle this.


“Call the hospital to come get him.” Rhine coldly ordered. “I’ll pay his medical fees.”


With the adjutant’s driving skills and reaction speed, at most it would have given him a scrape and nothing serious. Moreover, he was also the one to rush out onto the road. He thought back to Gerald’s case and can say for sure today wasn’t a coincidence.


In respect to Filmore, he allowed Gerald to be released on bail but did not lighten his criminal charge. According to normal procedures, Gerald should be sentenced to a minimum of three years and a maximum of seven years of jail time.


When Tylo heard him, he stealthily pricked himself on the waist with a needle hidden in his ring. His eyes rolled over and he fainted on the spot.


“Eh? Tylo, Tylo?” The adjutant did a tentative check and confirmed that he really did faint. He looked toward Rhine for instructions again.


Rhine frowned and remained silent for a while before speaking, “Have him get in the car and send him to the hospital.”


The adjutant picked him up and placed him on the front passenger seat. He buckled him up then headed for the hospital.


Soon after, a strong pheromone was released from Tylo. It quickly filled the car followed by a soft moan.


The driving adjutant’s body went rigid as a wave of heat went through him and desire filled him. He immediately parked the car at a curb and stared at Tylo in bewilderment.


Tylo’s complexion was flushed and his breath came in short pants. With his half lidded eyes, he looked very tempting.


In this kind of enclosed space, the pheromone of an omega was just like an aphrodisiac for alphas. Even though the adjutant was well trained, he also could not resist it. The desire in his body was like a beast as it ran amok. He quickly pulled down the window in an attempt to keep himself clear-headed. But as a result, the pheromone spread out and affected most of the alphas passing by, causing them to converge.


Rhine’s face fell and he got off the car. He pulled out Tylo from the passenger seat and tossed him into the back, then also pushed the delirious adjutant in there too. He took the driver seat and closed the window while activating the privacy screen in the car.


He started the car back up and headed swiftly for his mansion.


It didn’t take long for the voices of the two copopulating to come through from the back along with the sound of the screen being rammed into.


Rhine’s face was dark as his mood turned for the worst. This was truly karmic retribution; Filmore and he had also done it once on the car, the situation back there right now was even more chaotic than theirs.


This omega named Tylo really did things without thinking about consequences. To release his pheromone like this with two alphas, he would have been very likely to be fucked in turns.


A cold light flitted through his eyes. If Rhine wasn’t dead set with his feelings for Filmore, the situation today would have really been troublesome. This guy should rejoice in the fact that he was Filmore’s cousin, otherwise he would have been thrown out of the car by him to let things run its course. It was better than him sacrificing his adjutant.


Rhine drove the car quickly and got home in not even ten minutes. The people in the back were still going at it strong.


Rhine was too lazy to deal with it as he walked out of the car with a taut face. Although the pheromone of an omega did not evoke his desire, just thinking about his Filmore was enough for him to have a strong reaction.


He walked with large strides to his mansion and had just gotten to the top of the stairs when the door suddenly opened. Followed that, a familiar figure peeked out from within.


Shang Ke stood by the door, smiling at the surprised Rhine with his arms open. “I’m back, surprised?”


It was too fucking surprising!


Rhine immediately placed Shang Ke over his shoulder and rushed for the bedroom without a word.


Shang Ke was stupefied. Although they were separated for a period of time, it wasn’t long enough to evoke this kind of situation!


Shang Ke was pressed up against the door by Rhine and passionately kissed. His hand moved quickly to pull off his pants and lift his leg to start an enthusiastic session.


A heated sensation came from between his legs, along with the turbulent pheromone that twisted around him like a tentacle and wandered all over Shang Ke’s body.


Feeling that it was about time, Rhine raised Shang Ke’s other leg and rushed right in, placing himself within his body.


“Hnnn…” Shang Ke’s back was constantly rammed into the door as his body moved up and down with Rhine’s movement. 


The clothing on their upper bodies was just slightly messy while their lower bodies were closely fitted. The ramming sounds and moans filled the room and was filled with lustful love… 


The two of them went at it until late into the night. 


Shang Ke woke up early the next day and tried to get out of bed but Rhine pulled him back, his voice languid as he tried to convince him back into bed, “What are you getting up so early for? Sleep some more.”


Shang Ke held his face and kissed him. He spoke softly, “I came back secretly so I need to head back for debriefing.”


The training was completed early this time, so Shang Ke had headed back to see Rhine first before he needed to report.


Rhine was immediately aware of what he meant. Gentleness filled his eyes and he embraced him and gave him a kiss, then spoke hoarsely, “Then go ahead. You need to come back quickly.”


“Mhm.” Shang Ke smiled and responded, then headed for the bathroom to clean up. He gave off a valiant aura after changing into his military uniform. Rhine’s started to get restless again at such a scene and his hands reached out towards Shang Ke again.


Shang Ke avoided his hands then used a finger to raise Rhine’s chin. With a raised eyebrow he spoke, “My dear, be good and wait for me at home.”


With those words spoken, Shang Ke did not wait for Rhine’s reaction as he gracefully slipped out of the room like a leopard. 


Rhine sat on the bed, watching his leaving figure with gentle eyes.


On the other hand, Tylo who had returned to his mind discovered that he did not catch Rhine, instead, he had tussled with the adjutant for several rounds. Even more importantly, he had been marked by him too! Once an omega was marked by an alpha, unless the alpha took the initiative to remove the mark, or the omega could find a stronger alpha to help, they could only stay together with the alpha that had marked them.


However, this did not eliminate the chance that Rhine had also had a round with him. After all, the pheromone he released had aphrodisiac added which greatly increased the effects. He did not believe that there was any alpha that could resist it.


As such, Tylo did not immediately clean up the semen within his body. Instead, he headed straight for the hospital for an inspection. The result that came out was that the semen purely belonged to the adjutant which thoroughly shattered Tylo’s hopes.


“Eh? You switched cars Rhine?” Once Shang Ke officially returned home from work, he noticed that the car was new.


“Mhm, the old one got dirtied.” Alphas were all very territorial. A car that was stained with the scent of another alpha and omega, how could Rhine ride that again?


“How was the combat training?” Rhine shifted the subject.


“It went very well.” Shang Ke went to the kitchen and took out something from the freezer and dangled it in front of Rhine. He spoke as if flaunting, “Look at this, I even brought back some bug legs for us. We can eat barbecue tonight.”


Rhine: “……” His heart refuses this kind of dark cuisine. 


Rhine walked past him and pulled open the freezer. What filled his eyes were countless black bug legs that stuffed the freezer to full capacity. 


“…This is your ‘some’?” That is simply a completely false report!


Shang Ke smacked his hand with the bug leg like a club, and spoke loftily, “Don’t worry, I promise you that I can make the most delicious dishes in the world out of these bug legs. And there will be no repeating dishes everyday.”


Rhine was completely stupefied: Can he still taste normal cuisines in his lifetime now… 


Although Tylo’s scheme was insignificant toward Rhine, it had touched his bottomline. As such, Gerald’s sentence which had been at the minimum of three years had been increased to six. At the same time, they searched and seized about two-thirds of their family wealth which served as a warning.


With that as an experience, Tylo did not dare to act recklessly anymore. Rhine was not someone he could provoke. There was also an aftermath of his plan, and that was that Tylo had been “fortunate” to be pregnant with the adjutant’s child. So he had been sent off to get married to the adjutant who found out at top speed.


Rhine’s family was probably stimulated by the adjutant’s marriage and started to pressure Rhine. They will not acknowledge his relationship to Shang Ke. Although there was no rule that alphas cannot marry each other, there was no precedent. From their point of view, this was a very embarrassing event.


But Rhin’s attitude remained firm, he showed no interest in omegas. Rhine’s family was finally pushed into a corner and thought of a final plan, they will sneak someone into his bed.


A very familiar experience—it was as if time flowed backwards and history repeated itself.


Countless memories surged up. The fierce King and Queen Scarlet Bone Fish, the endless arthropods, Filmore who carried him for a long time and risked his life to right and protect him. Finally, the memory of how he survived, yet Filmore died and remained asleep forever.


He lost his lover, he lost his colors and he lost his awareness to pheromones. His world changed into a barren wasteland and all that remained in his heart was hate.


Rhine’s red eyes glared at the shy omega placed on his bed, as if he was placed back into that past he dreaded. In a violent rage, Rhine grabbed the omega and threw him against the wall.


“I don’t need an omega, I just want my Fil. Just die all of you disgusting things!”

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