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Chapter 161: Back To That Key Moment ③

TL: Sarah


When Shang Ke woke up, he found himself lying on a big bed of a residence. Except for being weak, there was no sticky or messy feeling. He must have been cleaned up.


Looking at the sunshine outside the window, Shang Ke buried his face in the pillow and recalled yesterday’s madness. He flushed like he was burning up. Before, he suspected that Rhine had some problems down there, but he didn’t expect to be face-slapped in the blink of an eye. Rhine had proved with practical actions that his powerful “offensive” abilities continued on from each world..


Just then, an arm suddenly came across and draped over his waist.


Shang Ke turned his head and found Rhine lying on his side, his eyes closed and breathing steady. His deep facial features looked much softer at this moment.


Shang Ke leaned over and pecked him gently on the lips. Then he pulled down his arm, got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash.


Looking at himself in the mirror, Shang Ke was marked all over and there were several clear fingerprints on his waist. This should be when they were returning from the training camp to the residence by car.


Thinking here, Shang Ke couldn’t help but cover his face. There had been a driver at that time!  Although there was an isolation screen in the back seat so that the driver couldn’t see the specific process, the bouts of moaning and shaking of the car alone were enough to make a hot action movie.


Along the way, the car drove fast, then slowly at intervals like drunk driving, but the driver still brought them back to the residence safely and very tactfully sent away other people.


Fortunately, it was late at night. Otherwise, Shang Ke would never have let Rhine carry him into the room like that.


Shang Ke washed his hot face with cold water. Before he could wipe it, he was tightly hugged from behind, and a warm breath puffed closely against his skin.


Rhine leaned his head on Shang Ke’s neck, while he occasionally rubbed against Shang Ke’s thighs.


Shang Ke’s legs felt a bit weak so he hurriedly pushed him away, “Don’t …”


Rhine paused and did not continue. He just stared at him with eyes that gave an indescribable look. 


“Fil…” Rhine’s voice was gentle like he was whispering, “You are my lover.”


Yesterday’s intimacy brought back many of Rhine’s memories: the first time they met, the first time they released pheromones, the first time they had sex, the first time he marked him, the first time they fought together…  Shang Ke took his loneliness away, let him have feelings, and let him experience the taste of happiness again.


This person was the only color in his eyes.


Why did he forget such a person so important to himself?


He could see the future of others, but not his. This realization made him feel a little nervous like the final result wasn’t something good.


Rhine’s eyes flashed fiercely. If it was the heavens that allowed him to have another chance, then he would completely rewrite the bad ending by any means.


After finishing their respective grooming, they holed themselves up in the residence for the whole day. Exercising, walking, playing chess, chatting and having sex. Just like an ordinary couple, they were simple and sweet.


After the short vacation, Shang Ke returned to the training camp, while Rhine entered the army department, ready to begin the implementation of his plan.


He had the advantage of foreseeing the future and knew almost all of the important figures in the center of power. Although the memory of the future was incomplete, it didn’t prevent him from making a correct judgment. He wanted to bring down all those who were a threat to him, so he must attain enough power and position.


Shang Ke didn’t know Rhine’s plan, but found that he seemed to have lost interest in exterminating the arthropods and began to be active in the power field.


Shang Ke’s chances of going into battle also decreased, and soon he was assigned as a military instructor to train junior special forces. There was nothing wrong with this. After all, the main purpose of entering the war was to complete his mission. Now, it was also a good choice to stay behind and train soldiers.


One day while Shang Ke was on vacation, he suddenly received a phone call from his mother and obtained a piece of news. Filmore’s uncle, Gerald, was caught for illegal underground transactions a few days ago and was currently being held in jail without bail.


There was a flicker of surprise in Shang Ke’s eyes. In his original memory, Gerald had never been imprisoned, at least not before he “died”.


“I expect your father will ask for your help soon.” Jiva’s voice was gentle. “The decision is up to you, you don’t need to force yourself.”


“Okay.”  Shang Ke heard the implication from Jiva: If he can hide, then hide himself. It’s best not to bring himself trouble.


Shang Ke thought for a moment and turned off the phone. Filmore’s father was fickle and used his son’s exploits several times as a bargaining chip to raise his reputation. Once he had no more value, he would immediately abandon him.


For such a father, Shang Ke only had two words: Ignore him.


As expected by Jiva, Kanwen really wanted to ask Filmore for help, but he was unable to get through to him. Angry, he had to ask Filmore’s cousin to find him in the training camp.


The result was obvious. Shang Ke refused this cousin of his with the excuse that he had no means.


“You don’t have a way? Aren’t you Major General Lancelot’s bedmate?” His cousin said bluntly, “As long as you talk to him, it’s just a piece of cake to save my father.”


Shang Ke narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Fine, I’ll talk to him. But as to whether or not he’ll help, that I can’t guarantee.”


His cousin assessed him, “If you can’t even have him help with such a small matter, then I will have to doubt your skills. Although I don’t understand how he could be interested in an alpha like you. But since you are able to climb into his bed, you must have some ability.”


This cousin’s disdainful and high-handed tone was quite puzzling. As the son of a businessman, what gave him the right to order top-level officer? And even while asking him for help? Just because he was an omega?


What kind of mentality did Kanwen use to send this “straightforward” cousin of his to grind his hate points?


When his cousin saw that he was still quiet, he thought Shang Ke had acquiesced, so he raised his chin and said stiffly, “Then I’ll leave this matter to you.”


With that, he left.


When he returned to the residence in the evening, Rhine looked at Shang Ke who was playing with his computer in bed and asked casually, “Did your cousin come to see you today?”


“Mmm.” Shang Ke didn’t lift his head.


“For Gerald’s sake?”


“Mmm.”  Shang Ke still didn’t look up.


Rhine sat down on the bed, grabbed him into his arms and looked at him firmly, “Do you have anything to say?”


“Say what?” Shang Ke raised a leg and placed it on Rhine’s leg. Then he leaned his chin on his knee, while looking at him.


“Didn’t he ask you to ask me for help?” Rhine’s eyes involuntarily moved to his white tender feet.


“He did.” Shang Ke gave him a strange look.


“So what’s your response?” When Rhine had learned that Shang Ke’s cousin had looked for him, he’d been waiting for him to speak. He had already listed all kinds of conditions and was ready to “negotiate” with him in depth, but in the end, he seemed to have no intention of asking him for help. 


“They can handle it themselves.”  Shang ke said carelessly, “I don’t want to bother you with such trifles.”


Rhine sullenly thought: No, please be sure to “bother” me. I like being “bothered” very much. It doesn’t matter how small it is!


Seeing that he seemed very lost, Shang Ke was inwardly moved. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “If I ask, will you help me?”


“Of course.” Rhine’s spirits soared, “As long as you ask.”


Shang Ke reached out and hooked his arms around his neck with a smile, “How can I thank you?”


“There is nothing to thank between lovers.” Rhine had a serious expression on his face, but his fingers were rubbing Shang Ke’s waist.


The hint was obvious enough. He used to jump him directly, but now he learned to be suave?


“Two hours, including foreplay.” Shang Ke directly laid out his own conditions. Since he was unable to get up last time, he began to strictly control his time limit.


Rhine, with a veiled expression of ‘you’re teasing me’ said, “Until 4 AM.” 


Six hours was the minimum.


“Three hours and I’ll allow you to choose the venue.”  Shang Ke showed three fingers.


The residence was only so big, what could he choose?


Rhine held Shang Ke’s hand in a fist. “Five hours.”


“Three and a half hours, no longer!” Shang Ke added, “I will cooperate with the positions you like.”


Rhine was silent for a moment and asked, “Tripod?”








Restrained reverse cowboy?”






“…Behave yourself.” Shang Ke stared at the man, who got an inch and went for a mile. How many porn films did he watch?!


In the end, the two finally reached an agreement: three and a half hours of sex time, at least two difficult positions and ordinary positions are up to mood.


In order to make good use of their “short” three and a half hours, Rhine exerted his excellent physical strength, coordination and combat power, and made a six hours effect out of the three and a half hours. The next day, Shang Ke felt sore in every muscle and bone, and his body’s toughness reached another level … 


Rhine, who was satisfied in body and mind, readily released Gerald on bail. But in fact, the reason why Gerald was imprisoned was because he secretly directed it. Before seeing him bully Filmore’s mother, he remembered this person and collected relevant information. After that, he added his name when the review committee started its review.


Gerald did get involved in underground transactions. Although Rhine agreed to let him go temporarily, he did not intend to help him clear his criminal record.


Rhine who had experienced a lifetime of acting treacherously had many methods. He had done things that he once despised and he was very adept at them. If there was no Shang Ke, he would certainly repeat the past history and once again trigger a bloody power struggle.


Shang Ke was Rhine’s scabbard to prevent him from hurting others because the blade was too sharp.


While Rhine rose in power in the political field, Shang Ke was also not idle. In addition to his usual training, he would go to the drug research center in his spare time and use his medical skill to study special drugs. Now that the chance of going to the battlefield had reduced, if he wanted to be promoted, he had to do it from other ways.


Shang Ke didn’t want to wait for Rhine to be promoted into an Admiral while he still stood in the same position. 


They were busy so they did not interfere with each other, but they also relied on one another.  The relationship between the two people was gradually known to all. It was very rare in history for two Alpha to become partners. Because Alpha pheromones were mutually exclusive, they could become brothers and comrades in arms, but it was absolutely impossible for them to combine like partners.


The matter quickly became a hot topic, especially the issue of how two Alphas had sex and whether they would suddenly fight during sex. That discussion was even more heated.


This group of “laymen” would not know how harmonious Shang Ke’s sex life was with Rhine. Their rich positions could be made into a complete book of sex strategies.


However, the two parties paid no attention to this, while their families were less open-minded.

SnowTime: My google search history is now so questionable searching up sex positions in chinese and english… 

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