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Chapter 91: Covenantor (XIV)

Yue Xuan was brought back to the isolation chamber, Madam Chang immediately threw herself beside him, held his face, and tensely asked, “Little Xuan, how are you?”

Yue Xuan looked at Madam Chang with a frozen expression, not saying a word.

Tears flowed from Madam Chang’s eyes as she spoke with a tremor in her voice, “They really operated on you? Little Xuan, please tell mother it’s not true?”

Yue Xuan still didn’t say a word. His eyes were lifelessly still; like a stagnant pool of water, they held no sense of vitality.

Madam Chang’s heart ached endlessly at the sight, and she screamed like a mad woman to those outside, “Lu Xiufan, you’ve selfishly acted without authority; Yue Family and Chang Family will absolutely seek justice from you!”

Lu Xiufan stood outside the chamber, watching on indifferently, his face devoid of any expression.

At that moment, his communication device rang, the caller being one of the bodyguards he’d hired for Shang Ke.

Lu Xiufan answered and after only listening to a couple of words, his expression became especially terrifying. He immediately turned, collecting his guards and emitting immense killing intent.

While under his protection, Shang Ke had actually encountered such danger! Lu Xiufan’s body tensed, like a hungry animal preparing to bite someone. The surrounding guards were so frightened they didn’t even dare to breathe.

Lu Xiufan jumped into a hover car, and upon searching for Shang Ke’s geolocation, discovered that he’d already driven at high speed towards the outskirts of the city; this speed clearly already exceeded a normal driver’s abilities; speeds a normal person would not be able to endure for nearly so long.

Lu Xiufan’s face grew darker as he quickly flew towards Shang Ke’s location with his guards.

Though he was driving as fast as he could, it would still take him an hour to catch up.

Ahead of him, Shang Ke’s hover car flew over the surface of the lake in a Z-formation; the car steadily remaining three to five meters above the lake. The water in the lake was criss crossed with waves from the speeding car, with a man floating in the center. Lu Xiufan quickly pulled close without any doubt that it was Shang Ke.

However, the fact that a man had been able to escape the car indicated that Shang Ke had already thought of a way to rescue himself.

Lu Xiufan delivered the man from the middle of the lake to the guards, then focused all of his attention on Shang Ke and the hover car he was driving.

At this point, Shang Ke was so dizzy from motion-sickness he didn’t notice Lu Xiufan’s arrival; he could only concentrate on setting the flight trajectory over the lake. He looked all over for empty space where he wouldn’t have to worry about running into any obstacles.

He’d originally planned to evacuate the car; however, since Yurian had completely passed out in the back seat, if he evacuated, Yurian would die for sure. Blood seeped out from Shang Ke’s orifices and a splitting headache hammered his brain, he simply could not calm down his mind to properly think.

“Little Ze, jump!” Just then, he heard a familiar voice yelling in the distance.

Shang Ke’s spirit was shaken awake, and he saw through a mist of blood the blurry outlines of cars.

Lu Xiufan was here!

“Little Ze, hurry, jump!” Lu Xiufan could clearly see Shang Ke sitting in the driver’s seat through his remote monitoring system. A few lines of blood stood out shockingly on Shang Ke’s ashen face, his eyes were red, like bloodstained gems; beads of sweat mixed with blood, smudging the edges of his vision with a bloody fog. Seeing such a desperate and demonic appearance, Lu Xiufan’s heart ached with the desire to rush up and rescue him.

Lu Xiufan had people lay out a sheet of magnetic netting on the surface of the lake; so long as Shang Ke jumped from the car, even the most severe impact would be minimized. However, Shang Ke still wouldn’t jump from the car, Lu Xiufan was so worried he couldn’t help but yell.

Shang Ke turned his head to give the back seat a glance, it was only then that Lu Xiufan noticed that there was still someone in the backseat. That person’s body was collapsed askew and motionless having clearly lost consciousness. 

Lu Xiufan yelled again, “Little Ze, don’t bother with him, jump from the car!” This time in a commanding tone, under the impression that Shang Ke would naturally follow his orders. Who would have guessed that Shang Ke would make no motion to obey, and instead continue to pilot the hover car as it flew through the air. 

“Damn it! Little Ze jump from the car, jump from the car now!” The veins in Lu Xiufan’s forehead bulged, and his fists were poised to smash the surveillance monitors. 

This was the first time Shang Ke had disobeyed him, merely for the sake of an insignificant person. Lu Xiufan had never really believed that covenantors lacked all emotion, a speculation confirmed by this very scene. However, now he wished that his speculations were wrong. 

Covenantors’ were always strong-willed, once they set their mind to something, they would never waver in their decision. Even if it cost them their lives, they would pay. 

In other words, they did not recognize the value of their own lives. 

Shang Ke’s mind was growing muddled, and his body was becoming numb. If he died now, he would still have completed the main task; but Lu Xiufan’s voice ringing loudly in his ear made him want to continue living. 

Shang Ke forcefully pulled himself together, waking his mind so it could function once more. 

On the surface of the lake lay the magnetic netting Lu Xiufan had arranged; Shang Ke didn’t need to consider the height of the drop or the force of the impact, if he just jumped within range of the magnetic netting, he would have an eighty percent chance of being rescued. 

There was still a chance! Shang Ke’s eyes spang open, He accelerated the hover car in a straight shot, rapidly leaving the area surrounding the lake until he became a black speck in the horizon. 

Lu Xiufan had no idea Shang Ke would suddenly drive the car so far away; immediately anxious, he gave chase in his own car. 

However, he’d only driven a couple hundred meters before he saw Shang Ke’s car coming towards him from afar; he was flying back. 

Upon seeing this Lu Xiufan stopped his car and, staring intently, discovered that the driver’s seat was suddenly empty. Shang Ke at some unknown point, had crawled into the back seat, and with one hand holding the unconscious covenantor and the other gasping the car door, was looking straight out of the car. 

Traveling at the hover car’s speed, he would have a window of two seconds to jump out of the car or else the momentum would make them miss the lake. If he missed, he would need all nine of a cat’s lives to survive.

Shang Ke’s focused intently, silencing all other thoughts and processes, his mind quietly calculating the time and distance. 

1, 2, 3… Now! 

Shang Ke held Yurian, briskly hit open the car door, and jumped out of the car. 

Their bodies quickly fell and Shang Ke felt the momentum slow and lose energy. Upon hitting the surface of the water, their bodies bounced up and across a couple of meters before falling once more, landing them in the water with a smack. 

Shang Ke was completely encased by icy lake water, which washed away the blood on his face and numbed all his pain. 

When Lu Xiufan found him under the water, Shang Ke had already lost consciousness, but his hands still tightly gripped Yurian. 

Lu Xiufan separated the two, allowing the guards to rescue Yurian, then grabbed Shang Ke and swiftly dragged him to the surface. 

At this point, Shang Ke’s breathing was already shallow, his face deathly pale, and his lips blue with cold. 

Lu Xiufan’s face was expressionless, but the slight trembling in his arms revealed his inner anxiety. 

Ambulances quickly arrived, and emergency care was immediately administered on the three people. Jill, who first jumped from the car, had the lightest injuries, but Shang Ke and Yurian’s conditions were very nearly without hope. Especially Shang Ke, whose strength had been exhausted to its limit, his mind taxed to the extreme; his heart and lungs all suffering serious damage. 

Any normal person under these circumstances would have had no chance of surviving. This was probably the first instance of a system going out of control and causing such a fatal car accident. Even though the car had all the best safety measures built in, at such high speeds and without protective gear, no matter how strong the body is, death was the only outcome. 

While avoiding the car crash, there was the danger of high blood pressure, blurred vision, inability to think straight, and even a shock-induced coma. At this point, there was little chance of keeping calm, much less staying alive.

Watching Shang Ke’s escape through the monitor, anyone would be amazed. Under these circumstances, he not only held onto his own life, but managed to save two other people. Especially during the last jump, he looked as emotionless as usual, making accurate assessments, calmly calculating round-trip distances and jump timing, all while his mind and body were on the verge of collapse. If the round-trip distance was too short, the car might fly right past the lake upon its return; if the distance was too far, he might not be able to hang onto consciousness until the jump. 

Of course, if he had originally just given up on Yurian, he would have long been rescued, and would likely not have been injured to such a severe extent. 

In the hospital, Lu Xiufan sat by the hospital bed, quietly gazing at Shang Ke’s sleeping expression. Before the surgery, while Shang Ke hovered between life and death, Lu Xiufan was also suffering in the claws of fear. The feeling seemed alarmingly familiar, as if his soul was branded and slowly burning, suffering so bad that it was making him forget who he was.

He kept feeling as if this wasn’t the first time he’d felt the fear of losing someone at any moment. 

Lu Xiufan held Shang Ke’s hand, feeling for his beating pulse to confirm that he was still alive. Only then could his heart steady itself, though the aftertaste of fear lingered in his chest.

A light knocking sounded from the door.

“What’s the matter?” Lu XIufan asked without turning his head.

“Her Majesty the Queen invites you to the palace.”

“Tell her Majesty that I am unwell, and will have to wait a few days before paying her my respects,” Lu Xiufan coldly replied.

He knew why the Queen summoned him; it was regarding the imprisonment of Madam Chang and her son. Even if Yue Family didn’t care, Chang Family would have reported it. Even though Chang Family wasn’t a major family, they were a military force to be reckoned with. 

A sharp light flashed through his eyes. The attempted murder on Shang Ke this time, if it wasn’t one of his enemies, then it most likely had something to do with the Chang Family.

【Congratulations to host for completing the Main Mission—Become the Yue Family Heir again. The reward is five years of detain time.】

【An Additional Mission has been activated—Establish a method of protecting coventators. The additional mission was activated in advance by the host.  If completed, a special reward item will be given.】

A special reward?

Shang Ke awoke from his slumber, his mind still slightly befuddled.

“Little Ze?” A large hand gently stroked the hair on his forehead aside. The voice by his ear was low and hoarse, as if it hadn’t spoken for a long time.

Shang Ke looked around, the first thing he saw was a stubble-covered chin.

Lu Xiufan’s current image was really… rather manly.

“How do you feel? Are you feeling pain anywhere?” Lu Xiufan asked while pressing the call button.

The doctor rushed over and examined Shang Ke. Throughout the examination, Lu Xiufan kept his grim gaze on the doctor, ready to strike the man down if anything seemed even a little off.

Fortunately, the doctor was exceptionally skilled and smoothly completed the examination. He confirmed that there weren’t any major problems and finally escaped Lu Xiufan’s murderous glare.

Lu Xiufan poured some water for Shang Ke to rinse his mouth, then sent his subordinates out to bring back some food.

After completing all this, he didn’t say a word, just sat at the bedside, silently looking at Shang Ke.

The hospital room was quiet as the two people looked at each other, like they were in the middle of a telepathic exchange.

After a moment, Shang Ke started first, “Is there a mirror?”

Lu Xiufan opened a drawer and withdrew a small mirror which he handed to Shang Ke. “You’re still very handsome, don’t worry.”

Of course he wasn’t worried, with the Perfect Expression Pack, even if he punched himself in the face, he’d still appear as if he’d received a “air fist” effect. The person he wanted to reflected was Lu Xiufan.

Shang Ke aimed the mirror at Lu Xiufan, “Sir, your appearance is currently a mess, unworthy of your status. Do you need me to help you tidy up?”

Can the person who is lying on the hospital bed not be so worried about other things?

Lu Xiufan tossed the mirror back into the drawer before calmly going to the bathroom to freshen up.

A quick smile flashed across Shang Ke’s eyes as he watched Lu Xiufan’s retreating back.

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