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Chapter 87: Covenantor (X)

Lu Xiufan walked into the kitchen and stared at the back of the person who was still busying himself with making his snack. He said “Little Ze, come here”

Shang Ke turned, only to see Lu Xiufan’s back as he walked away. He untied his apron and hastened his steps to catch up.

Upon entering the bedroom, Lu Xiufan put the chip that was in his hand onto the table. His eyes darkened as he approached Shang Ke, seemingly trying to suppress his emotions. “Was it Yue Xuan?”


“The people who attacked you, was that Yue Xuan’s doing?” Lu Xiufan picked up the chip and asked again.

“I don’t know.” Shang Ke lowered his eyes and shifted his line of sight onto the chip. 

“Why didn’t you fight back from the start?” Lu Xiufan’s voice carried traces of anger. Although the video didn’t capture the fighting process, judging from the screams, Shang Ke must’ve taken care of them.

“They are nobility. It’s unwise to attack rashly. Otherwise, I might cause trouble for you, Sir.”  

Lu Xiufan’s breathing paused. He tightened his fist and continued questioning, “Then why did you start fighting afterwards?”

Shang Ke calmly replied, “They broke my communicator and made it impossible for me to pick up your call in time.”

Lu Xiufan recalled that a few days ago when he had tried to reach Shang Ke, the call had suddenly ended. So it turns out it was then that Shang Ke was attacked by the gang. If he didn’t make the call, Shang Ke would’ve been…. Thinking about this, Lu Xiufan’s expression turned ugly.

In order not to cause any trouble for him, Little Ze didn’t bother about the humiliation he suffered at the hands of those people. Later, Shang Ke only started to strike back because he had missed his call. Lu Xiufan began to understand that, in Little Ze’s world, he is Little Ze’s everything. 

He firmly held onto Shang Ke’s hand and resolutely said, “Little Ze, you listen to me: in the future, no matter who they are, you must fight back fiercely if they dare to bully you. You shouldn’t have any misgivings about that. Even if it is the Queen herself, you don’t have to hold back in times of danger.

“Alright,” Shang Ke nodded.

Lu Xiufan pulled him into his arms, his mind still replaying the scenes from the video. He had a murderous look in his eyes.

There was some doubt in his heart. Yue Xuan was Yue Ze’s younger brother. Even if their relationship wasn’t good, Yue Ze had already become a Covenantor and was unable to shake his position as successor. Why was he still being so oppressive? First, he sent Yue Ze to the distribution center, and now he wants to hire people to rape him!? Yue Xuan, malevolent to this extent, really pissed him off!

A few days later, several noteworthy things happened in the city. Some of the children of lower nobility had their scandals exposed one after another—being sexually involved with minors, organizing group gambling, acquiring contraband items and so on… If these sort of things weren’t exposed, nobles could still settle it with money. However, since this was done by Luo Xiufan, they could only give up and admit their wrongdoings. They just couldn’t understand; why did Lu Xiufan suddenly care about such trivial matters?

Most likely it was only the ones caught up in the matter would know what was really going on. The eight people who assaulted Shang Ke were featured on the entertainment headlines—all of them and not one less. 

Naturally, Yue Xuan, as the mastermind behind it all, couldn’t escape the consequences. Not only was he forced to drop out of the capital university, he also ended up offending a large number of the nobles in the capital. Perhaps outsiders didn’t know the inside story, but the matter spread quickly within the inner circle. Yue Xuan actually dared urge a bunch of ignorant and incompetent, rich brats to provoke Lu Xiufan’s man.  He was simply not afraid of dying. Nevermind that he just had to bring misfortune for other young nobles as well. They were afraid of this Lord’s anger.

At the same time, the head of the Yue family, Yue Cheng, received a parcel which contained not only photos of Yue Xuan fooling around with other rich brats, but also evidence of his mother’s misconduct over the past few years. After seeing all of this, Yue Cheng was almost angered to the point of suffering another stroke. 

Yue Cheng knew that his younger son had offended Lu Xiufan. If he wasn’t able to gain his forgiveness, in all likelihood, it would be impossible for Yue Xuan and the Yue family to gain a foothold in the country, much less the capital. 

His thoughts drifted to Yue Ze. It seems that only he, who was Lu Xiufan’s lover, could calm his anger.

“What are you looking at?” Lu Xiufan walked into Shang Ke’s room and saw that he was staring at his laptop screen in a daze. 

“Capital University.” Shang Ke replied.

“Mhmm,” Lu Xiufan sat beside him, arm snaking around his waist intimately. “Why are you suddenly interested in the capital university?”

“I saw that Yue Xuan was expelled from there recently.”

“He only has himself to blame for that.” With Yue Xuan’s grades, he shouldn’t even have been able to enroll in the capital university.  Yue family spent a lot of money to buy him a place in the university admissions. 

Lu Xiufan lowered his head to look at Yue Ze whom he held in his arms. Unlike Yue Xuan, Yue Ze had relied only on his own ability to enter the capital university two years prior. It was also in that same year that he became a covenantor and lost all chances of entering the capital to become a university student. 

“Do you want to go to university?” Lu Xiufan asked.

“I am your attendant.”

“Attendants can also go to university.” Lu Xiufan dropped his chin onto Shang Ke’s shoulders and gently nibbled at his ear.

Shang Ke tried really hard to pretend that he wasn’t at all affected. He tapped the screen a few times and examined the capital university’s curriculum. “The capital university has many different foundation courses. Aside from the time needed to travel to and from the university, I would need to be in the classroom for at least six hours everyday. Whatever time I have leftover is not enough for me to properly look after you, sir.”

Lu Xiufan looked at his earnest expression and couldn’t help but tease, “If I didn’t need your care, will you have the time to study then?”

Shang Ke gazed silently at Lu Xiufan for some time before asking him, “Sir, you don’t need me to look after you?”

Lu Xiufan: “…I meant what if.”

“If you didn’t need me to look after you, then I’d have more time to study. But…” Shang Ke continued flatly, “Why should I sacrifice the time meant for looking after you to go and study?”

Shang Ke turned to look at him, with a gaze that seemed to say ‘Just quickly tell me why’.

Lu Xiufan: …How can he be so adorable?

“Studying can help you expand your knowledge to become more outstanding than others.” Lu Xiufan had on a stiff expression, trying his hardest not to reveal his delight. 

“I’ve been learning everyday, computers, mechanics, medicine, defense, music, cooking, etiquette…” Shang Ke listed them one by one.

Lu Xiufan listened quietly, his eyes filled with tenderness. 

“However, we’ve recently been making love a lot, which reduces my learning time. But not to worry, it doesn’t affect my learning progress.”

Lu Xiufan: …He can’t hold back anymore, he must give it, that is, love, to him fiercely!

Lu Xiufan pressed him down onto the sofa and whispered softly beside his lips, “I like listening to you speak, so tell me more about how you usually learn?”

“There are videos that teach you online…”

Lu Xiufan’s lips slid down his neck, slowly exploring the parts that were exposed by his open shirt collar. “And then?”

“I choose two different courses to learn everyday…”

Lu Xiufan caressed his waist and unbuckled his belt.


“Why did you stop talking?” Lu Xiufan put him against the arm of the sofa and buried his head in his neck.

“What… should I talk about?”

“How do you feel when you’re learning?”


“Oh? Hotter than now?” Lu Xiufan moved his fingers.

“….About the same.”

“How about now?” Lu Xiufan moved forwards, slowly squeezing himself inside of Shang Ke. 

Shang Ke stopped talking. He bit his lips, his eyes hazy as he stared at the man on top of him.

Lu XIufan panted slightly, his hip exerting strength as he thrusted heavily.

“Beep beep beep,” at this point, the phone line sounded. Immediately after, the voice of the head butler said, “Sir, Young Master Ze, the head of the Yue family, Yue Cheng called, requesting to speak to Young Master Ze. 

Lu Xiufan’s expression darkened as he said in a low voice, “Tell him he’s busy right now.”

“I will.” The head butler could hear moaning and sounds of thrusting and added absently as an afterthought, “Sorry for the disturbance, please continue.”

Lu Xiufan… At such an urgent moment, can the existence known as Butler please not cut in?

Shang Ke’s attention was temporarily distracted. He pondered on Yue Cheng’s purpose for seeking him out. He was pretty sure it was to plead on behalf of Yue Xuan. This was actually a good opportunity to complete his mission. With Yue Xuan’s act of seeking death, Lu Xiufan’s deterrence, Yue family’s name in the gutter, and on top of that, all the influential people running the Yue family out, it was definitely a time of crisis for them. For them to be on the verge of death was the icing on top of the cake.

While his mind wandered endlessly, his body was lifted up, then fiercely slammed down.

Shang Ke cried out desperately, forced back into the present, finding his body straddling Lu Xiufan and feeling so unbearably hot and full. 

After dinner, Shang Ke received another call from Yue Cheng who wanted to meet up with him. 

Lu Xiufan told him, “I’ll go with you.”

Thus, Shang Ke and Yue Cheng agreed upon a time and place to meet up.

In the afternoon of the next day, within a private dining room in a high-class restaurant, Yue Cheng had arrived early to wait for the meeting.

At 5 sharp, the glass door of the private dining room was opened. Shang Ke and Lu Xiufan walked in together, hand in hand. 

Yue Cheng got up to welcome them and invited Lu Xiufan to take a seat.

He had almost fully recovered from his stroke, and had been discharged from the hospital 10 days ago. However, his face was still somewhat stiff and his movements when he walked were a little unnatural.

Yue Cheng placed the menu in front of Lu Xiufan, inviting him to order.

Lu Xiufan opened his mouth to speak, “I’m not here to eat. Say what you have to say.”

Yue Cheng put down the menu and proceeded carefully, “Your Excellency, I know my son has offended you. I also know I have no right to ask for your mercy, but I am his father after all. No matter what, I pray you will give him a chance. I guarantee that from now onwards, I will strictly watch over him and not allow him to run amok.”

Lu Xiufan asked coldly, “Do you know what he’s done to Yue Ze?”

Yue Cheng glanced at Shang Ke who was sitting quietly on the side, replying softly, “I know.”

“Really?” Lu Xiufan stared him down. “Since you know, then why don’t you tell me. What sort of punishment would you give a person who asked a group of men to rape his own brother?”

Yue Cheng’s face turned pale, he didn’t say a word. 

“Yue Xuan is your son, but isn’t Yue Ze also your son?” Lu Xiufan’s tone was harsh. “Just because he’s no longer Yue family’s heir, you allow your younger son to humiliate him?”

Yue Cheng lowered his head and replied in pain, “I wasn’t strict enough with his upbringing.”

“It’s true that you haven’t been strict with him, or else you wouldn’t have stood by and watched as Yue Ze was sent to the distribution center by his stepmother, sold with a price tag to others for employment. Neither would you protect the instigator, despite knowing Yue Ze was almost raped.”

“What? The distribution center?” Yue Cheng suddenly raised his head, his face full of shock as he said, “What do you mean?”

Lu Xiufan narrowed his eyes, dark pupils burning with hot rage. Until now, Yue Cheng was still unaware that Yue Ze was employed from the distribution center?

Has he ever cared about Yue Ze?!

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