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Chapter 27: You Are My Faith (VIII)

“Lovers? How did you start thinking that we can develop such a… deep relationship?” Shang Ke was certain that he did not interact with Tylor in an ambiguous manner these past few months. Besides the other occasionally dropping by to mooch food from him, he would only chat with him occasionally. Their relationship was very normal.

“I also don’t know how.” Tylor replied with a very flat expression.

You also don’t know?

Shang Ke thought that he would be able to heard some kind of new and original confession, romantic declaration, and so on. However, it turned out that he actually said he doesn’t know!

Tylor looked at Shang Ke, calmly saying, “Among all types of relationships, I particularly endorse myself with that of “lovers.”Therefore, I think we can develop this sort of relationship.”

Shang Ke couldn’t help but ask, “…Just what kind of reasoning allowed you to feel that you can develop a romantic relationship with someone of the same gender as if it’s an everyday occurrence?”

Tylor fell silent for a moment before replying, “I don’t know why, but I feel as though, if I don’t quickly establish our relationship, then in the future it will definitely be too late for regrets.”

Shang Ke felt a bit guilty at his response, like he took an arrow in the knee…

“What do you think?” Tylor asked again.

“Nonono, I don’t have any thoughts,” Shang Ke quickly refused. “I think that our current status is good: rivals and friends, with a distance neither too close nor too far.”

Tylor’s eyes drooped. He obviously didn’t have an expression, but Shang Ke could make out a trace of disappointment from his face.

A moment later, he looked back up and said, “Then we can do a trial marriage, and see if we can develop the feelings of lovers after acting like husband and wife.”

Shang Ke was simply unable to understand this man’s train of thought. If they don’t date, then they’ll go straight to a trial marriage? This kind of jump is too large, alright!

Shang Ke took a deep breath and repeated, “Let’s keep our current relationship of rivals and friends, being neither too close nor too far..”

“Then it is settled, we’ll do a trial marriage,” Tylor said with a sincere expression.

Damn, who said we were going to do a trial marriage? Don’t ignore him!

“Daddy?” Shang Ke was just about to defend his human rights when Pupu woke up.

“Awake?” Shang Ke pinched her nose.

Pupu had a head of disheveled hair, peeking her head out of the blankets and looking around in a daze. She resembled a silkworm as she made her way into Shang Ke’s embrace, lazily lying against his chest as she tilted her head to look at Tylor. She then patted the place she had previously lain, indicating that he shouldn’t just stand there stupidly, since she was willing to give him her place for him to sleep.

Shang Ke felt both gratified and distressed toward his daughter’s generosity.

A trace of praise flashed through Tylor’s eyes as he thought, Good girl, he’ll take care of all her future snacks, and her dowry.

In the end, Shang Ke and Pupu decided to stay at Tylor’s place, at least for the time being.

The reason why Kaiser had agreed was mainly because he was worried that Shang Ke would throw himself into danger to save another, in spite of his condition. Leaving him by Tylor’s side would at least guarantee that outsiders couldn’t hurt him.

At the present, everywhere was busy with treating devil qi invasions and controlling the situation. Although the devil storm ended quickly, the hidden damages and losses that it had dealt were difficult to estimate.

The reigning king gathered the cabinet ministers to discuss their next plan of action. It included the plan to destroy the Devil’s Tree, which was pushed ahead of schedule.

“The Devil’s Tree cannot be destroyed,” Shang Ke said. “The Devil’s Tree has existed since the beginning of mankind. Who knows how many people have paid their lives attempting to destroy it, but in the end, they all failed without a single exception.”

“What’s your view on it?” Tylor placed down his tableware and looked toward Shang Ke, who was sitting opposite him.

“I think that, although the Devil’s Tree cannot be destroyed, it can be sealed.”

“Sealed?” Tylor’s expression perked up, and he awaited his next words.

Shang Ke took the chance to mention the way to seal the Devil’s Tree, “In this world, the only thing that can suppress devil qi is the power of faith, so the way to seal it should also depend on the power of faith.

“But no matter how great a single person’s power of faith is, it is impossible to contend against the Devil’s Tree.”

“As such, we need to gather everyone’s power.” Shang Ke slowly replied.

“How do we gather it?”

“With the help of magic crystals.”

Tylor’s eyes lit up, and everything gradually started to connect.

Magic crystals have a special ability to form a boundary when you gather three or more together. This kind of boundary did not have much use, and at most it could help the air within remain pure, make the fragrance of flowers stronger, the water clearer, and so on. However, if they input the power of faith, they could condense it into a great net of faith and suppress the Devil’s Tree.

Tylor did not doubt the method’s feasibility, because Shang Ke himself was proof. He used his own willpower and faith to shackle the great amount of devil qi within his body. If they looked at this devil qi as the Devil’s Tree itself, then Shang Ke’s body would serve as the boundary.

When Tylor thought to that point, he once again looked toward Shang Ke. This young man probably never realized that he had created a miracle. In the continent’s entire history, there wasn’t a single person who faced the devil qi’s erosion head-on. Others carefully hid their weakness in their heart and wrapped their arms tightly around them, yet this man walked another road. Not only did he place his body in danger, but he also opened his heart and confronted the devil qi. Rather, it should be described as confronting his own weak points rather than the devil qi.

Just what sort of great heart and courage did one need to continue forward?

“Thank you for your suggestion. I will report this method when I go to the palace in the afternoon.” Tylor clearly attached a lot of importance to it.

After they ended the serious topic, the atmosphere between the two gradually lightened.

At this moment, Shang Ke suddenly asked, “I have something I have always wanted to ask you. Why do you always dress more carefully at home than outside?”

He wore delicate formal attire everyday, his hair was combed with not even a strand out of place, and he was even wearing cologne.

Tylor’s face turned stiff for a split second, before he fell into a strange silence.

In the animal kingdom, there was something called “courtship.” For example, a peacock spreading its tail… Shang Ke clearly did not pay attention to the animal world.

Pupu bit into her bread, her large eyes glittering as she looked first at the stuff over here, and then at the stuff over there.

After that day, Tylor changed out of his formal wear and began to wear normal clothing.

Shang Ke finally did not need to worry that his eyes were going to go blind (from beauty).

Tylor reported the method of sealing the Devil’s Tree to his father, and everyone immediately prioritized it. They gathered large amounts of magic crystals and started to experiment.

The experiment was verified quickly, and the Holy Empire’s King immediately forwarded the news to all of the continent’s other countries. He wished for them to also participate in the operation to seal the Devil’s Tree.

While they were waiting for a reply, the situation pretty much stabilized, and King City once again returned to order.

Shang Ke lived at Tylor’s mansion, where everything was provided, so he was very content. He would make them midnight snacks, so they had gotten quite a bit fatter during the past dozen of days. Pupu had also became much more tender and white, like a rosy honey-colored peach.

Tylor lived in accordance with their trial marriage. Every day, he would return home on time, eat with Shang Ke, take a walk with Shang Ke, hug Shang Ke, sleep with Shang Ke…the first time they slept in the same bed, Shang Ke had protested strongly.

Tylor had seriously reflected for a few seconds, before getting a large stuffed animal from the other room and stuffing it into Shang Ke’s arms. Then, he caught Pupu, turned, and left the room.

“Wait, where are you taking Pupu?” Shang Ke held the stuffed animal and chased after him until they reached Tylor’s room.

Tylor then pushed, closed, and locked the door. Everything was done in one swift movement, easily leading the little lamb into his wolf’s nest.

Shang Ke looked at the tightly closed door, before looking at Tylor: “……”

Tylor spoke, “Since you’re already here, let’s sleep together.”

He set down Pupu on his own bed.

Pupu rolled around the bed for a moment, happily waving her hand at Shang Ke and saying, “Daddy, hurry~~”

Tylor also gestured as he spoke, “Come here.”

Shang Ke was speechless as he watched the two. Don’t tell him that he was the only one that felt this development was strange?!

That night, Shang Ke helplessly slept in the same bed as Tylor.

Before sleeping, Pupu was in the middle. However, when they woke up, Pupu was in his arms while he was in Tylor’s arms…

During a morning half a month later, Tylor had an arm on Shang Ke’s waist as he seriously asked, “Shang Ke, do you think we can become lovers now?”

“No!” Shang Ke pulled away from his arm.

Tylor leaned over and landed a kiss on his forehead asking, “How about now?”

“Still no.”

Tylor deeply gazed at him for a while before speaking, “I understand.”

You understand what? Shang Ke didn’t even get the chance to ask before he felt something warm against his lips. Someone had decided to go straight for a french kiss.

Shang Ke subconsciously wanted to avoid it, but Tylor held his head, deepening the kiss.

A moment later, Tylor let go of him, huskily asking, “Now it should be certain, right?”

Shang Ke was panting slightly and his eyes were misty. When he opened his mouth to speak, Tylor once again spoke, “If you still aren’t certain, then we can continue a bit further.”

Shang Ke immediately closed his mouth, fiercely glaring at the other man. He was now very certain that this guy was the man he had met in the past two worlds. He was like a combination of Ravel and Jian Chenfeng, with an honorable temperament, but also the characteristics of a rogue.

As Tylor used a finger to slowly trace Shang Ke’s figure, the red in his eyes became richer, and appeared like two burning flames.

Perhaps Shang Ke still wasn’t certain, but he already had his answer. He wanted him to be his lover.

This kind of heart-piercing feeling was too intense. He could no longer find any reason to let him leave him. He wanted this man, and wanted to accompany him for a lifetime.

After his assignment was over, the first thing Kaiser did was drop by Tylor’s mansion to pick up Shang Ke.

Tylor told Kaiser, “Shang Ke will live in my mansion from now on.”

“Why?” Kaiser asked with a frown.

“Because I don’t want my lover to live with another man.”

Kaiser was speechless. Was his ears having problems, or was Tylor’s head having problems?

Lover? He and Shang Ke? Two men?

The Holy Empire had never acknowledged homosexuality. Ordinarily, people were always hiding it, yet Tylor, His Highness the Prince, didn’t care to hide it at all?

With a shocked expression, Kaiser felt a bit upset in his heart.

Two men, could it really happen?

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