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Chapter 128: Sentinel & Guide (V)

Seeing Shang Ke nearly collapse due to the painful memories, everyone outside monitoring the situation felt a little anxious and sympathetic. At this point, they finally put to rest their doubts and truly accepted the guide who had experienced many hardships.

Yonis took Shang Ke back to the ward, gripped his hand tightly, and stood quietly beside him.

Shang Ke’s whole being felt empty. His mental suffering was a hundred times more painful than his physical one. Zeder’s remaining memories were like volcanoes. Under the stimulation of hypnosis, they burst out suddenly and engulfed Shang Ke’s spirit, making him relive his miserable childhood with him.

Shang Ke couldn’t understand why anyone can be so cruel. That man had no pity for his own child, and his anger, unwillingness and grievances manifested physically as violence. He not only brought Zeder physical harm, but mental oppression as well.

Were it not for Shang Ke’s strong mental power, Zeder’s memories would have affected him, and he’d become psychologically twisted as well, or even fall into complete madness.

After an unknown spell of time, Shang Ke slowly woke up from his sleep. Although he felt slightly uncomfortable, his brain was clear and bright, as if the dust accumulated for many years was suddenly swept away. Perhaps after venting, Zeder could finally be at peace.

“Shang Ke.” A low voice spoke by Shang Ke’s ear, interrupting his thoughts.

Shang Ke turned his head and saw a handsome man sitting by the bed, staring at him intently.

Shang Ke’s eyes slowly moved down and fell on their intertwined hands.

He introduced himself and said, “My name is Yonis.”

Shang Ke glimpsed a lion chasing Waves beside him, and he guessed that this man was the sentinel who communicated with him through his spirit guide during the terrorist attack.

“I’m very sorry. We hypnotized you in order to confirm your identity, and the result almost caused you a mental breakdown.” Yonis was deeply remorseful and wished he could bear all of it for him instead.

Shang Ke looked at him in silence.

“However, you are completely clear of all suspicion. You will become a legal citizen of the country with a high-level identity card, and enjoy all the benefits rightful to a guide,” Yonis placed Shang Ke’s hand on his chest and declared in an indisputable tone, “and I, Yonis, will be the sentinel responsible for protecting you in the future.”

Shang Ke didn’t receive any information about Yonis from the system, and he didn’t know who the ‘main character’ of the world was. However, he knew that this man was one of the three Dark Sentinels in Biyashi to reach rank ‘A’. 

The so-called Dark Sentinels were the most powerful of all sentinels, because they had extreme self-control and strong physique. In theory, they didn’t need the help of a guide and had always been the kings of every era.

Rank ‘A’ Dark Sentinels were more powerful than ordinary Rank S sentinels. However, ‘Rank A’ was the bottleneck of Dark Sentinels. In Biyashi’s history, there were many records of Dark Sentinels attempting to advance. 

However, they either became handicapped due to failure or self-destructed because of a rebellion in the spirit. Their self-control was always at risk of failure after reaching Rank A.

Later, speculations arose, that if Rank ‘A’ Dark Sentinels wanted to break through their bottleneck successfully, they had to find a guide having spiritual compatibility greater than 90% with them, and they also had to withstand their strong physical desire and mental impact.

Yonis was lucky to meet one. But at the moment, he wasn’t thinking about the advancement problem. His heart was simply moved by this person.

Shang Ke pulled Yonis’ hand to his face and gently splayed his fingers to find the mole in his palm, unsurprisingly. Although he no longer needed a palm mole to confirm his identity, it seemed to have become a habit to look for it. He liked to think this mole was his man’s charm accessory. Without it, his man’s charm would lose thirty points automatically…

“Yonis, I’m hungry.” Shang Ke looked at Yonis with his aqua blue eyes.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll send someone to deliver whatever you want.” Yonis felt tickled by those eyes and he barely pushed down the impulse to touch him.

“Something light would be nice.” Shang Ke sat up and seemed to want to get out of bed, but Yonis grabbed him by the waist with one hand and said, “What are you doing getting up?”

“I’m sweating a lot and I want to take a bath.”

Without saying a word, Yonis picked him up and made his way towards the bathroom.

“I can walk by myself.” Nestled safely in his arms, Shang Ke protested verbally, but his body showed no resistance.

“I’m faster.” Indeed, as he finished talking, the two people had already arrived in the bathroom.

Yonis gently lowered Shang Ke and helped him adjust the water temperature.

Shang Ke saw the small half-moon bathtub and suddenly realized that he was no longer in the hospital.

“Where are we?” Shang Ke asked a question he already knew the answer to.

“My house.” Yonis answered.

“I’ll be living here in the future?” Shang Ke asked again.

“Yes.” Yonis straightened up and looked down at Shang Ke with his towering height.

Shang Ke’s thin body was almost shrouded in his shadow. They were close, so close that they seemed to feel the heat of each other’s bodies.

The spirit guide, Waves, swam around Shang Ke while the lion Moloc chased after him, occasionally tugging at his tail with his nose and claws. When he wasn’t paying attention, Moloc suddenly tackled Waves, and they tossed and turned around together.

The close entanglement of their spirit guides made both Yonis and Shang Ke feel a current running down their backs and all over their bodies.

Shang Ke had to place a hand on the washing table to prevent himself from standing unsteadily, as his legs had already gone soft.

Without warning, Yonis’ dark eyes were ablaze like two flames sprung out. He took a step forward and engulfed Shang Ke with his presence. His muscular body gradually grew taut, an oppressive force bursting out of him like a beast ready to go.

Dark Sentinels rarely found a guide suitable for them, but their own desires were very strong. Usually, they could rely on their self-control to forcibly suppress their wants, and they may never even reach climax in their entire lives.

The guide whose compatibility with him reached over 95% was now within reach, and he could bond with him as soon as he wanted. In terms of strength, a sentinel had an overwhelming advantage.

His body’s desire had reached an unprecedented intensity, almost engulfing Yonis’ reason. Even Shang Ke felt a little overwhelmed by this explosive pressure.

He released his spiritual powers and a circle of ripples resembling water wavelets slowly flowed toward Yonis.

Wrapped in ripples, Yonis’ restless spirit gradually became peaceful. His sight soon recovered, but his desire still didn’t completely abate.

This was the first time Yonis had ever been comforted by a guide’s spirit. It felt like a hot spring was soaking him comfortably all over.

As a Dark Sentinel, he was naturally gifted with talent, but he also lacked many delights of life. The perfect blend between two spiritual forces was so wonderful. If he bonded with Shang Ke, what would it be like?

Yonis could hardly wait, but he had to suppress those impulses temporarily. Shang Ke was now too weak to bear his desire.

The sentinel reluctantly freed Shang Ke from his shackles and said with a straight face, “You can clean yourself up. Call me if you need anything.”

Finished speaking, he turned to walk out of the bathroom, his back displaying a kind of indescribable loneliness.

Shang Ke, “…”

He felt it necessary to exercise. Compared to the previous world, their physical differences this time seemed a little too big…

In order to achieve the perfect state of great harmony in this world, Shang Ke began to implement his exercise plan the next day.

Yonis’ villa was in Sky Ring, the most advanced residential area in the country. The environment was serene, the security level was second only to the capital, and most of the residents were sentinels and guides. 

Although the anti-government union was powerful, they likely still did not possess the power to cross the warning zone and attack the Sky Ring Residence where sentinels gather.

Shang Ke changed into comfortable home clothes, walked out of the villa in high spirits and prepared to start his morning run.

As soon as he left his room, Yonis sensed it. Seeing him walk straight out of the door, he almost rushed over to haul the man back. But he soon discovered that Shang Ke only ran in the villa’s garden and didn’t put this idea into action.

The air was fresh in the morning and Shang Ke was running rhythmically in the garden; occasionally a few glistening beads of sweat would run through his hair. His originally white cheeks were faintly flushed due to the exercise, and his clear eyes sparkled with endless vitality.

Yonis stood by the window and gazed deeply at Shang Ke bathed in the morning light with a soft look in his eyes.

On Shang Ke’s emaciated body, Yonis saw a beautiful quality, which was his strength and optimism. A fake performance couldn’t hide from a sentinel’s keen senses. The light from Shang Ke radiated beauty from the inside out, just as his spiritual power was pure and delicious.

This was his guide, the one who would accompany him for the rest of his life. This realization made Yonis feel unprecedented joy.

Half an hour later, Shang Ke returned to the villa. After a simple clean-up, the butler had already prepared breakfast.

Most of the dishes in Biyashi were artificially synthesized, and the seasoning and nutrients ratio was calculated. It wasn’t bad to eat at first, but after several more times, you would feel that the taste was too bland and monotonous.

Shang Ke had cooked with ingredients from all over the world in the Hundred Training Space and developed a superb cooking skill, in which he mastered the tastes and characteristics of different worlds. So, he would never make ‘empiricist’ mistakes with the meals he prepared.

In order to get himself fit as soon as possible, Shang Ke decided to cook his meals himself later. He made a menu which comprised meat, vegetarian, soup, porridge, dessert, marinated sauce, drinks and so on. He hashed together over a hundred different dishes.

Yonis looked at the rich menu and immediately felt a kind of happiness that came from ‘having great food in the future’. After tasting it, Yonis strongly felt that Shang Ke could pacify any sentinel’s spiritual rebellion with his cooking skills alone.

Shang Ke originally wanted to strengthen himself, but by the end of the week, the real strong one was Yonis. This guy’s muscles were fuller, his energy more vigorous, and he radiated burning heat and majestic desire all the time.

After half a month, Shang Ke finally received his high-level identity card, and the Guide Labor Union assigned him a villa only three blocks away from Yonis’ place. Still, Yonis felt that the Guide Labor Union had done something useless. 

He had already applied exclusively to the marriage notary office and the Guide Labor Union to transfer Shang Ke into his spouse’s assignment. Although there was no engagement ceremony yet, they were now in a temporary spouse relationship.

During the temporary period, the spouse relationship was not a formal one, but a legal interaction between two parties for the purpose of bonding. They could dissolve this relationship at any time, but Yonis naturally would not let this happen. Although with his identity, he could fully exercise the right of forced bonding, Yonis believed that he and Shang Ke should be able to bond smoothly.

If Shang Ke eventually refused him, then Yonis would have to use ‘force’.

As long as it concerned Shang Ke, he was determined to win. He absolutely would not let him choose anyone but himself!

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