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Chapter 232: Back To That Key Moment ⑥

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke didn’t know when and in what form the divine retribution would befall Yan Lu, so he can only prepare for it early. Yan Lu’s divine retribution comes from the accumulated grievances of the past hundreds of years, and with the inner demons eating into him, his sanity is in danger. If he is unable to control it, he will soon become a killing devil. If there was no divine retribution, Shang Ke was still confident that he could help him overcome the inner demons. But now that the divine retribution has been triggered, they may not have much time to cultivate slowly.


The system said that, under normal circumstances, Yan Lu should have wandered around the world for thousands of years in his muddled state until his cultivation is exhausted and he becomes a mortal. Then his divine retribution will end. Then can he understand it as: If Yan Lu becomes a mortal, he can avoid the heavenly retribution?


Shang Ke contemplated, feeling that this method seemed too simple and might not meet the standard of completing the divine retribution, but it should be able to reduce the intensity of the divine retribution and reduce the risk of Yan Lu’s soul scattering.


“What’s on your mind?” Yan Lu wrapped his arms around his waist and leaned against him with a lazy face.


Wondering how a certain demon who is about to suffer the divine retribution can die a less gruesome death.


“I want to refine some pills for emergency use.” Yan Lu still doesn’t know about the divine retribution, and Shang Ke didn’t plan to tell him either. As long as Yan Lu controlled his desire to kill, everything else could be solved.


“Haven’t you been refining them so far?” The food provided to those cultivators all possessed the effect no less than a middle-grade pill.


“That’s different. The food in the teahouse cannot be preserved and must be consumed immediately, or else its effectiveness will be lost. What I intend to refine this time is real high grade pills.”


Yan Lu didn’t have any objections with Shang Ke’s decision, but said, “A lot of good materials are needed to refine a high grade pill. I’m afraid it will take a lot of time to collect them.”


“No need, we can directly buy from the cultivators. Exchanging precious medicine for materials, I believe most people are willing to give it a try.”


The good reputation that Shang Ke had accumulated over the past twenty years can finally be put to use.


After the news of him wanting to buy materials was released, it only took a few dozen days and hundreds of cultivators arrived one after another. Shang Ke divided the materials they provided according to their grades and quantity and set up a point system. When he successfully refined the pills in the future, the points could be used to exchange for the corresponding pills.


It was common to find refining masters in the cultivation world, but it was very rare to find a plant yao cultivator with a natural spiritual body like Shang Ke. The natural essence on the body of a plant yao cultivator can improve the quality and effect of the pills. If you become a dual cultivation partner with a plant yao cultivator, your cultivation speed will also greatly increase. Over the past years, it is unknown how many people have secretly envied Yan Lu’s good luck. If it weren’t for Yan Lu’s strength, someone would have long come to steal Shang Ke away.


“Little owner, this is my treasured ‘Kanshui Silver Pine’, please accept it.”


“Little owner, this is the ‘Diluo Pearl’ that I found by chance, I hope it can catch your eyes.”


“Little owner, we came from a small sect, so we don’t have a lot of resources and can only provide some good quality ‘Soul Returning Grass’ and ‘Purple Wood Tooth’.”


“Little owner, do you want ‘Snowstar Fish Bone’? I collected a lot!”


“Get out of the way, what kind of material is a snowstar fish bone? For decorative purposes?”


The guy who brought “Snowstar Fish Bone” was ridiculed by others and was about to tactfully leave, but was stopped by Shang Ke: “Wait a minute, can I see your “Snowstar Fish Bone”?”


“Sure!” The cultivator’s spirit was invigorated, and he quickly poured out all the snowstar fish bones in his storage ring. A series of thunderclap noises could be heard. Then a mountain of white fish bones appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, as well as a burst of fishy smell.


All the cultivators were furious: At least deal with it first before you keep it! Did you think that it won’t spoil and stink just because you put it in the storage ring?!


Shang Ke didn’t care. With a wave of his hand, the fish bones that piled up like a mountain immediately floated up, hovering slowly above everyone’s heads. A few moments later, three fish bones fell into his hands, and was recorded by him into his book with points even higher than the Kanshui Silver Pine, ranking them as top grade.


“Top grade? Why?” Many cultivators were puzzled, including the person who provided the fish bones. Snowstar fish live under ice lakes, were large in numbers, and not rare. Even ordinary mortals can occasionally catch a few of them. In the eyes of the cultivators, the snowstar fish has no value except for filling their stomach. Its bones are only harder and more transparent than ordinary fish bones.


Shang Ke explained: “These three fish bones probably came from the thousand-year-old Snowstar Fish King. The bones’ qualities are extraordinary, and have already evolved from a mortal to a spiritual product. It’s a good refining material. As we all know, Snowstar Fish are very weak, and because they are weak, it is much more difficult for them to cultivate their essence as compared to other spiritual beings. This Snowstar Fish King, after 1000 year of purification, has become a great talent even though its qualification is mediocre. Its strength may not even compare to a Yuanying stage cultivator, but it has the purest spirit of courage in the world.”


All the cultivators fell into deep thought after hearing his explanation, especially when Shang Ke said ‘has become a great talent even though its qualification is mediocre’. Most of the cultivators present were of ordinary qualifications. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have frequented Shang Ke’s teahouse. They either settled down in small sects or became individual cultivators not attached to any sect, hoping to achieve something someday. However, who can understand the dull life of not achieving anything at all, or the despair of having no progress at all despite decades of cultivation? The phrase “with mediocre qualifications” has cut off the future of many cultivators.


Now, even a weak Snowstar Fish can break through its own limits and head towards the top step by step. It can indeed be called “courage”. Although it eventually died at the hands of a cultivator, its spirit may enter the reincarnation cycle and have the chance to be reborn, so its life has been worthwhile.


Then, Shang Ke received a lot of good things one after another. Every time someone asked him about the origin and use of some rare materials, he would answer them one by one. His broad knowledge amazed everyone. At the same time, people also thought more highly of his character. As long as he didn’t say anything, no one would know even if a good material was treated as inferior, such as the snowstar fish bone earlier. However, he still told the truth, neither deceiving nor hiding. It was enough to gain the respect of everyone based on this alone.


The material acquisition lasted for more than three months, and it took more than a dozen storage rings to store the materials.


After the cultivators came, most of them did not leave immediately. Shang Ke answered all the questions that were asked and was very knowledgeable. As if he was giving a lecture, the people gained a lot of knowledge.


Later on, someone couldn’t help but ask, “Little owner, how many years have you been cultivating?”


Shang Ke smiled and said, “Are you asking about this life or the past life?”


This answer made everyone present dumbfounded… 


After collecting all the materials, Shang Ke spent a few days sorting them into categories, and then made a long list of refining items, in which contained a number of pill recipes provided by Yan Lu.


Shang Ke and Yan Lu traveled around the world in their last life and collected many recipes. Yan Lu was not interested in these, but Shang Ke had a superb memory and remembered almost all the recipes.


“Little Deer, let’s compete. With a one month time limit, let see who can refine more treasures and of higher grades.” Shang Ke was full of competitive spirit.


“One month?” Yan Lu lacked interest.


Seeing this, Shang Ke hooked his collar and said with raised eyebrows, “If you win, I’ll agree to enter the Xuzi illusion realm with you.” The so-called Xuzi illusion realm is a small world built by formation. A day in this world is equivalent to one hour in the outside world. Other than not being able to cultivate, you could do anything inside. For example, one can create a world according to their ideas. There was no problem even if one wanted the four seasons to appear at the same time. The duration of the illusion is determined by the spiritual power of the formation, and the owner of the formation can enter and exit on his own.


What Yan Lu fancied was not the pleasure of creating the world, but the very long lasting great harmony of life.


“Okay.” Yan Lu was in the competition.


“Wait, what if you lose?”


“Then let me do hard labor for a month in the Xuzi illusion realm.”


Sounds good? Hence, Shang Ke agreed, just that he completely didn’t realize that there was another explanation for “hard labor”… 


The two of them entered closed door cultivation one after another and began to concentrate on refining items. Shang Ke mainly refined pills, while Yan Lu refined spiritual weapons.


Although Yan Lu’s cultivation was greatly reduced, the flow of divine power in his body was still more than enough to refine spiritual weapons.


A month passed in the blink of an eye, and when they left their closed door cultivation, they both wore a confident smile on their faces.


They were eager to show their respective results. Yan Lu refined three high-grade and fourteen medium-grade weapons. As for the low grade ones, he sent them straight back into the furnace.


Shang Ke refined three high grade, thirty-five medium and four hundred and sixty low grade pills. In terms of quantity and grade, he completely defeated Yan Lu.


Just when he was about to declare his victory, Yan Lu suddenly took out another item from his storage ring.


Shang Ke took a look and discovered that it was actually a quasi-immortal weapon!


“This quasi-immortal weapon is enough to equal the few hundred low and middle grade pills you have right?” Yan Lu casually played with the weapon in his hand while staring at Shang Ke with piercing eyes.


Shang Ke accepted his defeat: “Okay, you win this round.”


“I’m going to set up the formation now.” Yan Lu threw the quasi-immortal weapon to Shang Ke, and then disappeared with a whoosh.


Shang Ke was speechless. Do you have to be in such a hurry? We’re already an old couple, aren’t you tired of it?


He looked at the quasi-immortal weapon in his hand. A weapon of this level can cause tragedies in the cultivation world okay? Yet this guy didn’t take the weapon seriously at all.


Shang Ke put the weapons and pills away properly, then floated into the house and began to prepare for the “war”—Bathing, changing clothes, skin care and preparing his mind… 


They spent more than a month in the illusion realm, which was thirty hours in the outside world.


In the end, Shang Ke turned into a small mushroom and was carried out by Yan Lu.


It wasn’t until the third day when he took human form again. Then, he vowed to win an overwhelming victory in the next contest. The point is not “victory”, but “overwhelming”!


But before that, Shang Ke used the communication talisman left by the cultivators. He listed one by one the names and grades of the pills he made and passed the list to them, so that they can place their orders according to their own points. They can choose to redeem it immediately, or wait for the next batch of finished product first before deciding whether or not to redeem it.


Many of the cultivators did not have high points and could only exchange for lower grade pills. When they saw the list of top and middle grade pills, they all hated why they hadn’t been more ruthless and provided more precious materials!


As for the weapons made by Yan Lu, because they were too few in number. Shang Ke didn’t include them in the exchange list for the time being. In any case, no one could afford to exchange for that quasi-immortal weapon as of now.

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