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Chapter 32: You Are My Faith (XIII)

Despite everyone doing their best, with one faith missing, it was simply impossible to complete the sealing. The devil qi rushed out like a bursting dam, causing the final people holding fast to their faith to falter.

Tylor had to stop all of the people pouring in to attack them so that everyone could remain safe, and couldn’t get away. The others wanted to help but had no ability to. Their powers of faith weren’t firm enough, and they were unable to light their magic crystals amidst the devil qi.

When they were in imminent danger, a great power of faith shone upon the black cloudy sky like the sun.

Everyone couldn’t help but squint their eyes. The power from before that seemed to have been depleted suddenly revived as if it had vitality poured in. Everyone immediately felt their spirits shake.

Their gazes looked toward the light source, only to see a small girl standing beside Shang Ke, quietly clasping a magic crystal.

White light emanated from her, and her eyes sparkled like precious stones as she stared unblinkingly at the devil qi-covered Shang Ke.


Pupu’s young voice passed through the dense devil qi and into Shang Ke’s ears.

A pure heart and pure faith.

Pupu was young and held no fear. She called Shang Ke her father, and his care toward her was the source of her happiness.

With innocent love, she didn’t hesitate as her faith for Shang Ke arose.

The devil qi on Shang Ke’s body dispersed, and the sound of the harp stopped.

With seven types of faith, the seal was complete.

Plop, plop… the sound of all ten people standing falling weakly in succession could be heard.

The harp also tumbled from Shang Ke’s hands as his body started to tilt backward.

Pupu rushed over and used her arms to push against Shang Ke’s back, intending to hold him up, but the result was that she almost overwhelmed herself and fell. Thankfully, Tylor arrived quickly enough to hold both of them up.

Seven patterns of varying sizes appeared in the Devil’s Tree’s surroundings, firmly chaining and locking it.

The devil qi that had shrouded the sky gradually scattered, and the blue sky appeared once more before everyone’s eyes.

Tears rose unbidden to everyone’s eyes as bright smiles formed on their faces.

They all had messy hair and dirty faces, and were battered and exhausted, but their moods were like the sky, pure without dirt. They felt as though they had been reborn.

Tylor held Shang Ke and landed a kiss on his forehead. He felt his warmth and felt incredibly happy, like a burden was lifted off of him.

【Congratulations to host for completing the Main Mission–Sealing the Devil’s Tree.】

【Host gloriously survived under the Main Mission. The System presents you five years of detained time.】

Five years? The detained time seemed to grow longer each time.

【If host completes two more near-death missions in this time frame and does not die, then host can choose to stay in the current world and freely live life without restrictions.】

Shang Ke began to contemplate the possibility of agreeing to date Tylor, before the System continued: 【Now releasing additional mission…】

What? So soon?

Shang Ke didn’t even have the chance to hear the mission’s contents when he saw a figure rushing towards Tylor from behind.

“Be careful!” Shang Ke suddenly stood up, grasping Tylor’s shoulder.

He only heard a ‘puchi’ sound as a sharp sword went through his chest, blood spurting out.

【…Mission 1: Protect Tylor.】

Shang Ke finally understood. The more time the System presented to him, the faster he would die.

“Shang Ke!” Tylor eyes burned red as he stared at Shang Ke within his arms, before raising his head to look toward the attacker. Astonishingly, it was his close friend since childhood–Quincy!

“Why?” he growled out.

“Hahaha, why?” Quincy crazily laughed. “Because I hate you, I hate you. Why were you born in such a high place while I can forever only be below you, following after you like a bum beetle?”

Quincy’s footsteps staggered, and hate and jealousy filled his eyes as his mouth continued to curse at him without end.

Tylor understood what had happened. He was already invaded by the devil qi. Although the Devil’s Tree has been sealed, but most of those who had been invaded would be unable to recover back to how they were before. Even if they could, it would require a long time.

However, Tylor hadn’t expected that his most trusted friend would become an apostle.

Tylor’s eyes were full of killing intent. He picked up his sword from beside him and viciously stabbed it through Quincy’s heart…

“Shang Ke, hold on.” Tylor held Shang Ke in one arm while he took out medicine from his waist bag with his other.

Shang Ke’s eyes were half closed, blood flowing endlessly from his mouth.

He felt very cold and his body trembled faintly.

“Shang Ke.” Kaiser staggered over and roared angrily at Tylor, “Just how did you protect him?”

Tylor pursed his lips and remained silent, his expression cold and hard as he helped Shang Ke eat the medicine, and his fingers trembling as he helped to treat his wound.

The sharp blade had stabbed through Shang Ke’s body. They were actually quite clear on how Shang Ke was likely unable to hold on much longer.

However, no one was willing to accept this fact.

They did everything they could to save him, constantly calling out his name and pleading for him to hold on.

The Devil’s Tree had been successfully sealed. They were all heroes, and would return in honor and glory.

So, Shang Ke, don’t give up! Don’t leave! Go with them and witness their glory.

Shang Ke’s body grew increasingly cold and he gazed at Tylor, his lips moving ever so slowly as he tried to form words, speaking quietly.

“Shang Ke, what are you saying?” Tylor placed his ear by his lips; however, he could no longer hear his voice. Even his breathing had disappeared.

Tylor’s sight gradually blurred, the monster called “dread” swallowing him whole.

This kind of heart-wrenching pain and despair, it didn’t seem to be the first time it had appeared.

They were about to see the rising sun, the most beautiful dawn, but he disappeared right as dawn approached…

“If I can meet you again in my next life, no matter how difficult it is, I am willing to try with you.”

Those were the last words Shang Ke spoke to Tylor.

He laid in the System space, absentmindedly listening as the System announced his rewards: 【You have completely one main mission and one additional mission in this world. May Host please receive your reward. Constitution +5 (+7), Memory +10 (+2), Spiritual Power +10 (+5), Beauty +10 (+5), Life Span +2 (+2). You can learn two additional skills.】

“System, I am a bit tired.”

【Host can choose two easy skills to learn in the Hundred Training Space while adjusting your mood.】

“Just how many missions must I complete for me to return to reality?”

【Currently unable to calculate. However, the more worlds you survive perfectly in, the fewer missions you will need to do.】

Survive perfectly? It was easy to say, but in three worlds, he didn’t succeed in even one.

“Can I go back and take a look at the worlds I’ve experienced?” He wanted to know whether the people who worried about him had lived well after he passed.

【If you complete all the missions and reach a total of 50% or higher perfect passes, then you can use your chance to return to reality, to swap it for an opportunity to go back and rewrite the ending of those worlds.】

Exchanging his chance to return to reality for one to change the endings?

Shang Ke stared blankly, his heart wavering.

However, he regained his spirits a moment later. He had only gone through three worlds. Thinking so much about it was useless right now.

He had the System release his skill choices and found out that a couple of new skills were lit up: “Computers,” “Pick Locking,” “Magic,” and the one he had always wanted to learn, “Martial Arts”!

If he had known martial arts, perhaps he could have protected Tylor while avoiding being hit in a his vitals, and successfully survive.

As such, Shang Ke unhesitatingly chose “Martial Arts.”. Regarding the other skill reward, he hesitated before asking, “System, can I anticipate what the next world will be?” If he knew what the next world was, then he could prioritize learning a skill that could help him complete his mission more effectively.

【You cannot.】 The dishonest System gave a negative reply. 【But the System’s Missions are usually released based on difficult and simple modes.】

“Then was the last world regarded as difficult?”


“So my next world should be a relatively easier one?”


Shang Ke immediately felt much more relaxed.He looked through the skills before finally choosing “Computers.”

Martial Arts was divided into Primary, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, and Sage levels. At present, he could only learn primary martial arts.

However, the classification for Computers was beyond his expectations. There was a single classification inside–Hacking. After that was its grade divisions, which were the same as martial arts and divided into Primary, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, and Sage levels. He could currently learn the primary and intermediate levels.

As for magic and pick locking, he was actually rather interested, but his choices were limited, so he could only consider them for next time.

The Hundred Training Space had a simulation for him to gain experience, and he would participate in real combat drills. It was like playing a game, and although difficult, it was not dry or dull.

This time he had chosen to learn primary martial arts and hacking skills. Shang Ke stayed in the space for a full fifteen years.

【Preparations are ready, transportation shall begin.】 The System’s voice echoed in the sky.

With a flash of white light, Shang Ke was sent to the next world.

The air was dusty and deathly still. Shang Ke could feel that he was in a very narrow place. His body was curled up, and in his embrace was a child.

The child was trembling nonstop, his chest heaving as he gasped for breath.

Even though he had not been given the System’s information, Shang Ke could roughly guess their current situation. It was clear that they were hiding from some kind of danger.

When the System transmitted the information to him, Shang Ke finally got a clear grasp of their situation.

The name of his current body was “Bruno,” and he was currently age seven. The child in his arms was this world’s main character–Feng Juan.

They had been kidnapped by an international gang specialized in human trafficking. Altogether, a dozen children had been moved abroad and smuggled on shore via boat. Afterward, a child who was slightly older than them had plotted an escape, but it resulted in them being defeated soundly. Half of the children had died tragically, while the remaining ones were all captured back.

He and Feng Juan, the two fishes that had escaped the net, were currently hiding in a supply box from a group of searching headsman.

According to the original plot, the group had quickly found the two’s position. In order to survive, “Bruno” had pushed Feng Juan out before escaping into another block.

Fortunately, the police had received a tip-off, and rushed over to encircle and annihilate the group of smugglers, saving Bruno.

However, despite rescue being so near, Feng Juan’s legs had been broken by the headsmen due to Bruno’s abandonment, and from then on, he became disabled.

After being forced into exile abroad, the Feng Juan who had received both physical and mental harm could not remember his past memories, and so the local police could only place him and Bruno into social welfare. Bruno was adopted not long after, but because of Feng Juan’s disabled body, his nature became violent and easily angered, and his childhood passed miserably. Afterward, thanks to a kind couple helping him along with his own efforts and talent, he had started his own project.

When he was twenty-two years old, Feng Juan met his long-lost family and returned home. One year later, he met the Bruno who had caused his legs to become disabled. Bruno had changed his name to “Zino” and became the heir of a powerful family. After Feng Juan found out his identity, he began to secretly take revenge, causing him not only to lose his heir qualifications, but also to be expelled from the family.

【Main Mission: Protect Feng Juan until age twenty-two.】

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