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Chapter 225: Back To That Key Moment ⑤

TL: Resonance 


“Where’s Cage?” Ravel returned to the palace and asked as he handed the attendant the jacket he had taken off.


The butler respectfully said, “Sire Cage is in the gym.”


Ravel nodded his head and strode toward the gymnasium.


Passing through an artificial forest, Ravel entered the gym. Shang Ke was undergoing his rehabilitation training under the guidance of the instructor. Ravel didn’t bother them. He stood by the door and watched quietly.


Shang Ke has obviously been training for a while already. His forehead was covered with sweat stains, and his platinum-colored hair rose and fell along with his movements, occasionally shaking out a few glittering beads of sweat. His cheeks were slightly flushed due to the exercise, and his eyes shone brightly.


Ravel watched in a daze and revealed an unhappy expression only when he noticed the instructor’s hand on Shang Ke’s waist. He called out, “Cage.”


Shang Ke stopped moving and turned toward him.


The instructure quickly bowed and greeted Ravel.


Ravel ignored him and beckoned Shang Ke: “Come here.”


Shang Ke wiped away the beads of sweat on his face using a towel, said goodbye to the instructor, and walked over to Ravel.


“That’s it for today’s rehabilitation. Go back and wash up, I have something to discuss with you.” Ravel’s hand encircled Shang Ke’s waist very naturally, then glanced at the instructor without any expression.


The innocent instructor that got targeted: “…”


“I’m covered in sweat.” Shang Ke pushed him away, not wanting to get his clothes dirty.


Ravel looked at Shang Ke who distanced himself from him and thought that he was being distant because of what happened last night. Ravel’s heart sank and his eyes became dark.


Has he been too impatient after all for him to accept?


Shang Ke went back to his room, took a shower, changed into a comfortable set of casual clothes, and was then led by an attendant to Ravel’s study.


“Ravel, what were you looking for me for?”


“Come here.” Ravel patted the sofa next to himself and waited for Shang Ke to sit down before he clicked on an electronic map and said, “Choose one.”


Shang Ke looked at the electronic map and asked, “Choose what?”


“The original residence of your family has been destroyed, you can choose another place to rebuild the residence.” Ravel said, “I allocated you 3,000 square meters of land. You can design it according to your liking.”


3000 square meters! Is this for building a mansion or a golf course?


Shang Ke silently calculated that from design planning to construction, it would cost at least billions of dollars. Although Ravel, this wealthy man was there, he didn’t want to just sit back and enjoy the benefits.


After thinking for a moment, Shang Ke pointed to a coordinate: “Here then.”


Ravel looked at it and nodded, “I’ll arrange it for you tomorrow.”


Shang Ke did not refuse Ravel’s reward. After all, this was the honor that Cage’s elders had traded their lives and faith for, and his duty was simply to guard it and pass it on.


“Ravel, I want to work.”


“What work?” Ravel asked casually.


“Aren’t you recently preparing to upgrade your smart systems and armed machineries?” Shang Ke said, “I’m not qualified to participate in the smart system upgrade because it involves classified information, but I do have some ideas about the armed machineries.”


“Oh? Tell me about it?” Ravel gained some interest.


“Cruise focused most of his energy on the military, so much so that he neglected the development of civilians’ technology, leading to polarization.” Shang Ke explained his thoughts in detail, “In fact, lots of military technology can be used for people’s livelihoods, and proper incorporation into the civilians’ life can promote technological progress. If you allow me to, I intend to work on some obsolete military equipment and use it to improve the people’s living standards.”


Ravel’s eyes lit up and he asked, “Do you have any specific projects?”


“Yes. Model 211 aircraft, which flourished for a period of time five years ago, is now quite technologically backward and has little advantage in air combat. But its magnetic levitation and anti-shock technology can be used to improve civilian cars and create new vehicles with flight capabilities.” Shang Ke spoke calmly, “Another example is the combat robot, which can be transformed into a everyday robot by modifying its operating system and installing different additional features according to the user’s needs.”


Ravel gazed at him intently. Not only did his heart feel love, he also grew more admiring.


“Ravel,” Shang Ke enquired, “Would you be willing to give me the rights to develop these technologies? When the product is put into the market, all the proceeds will be split 50-50.”


Ravel solemnly said, “Write me a proposal. I will provide you with the appropriate technological needs, set up a laboratory and a professional team.”


“Thank you.” Shang Ke smiled brightly.


Ravel was flashed with his smile and couldn’t help but reach out to touch his head.


But before his fingers even touched Shang Ke’s hair, Shang Ke stood up and said enthusiastically, “I’ll go prepare the proposal now.”


Only after saying that did Shang Ke notice Ravel’s hand that stopped mid-air and his slightly wounded expression. He couldn’t help but turn silent: Is it too late to sit back down now… 


Thinking so, Shang Ke really sat back down. He pulled Ravel’s hand over his head with his two gleaming eyes open and looked like an obedient boy begging to be petted.


Ravel’s heart was in an uproar: How can there be such a cute guy in the world!


He lifted Shang Ke into his arms, lowered his head to his lips and eagerly tasted it. Just when things were almost getting out of control, there was a knock on the door.


Ravel could only regretfully let go of Shang Ke and whispered, “Go ahead. I’ll take care of some miscellaneous task first. Let’s have dinner together.”


Shang Ke nodded and got up to leave. When he returned to his room, he immediately turned on his computer and began to gather information to write up the proposal.


With Ravel’s financial and technical support, the company and the laboratory were soon established. Shang Ke named it “Creatus”. It mainly focuses on the development and sale of technological products for civilian use.


Shang Ke’s expertise in computer technology and repair and assembly, combined with the knowledge of the era, allowed him to develop a variety of novel technological products.


What Ravel initially fancied was Shang Ke’s flexible mindset. As for technological research and development, the laboratory was responsible for that. He never imagined that Shang Ke also had a high level of technical skills. It was only until three years later, when Creatus grew to become a technology giant, that Ravel really saw Shang Ke’s talent.


Those were all after words. Currently, Shang Ke was still busy with Creatus’ first development project. Ravel has already been neglected for over a month, and was in the outburst phase due to having unsatisfied desires. He kept feeling that he had overlooked something important.


“Your Majesty, will Sire Cage be moving out of the palace when his mansion is completed?” The butler asked seemingly casually.


Ravel’s action of bringing up his tea paused and he asked, “How is the progress over there?”


“It is expected to be completed in two months” The butler replied.


Two months? Ravel’s expression sank: “Who hired the construction team? They finished the job so hastily, did they cut corners?”


The butler was silent: From the chief engineer, chief designer to the construction team, they were all personally picked by your majesty alright? They work diligently with the highest standard equipment, and you suspect them of cutting corners… 


“Send someone over tomorrow to check the quality of the work.” Ravel said sternly.


The butler silently prayed for the innocent construction team who had taken the blame.


“Your Majesty, there is something I would like to report to you.” The butler said again.


“What is it?”


“Since half a month ago, Sire Cage has been receiving letters from all over the country.”


“So what?”


“235 of them were from unmarried women.” Every mail that came in was examined by a professional, so the butler was able to clearly state the number.


The “unmarried women” successfully caught Ravel’s attention.


The butler continued: “There were also 160 letters from unmarried men of ‘unknown sexual orientation’.”


Unmarried men alone were not enough to explain the problem. The emphasis was on ‘unknown sexual orientation’.


Ravel stared at his butler with bright eyes, “What are you trying to say?”


“What I’m trying to say is that if Your Majesty doesn’t act soon, I’m afraid that Sire Cage will leave you behind and go off to start a family ‘happily’.”


Finally realizing what he had overlooked, Ravel sprang to his feet and affirmed, “I will not let him have the opportunity to leave me behind.”


That night, Ravel came to Shang Ke’s room in a nightgown.


Shang Ke was lying on the bed, simulating a new type of machinery on his laptop.


“Cage.” Ravel stood beside the bed and looked at him calmly.


“Yes?” Shang Ke casually answered without even looking up.


“Let’s get married?”


“Okay.” Shang Ke answered while working on the computer.


“You agreed?”


“Yes, I agreed.”


“Good.” Ravel moved the computer away, then took Shang Ke’s left hand and placed a gemstone ring on his middle finger.


Shang Ke looked at Ravel and then at the ring on his finger, seeming as if he hadn’t realized what just happened.


“The wedding is scheduled three months from now.” Ravel happily decided.


“The wedding?” So, he really was proposing just now? Proposing to him in pajamas, slippers, and with that kind of casual tone?


Even if there’s no flowers, balloons or wine, you should at least wear a formal attire and choose an auspicious day right?!


No, I disagree! Shang Ke was rejecting it in his heart.


Ravel ignored his bitter and hateful expression, lay down on the bed and pulled Shang Ke into his arms, ready to have a harmonious and beautiful pre-wedding exercise.


“Wait… Wu…”


Ravel did not give him a chance to go back on his word, and did his best to please Shang Ke, intending to use his charm to conquer him. Ravel has always liked to plan and decide first and proceed step by step. But only towards Shang Ke does he choose to strike first. He would take him under his wing before he became fully independent. He won’t allow anyone to covet him.


“I love you.” The moment he entered, Ravel said the eternally unchanging words to him.


 Shang Ke’s heart, which had been feeling a bit irritable, was suddenly calm.


These three words were worth a thousand words.


【Soul repair degree 97%.】


【Body’s Health 93%.】


【Hormone Index 70%, 80%, 95%, 100%… Breaking through limits…】




【…Humph, a dog couple o(一︿一+)o】


Three months later, Cage’s family estate was officially completed. Ravel threw a grand banquet for Shang Ke and announced their marriage to the public. Under the witness of all the people, he bound Shang Ke to him for the rest of his life with an oath of loyalty… 

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