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Chapter 259: Back To That Key Moment ⑩

TL: Resonance

    尚可最后还是没有将自己到处交朋友的理由告诉闻景戎, 并非有意隐瞒,而是他目前还在尝试中。为免过度消耗闻景戎身上的福光, 尚可打算寻找新的福光来源。

Shang Ke ultimately did not tell Wen Jingrong the reason why he was making friends everywhere. He wasn’t intentionally trying to hide it, but he was currently still in the midst of trying. To avoid over-consuming Wen Jingrong’s blessing, Shang Ke planned to find a new source of blessing.

    世上拥有福光的人不在少数,只是他们本身都在不断消耗自己的福光, 有些人甚至在年轻时便将福光消耗殆尽。能够将福光积攒下来的人,大多都是本心纯善, 祖辈或本人曾行过大善,拥有深厚福缘之辈。

There are quite a number of people in the world who have blessings, but they themselves are constantly consuming their own blessing and some even consume it all at a young age. Most of the people who are able to accumulate their blessing are pure-hearted people. Their ancestors or they themselves have done great good deeds and have great blessings.

    闻景戎的情况比较特殊, 他拥有仙人(辰霄)的灵魂,福光可以加持他的气运,他灵魂中的仙气也在不断炼化福光。这也是尚可为什么用他的福光修炼能够快速化形的原因。

Wen Jingrong’s case is special. He has the soul of an immortal (Chen Xiao). The blessing can enhance his luck, and the immortal energy in his soul is also constantly refining the blessing. This is also the reason why Shang Ke was able to transform quickly when using his blessing to cultivate.

    普通凡人的福光肯定不如闻景戎,但胜在数量多。只是尚可不确定自己需要从普通人身上吸取多少福光才能达到修炼的效果。他不想损害别人的气运,所以必须接触更多拥有福光的人。福光是可以相互影响和转化的, 一个人如果交到一个福运加身的朋友,那么他本身的气运也会相应改变。

An ordinary mortal’s blessing is definitely not as good as Wen Jingrong’s, but it wins with quantity. However, Shang Ke wasn’t sure how much blessing he needed to draw from ordinary people to achieve the effect of cultivation. He didn’t want to damage other people’s luck, so he must come into contact with more people who have blessings. Blessings can influence each other mutually and transform each other, and if a person makes friends with someone who is blessed, then his own luck will change accordingly.

    尚可已经找到了十几个拥有福光的人,可惜有一半都被某只小气的妒夫给赶跑了。仅仅六、七个人的福光, 显然不足以维持他的日常“开销”。

Shang Ke has already found 10+ people with blessing. Unfortunately, half of them have been driven away by some petty jealous husband. The blessing of only 6-7 people was obviously not enough to sustain his daily “expenses”.

    “唉, 我真不好养。”尚可忍不住感叹。

“Ai, I’m so difficult to raise.” Shang Ke couldn’t help but sigh.


“Who said that?” Wen Jingrong came over and retorted, “My Keke is the best to raise.”


Shang Ke glanced at him, looked away, and then looked at him again.


“What’s wrong?” Wen Jingrong asked.


Shang Ke flopped down on the sofa and cried out in sorrow, “Why are you so poor!”


Chairman Wen who earns tens of millions of dollars a minute: “…”


Wen Jingrong, who was disliked by his lover for being too poor, had someone organize his assets detail into a document and send it to his email on the day itself. But before he could show his strong financial power, Shang Ke ran away again.


Wen Jingrong tried his best to restrain the urge to catch the person immediately, and persisted on finishing the company’s business before looking for him according to his phone’s location.


In the garden, Shang Ke was sitting in a pavilion, playing chess with an old man.


He has a satisfied expression with a smile on his face, talking about something while helping the old man pour tea.


The old man was frowning and thinking hard, pointing at the chessboard from time to time to argue a few words.


Wen Jingrong stood outside the pavilion and gazed at his lover in the pavilion. His original irritable emotions gradually calmed down after seeing him.


All along, all he had seen was Shang Ke who was guarding him by his side, and it seemed that he had never looked closely at Shang Ke who was getting along with outsiders. When Shang Ke was by his side, Shang Ke was gentle and considerate, lively and casual; In front of outsiders, he was relaxed and leisurely, warm and kind. Shang Ke had never deliberately showed his talent in front of him, but in front of the outsiders, he was always the most dazzling one. The possessing he treated as a matter of course almost made him forget how outstanding Keke was.


Wen Jingrong couldn’t help but secretly review himself, was he being too restrictive of him?


“Jingrong.” A clear voice interrupted his thoughts. Looking up, he found that Shang Ke had already ended his chess game and was walking towards him.


“Your new friend?” Wen Jingrong looked at the old man in the pavilion.


“Yeah.” Shang Ke smiled, “I met him when I crossed the road.”


“I remember you met the friend you made last time when you were riding the bus.” Wen Jingrong took his hand and reminisced while strolling, “You met the one before the previous when bargaining at the vegetable market, and you could make friends even when you were fishing by the river, wandering on the road, and grabbing discounted goods. The most amazing one was when you were in the crowd seeing someone’s staged crash. The new friend you made then was almost like an old friend even though you two only met for the first time.”


Wen Jingrong wondered whether his lover was carrying a friendship halo and could make friends so randomly. And according to his investigation afterwards, most of the friends he made were excellent, some of them had high net worth, some were of outstanding character, some were very knowledgeable, and some were passionate about public welfare… 


Shang Ke patted his shoulder and comforted, “I know you don’t have the talent to make friends, but it’s okay. In the future, my friends are your friends.”


Wen Jingrong: “… As long as you’re happy.”


Three days later, Wen Jingrong helped Shang Ke settle the relevant paperworks and officially settled Shang Ke down in the Wen family. He also doesn’t watch Shang Ke as closely as before, appropriately giving him space and freedom.


“Not afraid that I will run away?” Shang Ke sat on the desk and shook the identity card in his hand with a smile.


“I’ll chase you if you run. I’m idle anyway.” Wen Jingrong flipped through the documents without looking away.


Shang Ke, who thought he could hear love words, said angrily, “Then I’ll run for you to see. I will see how idle you really are.”


Wen Jingrong raised his head and slowly said, “For the rest of my life, I will be ‘idle’ for you. No matter when or where, no matter how old or sick I am.”


Shang Ke looked at him deeply, then reached out to hook his neck and said softly, “Wen Jingrong, have I ever said ‘I love you’.”


“Yes, but I don’t mind you saying it a few more times.” Wen Jingrong held him to his lap and kissed him on the lips.


“I can say it as many times as you want.” Shang Ke leaned into his arms with a smile on his face.


A moment later, he suddenly raised his head again: “There is one thing which I think it’s better to tell you.”


Wen Jingrong’s heart stirred: “What is it?”


“The reason why I am keen to make friends.” Shang Ke slowly said, “Originally, according to my original cultivation speed, it would take me three hundred years to reshape my physical body. But the blessing on your body allowed me to complete my transformation in a short time.”


“Hmm.” Wen Jingrong listened quietly.


“If I continue to absorb the blessing on you without hesitation, your blessing would probably run out soon.”


“How soon is soon?” Wen Jingrong asked.


Shang Ke pondered for a moment and replied, “About 10+ years.”


“10+ years?” Wen Jingrong frowned, “My blessing can only support you for 10+ years?”


“That’s not the point!” Shang Ke reminded, “The point is that after 10+ years, your blessing will be all consumed by me.”


“What will happen after it is consumed? Will you leave me?”


“Of course not. It’s just that without the blessing, I’m afraid your life won’t be as smooth as it is now.”


“Isn’t that normal?” Wen Jingrong’s expression was flat, “Who can guarantee that their life will be absolutely smooth?”


“That seems to be the case, but…” Who doesn’t want their life to be a little better. Originally, your life can score 120 points, but ultimately only scored 80 points. Wouldn’t a person normally be unhappy?


“So, what does this have to do with you making friends?” Wen Jingrong asked again.


Shang Ke replied: “You are not the only one who has blessings. I am trying to spread out the absorption. Although the speed will be slower, it will not affect you and other people’s luck.”


Wen Jingrong’s eyes darkened slightly: “All those friends of yours have blessing?”


“Yes.” Shang Ke nodded his head.


“Very good.” There was a bit of danger in Wen Jingrong’s tone, “From today onwards, no further interaction with them is allowed.”


“Why? Didn’t I explain it clearly already?” Shang Ke stared at him.


Wen Jingrong said sternly, “I won’t allow you to take in the blessing from other people other than me!”


How could he possibly tolerate Keke’s body being tainted by outsiders’ breath?


“Didn’t I explain that before? If I only absorb blessings from you alone, your blessing will be completely consumed by me in 10+ years.”


“Then just consume all of it!” Wen Jingrong roared, “Even if it takes my life, I don’t care. As long as I live, I only want you to belong to me completely. As long as I’m alive, I will not let anyone leave any traces on your body!”


Shang Ke didn’t expect that Wen Jingrong would be so opposed to it. In his opinion, absorbing blessing was just like shopping in a store, without any other meaning.


“Keke, promise me.” Wen Jingrong hugged him tightly and whispered, “Don’t look for someone else before sucking me dry.”


Sucking you dry or whatever, he kept feeling that something is wrong somewhere.


“If you really mind it that much, then I promise you.” Shang Ke sighed, “It’s just that this will shorten the time I stay in the human form. I must try to reduce the consumption of the blessing.”


“Wasn’t it possible to absorb it for 10+ years? You don’t have to worry about it.” Wen Jingrong did not want his Keke to endure starvation.


“The problem is,” Shang Ke looked at him with a ‘hating iron for not becoming steel[1]’ look, “you are not a good person.”


“What does this… have to do with whether I’m a good person or not?”


“For good people, even if they don’t have blessing, as long as they are not lazy, poor to the extreme, or encounter unpredictable natural and man-made disasters, they basically can spend the rest of their lives in peace and stability. But you,” Shang Ke pointed to his heart, “how many illegal activities have you done in private, how many common people have you oppressed and how many rich businessmen and powerful people have you offended?”


“You… know all about it?”


“I’m not an evil pen.” Shang Ke rolled his eyes.


Wen Jingrong: He always thought he was… 


“I said that I want you to be free of worries for the rest of your life.” Wen Jingrong looked at Shang Ke solemnly, “Trust me, Keke. I will nip the problem in the bud for any existence that could threaten you.”


Shang Ke knew that what he wanted to express was to change the mistakes he had made and set things right for the benefit of all. But what he said always felt murderous and unkind.


“Then it is agreed that only the blessing on me may be absorbed.” His Keke must be raised by him alone.


“Yes, I will listen to you. Let’s see what you can do 10+ years later?”


“What else can I do? I will be a good man with a pure heart.”


“Haha.” This was the only thing Shang Ke did not believe.


Since he was promised, Wen Jingrong no longer restricted his friendship. Keke trusted him, and he was also willing to give him back the same trust.


However, Shang Ke did not give up on finding new ways to cultivate. The method of obtaining blessing from others was rejected. Then was it possible to refine the blessing on Wen Jingrong?


Shang Ke conditioned Wen Jingrong’s body and unblocked his meridians while searching for various cultivation methods. Finally, he combined the dual cultivation method and the sentinel and guide’s spiritual method to develop a plan suitable for Wen Jingrong’s cultivation.


This world’s spiritual energy was thin, so it was naturally impossible to cultivate notable results, but it was still possible to strengthen the body, lengthen lifespan, and refine the blessing.


“I can’t enter?” Wen Jingrong sat naked in the medicinal pool as he looked at Keke, who was sitting crossed leg on his waist, with a tangled expression.


“No.” Shang Ke tried his best to ignore the huge thing that was expressing its presence under him, “You must first learn how to Tu Na.”


With that, Shang Ke pressed his lips to his, channeling the blessing he had absorbed into Wen Jingrong’s mouth and guided him with the Tu Na.


After a while, Shang Ke removed his own lips and said in a suppressed voice with gritted teeth, “What happened to the promise of not entering!”


“Sorry, I didn’t control my strength properly…” Wen Jingrong looked innocent, as if the thing down there which acted on its own was not his.


“How many times is this already!” Shang Ke was angry.


“Be good, don’t be angry, I promise not to cum inside you this time.” Wen Jingrong skillfully soothed the cat.


“You still have the nerve to cum!” Shang Ke said ruthlessly. “Hold it back.”


“I’m afraid that’s a bit difficult…”


“Wu… Gently, don’t always go so hard every time…”


Wen Jingrong smiled as he gently nibbled Shang Ke’s neck.


In fact, he had already learned how to Tu Na a month ago, just that he never told Keke. He liked Keke’s angry yet helpless look, which made him feel pampered and tolerated by Keke. But he also knew he couldn’t hide it for too long, or it would affect the progress of his cultivation.


Well, let’s tell him next month. He had to say that he really loves this kind of cultivation method, and will never get tired of it for the rest of his life…


The average lifespan of humans on planet Tahm is 120 years. After Wen Jingrong cultivated, his life span was extended by nearly 100 years, and his face did not age, becoming the longest-lived and most legendary human in the history of the planet.


The cultivation plan Shang Ke researched for Wen Jingrong was also worshipped as a divine item by the Tahm people in the near future.


After several generations of inheritance and cultivation, the average lifespan of the Tahm people had doubled. It’s just that they weren’t able to be like Wen Jingrong who looked like he never aged. Because, they lacked a concealed pen of which their souls can fit with… 


[1] Hating iron for not becoming steel – Feeling disappointed with someone for not meeting your expectations

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