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Chapter 258: Back To That Key Moment ⑩

TL: Resonance

    闻景戎醒来时, 发现可可像八爪鱼一样扒在他身上,柔软的头发透着阳光的气息, 身体的温度,皮肤的触感, 心脏的跳动,带着鲜活的色彩填满他清冷的生命。

When Wen Jingrong woke up, he found Keke lying like an octopus on his body and his soft hair was bathed under the sunshine. The temperature of his body, the sense of touch on his skin, the beating of his heart, filled his cold life with vivid colors.

    闻景戎低头眷恋地亲吻怀中的人, 眼中的深情犹如一片能够腻死人的大海。

Wen Jingrong lowered his head to kiss the person in his embrace nostalgically, and the deep love in his eyes was like a sea that could kill.

    似乎感觉到唇上传来的温软,尚可无意识地回应、追逐, 吸收着美味的福光,品尝着亲昵的甜蜜,直到身体再次被充实,被摆弄,尚可才不情不愿地睁开眼。

Shang Ke seemed to have felt the warmth and softness coming from the lips. He responded unconsciously, chasing and absorbing the delicious blessing and tasted the sweetness of intimacy. It was only when his body was filled again and being moved about when Shang Ke reluctantly opened his eyes.

    以前还是煞笔时, 淫欲是他的食物,如今作为一支根正苗红的伏笔,淫欲成为了极度消耗体力的春药。偏偏他又舍不得驱散淫欲带来的美好感觉, 只能竭尽所能地吸收福光。

In the past, when he was still an evil pen, lust was his food. But now that he was a concealed pen from a good family, lust has become an extremely exhausting aphrodisiac. However, he was reluctant to leave the pleasure brought to him by the lust, so he could only do everything he could to absorb the blessing.

    闻景戎对他的亲近自然是喜闻乐见, 直接后果就是需索无度,不知节制。

Wen Jingrong was naturally happy to see his intimacy. The result was that he became demanding and didn’t know how to control.


“Enough…” Shang Ke’s voice was hoarse, “Don’t you have to work today?”


“I’m the boss, I can go whenever I want.” Wen Jingrong’s was in a very good mood at the moment. His tone of voice unconsciously revealed some arrogance and a look of complacency.


“Out, take it out!” Shang Ke stepped one foot on Wen Jingrong’s waist and abdomen area, but ended up letting him take advantage of the opportunity to go deeper, “… Bastard!”


Shang Ke angrily said, “Are you taking it out or not!”


Wen Jingrong leaned down and kissed his nose, “Be obedient. Let’s go once more, I’ll go lighter.”


“In bed, you have no credibility to speak of.”


“My ‘sexual desire[1]’ is still unable to satisfy you?” Wen Jingrong sincerely said, “It’s okay, I’ll keep trying.”


“… Fuck!”


The battle between the two of them eventually ended when Keke turned back into a magic pen due to exhaustion.


Wen Jingrong contentedly cleaned himself up and walked briskly out of the house. He started up his car while calling, “Jac, sell all the stock of Xinhui. Yes, all… Don’t ask too much, I have other plans.”


“Aisai, what about the things you were asked to investigate? Sort it out and send it to my email.”


“Tong Fei, go to the hotel to make a reservation, we will have a company gathering tomorrow night… For what? What else can it be for, of course it is to celebrate the international anti-monopoly day.” (A huge number of ‘fuck you’ flashed pass Tong Fei’s heart: You’re a huge profiter from monopolising the market and you dare to celebrate the anti-monopoly day?!)


“Junxuan, didn’t you ask me to go out yesterday? I’m free today, let’s go out for a meal? You choose the place… OK, see you at 7:00.”



Shang Ke watched all the way as someone kept talking on the phone enraptured. He was seemingly talking all about serious things, but Shang Ke kept feeling that this guy was trying to announce to everyone: After countless days and nights of abstinence, he was finally released after serving his sentence!


With the nourishment of the blessing, Shang Ke can maintain the human form longer and longer. From a few hours to a day or two, the power was steadily increasing. Occasionally, he is able to use some small spells. During the day, he was an accessory and an all-purpose golden finger. At night, he studied performance art with his lover.


But soon after, Shang Ke anxiously discovered that the blessing on Wen Jingrong seemed to have dimmed a lot.


The blessing was accumulated through his ancestor’s good deed, and it is not easy for living people to accumulate blessing. At least, it wasn’t something obtainable just by doing a few good deeds. Despite the fact that Wen Jingrong has been dedicated to doing good deeds recently, the speed of accumulating the blessing is far slower than the speed of consumption.


If he continues to suck it up like this without restraint, he would probably affect Wen Jingrong’s future luck. Luck is a very mysterious thing, it can make people brilliant and prosperous, but can also make people lose their reputation. It can make people blessed and long-lived, but also can make people poor and destitute. With Wen Jingrong’s ability and wealth, even if he loses the protection from the blessing, he should still be able to live a rich life. However, blessing can increase one’s luck and it is best not to waste it recklessly until the last resort.


Shang Ke felt the need to control his own “appetite”.


“Keke?” Wen Jingrong came out of the bathroom and found that Keke was not lying on the bed waiting for him as usual, but continued to stay on the bedside cabinet as a quiet magic pen.


“I’m going to cultivate tonight. You should also sleep early, good night.” The magic pen flashed a few times.


“Okay.” Although Wen Jingrong was a little disappointed, he did not force it. He picked up the magic pen and kissed it, then gently put it in the brocade box, “Good night.”


Wen Jingrong thought that the so-called “cultivation” is only a matter of a day or two. However, for half a month, Keke surprisingly did not turn into his human form, always remaining in the state of the magic pen.


“Keke, did something happen to you?” Wen Jingrong asked worriedly.


“No.” He only slowed down his cultivation speed.


“If you’re fine, why don’t you transform?”


“Because you need to abstain from sex.”


Wen Jingrong: “… So, how long do you intend to abstain me from sex?”


“Hmm, about a month.”


“A month?” Wen Jingrong’s face was gloomy, “That’s too long, I request to shorten it by 20 days.”


“What’s the point if I shorten it by 20 days? Not negotiable, it’s one month.” Shang Ke’s tone was firm.


Wen Jingrong had an aggrieved look: “Why are you so cruel to me?”


“Because I don’t want to be too cruel to myself.”


Wen Jingrong: “…”


After being tangled for the whole night, Wen Jingrong finally let it go. What’s a month of abstinence compared to losing forever? As long as Keke is happy, he is happy.


From then on, Wen Jingrong had a new habit, and that was drawing a cross on his calendar every day.


After the first month of abstinence has passed. Wen Jingrong got up from the bed full of energy and was about to say good morning to Keke as well as to make a reservation for the evening’s interactive program when he found that the brocade box was empty. Keke who was lying in it was gone!


There was a note on the bedside cabinet that said: “I have something on and am going out today. I’ll be back before 7pm. Keke had left the note.


What kind of matters could a pen have? If something really happened, why didn’t he tell him?


Wen Jingron felt impetuous. This was the first time since he was reborn that Keke had left his sight.


He checked his phone for the positioning and soon found Keke’s location.


Seven Star Park? This is a world-famous retirement city, with ancient architecture and a quiet environment. It was quite popular with the elderly.


Wen Jingrong drove his car all the way towards Shang Ke’s location.


But his location was not fixed. After spending about half an hour in Seven Star Park, he took the car to another place.


Wen Jingrong kept paying attention to his direction, from Seven Star Park to Fudong District, from Fudong District to Yining Lake, and from Yining Lake to the Legal Center… In one morning, he almost strolled through the East City.


What is Keke doing?


Wen Jingrong parked his car and strided towards the book bar across the street.


He looked around and quickly found the person he was looking for near a window seat.


Shang Ke sat leisurely on the sofa chair, shaking the spoon in his cup casually while flipping through the book in his hand. But his attention was not on the book. His pair of bright eyes, from time to time glanced at the brown-haired youth beside him.


Wen Jingrong’s face darkened. His cold gaze fell straight on that youth. He looked passable and had a scholarly temperament. He looked like a typical toy boy!


Keke ran across half the city just to see him?!


Wen Jingrong felt terrible, and the fire of jealousy was burning in his body.


Shang Ke seemed to feel something and turned his head towards the direction of Wen Jingrong.


“Jingrong?” A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. He then waved his hand and beckoned him over.


Wen Jingrong walked up to him with large steps and his fierce appearance was out of place in this elegant book bar. Like a bandit wolf intruding into the world of a group of academic sheep, his defiant and domineering aura was shown.


He sat beside Shang Ke and wrapped his arms around his waist in an absolutely possessive position.


Most of the people around looked at them, and the brown-haired youth was no exception.


Shang Ke immediately pulled Wen Jingrong up, then smiled at the brown-haired youth and said, “Nice to meet you, let’s meet again next time if we have the chance.”


Next time? Wen Jingrong tried his best to suppress his anger and followed Shang Ke out of the book bar.


“Who is he?” After taking only a few steps out, someone began questioning.


“A friend I just met.”


“Why did you come out today?”


“Shopping.” Shang Ke answered very calmly.


“Why don’t you let me accompany you?”


Shang Ke gave him a look, held his arm and explained with a smile, “I got up very early and didn’t want to wake you up. Besides, you had to go to work, so I came out alone.”


“Really? It’s just like that?” Wen Jingrong felt suspicious.


“Of course. What else could it be?” Shang Ke’s expression was calm and no abnormality could be seen.


Wen Jingrong was silent. He kept feeling that Keke was hiding something from him.


At night, Wen Jingrong pressed Shang Ke down and did it very intensely.


“Keke, don’t leave me, don’t leave…” Although he has returned to his side, Wen Jingrong still felt insecure. He was afraid of losing him again, afraid that all this was just a dream, and even more afraid that Keke no longer loved him.


Shang Ke felt his uneasiness. He hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear: “I love you, Jingrong.”


Wen Jingrong’s body trembled. The haziness in his eyes gradually dissipated and eventually turned into tenderness…


Three days later, Shang Ke dialed the brown-haired youth’s phone with the cell phone Wen Jingrong bought for him.


“Ah, Shang Ke, I remember you. What’s up? A meal? Sorry, I’m at the airport now, preparing to go to S City… Haha, it’s like this. Yesterday, my teacher suddenly gave me a task. He wanted me to give an academic speech at S University… Well, yes. Let’s meet after I come back. Okay, thanks, bye. “


After hanging up, Shang Ke secretly thought that it was such an unfortunate coincidence.


Wen Jingrong came in from outside the room, saw his regretful look, and a hidden light flashed in his eyes.


For the next few days, Shang Ke went out to stroll a few more times and made a lot of friends. But every time he asks them out, they are all delayed by various things. The ones he successfully managed to ask out were basically old people who were more than 50 years old.


Shang Ke did not believe that he was fated only with old people. For the other youthful and pretty handsome men and beautiful women, it was fine if it was just one or two that couldn’t make it. If four to five of them cannot make it, something’s not right no matter how he thinks!


“Wen Jingrong.” Shang Ke put his hand on Wen Jingrong’s shoulder and asked with an obvious smile, “Did you do something behind my back?”


“Do what?” Wen Jingrong hugged his waist, his expression calm.


“You don’t want me to make friends?”


Wen Jingrong’s expression remained unchanged: “You tell me first, why are you suddenly so keen on making friends?”


Shang Ke stared at him quietly for a long time before spitting out a word: “Secret.”


“Very good.” Wen Jingrong hooked his chin, “Then I will continue to exercise the rights of a ‘jealous husband’ to remove all the unstable factors that may lead you to cheat.”


Shang Ke: What kind of rights would a jealous husband have? He’s quite impressive being able to express his desire to control so righteously…


[1] Sexual desire and credibility sounds similar in chinese.

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