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Chapter 164: Re: I Am Not A Merman


Flames was a name given by Qin Yuan. He was like a rare treasure bestowed by the heavens, intruding into his life without warning.


He was one of the only two dolphins remaining left in this world with an intelligence that didn’t lose to humans. He was very kind to humans and unwary of them. When humans are in danger, he did not hesitate in bravely stepping forward to help. However, the gentle and kind Flames was harmed by humans time and time again.


Flames treated humans as friends, yet humans treated him as food or an experimental object. Their unequal status foredined Flames to never get the proper respect he was due.


Flames understood clearly what humans wanted to do, yet he was willing to cooperate and let them withdraw research samples from his body. Even though he was already so willing, there were still people who were not satisfied and wanted to gain more, regardless of the means they use.


Every since he came to the human world, Flames was injured time and time again, with each time being worse than the previous. Finally, he had even sacrificed his valuable life for these cruel and selfish humans.


The mutilated appearance of Flames at the end of his life became a nightmare that haunted Qin Yuan forever and tormented his very soul.


He started to suffer from insomnia and would fail to sleep for dozens of days. Even if he was tired to the extreme, he could only nap for a short time before rousing from pain.


But Qin Yuan could not collapse, because he still had to protect Waves. This was the responsibility left by him from Flames, it was also his only focus now. But Waves who had lost Flames, became sadder with each passing day. For the emotional dolphins, they were very sensitive to the chances of their environment and their relatives’ passing. Even though Qin Yuan already did everything he could, he still could not prevent Waves’ choice to suicide.


In the morning of a bright sunny day, Waves slammed his head into a platform. After a few feeble struggles, he forever left this world.


Like that, the last dolphin also disappeared from the human world in such a bitter way.


Waves’ death left another tremendous psychological shock to Qin Yuan. He couldn’t save Flames, and he also couldn’t hold onto Waves. The remaining merfolks also died young due to the lack of ability from humans to take care of them.


Most of the people felt that it was a great pity to lose two precious creatures, yet they did not know that what they lost was not just them, but the hopes of human fertility and evolution.


The genes of the dolphins can make up for the deficiency of the genes of humans and promote their evolution along with their fertility. However, all of that was shattered with Flames death. Scientists tried to use cloning technology to clone dolphins, but it failed every time. Their failures were also terrifying. The mutated dolphins had the original’s miraculous ability to assimilate and was compatible with most creatures. But the consequences of using something that was defected in the first place, was to create a monster like Dipson.


Flames used his life to kill Dipson who had turned into a Giant Squid and prevent the spread of the mutated gene. But most scientists were unaware of that, even if they did know, it was unlikely to prevent some people trying to undergo some crazy experiments.


Qin Yuan was one of the few who knew of the truth, but he ignored it and said nothing. He coldly watched as humans self-destructed.


The first outbreak of mutants happened seven years after Flames’ death. That year, twenty infants that were tantamount to monsters were born.


While in their mother’s body, the unborn child was normal. But the moment they were born, their body immediately mutated and turned into any kind of imaginable deformed creature. Most of them did not live past five months.


Such a result caused the humans who were facing a fertility crisis to be even more panicked. But they have already worked this far, so scientists could not give up on it and continued to research.


However, because of the lack of genes from the original dolphin, each experiment they did was led to failure. The mutated gene they used also gradually evolved and quietly spread. Many humans ignorantly became the carrier and sacrificial victims of the mutated gene. A couple years later, deformed humans that were like monsters appeared one after another. They caused a great disturbance in the world. This kind of mutation could not be reversed, so humans could only make a choice between accepting them or destroying them.


In the end, they chose to isolate them. They grouped these mutated humans together and treated them as experimental objects. Mutated humans will naturally not just wait for their deaths, so they also started to fight back for their survival. Since then, the world has entered a chaotic period of mutations.


Humanity originally had the chance to obtain the perfect way to evolve, but now the only route they could walk upon was of twisted and ruthless deformity. 


Qin Yuan continued to pay no heed to it. Instead, he used his contacts and wealth to buy an uninhabited island and established his own authority.


The island was named “Wings of Flames”, and it would become the most peaceful land in the world twenty years later. The dispute of the outside world did not touch this beautiful small island.


Qin Yuan lived on the island for decades. Even until his death, he had never taken a step out of the island.


That day, he had sat on the beach alone, facing the sky blue sea. He gently kissed the ring on his hand with his lifetime of love, then smiled and closed his eyes.


Once upon time, he had dreamed of living with Flames on an island like this, cut off from the world.


And now, this island had become the grave he had made for himself.


While he lived, he could never sleep; after he died, he could finally rest.

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