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Chapter 236: Back To That Key Moment ⑦

TL: Resonance


Lu Xiufan quietly put the medicine bottle away, then walked over to Shang Ke and asked in a warm voice, “Why aren’t you sleeping yet?”


Shang Ke said nothing, he just looked at him quietly. Lu Xiufan was disturbed by his silent stare and was about to explain when he suddenly heard a musical sound ringing in the room, signaling that it was time to go to bed.


“Good night.” Shang Ke managed those two words with much difficulty, then he took control of his wheelchair, turned around and left.


Lu Xiufan was bewildered: He stared at me for so long, was it just to wait for the right time to say good night?


“Keke.” Lu Xiufan quickly caught up with him and kept following him to his room.


Shang Ke parked his wheelchair at the door, waited for him to come in, then raised his hand to close the door and lock it.


Lu Xiufan looked at the closed door, and then at Shang Ke, who had a flat expression. Was he planning to question him? Settle scores? Or… domestic violence? What is this inexplicable feeling of expectation?


Shang Ke raised his blanket and laid down in the bed. He left half the bed free and looked at him expectantly with eyes that glittered like jewels.


This temptation was completely irresistible to Lu Xiufan. When he came back to his senses, he was already lying beside Shang Ke.


“Keke, I have a bit of a cough at night, which might affect your sleep.” Lu Xiufan tried his best to make a last struggle. As soon as he said that, he saw Shang Ke take out a pair of headphones from the cabinet beside him and put them on his ears very calmly. Then he turned on the smartscreen on the bedhead, selected a music album from it, and clicked play.


Lu Xiufan: “……”


Then, Shang Ke opened that contract and pointed to the additional clause of “sleep together”.


Lu Xiufan’s eyes skimmed over the words “sleep together” and landed on the clause “make love to each other” that came after it.


Three years, Shang Ke had been asleep for three years, and he had been lonely for three years.


“Keke, you are no longer a covenantor, you don’t need to fulfill this contract anymore.” Lu Xiufan took him into his arms and sighed softly, “Just do what you want to do.”


Do what I want to do? There is only one word: Seducing!


Shang Ke hugged his waist, tilted his head up and kissed him on the lips, backed away, and kissed him again.


The warm, soft touch on his lips made Lu Xiufan’s heart race and his blood soar. He always felt that when his Keke woke up, he was even cuter than before, and even more alluring.


Lu Xiufan couldn’t help but deepen the kiss, a familiar and wonderful feeling that made his whole body hot. God knows how much he wanted to kiss him, embrace him, possess him, make him a part of himself, and never be able to leave him again.


“Cough …… “In the midst of the emotion, Lu Xiufan suddenly let go of Shang Ke, turned around and leaned against the edge of the bed, coughing violently.


Shang Ke sat up, and while stroking his back, he sighed in his heart: if you break your body, see how you will still be able to stand up to the sky and show off your strength.


“If you’re ill… you have to treat it.” Shang Ke just secretly took his pulse, and as Fei Lin said, it was a hidden problem left by an old injury. Although it’s not a big problem, it will take a long time to recuperate carefully.


After Lu Xiufan had calmed down a bit, Shang Ke called the butler and urged him to take the medicine.


Lu Xiufan put down his glass of water, saw Shang Ke unblinkingly looking at him, and reassured him: “It’s nothing, just a minor illness, I’ve been taking medicine recently, don’t worry.”


Just taking medicine is not enough.


Shang Ke suddenly said, “You said before that… you wanted to go travelling with me?”


“Yes, is there anywhere you’d like to go?” Lu Xiufan asked.


Shang Ke nodded, opened the electronic map, and pointed to a coordinate.


“Linde Town? Mnn, the scenery and security there are good.” Lu Xiufan agreed.


What Shang Ke liked was not only the scenery and security, but also the fact that she was a legendary retirement sanctuary.


In the capital, Lu Xiufan had to be on guard all the time, not daring to relax at all, and could not rest in peace. Although the forces he has suppressed have no chance to make a come back, retaliation happens from time to time, and if you meet one or two who want to destroy everything without a care of their lives, he could be in danger at any time.


Shang Ke leaned on Lu Xiufan’s shoulder and listened attentively to Lu Xiufan’s introduction of the situation in Linde Town. Even though the information was readily available on the Internet, he still listened focusedly.


After a while, the voice suddenly stopped. Shang Ke looked up and realised that Lu Xiufan had actually fallen asleep while leaning on the head of the bed. He had a frown on his face and looked very tired. Shang Ke didn’t know how he had lived these three years when he was deep asleep.


As soon as Shang Ke helped him lie down, he opened his eyes suddenly and two sharp eyes fell on Shang Ke. Then, it was quickly restrained. Lu Xiufan reached out his hands and hugged Shang Ke waist, then buried his head in the nape of his neck and slowly closed his eyes.


Shang Ke felt at peace after sensing him relaxing. He pulled up the blanket and wrapped it around the two of them, revealing only their two snuggling heads.


Good night, my lover.


One month later, Shang Ke was in good health. As planned, Lu Xiufan left the capital quietly, leaving all his chores behind, and took him with him.


Shang Ke has a new identity card, and Lu Xiufan has also changed his appearance, using the name “Chen Xiao” to rent a small independent building in the outskirts of Linde Town. There is a beautiful maple forest outside, and most of his neighbors are elderly people who have retired and settled down here.


The fake name “Chen Xiao” was chosing by Shang Ke. The beautiful times and scenery and the short spring “night”, Lu Xiufan was very satisfied with it.


On this trip, Lu Xiufan used his own secretly cultivated forces, completely avoiding the eyes of the people in the capital, and even his brother did not know his whereabouts. He just wanted to enjoy their two-people world with Shang Ke in peace, in a place where no one knew them.


“Keke, what are you doing?” Lu Xiufan saw Shang Ke lying in front of the French window, not knowing what he was writing.


“Itinerary.” Shang Ke handed him the paper in his hand.


Lu Xiufan sat beside him, unfolded the paper, and read: “August 10, City walk; August 11, Food exploration; August 12, Xiyuan River rafting; August 13, Fashion Expo; August 14, Watching scenery and performances…”


The long itinerary was scheduled until October, and every day was never the same, Lu Xiufan simply had to kneel to him.


“What do you think?” Shang Ke asked.


Lu Xiufan looked at his serious face and smiled, “Whatever you say.”


The next day, the two of them began to follow the plan on the itinerary.


However, plans can never keep up with changes, and the first day’s schedule was disrupted.


First, they got lost in the city. Then, they encountered a heavy rain, so they had to find a restaurant nearby to take shelter from the rain and at the same time eat.


However, the heavy rain didn’t dampen their mood. After filling their bellies, Lu Xiufan asked the waiter to help buy them an umbrella and then took Shang Ke for a stroll in the rain.


The city was shrouded in a hazy mist of rain, surrounded by people hurrying to and fro. They seemed to be the only ones unaffected by the rain.


They walked around the stores, watched a movie, and ended up spending the afternoon at the video game center. They worked together to clear three games and win to the point the people around cheered. Then they went to the food street and ate a lot. Late in the night, they still couldn’t find their way home.


So, they settled down in a luxury suite in the nearby high-end hotel.


After closing the door, the first thing Lu Xiufan did was to take off all his wet clothes, then carried Shang Ke up and strode into the bathroom. Not only did he not feel tired after playing for a whole day, he felt even more excited.


In the dense mist, the two hot bodies entwined together, their tiny moans hidden by the sound of water. Lu Xiufan took a towel, hastily wiped off the water droplets on both of them, then carried Shang Ke back to the room. The moment he pressed Shang Ke down, he entered with great force, straight to the deepest point. With rapid and regular movements he vented his enthusiasm and vigorous energy.


All this time, Lu Xiufan had been holding back, worried that his impatience would hurt him. But at this moment, far from the capital, he couldn’t hold back any longer and wanted only to possess this man roughly, wildly, and without any hesitations. Lu Xiufan pressed him against the head of the bed, hooked his leg and thrust vigorously, allowing himself to enter deeper. Shang Ke couldn’t keep up with his rhythm and could only let him as he pleased. He emptied his mind and enjoyed the moment with him.


The first rays of the morning sun peeked into the dark room through the gap in the curtains.


With a “swish” sound, the curtains were pulled open and a large amount of sunlight poured onto the messy bed, waking up the person in the bed not too gently.


Lu Xiufan narrowed his eyes and looked up towards the figure in front of the window.


“Good morning, Ah Xiu.” Shang Ke turned his head, his eyes with the colour of the sun and his soft hair gently moving with his movements.


At this moment, Lu Xiufan felt as if his heart was all filled with happiness.


He walked over to Shang Ke and embraced him, the tenderness in his eyes was like the snow  melting away little and little under the warm sun. The cold might of the prince, in front of his lover, all turned into tenderness and affection.


“Yesterday’s trip was disrupted, let’s start over today.” Lu Xiufan said so.


Shang Ke shook his head: “No need.”


“Why?” Lu Xiufan asked, “Don’t you want to finish those plans?”


“Surprises are not planned and enjoyment does not require an itinerary.” Shang Ke looked up at him, “I can’t predict the weather, and I can’t predict surprises, just like how I can’t predict our sex position.”


The first few sentences were fine, but when he heard the last sentence, Lu Xiufan couldn’t help but chuckle, especially when he saw how serious he looked, he felt even more amused.


“Well, that’s a good point.” Lu Xiufan asked with interest, “So what did you think of last night’s position?”


It’s ever-changing and coquettish to the extreme!


Shang Ke thought this in his heart, but replied, “It was messy and without order!”


Lu Xiufan tried his best not to smile and self reflected, “How about I change it to eight times top and seven times bottom[1] next time? Or seven times in and seven times out, would that be a little more orderly?”


 “The point is not the number of times.”


“What is it then?”


“Quality and time.” Shang Ke looked like a scolar who was deep in discussion, “Given your rudimentary skills, I feel the need to compile a sex tutorial.”


“…Is my skill so rudimentary that you need to compile a tutorial?”


Shang Ke patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him, “Don’t be discouraged, with Ah Xiu’s ability, I believe you will soon be able to learn and go further.”


“You’re right.” Lu Xiufan’s eyes darkened, and he mumbled, “I do need to ‘go’ further.”




Wait, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have flirted with you so early in the morning! Shang Ke cried out in his heart. However, it was too late. He was already pressed against the glass window and ruthlessly fucked in the rear position…


[1] 八上七下 – eight times top and seven times bottom. In the previous sentence, Shang Ke used the phrase 七上八下 which means messy/ feeling at a loss. If it is read literally, it just means seven times top and eight times bottom, which Lu Xiufan flipped the words in the next sentence.

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