Everyday Life of a Dom Boyfriend

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http://www.z1z1.net/chapter/20141114/5962.html (Pirate)

*The original raws were on jjwxc, but because this book was published, it was taken down. Therefore the original is no longer there.

Author: Warm Ash (暖灰)

Status:  23 Chapters (Each chapter is separated into several parts, so total of 214)  +Extras (Completed)


The everyday life filled with heavy smùt between a pro-dom boyfriend and a debt collector, a relaxing and warm route.

Warning: R-18 themes (bondage), sadomasochism (SM)

Tags: Mature, Comedy, Yaoi

Translations into other languages: 

bahasa indonesia 

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Let’s Live Together (I)
Chapter 2: Let’s Live Together (II)
Chapter 3: Let’s Live Together (III)
Chapter 4: Let’s Live Together (IV)
Chapter 5: Let’s Live Together (V)
Chapter 6: Let’s Live Together (VI)
Chapter 7: Let’s Live Together (VII)
Chapter 8: Let’s Live Together (VIII)
Chapter 9: Let’s Live Together (IX)
Chapter 10: Let’s Sleep Together (I)
Chapter 11: Let’s Sleep Together (II)
Chapter 12: Let’s Sleep Together (III)
Chapter 13: Let’s Sleep Together (IV)
Chapter 14: Let’s Sleep Together (V)
Chapter 15: Let’s Sleep together (VI)
Chapter 16: Let’s Sleep Together (VII)
Chapter 17: Let’s Sleep Together (VIII)
Chapter 18:
Chapter 19:
Chapter 20:

12 thoughts on “Everyday Life of a Dom Boyfriend

  1. wravensite says:

    A new bl novel *starry eyes*

  2. Stacey says:

    Can I get a teaser of when they will have sex together? So I know how many updates further it will take… Pretty please!

    • Dusty says:

      Next session is in ‘chapter 11’.

      Thank you for enquiring! ?hohoho

  3. Green Leaf says:

    This story is quite interesting and unique. Ye Qia really intrigues me. Thank you for translating and please keep it up.

  4. freaky says:

    It looks really interesting, thanks for picking this up!

  5. Nonexisted says:

    I have been waiting impatiently til this complete so I can binge shamelessly, but it’s new year so what the heck. Let’s do it.
    (人◕ω◕) Thank you and happy new year!!! <3

  6. justbored2017 says:

    This book is so funny. I thought it was gonna be all about sexy scenes but pleasantly surprised . Thanks for translating it, it is really entertaining so far??

  7. laozhilivesforDANMEI says:

    Camp camp camp!

    Thank you for translating the story!
    The story is unexpectedly mature but funny at the same time 🙂 I would love to know more how their complex relationship unfolds❤️❤️❤️

  8. akumakawa says:

    Has this been dropped. 😢

  9. Amaryllideae says:

    Is this dropped? I may or may not be interested in picking it up…

    • SnowTime says:

      You can pick it up if you’re interested

    • Murr says:

      Let me know if you decided to pick up 🙂

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