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Chapter 11: Let’s Sleep Together (II)

Xia Zhi couldn’t focus at work that day. After finishing dinner he hurriedly took a shower, but when he came out he was shocked to find Ye Qia already asleep on the sofa.

What a let-down.

Xia Zhi heaved a sigh, then went over in his slippers and squatted down to take a look at Ye Qia’s sleeping face. He had to concede that Ye Qia had a pair of good looking eyes. Even if his other parts were so-so, the eyes would still be able to add a lustre to the person. Those eyes were beautiful from any angle. They were elegant, mesmerizing, ruthless, proud and many other adjectives that a person could easily apply.

He helplessly sighed. A good man is troublesome, especially someone as casual as Ye Qia. Xia Zhi felt that Ye Qia could easily be snatched away by another person. There were so many people with better qualifications than him. If he was lenient, then perhaps there would still be some hope for him, but he just had to be the type of person who cannot tolerate things…

“What’s with the sighing?”

With a quick glance, Xia Zhi discovered that Ye Qia had woken up. The pair of phoenix eyes looked squarely at him. Xia Zhi heaved another sigh, saying, “Your eyes are so pretty.”

“That’s the first time anyone’s ever used that sort of tone to compliment my eyes,” murmured Ye Qia.

These words made Xia Zhi heave another sigh. Then, he heard the sound of heaven: “Are you done showering? Then let’s go to bed, the sofa’s freezing.”


All the hairs on Xia Zhi’s body pricked up in an instant. He immediately ignored the latter half of Ye Qia’s sentence, headed straight to the bedroom, hastily kicked the bed quilt away and lay down on the bed with his arms and legs splayed apart like a starfish. “Come at me!”

Ye Qia drowsily walked over. He rubbed his nape while gazing at the person on the bed. “With your appearance like that, even a gigolo would go limp,” said Ye Qia lazily.

The smile on Xia Zhi’s face stiffened. He sat back up with a temper. “Wouldn’t this be easier for you?”

His forehead was fiercely pushed down just as he got up. He fell back on the bed. Ye Qia straddled him, his two hands clasping Xia Zhi’s cheeks as he spoke. “If you want to make this easier for me, then manage it yourself.”

Xia Zhi flared up at this. His expression sunk as he said, “No deal!”

This time it was Ye Qia who sighed. After sighing, he sat to one side and said, “Fine, remove your pants.”

Xia Zhi clambered up from bed and breathed heavily as he took off his pants, while spitefully saying, “How do you make money with that kind of attitude!”

Ye Qia didn’t follow up on those words, but his slanted gaze was already enough to completely show his disdain. Xia Zhi wasn’t wearing too many layers, so he quickly bared all, revealing his half hard member.

Truthfully speaking, he did feel a bit tense. Regardless of whether they are gay or straight, the first time a man reveals their member in front of their partner is akin to a student handing in test papers to the teacher, always hoping to score the full 100 marks.

Xia Zhi was no exception, so when he saw Ye Qia reach his hand out and grab his thing with a bored, dull look on his face, Xia Zhi would obviously feel very dissatisfied. “You don’t have anything to say?”

Ye Qia remained looking bored out of his brains, saying, “I’ve held more cocks than you have held hands, what do you want me to say?”


Ye Qia started with just light strokes, starting from the base but stopping just before reaching the tip. The technique was ordinary, the movements unhurried. He sat with his legs crossed, resting his chin in one hand, like a student who is resting their chin while taking notes in class.

Xia Zhi endured, and continued enduring, enduring… His rod was stiff, and his temper was also stiff. Just as he was about to erupt, Ye Qia’s hand suddenly moved up, his fingertip pressing into the slit of the head before tracing over the tip. Xia Zhi instantly felt his legs weaken, his waist bending over.

“Sit properly, you’re blocking my view.”

Xia Zhi was caught off guard by the casual push and stiffly fell back on the bed, causing his penis to slip out from Ye Qia’s hand, the minor friction making him moan uncontrollably.

“Forget it, you can just lie there.”

Xia Zhi could feel Ye Qia’s hand move from his testes all the way up, working in a spiral and circling that place below the head. The seasoned technique soon ignited waves of pleasure. Strangely, feelings of pleasure came especially quick, completely different from the past. Right as he was about to ask something, Ye Qia grabbed his member out of nowhere and squeezed it, instantly making his hips jerk.

After this, Ye Qia slowed down his movements, stroking very slowly but also with a slight pressure, sliding from the tip all the way down to the base, a bit like an oil massage. Xia Zhi couldn’t endure any longer, his legs subconsciously kicking as he moaned out loud. His hips kept bucking, until an icy hand pressed upon his pelvis.

“Stop moving!”

His ass received another slap, but Xia Zhi didn’t have the time to care about that. He could only cry out and beg in between his moans, “Keep t-touching…, don’t let go…”

Ye Qia stroked him, and after giving his balls a squeeze, the hand covered in pre-cum slid its way up and rapidly rubbed below the head for a while. His hand suddenly wrapped around the tip and began to jerk fiercely back and forth.

And then, Xia Zhi’s mind was blank. He had ejaculated.

He spent one minute enjoying the pleasure brought forth from coming, then asked without high hopes, “How long?”

“About a minute, which is an improvement from last time.”

Xia Zhi laid there in a stupor for a period of time, and then, like an injured little boy, he flipped over and curled into a ball – – his masculine self-esteem had suffered a damaging blow.

Just as Xia Zhi was secretly giving his little bro a scolding for being a disappointment, Ye Qia flipped him back over and said with a smile, “I’ll be very busy for the following days,  so I’ll make it up to you a bit today.”

Before he could even react, Ye Qia had already smeared the white stuff onto his chest and lowered his head to kiss it. Ye Qia’s lips were sealed, but just a plain and simple kiss was enough to make Xia Zhi dizzy in the head, almost unable to breathe. He lifted his head a bit and saw Ye Qia’s lower lashes, fluttering in an elegant line.

Ye Qia shifted up along his chest, using his cum-covered lips to kiss his adam’s apple, before he continued moving up.

Xia Zhi doesn’t like cum, no matter whether it is his or someone else’s. Although he had given head to others in the past, he would never swallow. If anyone dared to get their offspring on his face, he would absolutely flip his sh*t and give that person a thrashing. Even if it belonged to himself it still wasn’t okay.

This time however, he really wished for Ye Qia to stay and continue kissing him forever in this manner. He even stuck out his tongue for a taste – it was bitter.

Ye Qia was lying on top of Xia Zhi, and patted Xia Zhi’s cheek with a smile. “Did you feel dizzy when I kissed you on the chest just then? Did it feel especially good during the kisses?”

Xia Zhi nodded.

“The dizziness was because I pressed my head onto your heart and lungs. You suffocated, so the feeling you got during the kiss was because of the climax from the asphyxiation. When it ends and your breathing goes back to normal, you’ll feel very good.”


“Did my eyelashes look especially pretty?”


“Well they’re fake. My original lashes were especially short. In order to enhance the aesthetic, I had them implanted. I also need to maintain them regularly.”


“Also, they would have looked even longer from your previous perspective.”


With his heart satisfied, Ye Qia went to sleep. Xia Zhi huddled beneath his blanket and silently spent the whole night adjusting his outlook on the world.

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