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Chapter 12: Let’s Sleep Together (III)

The most depressing part for Xia Zhi was that Ye Qia was so busy during the following days, he could only make it back to sleep at night twice during the entire week. He was always very sleepy when he came back home, dropping dead on the bed.

That night’s “rub-a-dub” had left a deep impression on Xia Zhi, and also made his own handjobs lose all of their appeal. No matter how he tried to imitate Ye Qia’s, the effects just weren’t the same.

Could it be true that professionals give a unique experience?

With this thought in mind, Xia Zhi’s life had become totally lackluster. His entire being was unable to feel motivated by anything, until he found Ye Qia carving a dildo.

If it was an ordinary family, regardless of whether they were gay or straight, if one person discovered the other carving a dildo out of wood, a domestic dispute wouldn’t be that far off. However, since it was Xia Zhi, even though he was surprised, he also wouldn’t try to probe too much into it. He knew that Ye Qia primarily depended on his tools to make a living, and that compared to real human flesh, he preferred Ye Qia using a fake one.

Shortly after, Xia Zhi saw Ye Qia put the work-in-progress inside his mouth.


Oh, he spat it back out.

He would put the dildo inside his mouth every so often while carving it, and even licked the tip several times, as if trying to test the texture with his mouth. He continued doing this for two hours, and Xia Zhi spent two hours standing next to the living room table while watching him. The coffee in his hand had gone cold and yet he hadn’t shift his posture at all.

F*ck, if you really want to lick it then lick mine!

Of course, Xia Zhi only dared to say it inside his head, but this had inspired him with another idea: If fapping didn’t work, why not try using a tool and see?

Xia Zhi couldn’t help but let his gaze drift over Ye Qia’s body. It would truly be a waste if he didn’t make use of this “master artisan” in the house. Since the person is not available, then it should be fine to borrow a tool, shouldn’t it?!

After Xia Zhi excitedly blurted out this request, Ye Qia gave him a disdainful look. “Are you really that thirsty?”

Xia Zhi’s face turned red from embarrassment, then green, and then from green to black. He grabbed ahold of Ye Qia’s shirt collar and shouted, “I’m a healthy thirty year old man with a stable life, an abnormal sexuality and no bad habits. I’ve only masturbated five times over the course of forty-seven days, and you’re calling me thirsty!? Hah?”

Maybe it was because of his overly savage expression, but Ye Qia gave in for once. “I was wrong, I’ll lend it to you.”

This was the reason why, when Xia Zhi came back home that night, he stared at the item on the table in a stupor.

It was a wood-colored dildo, with a very familiar shape. Xia Zhi had even seen this toy going in and out of Ye Qia’s mouth. Now, this thing was standing erect on the table in an elegant arc beneath the lights, its length radiating a glossy sheen. There was a ribbon tied to the base, and a letter with unfamiliar handwriting resting against it.

Xia Zhi had never seen Ye Qia’s writing before, and so couldn’t determine whether the words were written by Ye Qia. Yet, he couldn’t help thinking that this was like a scene from a marriage proposal or wedding anniversary, except that weddings had a cake in the middle instead of that thing.

A dildo… No matter what, let’s take a look at the letter first.

Xia Zhi opened the letter with three parts dread and seven parts excitement. The words were simple and written beautifully with strong and powerful strokes. Even for an amateur like him, Xia Zhi thought that the writing was pleasing to the eyes.  Except, the contents of the letter were not as pleasing to the eyes.

[Damaged it. Giving it to you.]


Xia Zhi suppressed the urge to flip a table. In the end, he smashed a stool. After that, he took the toy and looked at it from all angles, waving it about. F*ck, it was as thick as all of his fingers put together!

Do I have a black hole for an anus? Although I’ve slept with quite a few people, it’s still within the normal range alright!? A toy this thick could only be used in gay pornos, how could it bring pleasure?

Xia Zhi was pissed beyond measure. He tried to snap the thing but it didn’t work. He didn’t have the heart to throw it away, and decided to use it as evidence to get back at Ye Qia. Xia Zhi knew his own body well enough to know that thing was too thick for him to use. No matter where he put it, it was an eyesore. One evening, he was fiddling with the toy around the house while feeling down in the dumps.

Ye Qia had not returned that day. The first thing Xia Zhi saw after getting out of the shower was that thing erected on his bedside table. He sat on the bed and stared at that thing for several seconds, before feeling compelled to pick it up. He looked at the “banana” adorned with a ribbon while feeling at a loss.

Just what was Ye Qia thinking? Why did he gift this to me?

The image of Ye Qia carving this thing appeared in his thoughts. He had observed the entire process, witnessing how this thing had turned from a round rod into such a sprightly toy, and seeing how Ye Qia had put it into his mouth… Wait a moment, in his mouth?

Xia Zhi hesitated for a while, but then in the end he stuck out his tongue and lightly licked the tip. After that, he was stunned.

This thing tastes sweet!

He looked at it again carefully, without letting a single marking past his sight. I was right, it’s the one Ye Qia was carving that day. He gave it a squeeze and confirmed that it was made of wood, but when he took a close sniff, there was no smell of paint. He took another lick, then suckled it several times in his mouth: Mm, mango, and also some tea flavor, not bad at all…

After staring at this toy for a while, he suddenly came up with a preposterous idea. Could this thing be edible?

He guiltily looked around. Since there was no one else at home, he closed the curtains before holding the base with both hands like a thief, and bit down on the tip and pulled. Nothing came off, but his teeth did hurt like hell!

He collapsed onto the bed and rolled around as he held his mouth, with tears flowing from the pain. After crawling back up miserably, he was astounded by the sight of the toy broken into two pieces: the dildo, and the ring laced with a ribbon. Sweating nervously, he looked at the ring, and after five minutes of trying to unravel the mystery, he slowly moved the ring to his crotch, and compared it with his little bro.

Ehh, it just fits…

Many emotions flicked through his face. After thinking of all the things Ye Qia had done till now, although they may have seemed shocking, the final result was always good. Or maybe, was this also some sort of hint?

Xia Zhi made a decision after thinking hard. With a heroic flourish, he slipped the ring onto his little bro!

A perfect fit!

He gleefully played around with it. Although it didn’t feel that great since it was too stiff, it was still more pleasurable than a mundane rub-a-dub. By the time he had fallen asleep feeling completely satisfied, he had already forgiven Ye Qia. No matter what Ye Qia’s intentions were behind this gift, at least he gained delight from it.

The most important thing in life is happiness.

The next morning, Xia Zhi was awakened by the urge to pee. He hazily made his way to the bathroom and pulled down his pants, only to feel it wasn’t as free-flowing as usual. When he glanced down, he was instantly rooted to the spot from shock.

His little bro had swollen up to about the same size as when he is aroused, while the wooden ring had already dug deeply into the flesh.

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