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Chapter 13: Let’s Sleep Together (IV)

In that instant Xia Zhi’s head became empty. Back when he had ejaculated he still maintained some of his IQ, but at this time his head was emptier than a bowl that was licked clean by a dog.

His first reaction was to take the ring off, but a yelp of pain soon followed. He bent over with his knees clenched together, enduring the pain for several long seconds. When the pain subsided, he tried using other tools to help. First up was lube. This sort of thing should be used for such an occasion, but sadly the flesh around the ring had swollen up so much that there wasn’t much room for it to move. When both of his hands were slippery wet, Xia Zhi finally acknowledged that this situation was beyond his control.

He painfully waddled over to the living room like a man who was kicked in the nuts, grabbed hold of the phone and shakily dialed Ye Qia’s number.

No one picked up.

He dialed again.

No one picked up.

He dialed again.

The call got cut off.

Xia Zhi felt as though his life was also being cut off.

He spaced out for a while, before he painstakingly realized that now was not the time to be silly. He stood back up while bearing the pain and irritation, and slowly moved to the bedroom to put on some clothes. He didn’t dare to put on any underwear. After putting on his pajama pants, he prepared to go to the hospital. As he opened the door, filled with internal anguish, he saw Ye Qia standing right outside, looking as if he was preparing to fish out his keys.

Ye Qia was startled. After looking up and down at Xia Zhi, he asked, “What were you doing calling me?”

Xia Zhi felt as if he was about to burst into tears.

After seeing Xia Zhi’s little bro adorned with an additional “necklace”, Ye Qia had an indescribable expression. If it was put into words, it would probably be along the lines of “Did you stuff your head up your arse to even do this sort of thing”.

At this point in time, Xia Zhi’s pain had subsided by quite a lot, but he was about to lose all feeling in his little bro. “Isn’t this all because of you? You gave me this thing without leaving any instructions! If I become a eunuch because of this then don’t think about getting off lightly!” he cried as he glared at Ye Qia.

Ye Qia didn’t make a sound. After searching around, he found a piece of crumpled paper, unfolded it and handed it over to Xia Zhi. Xia Zhi recognized it as the letter from the previous night, except this time he saw the back of it. There were clear instructions numbered in order detailing how to use the dildo, complete with warnings. He found out that the thing was not for insertion, but for the mouth. The outer layer was covered with special paint, and the toy could also be clamped between the legs to simulate frottage. It could bring pleasure from sitting and rubbing against it, which explained why the size was so shockingly large.

“Then what’s with the ring at the base?”

“The base was damaged, so I made a ring to cover up that part. I even glued it down, but you still managed to take it off. Just how did you do that?”


When Xia Zhi saw those words on the paper last night, he had immediately flared up in anger, crumpled it up and threw it aside without seeing the words on the back at all. As for the ring at the base, he would never let Ye Qia know that it had come off when he was trying to bite apart the thing.

“Now what?”

Confronted with Xia Zhi’s pitiful expression, Ye Qia gruffly replied, “What else, you have to go to the hospital!”

“Can’t you take it off for me?”

“It’s dug too far in.” Ye Qia’s fingers curled around Xia Zhi’s treasure as he gave it a helpless look. “I’d be able to help if it was made of metal, but wood can splinter when cut apart, it’s really troublesome.”

Xia Zhi immediately pictured a “wiener-shaped cactus” and felt extremely uncomfortable. With a miserable look, he urged Ye Qia to leave as quickly as possible. Instead, Ye Qia took out Xia Zhi’s leather wallet and asked as he flipped through the contents, “Where’s your medical card?”

“Medical card?” Xia Zhi was taken aback, and just as he was about to give an answer he asked again, “What’s the medical card for?”

“Enough crap, of course it’s for a hospital that’s covered by the card!”

Xia Zhi started, then suddenly began to shake his head. “No way no way, we can’t go there. Our whole company goes to that hospital. We’re all very close with those doctors, there’s no way we’re going there. If I go, the whole company will know by tomorrow! Let’s go to a different one!”

Ye Qia gave him a strange look. He stared at him for several moments before saying, “If you don’t use the medical insurance, are you planning on paying for it yourself? Even then, with your situation you’re going to need the fire brigade, and who knows, maybe the journalists will come as well?”

Xia Zhi didn’t know what to do at all. Whenever he thought of the ‘wiener shaped cactus’, his entire body would go cold. Without taking anything into consideration,  he shouted, “I’ll pay! I’ll pay! I don’t care how much it takes, just don’t let anyone else find out!”

Ye Qia waved the wallet. “You’ve only got three hundred inside.”

“It’s the end of the month!” Xia Zhi was close to tearing up in anxiety. “Payday’s coming soon at the start of next month!”

Ye Qia was startled. “You don’t have savings?”

“I paid half a year’s worth of rent and deposits last month!” Xia Zhi felt like he was on the verge of kneeling to Ye Qia. “You didn’t give me any money either!”

Ye Qia was taken aback. As if suddenly remembering something, he cleared his throat and said, “Fine, don’t make a disgrace of yourself any further. I’ll find someone to help you take it off. It will be free of charge, and no one else will find out.”

At this point in time, Xia Zhi was already past the point of caring who it would be. As long as there was someone who would lend him a hand, he would thank them profusely. Ye Qia bundled him up from head to toe in his own extra large coat, but Xia Zhi’s legs were already trembling by the time they got into Ye Qia’s battered car. He gave a sharp yelp as he sat down, before he adjusted himself on his seat and painfully sat down slowly.

When he got out of the car, he saw a small clinic that looked like one of those places from the news with the headline “illegal misconduct of black clinic doctor leads to girl’s unfortunate major blood loss”. Xia Zhi anxiously followed Ye Qia from behind, and after taking several turns, he saw what seemed to be the door to an operation room, as well as the three men standing in front of it.

They were all quite tall, and Xia Zhi could still make out their builds even with their thick voluminous winter jackets on. They didn’t look too conspicuous, but for some reason when those eyes swept over him, their gazes were just like Ye Qia’s after Xia Zhi had first confessed to him. Those eyes were sharp like knives, discerning, judging, threatening and so on, which made him feel intimidated.

He finally figured out why he had this sort of feeling when one of the bespectacled guys said, “Is this your new slave?”

Oh f*ck, are these three doms!? You actually went ahead and found three doms to fix my problem? Wait a moment, shouldn’t doms have expertise in this area? But still, it’s quite nerve-wracking to be surrounded by three doms!

Just as Xia Zhi was panicking, Ye Qia replied, “No, my boyfriend.”

The pressuring atmosphere instantly disappeared the moment his words came out. The three men’s expressions turned into ones of deep curiosity. When they entered the diagnostic room and Xia Zhi had sat down on the clinic bed with his pants off, the curious expressions were replaced by a weird look.

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