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Chapter 14: Let’s Sleep Together (V)

“Well… it’s not really a big deal. It’s a common problem among newbies,” said the bald man. His tone was off, but he still tried to maintain a normal composure.

“He’s not part of the circle. I gave him a fake to play with, and he took off the ring at the base and put it on.”

When Ye Qia said this, the men couldn’t hold it in any longer and sniggers started to ring out. An androgynous-looking person was shaking as if he had been shocked by an electrical current.

Xia Zhi’s face was quickly turning into a shade of red. He furiously glared at Ye Qia, unable to utter a single word. When everyone else went to make preparations, he seized ahold of Ye Qia and snarled, “Are you really that mean!? I’m already like this, and you’re not even going to find me a proper doctor? Do you have a heart?”

Ye Qia’s eyes slanted in his direction. As he was swatting away Xia Zhi’s hand, he said, “The glasses and baldy graduated from a proper medical school, and although the baldy is not practicing anymore, he used to be a real emergency physician. This problem is nothing to him. The glasses guy isn’t just a professional dom, and his main occupation is in anaesthetics. You can go check it out yourself, he’s the ace of the anaesthetics department at the best hospital in the city. The feminine looking one used to be in the fire brigade, so he’s come across this type of problem a lot. What else did you think I called them over for? Usually, if something happens within the circle and it’s inconvenient to go to the hospital, we manage it like this. The glasses guy is hired quite often by this small clinic for surgeries, so borrowing this operating room can be kept under wraps.”

Xia Zhi felt relieved at hearing this. He stared at his own little bro, but then felt scared after a while. He looked around and heard someone saying something outside, but he couldn’t hear it clearly through the walls. The only person he recognized was Ye Qia, and he soon developed a feeling of helplessness. From an early age, he had to face all his problems by himself, and he had also been responsible for taking care of his mother. He had finally managed to become independent, but was also without someone to spend his life with and put down his roots with. Now, faced with this very serious problem, his heart began to ache, which made his eyes turn red as well.

“It’s going to be fine.” A hand patted Xia Zhi’s head, followed by a warm embrace. “We’ve fixed this before. It won’t cause you further problems, and no one else will know either. The people within the circle won’t laugh at you, everyone’s seen this sort of thing.”

Xia Zhi pouted. “Liar, they just laughed at me,” he said bitterly.

“That’s because you’re my boyfriend.” Ye Qia squeezed Xia Zhi’s arms as he placed Xia Zhi’s head on his shoulders, gently stroking his back. “It’s great now, I’m going to become a future laughingstock within the circle. This never happens with the slaves, but actually happened with the boyfriend.”

Xia Zhi smirked, his heartbeat gradually calming down. However, when he entered the operating room, he saw a strange looking operating table and instantly felt that something was amiss.

“Isn’t this… a bed used for childbirth?”

“That’s correct.” The glasses guy was dressed in surgical garb with a surgical mask on. “You’d better sit on properly, hurry up.”

“Don’t be like that, he’s waiting for his boyfriend to hold him.” The baldy had also changed into surgical garb, revealing only his eyes. “Your Majesty, quick, put on a  show for us!”

Everyone else joined in the teasing. Ye Qia calmly said to Xia Zhi, “Just ignore them, get on the operating table next to it!”

Xia Zhi obediently climbed onto the table.

The room was filled with the sound of dissatisfaction. The fireman clicked his tongue. “His Majesty sure is protective.”

“F*ck off!”

The laughter went on non-stop. Xia Zhi didn’t dare to look at his nether region any longer. He could only feel a cool draft. His little bro had completely lost all feeling to it. It seemed like someone was touching it, but the feeling wasn’t very distinct.

“You must be feeling numb in the waist.” This came from the glasses guy. “Come lie down.”

Xia Zhi felt someone laying him down on his side and bending his legs forward. His backside was exposed to the icy air, and there was a cool hand feeling his skin, smearing something on. When he started to get goosebumps from all the touching, he suddenly felt a sharp pain.


Xia Zhi couldn’t hold back his cursing. Ye Qia appeared in front of his eyes, and said as he stroked his head, “Just endure it for a bit and it’ll be over.”

His back was still aching. After some time, he heard the glasses guy say, “Alright, flip over and then let’s get to work.”

Although he knew he didn’t really mean that, Xia Zhi still felt a chill. When he had just laid down on the table, he saw the glasses guy closing in. He hadn’t noticed it before when the glasses guy hadn’t been wearing the mask, but this time, he discovered that the glasses guy had eyes that curved into a smile. Whenever he spoke or blinked, it made him feel comfortable and relaxed.

“It’s fine, it’s going to be okay in a while. Brother Wang is experienced in removing rings that have become stuck.” The glasses guy had a Northeastern accent. His cool hand was stroking Xia Zhi’s head, which was quite comfortable to Xia Zhi. “Last time there was a cock that was going to break off, and our Brother Lin used a broken microscope to sew it back up. If this technology was made known in our surgical department, he’d explode in popularity! Although your case is quite special…cough, not too much time has passed, it won’t be a problem.”

“That’s bullsh*t. It may have been sewed up last time, but later on it became crooked when aroused!” This came from the fireman.

“Old Lin’s always too hasty.” This was Ye Qia.

“Can you all stop spouting bullsh*t?” The baldy sounded exasperated. “Give me a hand, there are no nurses here! Your Majesty, keep on chattering and I’ll turn your boyfriend into a eunuch! And you, the reason we called over a fireman was to have you do your thing, what are you doing over there just watching with your arms crossed! The padding’s done, cut it now!”

What followed was a round of guffaws and the sound of machinery clanking against each other, and then a series of rattling and strange sounds. Xia Zhi was given a fright by each sound, until his whole body was tense. When he heard “It’s done”, he immediately wanted to look there, but he felt a weight on his forehead as the glasses guy pushed him back onto the table. “Don’t move.”

He still couldn’t make out much feeling in his little bro, but he could gradually feel it becoming hot, probably due to the blood circulating again. Xia Zhi finally felt relieved, but before he relaxed, he heard the baldy say, “Look, Your Majesty, did this part die off?”


Just as his heart began to beat rapidly, he felt someone touching his little bro, and then heard Ye Qia’s voice. “Did the blood clog?”

“Did it die off after being clogged?”

“Then I’ll cut yours off and put it on him.”

“I don’t want someone else’s wiener!” Xia Zhi thoughtlessly blurted this out. After that, the whole room erupted into laughter. Even Ye Qia’s mouth twitched continuously.

“Alrighty, you can sit up.”

Xia Zhi sucked in a breath as he sat up. He couldn’t feel his little bro, but his back did hurt a lot. The glasses guy observed him from the side, and suddenly started to laugh. “The more I look at you, the more it looks as if you just underwent a caesarean.”

Everyone laughed, including Ye Qia. Xia Zhi’s face turned dark. While using Ye Qia’s arm as a support, he took great pains to stand up. He kept feeling uncomfortable somewhere on his body, and forced himself to thank those doms, who were laughing like they were having seizures. Then, he unsteadily fled towards the door.

Ye Qia helped him put on his clothes and walked him to the car, before going back to say a few words to the doms. After that, he came back to the car with some medicine and placed it in the backseat. “It’s fine now, let’s go home.”

Xia Zhi’s eyes turned red in an instant.

It felt great to have someone to take him home – although it would be best if in the future it wasn’t for this reason they had to go to the hospital.  

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