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Chapter 16: Let’s Sleep Together (VII)

The day after confessing to Ye Qia, Xia Zhi called Ye Qia over the phone, and subsequently spent the next two days arguing over whose place to move into. It was only after a week that they moved out, and then it took another two days for the weekend to come before they could slowly move their belongings into their new home. They enjoyed a candlelit dinner that night, with Ye Qia bringing the food and Xia Zhi the presents. They shared a few drinks together in a nice atmosphere.

That was why, the following morning Xia Zhi was utterly disappointed after discovering that he hadn’t actually done anything other than share a bed with Ye Qia the previous night.

They should’ve at least banged once as a courtesy! Even when someone is looking for a one night stand over the internet, and finds out on the day that the other person has an ugly and tiny cock, they would still give the person a handjob to be polite! They had slept in the same bed, and yet nothing happened!? That was simply despicable!

“I don’t seem to recall saying anything.” Xia Zhi had spent the better half of his day wracking his brain for an answer. “Maybe just the words ‘It was okay’?”

“That’s right,” Ye Qia said as he opened the door, carrying the medicine into the house. “The reason why I don’t sleep with you lies with this.”

Xia Zhi was nervously drenched in sweat. After chasing after an answer, all he received from Ye Qia were the words “Think for yourself.” That day, other than monitoring his little bro’s recovery, he spent his time thinking over this matter. It wasn’t until later that evening that he finally managed to remember something. “That morning, I think you asked me ‘How was it,’ right?”

Ye Qia was just about to order takeout, but he set down his phone and slowly said, “Mhmm.”

Xia Zhi waited for Ye Qia to continue, but nothing came after that. He couldn’t help but ask, “Can’t you give me a hint?”

“My hint is that the question ‘How was it’ was referring to the previous night.”

“Ah, that’s good.” Xia Zhi was even more confused now. “I can hold my liquor, so there was no way that I could’ve gotten drunk from that little bit of wine.”

Just as he finished his sentence, Ye Qia’s expression suddenly became even harsher. His terrifying aura momentarily subdued Xia Zhi. “So, you’re saying that you weren’t drunk at all that night?”

“Of course, I…”

Xia Zhi suddenly remembered something, but, just as he was about to explain himself, Ye Qia dropped a bomb out of nowhere. “Since you weren’t drunk, then how come you don’t remember us sleeping together that night?”


Xia Zhi stared vacantly for a while before asking, “We slept together that night?”

Ye Qia threw him a cold glare. “That’s what I thought. You didn’t look the least bit drunk. Not only were you very cooperative, but you even begged me for another round, pushing me down onto the bed and not allowing me to get up. We did it three times in total. Did you know that it’s been several years since I last did it so many times in one night.” He paused, revealing a strange look. “Well, there was nothing wrong with it. You were great in bed, and I was very satisfied, so overall it was quite good. Except, the very next day, when I asked you how it went the night before, you gave me ‘It was okay’ as a reply.”

Xia Zhi was totally stunned. He could completely sympathize with Ye Qia. If it was him who had been trying his best to please a new partner – and based off of the time that they had already spent together, three times in a single night was already a tremendous gesture of goodwill from Ye Qia – only to hear the words “It was okay” in response, he’d probably also storm off in anger.

The problem herein laid with their miscommunication. He hadn’t really meant it in that way when he said “It was okay”. Back then, he had thought that Ye Qia was asking about the drinks from the night before.

Xia Zhi did indeed have quite a tolerance towards alcohol, but once he does become intoxicated, he goes on a drunken rampage. He will smash things and fly into a rage at the person next to him, committing any misdeed under the sun. However, he never remembers anything after he wakes up, and his memories of this drunken period would have been wiped clean, like a blank slate.

Tragically enough, his work often required him to attend dinner parties. His debt collection job should not be underestimated. Nowadays, the debtors are bigwigs, and the debt collectors need to continuously hone their skills. Treating the debtor to a meal was a common occurrence, and thus going on a drunken rampage was a deadly mistake. In order to fix this habit, he taught himself a trick by which he could act just like a normal person after becoming drunk, and respond only when necessary. He could also take a shower, brush his teeth, change his clothes, and climb into bed to sleep. Apart from those with whom he was close with, most people would be unable to tell that he was inebriated.

When Ye Qia described that night, Xia Zhi panicked and asked, “Didn’t you bring red wine that day?”


“What percent?”


Oh f*ck!

“Impossible. Where could you get reds with such a high percentage!?”

“I mixed it myself.”

Oh f*ck!

Xia Zhi was about to break into tears. “How did you do that?”

“I added spirits before offering the drink.”

Oh f*ck!

Xia Zhi was close to falling apart. “Why!?”

“I was worried that you would be nervous about sleeping with me, so I slipped it in to help you relax, but who knew that your tolerance would be so good. You didn’t even get drunk from that.” This was also an aspect that Ye Qia was curious about. “You drank so much that I was even concerned that you would get alcohol poisoning.”

“I thought it was red wine, so of course I went all out!” Xia Zhi wept without tears, “Listen to me, it’s not what you think.”

By the time Xia Zhi had finished explaining himself, Ye Qia’s expression had become weird. After a long silence, he finally said, “You want me to believe that once you’re drunk, you can still brush your teeth with toothpaste and use mouthwash, walk to the bed while stripping off an item of clothing with every step, and then pose suggestively as you beckon me over with your finger?”

“Damn, was I that amazing?” blurted Xia Zhi before looking downcast again. “It’s true, I’m being serious. I really did get drunk that night, and can’t remember what happened, you have to believe me!”

“You were aroused.”

“I was really drunk!”

“And also ejaculated.”

“I really was….”


“I can explain myself!”

Xia Zhi explained himself until it was deep into the night, and then they got in bed, sleeping on opposite sides. Ye Qia was still not convinced. Xia Zhi knew that it was difficult for people to believe in this sort of thing. “It’s true, you gotta believe me! I really don’t have a problem with your skills in bed. If I really did, then why would I beg you for sex like now?”

“But, I didn’t have sex with you after that night.” Ye Qia suddenly put his tablet down. “Everything after was just SM, not sex. In simpler terms, you think my skills in bed aren’t as good as my SM techniques.”

Xia Zhi gaped at Ye Qia before bursting into laughter a split second later. Seeing Ye Qia’s face turn even more sour, he said, “No no, don’t get the wrong idea. I really didn’t mean it that way!”

Xia Zhi felt helpless after speaking for most of the day, and seeing Ye Qia utterly ignoring him. He grumbled as he laid down on the bed and closed his eyes, when he suddenly propped his head up again. “How come you’re not working tonight?”

Without even tearing his eyes away from the game’s screen, Ye Qia answered, “What? You want me to go to work?”

“No, I’m gonna sleep,” Xia Zhi hurriedly replied.


Xia Zhi closed his eyes and pretended to sleep for a while, but then he began to pervertedly lean his head against Ye Qia’s bottom before slowly falling asleep. When he opened his eyes the following morning, Xia Zhi discovered that the place next to him was already empty. He searched around the house before finding a note on a table: Coming back for the weekend. Look after yourself.

Xia Zhi sighed as he held the note. He instantly made up his mind to clear up this misunderstanding.

When Ye Qia entered the house two days later, he found Xia Zhi sitting by a table that was piled with bottles of liquor. When Xia Zhi saw Ye Qia, he bellowed out to the skies, “TODAY, I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT I’M LIKE WHEN I’M DRUNK!”


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