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Chapter 17: Let’s Sleep Together (VIII)

Xia Zhi could sympathize with Ye Qia’s hurt dignity.

Men have always been more sensitive to matters within this regard. A man being insulted as impotent was much scarier than being accused of having an affair. A person having an affair could still push half of the blame onto the other person, and it was even easier if they were gay. If someone gay has never been cheated on, then that means he is in love with a woman – this saying was a bit extreme, but it demonstrates the attitude. In addition to this, with Ye Qia’s unique occupation, if Xia Zhi had said that Ye Qia had no skill in bed, it would be an outright insult to both his pride as a man and his pride as a professional.

That was why, Xia Zhi became dead set on proving that all of it was just a misunderstanding.

“It’s all just a misunderstanding!” Without waiting for a response from Ye Qia, Xia Zhi took a bottle of red wine, yelling as if he was beyond the point of no return, “You’ll understand once I’m drunk!”

Ye Qia played along. He put down his things, and then moved a chair over and sat down with his arms crossed over his chest, observing the scene in silence.

That night, Xia Zhi drank two bottles of red wine, five bottles of white, five cans of beer. After that, of course he didn’t remember anything. It was already morning by the time he woke up. He realized that he had been sleeping on the sofa all by himself. A single-bed blanket was covering him, and he didn’t have a single pillow beneath his head.

He clambered up, following the sound of running water to the master bathroom. There, he saw Ye Qia sitting on the toilet, his hands holding his face, with his eyes shut.

“How was it?” Xia Zhi roared out, before instantly feeling as though his head contained a bass drum. He painfully held his head, feebly saying, “Do you believe me now?”

Ye Qia slowly looked up. “Have you noticed the changes in the living room?” he said expressionlessly.


“Go and look.”

While sweating nervously, Xia Zhi went to the living room and swept a look around the room. He was shocked to find bits of glass remaining on the front door.

With a sluggish pace, Ye Qia walked out from the bedroom, saying, “When you became intoxicated from the drinks last night, the first thing you did was take off all your clothes and beat your chest like a gorilla. Then, you took a bottle and smashed the glass on the front door, climbed onto the table, and danced while crying out for your mommy. Finally, you ran to the bedroom and threw up all over the bed. Because of this, I had to throw out your blankets. Is this what you’re claiming as being peaceful after getting drunk?”

Xia Zhi anxiously swallowed. Just as he was about to speak up, Ye Qia interrupted him. “If you dare to speak another word, then don’t even think of going into the bedroom ever again.”

Facing such as threat, Xia Zhi hesitated several times before mustering his courage to speak. “…Listen to me. Actually, sometimes I’m not that peaceful either. To give an example, when I’m feeling extra safe, there’s a chance that I might get out of control. I’m serious, please believe me.”

With a wooden expression, Ye Qia listened to Xia Zhi’s prattling. By the time he left home for work, he hadn’t spoken a single word. He shut the door with a bang, loud enough for the whole building to hear.

Ye Qia didn’t come home that night. Crestfallen, Xia Zhi bought a new blanket and went to sleep. Unwilling to give up on his experiment, the next day he positioned a camera and bought another pile of drinks.

Without anyone at home this time, the feeling of security should be gone, right?

Xia Zhi didn’t even remember how much many drinks he had consumed. He woke up from the cold at midnight, and although the marble floor of the living room was nice to look at, it wasn’t really a good place to sleep on during winter. He groaned, painfully crawling up. He was startled after just a single glance – there was no need to look at the camera’s footage, because the entire living room no longer “existed”. An electric car lock lay silently on the floor, completely splattered with the blood, tears and grievances of the innocent living room furniture.

What was even more terrifying was that the lock on the front door started to creak, and was followed by Ye Qia entering the room.

Xia Zhi truly didn’t know what to say. He was sprawled on the floor, flicking his tongue like a lizard towards Ye Qia. “Listen to me…”

Ye Qia listened calmly, before throwing the newly bought blankets out of the bedroom. What was even more devastating to Xia Zhi was that, when he got up the next morning, his little bro seemed to have swollen even larger. His headache was also much worse, and he seemed to have a fever. Feeling pathetic, he wanted to knock on the bedroom door to ask for some medicine, but just as his hand was prepared to knock, he silently put it down again.

If I do this, won’t he think that I’m just trying to garner his sympathy?

People are especially weak during times of sickness. Xia Zhi lingered around the bedroom door for quite a while, but was unable to come to a decision in the end. Just as he was wavering, the door suddenly opened and a packet of medicine was thrown out.

Xia Zhi was pleasantly surprised. “How did you know that I’m sick?”

“You drank so much and slept on the floor. You didn’t take any medicine either. It would be miraculous if you weren’t sick.”


The door shut with a bang right in front of Xia Zhi’s face.


Xia Zhi took the medicine for half a month before his little bro completely returned to normal. Over this period, he and Ye Qia gave each other the silent treatment. Although it was often said that gays have a shorter honeymoon period, theirs was so short that Xia Zhi could only dejectedly sigh. He felt disheartened, and was unable to think of a way to break the ice. When he found out that his little bro had a “problem”, he was both stunned and slightly ecstatic over it.

“Ye Qia.”

Ye Qia wasn’t as busy lately. He was spending an increased amount of time at home, and, like always, he was reading books, watching TV, eating, sleeping, and not caring about anything except for money. When he heard Xia Zhi call out to him, he continued reading the newspaper. Without a twitch in his brow, he coolly replied with a grunt.

“I don’t think I can do it anymore.”

Ye Qia flipped over the page and lazily said, “Don’t worry, you’ll definitely die after me.”

Xia Zhi choked at this, before gingerly repeating himself, “I mean, my little bro can’t do it anymore.”

Ye Qia slowly lifted his head, his eyes filled with suspicion. “You have ED?”

Hearing those words cast a shadow over Xia Zhi. But, for the sake of a peaceful domestic life, as it’s often said, men should be resolute in their decisions!

“Yeah,” he said with thick skin, “It can’t stand up.”

Ye Qia sized him up for a while, finally putting down the newspaper after thinking for a long time. “Let me take a look.”

OH YEAH! Xia Zhi mentally shouted.

There was no one else at home, so he didn’t have to move to the bedroom. Without further ado, Xia Zhi pulled down his pants and flashed Ye Qia. When it came in contact with the chilly air, his little bro became even more lifeless. He felt satisfied seeing its head dispiritedly slumped over.

Ye Qia’s brows twitched at the sight. He looked up, saying, “You’re not thinking of women, are you?”

“How could I.” Xia Zhi felt wronged at this. “Even if it was a woman, I could still do it. I’m bi.”

Ye Qia answered with an “Oh,” and then started to fold up the newspaper. “Then, put on your clothes.”

“What for?”

“We’re going to the hospital.”

Xia Zhi was confused. “The hospital?”

“Well, what are you gonna do if you don’t want to go to the hospital?” asked Ye Qia with a face full of disdain.

Xia Zhi noticed that something was wrong, so he squeaked, “It’s not a big deal, can’t you fix it for me….”

“I’m not some urologist.”

“Haven’t you come across this many times before?”

“I don’t have much experience with ED.”


Xia Zhi finally noticed that this plan of his had one fatal mistake, causing it to work even less than the two times he went drinking.

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