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Chapter 6: Let’s Live Together (VI)

Xia Zhi still wasn’t very familiar with the people in the community. While admiring Mister Li’s beautiful face, Xia Zhi asked, “Then what are you going to do? In any case, Master hasn’t driven me out yet.”

A gloomy look flashed across Mister Li’s face. After Mister Li seemed to seriously contemplate these words, he finally said,  “Let’s have Master decide it then!”

“Decide on what?”

“Decide on who gets to stay!”

Xia Zhi nearly spat out a mouthful of saliva. Why do you have to complicate matters?

Of course, these words couldn’t be spoken aloud. The corner of his eye began to twitch. “It will definitely be me,” Xia Zhi said without hesitation.

Mister Perfect gave a smile of ridicule. “How self-assured.”

“Naturally,” said Xia Zhi dismissively. “With me here, it can’t possibly be you.”

Mister Li frowned. An extremely cruel and nasty look flashed across his beautiful cheeks. Maybe Xia Zhi had misread it, but that was the feeling he received. It made him slightly stricken with terror, and reminded him that most of Ye Qia’s clients were wealthy and distinguished. They were definitely not your average person.

“Most of my clients can squish me dead like an insect. So, it’s not easy walking on this tightrope.”

Ye Qia had once described his job as such. Xia Zhi immediately remembered it, but as he was thinking of a way to fill the hole he had dug, Mister Li interjected. “I won’t waste my words with you. We’ll let Master decide.”

“Fine.” Xia Zhi eagerly accepted. The judge would definitely be biased to his side anyway. There was nothing to worry about. “Then can you wait here? Master will probably return shortly.”

Mister Lee showed a look of surprise. “You don’t have to go to work?”

These words startled Xia Zhi. It was as if he was back in ancient times, wearing armor and riding a horse with a thousand strong army at his back, but after stylishly waving a hand and shouting “charge”, a foot soldier ran over, presented a plate and said, “General, the chief is on the phone!”

It’s too jarring.

“I… Of course I have to go to work.”

“So let’s have it on Saturday!” Mister Li paused, then added on, “But since you started it, you’ll be the one to let Master know!”

After dumping those words, Mister Li swaggered off, leaving Xia Zhi alone at home and aimlessly puzzled. Why have it on a weekend? Couldn’t it be resolved with a single word from Ye Qia after he returns?

When “a certain master” came back with breakfast, Xia Zhi politely went up to him and took the bag. With flattery and a guilty conscience, Xia Zhi relayed the morning’s events to Ye Qia.

“Is there a hole in your brain?”

Ye Qia immediately said this after he finished listening to Xia Zhi. Xia Zhi instantly became sullen and tentatively said, “Wasn’t he the one forcing me? You’ve mentioned before that your clients are wealthy and distinguished. I wouldn’t dare to mess with them.”

Ye Qia didn’t make a sound. He threw the breakfast onto the table, and then entered the study to make phone calls. After deciding to have the studio outside, the study at home became a real study. Ye Qia’s “mysterious black boxes” that were previously there had  all been moved out. Xia Zhi still regretted not being able to take a peek in order to broaden his horizons.

Ye Qia emerged from the study when Xia Zhi was halfway through his breakfast. When he saw that Ye Qia had an expressionless face, he instantly felt that things were not looking good. As he had expected, Xia Zhi became dumbfounded the moment Ye Qia said, “I cannot choose you.”

Xia Zhi spaced out for a few seconds, before he immediately jumped up and threw his chopsticks onto the floor. “What do you mean?”

“Do you know what it means to let me decide?”

“Ah?” Xia Zhi was startled for a moment. “Isn’t it to let you decide on who’s your favorite?”

Ye Qia’s face became even darker. “What he meant by ‘letting Master decide’, is to have you two compete as slaves. Whoever is better would be the winner. I’m a dom, so he knows that there must be other clients in my service, but he still bumped into you the two times he came. He might’ve felt that there was something off, and so he came to investigate your identity.

“fúck, no wonder he treated me as a slave when he came by. It was intentional!” cursed Xia Zhi instantly, “His acting was too real!”

“You aren’t even into this sort of thing, so what are you joining in the fun for?” said Ye Qia sourly.

“Me, join in on the fun? It was clearly him who walked up to the doors alright!?” Xia Zhi felt wronged. “And, he also said that you were the one who handed him the key!”

“You believed that?”

Xia Zhi didn’t speak. He was still feeling resentful, so he snapped his chopsticks into several pieces in order to vent out the anger in his chest.

Ye Qia softened his tone. “I cannot choose you. To him it’s a gamble to gain justification, to me it’s a job, and to you it’s only a joke. What are you competing with him for?”

Xia Zhi started to panic. “Then you’ll really drive me out? It’s impossible even if we move?”

There was also something that he didn’t say out loud. No matter how more careful they were, the fact that they were together couldn’t be concealed forever. Ye Qia’s job was 24 hours a day, who knows when it could be exposed? And when that time comes, wouldn’t it be even more troublesome? Or would he just say that he wants to break up?

Ye Qia was silent. Xia Zhi’s emotions began to grow more and more aggravated, but just as he was about to erupt, Ye Qia spoke. “I’ll think of a solution. All you have to do is listen to me.”

When he saw Ye Qia with an expression warning him not to interrupt, Xia Zhi could only suppress the uneasiness in his heart. He sat down to eat again, but he had already ruined his chopsticks into toothpicks, so he could only pick up the bowl to drink the congee. Halfway through his congee, he suddenly recalled a matter. “Right, Mister Li said it’s set for the weekend?”

Ye Qia nodded. “Are you busy?”

“No.” Xia Zhi didn’t know how to convey the feelings inside his chest. “I read in some books that your type have to be together for 24 hours a day, and maintain your Master and slave relationship at anytime and anywhere? So how come when I suggested to Mister Li that we hold it today, he had a look of disbelief and asked if I didn’t have to go to work?

Ye Qia only lifted his head at this, and stared at Xia Zhi with a strange look. “Even if he’s from a rich second generation family, he’s already an adult. His daily schedule is also packed. Did you really think that he’s free all day with nothing to do, and so he’s playing at S&M? Just what exactly did you read?”

“A lot.” Xia Zhi would never admit to him that, in order to know more about Ye Qia’s job, he had also specially called up and consulted some “special technicians”. “Then say whether this sort of relationship exists!”

“Yes, a 24/7 agreement.”

“Never heard of it.”

“Because I just brought it up.”

“…Then you’ve done it before?”

“In the past.”

Xia Zhi was startled. “Now you don’t?”

“There aren’t many clients demanding this. I’ve done it once before, and that only went on for a year.”

“Why did it end? You two didn’t get along well?”

Ye Qia suddenly threw his chopsticks and said, “Go to work when you’re done with eating. It’s getting late.”


Xia Zhi glanced at the clock on the wall, which displayed seven o’clock. He quietly began to chew on his Chinese doughnut.

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