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Chapter 7: Let’s Live Together (VII)

Xia Zhi was absentminded the entire day at work. After getting off work, he discovered that, to his disappointment, Ye Qia still hadn’t returned. Ye Qia had work that day, so Xia Zhi couldn’t give him a call, and could only send an SMS. He also couldn’t expect an instant reply. The replies were often erratic; some replies were quick and some were slow.

Sometimes Xia Zhi would try to imagine what Ye Qia was like at work. According to common knowledge, if someone mentions S&M, people would think of whips, leather, piercings, gags and so on. Although Ye Qia had a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes that curved upwards, his entire physique was quite fearsome. It was very apt to use “a gangster who looks like they were just released from jail” to describe him.

Someone with a physique like that, on top of wearing leather and holding a whip…uh, is he some perverse homicidal maniac?

Xia Zhi’s brain crashed when he reached that point in his thoughts. With a twisted expression, he slipped into the kitchen to make something to eat. He heard a sound from the main door just as the water for the noodles was starting to boil.  Xia Zhi stuck his head out and saw Ye Qia coming in with a bag of lamb skewers. When Ye Qia saw Xia Zhi, he waved his hand and asked, “Eaten already?”

“Not yet, I’m making noodles.”

Ye Qia handed over the bag. “I haven’t either. Put these in.”

By the time Xia Zhi was carrying the steaming hot noodles to the table, Ye Qia had already changed into a big, worn-out padded jacket, with furry bear slippers on his feet. He padded over to the table and began to eat. Xia Zhi tried hard to sift through his memories. When Ye Qia went out, all he would wear was an ordinary down jacket and denim jeans that wrapped him up like a ball. There was nothing particularly special about it at all.

“What are you like when you’re at work?”

Ye Qia slurped up a noodle and spoke without raising his head. “What do you mean what am I like?”

“Like how you’re dressed and so on.” Xia Zhi recalled the information that he had read. “Do you wear leather or something like that…”

As expected, Ye Qia casually dismissed him with four words. “Go eat your noodles.”

Xia Zhi was already used to it. He silently pondered while finishing off his noodles. After Ye Qia placed the bowl down, he sniffed and said, “You’ll see it on Saturday anyway, so what are you asking for.”

That’s right.

After Xia Zhi tossed this matter to the back of his mind, he asked, “Is there something I need to be aware of for that day?”

“No.” Ye Qia’s reply was very firm, as if he had long considered everything. “You only have to do two things. One, shut up, and two, be obedient. The rest you can leave to me.”

Xia Zhi instantly smiled and gloated, “I know, isn’t this called submissive training?”

Ye Qia stopped clearing the plates. He slowly turned his head over and said the words one syllable at a time: “fúcking idiot.”


This was the first time that Ye Qia had cursed at Xia Zhi.

From the start, Xia Zhi had never felt a sense of dominance from Ye Qia. The articles always said that the S is the representation of dominance, and that a dom is required to exert some noticeable authority. However, Xia Zhi had never felt that from Ye Qia. At most, there was severe disdain.

Unfortunately, Xia Zhi had to work overtime till eleven o’clock. By the time he got home it was already nearly twelve. He dragged his feet to the bedroom and dropped dead onto the bed without making a sound, sleeping until his blankets were lifted away. He flipped over with his eyes shut, but felt himself being dragged off the bed. He stumbled into the bathroom, where something was stuffed into his hand. Ye Qia’s voice rang out by his ear. “Quickly wash up.”

Xia Zhi struggled to open his crusted eyes and looked at the thing in his hand: a shower head.

This type of pain simply cannot be expressed through words!

Xia Zhi undressed after a struggle, then turned on the hot water and hastily showered. When he got out, he was immediately dragged out of the door. With a foot out the door, Xia Zhi gave a great shiver. It wasn’t easy to shuffle his stiffened body into the car. He only felt something was amiss when his bottom came into contact with the genuine leather seats.

“Did you change cars?”

“No,” said Ye Qia, “This is my car for work.”

Xia Zhi really wanted to purchase a car, but he couldn’t afford it. Even until now he was still a part of the motor scooter club. When there was wind or rain, he could only bear with it. So, even though Ye Qia usually drove a second hand and run-down car that made him look completely broke and gay, Xia Zhi was still extremely envious. Even if there were traffic jams, Ye Qia wouldn’t have to worry about water getting into his shoes.

Xia Zhi carefully observed, and the more he noticed, the more surprised he became.  “fúck, this your Cayenne?”


Xia Zhi was very knowledgeable about cars. After looking at it for a long time, his eyes became green with envy. “The price for this is at least a million.” Therefore he reacted spitefully and said, “You’re too stingy. You have such a nice car, how come you won’t let me take it for a drive?”

“Will you pay the compensation if you crash?” replied Ye Qia very quickly.

“You didn’t buy insurance?”

“Don’t know. By the time this car reached my hands, it should have had insurance. After that, besides mandatory road insurance, I didn’t buy any additional commercial insurance.”

What this meant was that, even if the other person was wholly responsible, the fees could only be split evenly between the two. On the basis of a single Cayenne wing mirror costing several thousand, a single crash would basically turn Xia Zhi broke as hell.

Xia Zhi decisively changed the topic. “Yeah, motor scooters actually aren’t bad, there’s a nice breeze.” He paused, and then spoke unwillingly again, “But you’re still too stingy. Imagine the rep you could build if you drove it more often. If you’re careful, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll crash!”

“The car isn’t under my name anyway. I’m only using it, that’s all.” At this time, Ye Qia swept a glance over. “The client who gave it is especially petty. If he changes doms, he’ll definitely take back this car.”

“Really?” Almost without thinking, Xia Zhi said, “Then you’re both quite suited for each together.”

Ye Qia gave him a big eyeroll.

A while later, Xia Zhi understood why Ye Qia had to drive this car. Mister Perfect was standing at some unfamiliar street corner, and glancing left and right. Once he got in, Mister Li leaned on the back of the driver’s seat and lightly said, “Master.”

“Sit properly.”

Within that moment, Xia Zhi realized that there had been a change in Ye Qia’s behavior. He was just wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. At most, the jeans were a bit tight. Everything was the same as usual, yet he exerted a presence that could not be ignored, a feeling of oppression.  

Sometimes, the act of intimidation is carried out not by the deed, but by the demeanor.

Xia Zhi was docile throughout the entire trip since a man has to give some face to his boyfriend, and even more so with Mister Li sitting at the back. Xia Zhi didn’t want to get in the way of Ye Qia’s road to riches. When they arrived and Xia Zhi saw the “studio”, he became extremely enthusiastic. It was a high-end commercial building, located in the heart of the city. It was heavily guarded, and the price was exorbitant. He had been here before for work, and each time he had received some extremely unpleasant memories. He had vowed that if he ever came here again, he would be a wretch.

The “wretch” dejectedly followed Ye Qia up to the twenty-first floor. When he was inside, he quickly swept his gaze around. To his surprise, he discovered that there weren’t any chains or bondage chairs. It looked just like an interrogation room, with a very ordinary, clean design. The furniture was very expensive, but still wasn’t quite top tier. It was probably the best of the intermediate price range.

After entering the house, Xia Zhi began to get extremely nervous. He fixed his eyes on Ye Qia, worried that he might miss something. Mister Li wasn’t so different from him, except that Mister Li’s nervousness was mixed with excitement, as if he was going out for lunch with his male idol.

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