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Chapter 2: Let’s Live Together (II)

Instead of being ecstatic, Xia Zhi eyed Ye Qia with suspicion.

With a job in that line of work, of course Xia Zhi would see Ye Qia as an expert in sex. He had looked forward to the sex from the start. The first weekend after they began living together, Xia Zhi had cheerfully gotten off early from work. He had cleaned up the living room then waited for Ye Qia to come home and eat dinner, before finally mentioning his request to have sex.

Just to emphasize it once more, Xia Zhi may not have had a strong sex drive, but it didn’t mean that he was indifferent towards sex. Besides, with Ye Qia’s unique job, it was normal for him to fantasize about it.

At the time, Ye Qia was wearing an unfashionable t-shirt that reached all the way to his butt and a sweater with a hole in it. His lower half just sported a pair of loose sweats, as drab as it could be. When Ye Qia heard Xia Zhi speak, he turned to face him, revealing some hints of hesitation.

“What’s wrong?” In front of Ye Qia, Xia Zhi was definitely insecure on the topic of sex. Uncertain, he asked, “Are you feeling unwell?”

“Not at all.”

Ye Qia remained silent for a minute, before using an indirect excuse to refuse Xia Zhi’s enticing. Several days later, Xia Zhi found out that Ye Qia had taken on a new client that day who had a serious case of hemorrhoids. The moment the pants were removed, he had seen several small lumps protruding from the anús guarding a large lump, like a heavenly maiden scattering blossoms.

After listening to his reason, Xia Zhi had a look of constipation on his face. “Don’t you choose clients?”

“He was very good looking, young, and wealthy. He seemed absolutely perfect.” Ye Qia had a very apathetic expression, probably because he had already seen so much that hemorrhoids had become commonplace for him, and not to mention they weren’t such a big deal. “Who knew that it would be like that once the pants were off.”

“Then what did you do after that?”

“I gave him a scolding, and then sent him to hospital for surgery.”

Xia Zhi had an even more pained expression on his face. “Is that even allowed?”

“He’s a serious masochist, so this surgery was right up his alley.” Ye Qia nonchalantly spoke, “He didn’t dare go in the past but this time he was forced by me to go, so this probably counts as obtaining what he sought. Incidentally, I also got paid for my services without having to do anything.”


What is this bullsh*t about obtaining what they sought! How come I don’t have such a cushy job!?

For a moment Xia Zhi’s mentality of “money comes from hard work” was shook.

After this matter, a thought emerged in his brain. Could it be that to Ye Qia, anything to do with sex is “work”, and that’s why he’s not willing to sleep with him?

Xia Zhi had even carefully asked before. If Ye Qia was not interested then that was that, but it was just that he never took the initiative . When his previous boyfriends had needs, he didn’t mind satisfying them. Even with that said, it was difficult to avoid speculating.

“You’re helping me?” Xia Zhi reaffirmed it once more, “You’re having sex with me?”

Ye Qia arched an eyebrow. “What? Not willing?”

“It’s not that I’m unwilling…” muttered Xia Zhi. He suddenly asked, “Recently, you don’t have anything you want to buy, right?”


“No big purchases for the house?”

At this point, Ye Qia felt as if something was amiss. “No.”

Xia Zhi muttered again for a while. He couldn’t use his brain well with a stiff rod, and had to take a breather after every mental operation.  He had to take great lengths just to come up with something, but before he could even speak he felt a sudden slap on his butt!

The slap was swift and heavy. He didn’t feel anything when it hit, but after the hand left and the sound rang out his äśś felt like it was on fire, which nearly made him spring up from bed with a howl!

“What are you doing?”

“Flip over.” At some point of time, Ye Qia had overturned the blankets and was now kneeling by his legs, his face as cool as usual. “Kneel down and stick up your äśś.”

“Why do I have to…”  After meeting Ye Qia’s eyes, Xia Zhi immediately swallowed back the rest of his words. He doggedly pulled back the blankets and rolled himself up into a ball.

Usually Ye Qia’s phoenix eyes carried a few hints of charm.  Especially beneath the sunlight or during his sleep, they’re filled with a soft temptation, which creates a distinct allure when paired with Ye Qia’s rugged looks. Now, shadowed by the lights and with a fierce look on his face, he loomed over Xia Zhi. Xia Zhi’s innards trembled at the sight, but at the same time his blood began to stir, eager for a fight.

Caught between these conflicting emotions, Xia Zhi just stubbornly stared at Ye Qia while lying on the bed. Neither spoke a word.

Ye Qia seemed to sense something. In a flash, his hand reached over and seized Xia Zhi’s hair. Xia Zhi was startled by this sudden assault, but just as he was about to give a kick, Ye Qia actually managed to single-handedly lift him up. His scalp hurt like hell, and after suddenly leaving the warmth of his nest of blankets the bite from the cold made him uncontrollably shiver. Both his hands and feet stiffened, and Xia Zhi missed out on the chance to retaliate.

With just a few seconds of effort, Ye Qia had thrown him face-down back on the bed and pressed against his lower back. A cold finger was inserted into his äśś. The finger was hard and cold, and seemed to be smeared with lubricant. Sounds of squishing came from behind, and, almost without leaving him any time to gasp, the finger went straight to his prostate!

This time, Xia Zhi actually jumped up from the intrusion. Ye Qia’s movements were precise and reached the upper limit for roughness. Feelings of pleasure violently hit Xia Zhi, swallowing up his nerves in an instant. Sensations of throbbing and being filled up simultaneously appeared and alternated in dominating his voice, turning his moans into screams.

Xia Zhi felt that after just a few seconds, his mind became blank. He threw back his head gasping for air, until finally his gasps transitioned to heavy pants. After releasing his desire, he laid on the bed like a puddle of water. He slowly bent his knees, stretching his sore waist and the place where his veins raced.

“Clean up.”

A towel fell from above, landing on Xia Zhi’s head. He stuck his head out from beneath the towel while watching Ye Qia with a sluggish expression.

“Not done yet?” Ye Qia felt his gaze and looked over. “Didn’t you already cûm?”

Xia Zhi didn’t know what to say. He had never cûm from another man’s penetration, at the very least having to rub it out in the end. Something like today was the first. He had always believed that he was psychologically a bottom and physically versatile because he had slept with women before. The reason he never dared to maintain long term relationships with women was also due to this complex.

“How long?”

The was a brainless question from Xia Zhi, but Ye Qia understood it and tossed out a few words. “About ten seconds.”


Possibly because he saw that the expression on Xia Zhi’s face was too unnatural, Ye Qia kindly added on, “You haven’t done it in a long time. You were hard for half an hour just then, and it was the first time climaxing from the prostate, it’s normal.”

Xia Zhi didn’t speak anymore. He absent-mindedly cleaned up his lower half, snuggled into his blankets, and turned off the lights, all in one go.

Understandably, Ye Qia didn’t talk any further. Having returned in the middle of a wintery night, sleeping was the best course of action. As for the cûm or whatever on the bed sheets, it was but a trivial matter.

The next day, the atmospheric pressure surrounding Xia Zhi was very low, and yet his blood pressure was very high. He kept feeling that there was something awry, and he blamed it on Ye Qia in the end.

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