New Projects to be Hosted on Snowy Codex

Hi everyone, This is Momoe Pom. I will be hosting the following projects on Snowy Codex starting today: Thousand Autumns Qizi Peerless As some of you may have heard, I stopped translating for a while due to various physical and emotional issues. Gladly, everything has finally settled down, and I am able to resume translating.

Summer is here!

I’m back and alive now \o/ well, mostly. Since summer vacation is here, I’m ready to catch up to all my series, and my health has taken a great rise. I’m pretty much back to full health besides the occasional hiccups here and there when I overwork. Minor spinal adjustments and longer acupuncture needed, but

So, bad news?

So, I’ve been complaining on and off for a long while about various health problems… and they never really got solved so yeah, they just got more severe. Anyway, good news is, I found out what the heck is wrong with me, literally today. Bad news is, how in the hell am I alive, even

[TP] Bye all~

Well, this is to be expected hahaha~ Officially not going to work on this anymore, although we have tried to be stubborn about it. Vexed’s life is getting busy and well~ I got my hands full and technically Qidian is doing it o3o (though they suddenly died for two months? why? meh) Sorry for getting

Test Post

Well, the site has been up for more than 5 hours which I am honestly surprised about. This is to test if it will go down after a posting and how much memory is being used…. so don’t mind it too much. Unless you wanna read my rant. College rant: Why did the bill go

Food for Summer

For those of you that use NUF, there is an event to donate nuffies for translators to buy them virtual food that can turn into real food >< As a starving homeless student in NYC I am shamelessly begging for your nuffies: there’s group buying thread here: The group buying account for me