[IRB] Chapter 3: Derer (Part 4/4)

Translator: Summerx TADA! How do you like our new cutie? Several men have shown interest in him already, and what do you think will happen to Derer in this hostile environment? BTW I might need to take a little break from IRB for a week or two…I have dug too many holes><Sorry!  *** *** *** Read More

[IRB] Chapter 3 Derer (Part 3/4)

Translator: Summerx Lineas is pretty cute too. Maybe I should ship him and Derer then Willam with Olay……hmmm *** *** *** Editor: Mztlplx [IRB] Chapter 3: Derer (Part 3/4) Read More

[IRB] Chapter 3: Derer (Part 2/4)

Translator: Summerx Fried rice for anyone who can guess correctly how Derer killed so many people! *** *** *** Editor: Mztlplx Chapter here Read More

[IRB] Chapter 3.1: Derer

Translator: Summerx Yay! So this is Derer, the last one of our main cuties. (Finally!) He is a psycho, as you can see from the very beginning, and he’s going to have some very interesting interactions with William. But before that, he’s going to spend sometime in the same room with Lineas. If you have Read More

Food for Summer

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[IRB] Chapter 2.5 William

Translator: Summerx Editor: Anike, Puissansa *** *** *** Summer: Yay! 2/15 chapters done! My cuties William and Olay are so lovely together!  The last person in the triangle(or not) will debut in the next chapter. Derer is an antisocial psychopath who is as pretty as a barbie doll. He used to be Olay’s patient, and Read More

[IRB] Chapter 2.4

Translator: Summerx Editor: Funcle syzc! Summer: Funcle’s the best! Syzc is the fourth straight male editor for this novel so far. He’s also a translator. He’s getting into BL >.< Let’s keep him with us and never let him go! Chapter here Read More

[IRB] Chapter 2.3

Summer: OMG. I totally have forgotten the kiss. I always thought they were pure innocent friends. Now I look at them a bit differently…… Girl, there was sexual tension that whole scene. I’m not a huge fan of smut and even I could see that – crow chapter here *** *** *** Editor: Crow(The third Read More

[IRB] Chapter 2.2

Editor: Puissansa Summer is hiding between the bookshelves trying to steal some comments Chapter here Read More

[IRB] Chapter 2.1: William

Editor: Mztlplx, Puissansa Summer: Finally! Chapter 2 is here. William is my favorite character in the novel. I am expecting fights between his supporters and Derer’s, who will debut in Chapter 3. Chapter here Read More