[IRB] Chapter 3.1: Derer

Translator: Summerx

Yay! So this is Derer, the last one of our main cuties. (Finally!) He is a psycho, as you can see from the very beginning, and he’s going to have some very interesting interactions with William. But before that, he’s going to spend sometime in the same room with Lineas. If you have forgotten who he is, go back to Chapter 1! He’s the one people dropped their soap for. He’s a nice guy, and we will read more about his past in this chapter too.

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Editor: Mztlplx

“Hi, I’m Mzt the editor. (And so am I.) Oh hush, I’m trying to make a good impression here. (He can’t spell.) Better than you can, No Spelling Boy. (Anyway, we hope you enjoy the chapter! ) Hey, that’s MY line!”

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