[FWB] Chapter 52: The End

Translator: Summerx I like strange stories. I always want something that’s not routine, non-cliche, and, just different. And this story has it for me. It’s a romance story with failed relationships, and it doesn’t try to portrait or turn an unhealthy relationship into a healthy one. You might ask why would someone want to read Read More

[FWB] Chapter 51: The Death of Chu Yuan Jiang

Translator: Summerx Sorry for the late update! *offers free tissues* R.I.P. Chu Yuan Jiang He fought till the last moment of his life. He never surrendered. *** *** *** Editor: Peter Sigh, this woman. She has all those editors and she still doesn’t let me remain distracted in peace by a shiny new Japanese project Read More

[TUP] Chapter 17

TL: Summer ED: Peter QC: Ryn *** *** *** Hi, long time no see! You must have missed Rene and Anton a lot. Chapter here

[FWB] Chapter 50: The Truth and the Escape

Translator: Summerx This is a lot of information condensed in one chapter… *** *** *** Editor: Ryn, Peter E/N(Peter) : Shorter! she says. Too abrupt! she says. Too plain! Too long! But dictionary!… Women >.> (Summer): But the raw… (Summer): In Chinese… (Summer): Why? (Summer): What’s wrong with my version! Chapter here

[FWB] Chapter 49: The Harm

Translator: Summerx Happy New Year! Do you like my New Year’s gift? xD Personally I am quite upset with Master Ou. Sigh. But we all thought it was Lin Ye… Three chapters away from the ending! (I might split the final chapters into shorter parts and post them more frequently because they are longer than regular Read More

[FWB] Chapter 48: Lin Ye’s Story IV: The Truth

Translator: Summerx Four chapters away from the ending~This is the fourth and the last part of Lin Ye’s POV, so the next chapter will continue from the cliffhanger at the end of Chapter 46(do you still remember what had happened?). Be prepared, especially if you like Master Lin! It will be posted on New Year’s Read More

[FWB] Chapter 47: Lin Ye’s Story III: Entanglement

Translator: Summerx I just finished the translation of the ending TT_TT I am so happy because this is the first novel translation project I have finished! In defense of Lin getting married: I know this is the yaoi world, but in reality, the obligation of getting married(to someone with a matching background) and having children Read More

[FWB] Chapter 46: Car Crash at the Airport

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[FWB] Chapter 45: Meeting Lin Ye Again

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[FWB] Chapter 44: Our Past

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