[FWB] Chapter 52: The End

Translator: Summerx

I like strange stories. I always want something that’s not routine, non-cliche, and, just different. And this story has it for me. It’s a romance story with failed relationships, and it doesn’t try to portrait or turn an unhealthy relationship into a healthy one. You might ask why would someone want to read a failed romance story, well, I can say a lot about how life doesn’t always give us what we want, or we don’t always end up with the person we love the most, or most of the relationships in the world don’t have a happy ending, but the true reason is very shallow: I enjoy seeing someone like Lin Ye fall and get tortured in love. The more I read, the more I see how deep the wound is for him, and the more I love him. 😛

So, as I have warned you earlier, this is a story with a non-traditional happy ending(actually, I want to tag it bad ending but the selfish me don’t want to scare people away). If you think the main couple is Ou and Lin, they have ended up unhappily together. They had a bad beginning and they didn’t try hard enough to fix it. They didn’t love each other enough, at least not enough when they should, and Ou probably just loved Chu much more.

If you think Ou and Chu are the real official couple, they have ended up…..happily not-together. We have the cliche Ou loving his straight loyal friend Chu beginning, but Chu didn’t magically turn gay for him, and couldn’t love him back romantically (maybe he did, based on your understanding). They were always happy together and they had been the most important person in each other’s life from beginning to end, but they were not together as a couple. …This story is so disappointing in so many facets, sometimes I wonder why I love these type of stories.

But, still, since you have reached the end, no matter how disappointing you are, I hope you will remember our poor Master Ou, Master Lin and Master Chu. They have contributed their sad love stories for our entertainment. You can complain, curse, or cry in the comments section, you have the permission, but please don’t attack any characters personally ><

I am so grateful for all the support from your readers. Thank you so much! Without your support, I won’t be able to make it this far! I know I have picked a less popular genre of story and I am so glad that people like it. This is the first novel translation project that I have finished. Words can’t express my happiness. Please remember to thank our editors for their hard work and tolerance for all my unreasonable requests! Without them, I won’t be able to do this alone.

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Editor: Ryn, Peter

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3 thoughts on “[FWB] Chapter 52: The End

  1. Otwentyfirst says:

    Of course thank you all for your hard work. It was a great story, definitely adding it to my reread pile so I can read it all in one go again later.

    I really enjoy these kinds of stories. Although they are a tragedy, they are not all just about the ending,. It’s more so about the characters and the ending just happens to be a byproduct. I really dislike stories with the tragedy tag line that focus on the tragedy to pull at heart strings. Those always seem a little shallow to me.

    This story on the other hand was very satisfying. The drama and the social interaction we’re all well done. If there is one thing I was disappointed in it was that the author chose to complete the final chapter with exposition and a time skip.

    Once again thanks and congrats on your first completed translation. Editors: awesome editing. It was all very natural and easy to read.

  2. Deena says:

    My thoughts here as the first commenter .. Yeah definitely lyfe doesn’t take straight roads all time.. I will definitely remember our masters.. Thankyou all for this wonderful story.. When lyfes hard these type of stories fill da hole??

  3. MK says:

    I like the novel but I don’t like the ending. Ou was a good friend and brother to Chu, taking care of him till the very end. But he treated Lin horribly. He used him and betrayed him over and over, taking for granted that he can win him back with just a few sweet words. He never even apologized for half the stunts he pulled. Lin is the tragic character in all this. I wish that he had just turned Ou away with that emerald pendant and chosen not to meet him ever again, putting an end to his miserable love. I wanted Ou to end up with only Chu’s ashes and nobody else in his life because that’s the only thing he has earned based on the life he lived.

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