[FWB] Chapter 47: Lin Ye’s Story III: Entanglement

Translator: Summerx

I just finished the translation of the ending TT_TT I am so happy because this is the first novel translation project I have finished!

In defense of Lin getting married: I know this is the yaoi world, but in reality, the obligation of getting married(to someone with a matching background) and having children with them at the ‘appropriate’ time is real in China. Not just homosexuals, even heterosexuals face the same pressure. Marriage and having offsprings are seen as responsibilities, rather than something about love. Getting out of closet in Lin’s(and even Chu or Ou’s) circle is even more impractical, unless there is someone who is worth doing that for. It doesn’t matter who Lin f*cks with in private, but it would be a huge problem if he disregards family honor and refused to get married. If Ou has parents he will face the same pressure, despite to a lesser degree.

Most importantly, was Ou someone he could have trusted to flight against his family for, based on the kind of relationship they were in? I don’t think so.

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Editor: Peter

SnowTime: Damnit, she finished before me after all.

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